Issue 53: 1st Sept - 3rd Oct 2017

News from Inside Bahrain Voices:

Authorities launch fresh attack on religious
Coinciding with Ashoura,
a religious festival
marked by Shi’ite
Muslims, the Bahraini
authorities have
launched a fresh Jawad Fairouz,
attack on religious freedom. Religious former Bahraini
processions and banners have been MP Al Wefaq:
attacked and removed, whilst religious figures
have been targeted for arrest. Over the «If there will be united
past few years Ashoura has seen repressive international efforts,
measures against Shi’ite with this year proving from Bahrain’s allies,
no different. A Shi’ite cleric, Sayed Ali Al- mainly UK and USA,
Mosawi, has been detained and will be held to the human rights
for 15 days, whilst two individuals leading arenas and media,
prayers were arrested directly following Bahrain can be pushed
in the right direction in
religious sessions. Meanwhile Ashoura flags
terms of human rights
and banners have been removed by police
improvements and
in a number of locations across the country, democratic reforms.
whilst prisoners in Dry Dock Prison were Ofcourse, nothing
banned from commemorating the religious can move forward if
festival Bahraini human rights
defenders, like Nabeel
Activists accused of illegal assembly, Rajab, Abdulhadi
denied leaving country Khawaja, Ibtisam
The Bahraini public Alsaegh, and others
are behind bars; or the
breadth of the political
summoned a number
opposition leaders
of activists and serving unlawful
human rights sentences, like Sheikh
defenders, charing Ali Salman and others»
them with illegal assembly and banning them
from traveling. Activists Zainab Al Khamis,
Munther Al-Khor, Rayhana Al-Moussawi and
her husband Talal Al-Alawi, Ahmad Al-Saffar, Bahrain in the
Enas Oun, Farida Ghulam, Radhi Al-Mosawi,
Ibrahim Sharif, journalist Ahmed Radhi, Jalila
Al-Salman as well Sayed Sharaf Al-Mosawi,
the chairman of the Bahrain Transparency
Society were summoned for interrogation
and charged with assembly, aiming at Bahrain is buying arms in
justifying the travel ban against them. All of London – and my family is
the activists denied the charge brought paying the price
against them. The authorities in Bahrain
penalize activists with travel bans, to prevent
them from participating in international
‹Horrific› accusations of
events, especially the UN Human Rights
torture, sex abuse in Bahrain
Council sessions held in Geneva.

Arrests including two children

US arms sale to Bahrain
raises questions about
10 citizens have been sustainability
arrested in a 48 hour raid,
including two children,
according to activists. A
-13year-old and a -14year
old were arrested, although ‹No torture in Bahraini
prisons› claims UK-backed
no information has been offered as to why,
rights group
and held for at least 7 days. A further 8
individuals were arrested across three
separate locations during dawn raids, made
without the presentation of arrest warrants.

Bahraini youth forcibly deported
Explosion wounds five
Bahraini policemen:
The Bahraini agency
authorities have
forcibly deported a
-20year-old youth on
grounds of his illegal
residence. Hussein
Abo Al-Kassim is born to a Bahraini mother Bahrain jails, revokes
and has spent his entire life in Bahrain. He citizenship of Shiites over
was also qualified to represent Bahrain in an Iran ties
international competition in Brazil, however,
the authorities deported him. The authorities
also deported his brother last year, citing the
same reason. He is the half-brother of two From Geneva to London:
activists arrested in 2015 under politically How Bahrain dodges
motivated charges. human rights accountability

Blogger arrested for requesting help from
Red Cross NGO`s on
Blogger Rawan Al-
Sanquour was
arrested for 30 days
pending investigation
after being charged
with “contacting
foreign organizations”. Rawan, sister of Ali
Al-Sanquor who suffers from fractures resulting
from security forces brutal attack, called on BAHRAIN MUST END
the Red Cross to guarantee treatment for her REPRISALS AGAINST DISSENT:
brother. She was interrogated without a HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL
lawyer, and held in a room isolated from ADOPTS UNIVERSAL
other detainees in Isa Town Prison for women. PERIODIC REVIEW

