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Features & Benets


for Organic, Inorganic
and Synthetic Samples

n Wide range of applications n Up to 38 samples at a time

Macro thermogravimetric analysis is a basic A single furnace can analyse up to 19 samples.
requirement in many industries to determine When connected to an external PC, up to 2 furnaces
material weight loss as a function of tempera- can be controlled, thus allowing simultaneous anal-
ture in a controlled environment. From foodstu, ysis of 38 samples.
milling products, animal feed to coal, minerals,
cement, clinkers, carbon/glass bres, catalysts... n True in-situ weighing
the TGA701 is used in various industries and appli-
The continuous weighing process inside the fur-
cations to automate manual routine operations.
nace ensures highly reliable and precise results.
20-position Carousel
High quality ceramic parts
ensure long-term stability,
resistance to warping or
corrosion and the elimination
of sample reactions.
Pneumatic drive system
assures smooth operation and
accurate crucible placement.

n Moisture, Ash, Volatiles and

LOI in one analysis cycle
Individual programs can be stored to match the ana-
lytical requirements of a wide variety of applications. This is a great advantage when determining the
This allows the automatic determination of mois- moisture content of strongly hygroscopic samples.
ture, ash, loss on ignition and volatiles from one Using manual methods, the sample is exposed to
sample in one testing cycle (see below). the surrounding atmosphere where they tend to
The exibility of this system also makes it ideally rapidly absorb moisture.
suited to the determination of one parameter at a
time, e.g. moisture, volatiles or ash. n High sample weights
True macro sample analysis, with typical sample
weights of 1g to 5g can be easily analysed. Large
capacity crucibles allow ease of handling and load-
ing. Made from alumina ceramic, the crucibles are
chemically inert and are very durable.

n High sensitivity
The very high sensitivity integrated balance en-
sures a high degree of precision even with small
ash residues.
Features & Benets

n Operational ease n Suited for most locations

After the system has automatically tared the cru- Crucibles The optimized shock absorption of the internal
cibles, simply load the sample into the crucible to Chemically inert large balance makes the system suited for nearly all
capacity ceramic crucibles
allow the initial weight to be determined. Unique locations. Special weighing tables or air-condition-
ID code assigned to each sample. Complete load- ing are not required.
ing of a full carousel takes as little as 10 minutes.
After the last sample has been loaded, the pre-pro- n Self-diagnostics
grammed analysis cycle starts automatically.
An expanded interactive service diagnostic screen
n Methods compliance helps troubelshoot problems faster and easier.

The TGA701 complies with standard AOAC, AACC, n Robust, compact design
ASTM, ISO and DIN methodology. Flexibility of
method parameters allows standard and cus- The extremely compact and robust design has stood
tomized procedures increasing versatility. The the test, especially in tough industrial environments.
software supports compliance to strict FDA regula- The instrument needs only a minimum of space.
tion (21 CFR Part 11) for a closed analytical system. The clear arrangement of display and control ele-
ments ensures safe continuous operation.
n Flexible analysis programs n User training, service courses
Customisable methods for your application to
LECO's philosophy also includes intensive applica-
manage data and graphs seamlessly. Each step
tion training matched to the personal needs of our
can be individually programmed with your analy-
instrument users after installation of the analyzer.
sis parameters:
In addition, we oer service courses for all instru-
n Start and end temperature (up to 1000C) ment types in our Technical Service Center. All
n Furnace ramp rate users are regularly invited to take part.
n Step end mode (timeout or constant weight)
n Furnace atmosphere (air, N2 , O2)
n Gas ow rate
n Number of test phases (steps)
n Method and step names
After method is set and named, the operator can
simply select it when this type of analysis is needed.

n Results documentation
The results can be printed, plotted or even pre-
sented in a statistical survey.
The on-screen weight loss plot can either be
based on time and/or temperature. In addition,
the TGA701 software allows analysis monitoring
in real time on the screen (see right).

Customized equations can be added for reporting

specic values based on measured results.
LECO Europe F1315-EN Rev. 01

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