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everybody has a within and child like fantasy which our band ³PrintBindass´ will emphasis upon .Making the world around him the way he wanted whether it¶s a colourful Tajmahal or elephant with wings .A Child (8yrs) having a Brush in his hand and painting the world around using his imagination and creativity for adding that 8th colour in each and every aspect of this world .Everybody sees the world through its lenses and how he sees the world depends upon the colour of its lenses . Idea Description:Every person in this world has one practical aspect which he is in his everyday life .we will not sell Better prints but we will sell Imagination.PrintBindass Think Zara hat ke Basic Idea :. .That Extra colour in your life .and then there is an imaginative mind which in any person develops at an age of 5-8 and which stay with a person till he dies .

The strongest part of the company is the creativity which makes as stand apart from various other companies which provide custom made printing solution . >what is creativity for you ? >What was the time when u last seen creative thing and how did it impacted you? >How do Define Customized printing ?.etc And from my small primary research i founded out the factors which were more prominent and hold weightage like. >All talked about their child hood creativity . Now second part of my idea pay emphasis on Imaginative and creative aspect of ³PrintBindass´ The company has a DNA of creativity and these values need to be communicated in a manner that it creates a hook in the buyers mind everybody wants to see the people . Research Done :Primary research done in IMT Ghaziabad Campus i have selected 1..places and emotion around the way they wanted too but everything they cannot control but here with our brand they can take a piece of their happier life with them from our website ..5 people and did a focus interview having the open ended questions like .Printing Point of Difference: . Our Point Of Parity: .PrintBindass Think Zara hat ke Now here is our ³PrintBindass ³child who with his brush painting the world around the way he want to see it like a multi colour taj mahal or a flying elephant . Now the trust level with a child is very high .Creativity and Imagination This idea is basically catering to the hunger for imagination from innocent and pure child perspective which creates a value of trust. every person will be able to relate to the child with his hidden child and creativity shown by the child will have maximum impact on the perceiver.A greener India or a chocolate World.

Final Note :-marketing Strategy and Implementation part is not Discussed its saved for IInd round .As Customer is the keen stake holder in our business process then in that case it becomes very important to make them participate in the process .PrintBindass Think Zara hat ke >Creative has to be different.g nature) So keeping that in people will be invited to design on our website and those design will be available for sale on our website and if that design is sold then the next purchase of that Customer becomes free worth the sale price of that design and that customer will be rewarded as creative mind of the week or month in this case customer will be motivated and it will attract word of mouth publicity for the company and the brand . >Quality of printing >Resolution and quality of material used. Refrence Aaker brand identity (which need to be build upon all this 5 factors ) Print Bindass Sincerity Trust Since Excitement Colours Design creativity Competence Ontime Completeness All Printing Need Sophisticatipon Your own Design Rugedness Quality Delivering whatever promising As most of the beautiful and creative things are free (e.