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English for Life Elementary Test

Grammar and Vocabulary - Lessons 1-8

1. Choose the correct number.

A. 4
B. 40
C. 24
D. 14

2. Choose the correct sentence.

A. Im an student.
B. Im a engineer.
C. I work in an shop.
D. I work for an advertising company.

3. Choose the correct spelling.

Its H-A-double R-I-S-O-N.
A. Harison
B. Haarison
C. Harrison
D. Haarrison

4. Complete the sentence.

She Spanish.
A. be
B. 's
C. 'm
D. 're

5. Choose the odd one out.

A. American
B. Chinese
C. Australia
D. French

6. Which sentence is wrong?

A. What does board mean?

B. How you spell board?
C. In English you say Welcome.
D. How do you say this word?
7. Choose the best expression.

A. Good morning.
B. Good afternoon.
C. Good evening.
D. Goodnight.

8. Whats in the picture?

A. a door
B. a bag
C. a desk
D. a computer

9. Which question is incorrect?

A. Where are you from?

B. Whats your nationality?
C. What language do you speak?
D. Whats your country?

10. Complete the sentence.

They here.
A. aren't
B. isn't
C. 'm not
D. be not

Grammar and Vocabulary - Lessons 9-16

11. Complete the sentence.

My name is Temi and .
A. Im from Nigeria
B. earn a lot
C. he leave home at eight
D. the traffic is bad

12. Choose the correct verb.

the piano
A. do
B. listen
C. work
D. play

13. Choose the correct answer.

Does Maria do her karate class here?
A. Yes, she do.
B. No, she dont.
C. Yes, she does.
D. Yes, she doesnt.

14. Choose the correct response.

I like football. Do you?
A. Yes, I does.
B. Yes, I do.
C. Yes, please.
D. No, thank you.

15. Complete the sentence.

I work in the evening.
A. go
B. goes
C. finish
D. finishes

16. Choose the correct sentence.

A. I dont like jog.

B. I like swim.
C. I like going karate.
D. I dont like reading.

17. Choose the correct response.

Do you like sport?
A. No, they dont.
B. Yes, he does.
C. Yes, I do.
D. No, he doesnt.

18. Which sentence means the same?

I have breakfast at 7.45.
A. I eat breakfast at 7.45.
B. I cook breakfast at 7.45.
C. I take breakfast at 7.45.
D. I do breakfast at 7.45.

19. Complete the question.

they listen to music?
A. Do
B. Does
C. Are
D. Is

20. Complete the question.

Is everything?
A. it
B. that
C. these
D. those

Grammar and Vocabulary - Lessons 17-24

21. Choose the correct response.

Have you got any money?
A. Sorry, I havent got my wallet with me.
B. Sorry, I havent got my mobile phone with me.
C. Sorry, I havent got my diary with me.
D. Sorry, I havent got my keys with me.

22. Which picture shows go past?

A. a
B. b
C. c
D. d

23. Choose the correct sentence.

A. Them phone we once a week.

B. She phone them once a week.
C. We phone them once a week.
D. They phones us once a week.

24. Complete the sentence.

Your uncles children are your .
A. nieces
B. nephews
C. cousins
D. children

25. Choose the correct sentence.

A. She visit us every year.

B. He visits us every year.
C. Him visit us every year.
D. Us visits them every year.

26. Complete the question.

Why we go for a meal?
A. do
B. does
C. haven't
D. don't

27. Choose the correct option.

You walk or play games here.
A. the post office
B. the newsagent's
C. the bus stop
D. the park

28. Choose the odd one out.

A. son
B. husband
C. niece
D. nephew

29. Complete the response.

Has he got any children? Yes, he .
A. do
B. have
C. has
D. got

30. Complete the sentence.

phones me every day.
A. She
B. Her
C. Them
D. Him