News from Outside Bahrain

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights BAHRAIN: FURTHER
criticises situation in Bahrain INFORMATION: HUMAN
The High
Commissioner for
Human Rights Zeid bin
Ra›ad Al Hussein
warned about the
gravity of the situation
in Bahrain and criticised the Bahraini
authorities› severe restrictions imposed on civil Bahrain: A year of brutal
government repression to
society and political activism through arrests, crush dissent
intimidation and travel bans. Al Hussein stated
that his office is ready to support and assist
with any genuine effort to address the
situation in Bahrain. He highlighted that “the
democratic space in the country has
essentially been shut down”. «I have also Bahrain should not
repeatedly offered the support of my Office disregard substantive UPR
to assist with practical improvements,” he recommendations
stressed, noting that these efforts were «met
with point-blank denials, unfounded
accusations and unreasonable last-minute
conditions to technical missions.» He went on
to say that people of Bahrain deserve respect ZAINAB AL-KHAMEES
for their human rights. INTERROGATION
Nabeel Rajab
US representative expresses concern over
HR situation in Bahrain

The United States
representative to
the Human Rights
Council in Geneva
expressed his country›s
concern about the deteriorating human
rights conditions in Bahrain, calling on the • Clashes in Ma›amer
• Attack on Ashoura
Bahraini government to respect human rights display in Nuwaidrat
and freedom of assembly and expression. He • Protest in solidarity with
added that Bahrain must respect the basic hunger strikers
human rights in Bahrain, highlighting that
this is considered critical for the Kingdom’s
stability, security and political reconciliation.
Useful links:
Amnesty report details mistreatment in

Amnesty International, have issued a new
-48page report “No One
Can Protect You” including
testimonies of prominent
human rights activists about
the maltreatment they
were subjected to solely for
speaking out against the government. The Al Wefaq National Islamic
report further states that over 160 peaceful Society
critics were subjected to arrest, prosecution
and imprisonment, as well as other forms of
harassments. Those particularly targeted have
been human rights defenders and political
activists, as well as lawyers, journalists and
Shi›ite clerics. It also accuses Bahrain’s key
allies, UK and US, of turning blind eye to these
violations. Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
condemned the information mentioned in Waad - National
the report, saying that they are inaccurate Democratic Action Society
and urged Amnesty to be professional and
objective in conveying facts. The ministry also
called on the organization not to take
information from one side only and to rely on

US approves 3.8$ billion arms sale
package to Bahrain
The US State
Department Bahrain Mirror
approved arms sale
package to Bahrain
worth over 3.8$ billion,
Bahrain Watch
including F16- jets,
upgrades, missiles and patrol boats, despite
its deteriorating human rights record. The
Obama administration had blocked arms
sale to Bahrain, however, in May, President
Trump said Washington’s relations with Manama Document
Bahrain would improve and resumed the
arms sale to the Gulf Kingdom. The American
journalist Nicholas Kristof described the arms
sale as “bad”, adding that Bahraini authorities
are now jailing dissidents for tweeting.

UN experts inquire Bahrain about
detainees from activist Al-Wadaie family

Six UN experts
urged the Bahraini
government to
provide information
about the violations
that detainees
of Sayed Ahmed Al-Wadaie’s family are
subjected to after the reports of inhumane
and degrading treatment they received. The
experts highlighted that family members of
Al-Wadaie are being summoned, harassed,
maltreated and arrested without legal basis
and are being punished for Sayed Ahmed’s
human rights activism. The experts also called
on the Bahraini government to indicate what
measures have been taken to ensure that
human rights defenders in Bahrain are able to
carry out their legitimate work in a safe and
enabling environment without fear of threats
or acts of intimidation directed against them
or their family members and harassment of
any sort.

Front Line Defenders expresses concerns
over Zainab Al-Khamis

Front Line Defenders
expressed its concerns
about the continued
intimidation, and
summoning of human
rights defender Zainab Al-Khamis. Al-Khamis
was summoned for interrogation before the
public prosecutor and was handed a
subpoena after security authorities
surrounded her house. The organization
called on the Bahraini authorities to revoke
the the summons against Zainab Al-Khamis,
refrain from placing any restrictions on her
free movement and cease all further forms of
harassment against her.

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