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Unit 4: Learning Aim B: Pre-production portfolio

Checklist Name:

Contents Description Complete Notes Hard Blog

date copy
Contents page Detailed, dated and
page-numbered to
make the portfolio easy
to navigate/organised
Pre-production log Log of all work
completed in lessons
and independently with
Research Sub-genre research
analysis of trailers,
scenes and posters.
Production company
Mind map Initial ideas covering all
aspects of production
Proposal Detailed outline of
scene and what will be
involved in making it
Storyboard Sketch of opening
scene labelled with
description of shots,
editing and duration
Script A professionally written
script with detailed
information about
directions for all aspects
Meetings Minutes of all meetings
with cast/crew etc
Letters Letters requesting
permissions for use of
locations etc
Production schedule Plan for next term
production and post-
production with target
dates and space for
actual dates
Budget Imaginary budget
alongside research of
costs (screen-
shots/links) and an
actual budget
Location recce Sketch map of location,
contacts/ potential
filming problems and
Risk assessment Potential hazards and
control measures
Contributor Contracts for cast giving
release/contact forms permission to be in it/
film to be screened
online and at festival
Contingency plan List of alternative plans
if things go wrong
Equipment booking List of equipment
form borrowed from the
school with dates and
signed by teacher and
Call sheet Cast and crew list of
phone numbers/emails
Evaluation Further guidance on the
evaluation will be
provided when the
portfolio is complete