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VP heads to LA as critics fear inuence of

the Christian Supremacist

Catching up with LA County Sheriff Iconic Roostersh reopens Gay Dynasty star trashes CWs reboot



LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 0 6 , 2 0 1 7 0 5

Christian Supremacist Pence on deck

A dutiful Trump servant? Restoration Act (RFRA) into law in 2015,
which would have allowed discrimination
Or Dominionist working
based on sexual orientation and gender
to impose religious law identity. The signing ceremony featuring
from the Oval Oce? a bevy of conservative religious leaders
has become an iconic symbol of Pences
By KAREN OCAMB penchant for all things anti-LGBT. After a massive backlash, including pressure from
the NBA, which basketball-loving Hoosiers
Next month, America faces the one- could not abide, Pence backed o a bit,
year anniversary of having elected reality but never renounced the ideology that
TV star Donald Trump as president of the guided his pen.
United States. Pundits, journalists and In 2000, while serving as a representative
everyday people worldwide are stunned and in the 107th Congress, Pence said:
ummoxed as each day yields a shiny new Homosexuality is incompatible with
illustration of how an amoral congenital liar military service because the presence
and emotionally autistic man-child is striving of homosexuals in the ranks weakens
to normalize dictatorship, as all about him unit cohesion. No surprise, then, when
cower, fearing his hours-long tirades of Trump-whisperer Mike Pence was the
unpredictable temperament or an unleashed exclamation point at the long sentence
Kraken-inspired primary challenger. written by religious right buddies Tony
Donald Trumps brand of preening Perkins, head of the Family Research
Vice President MIKE PENCE makes a second fundraising trip to Los Angeles this month.
narcissism and incompetence is a constant Council, Ralph Reed, chair of the Faith &
reminder of just how far weve fallen, BLADE FILE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY
Freedom Coalition, and an assortment
writes Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter in of other Christian right politicos secretly
the November issue. him overwhelmingly, by 80 percent or religious fundamentalism. writing policy, including the surprising
Thank God, some say, that adult Vice more, and have stuck by him. Plus, they Trump is a Trojan horse for a cabal of directive to end open transgender service
President Mike Pence is waiting in the make him feel special. Why else would a vicious zealots who have long craved an in the military. Pence made that call to Air
wings, crouching on deck to be called up self-proclaimed germaphobe let so many extremist Christian theocracy, and Pence Force One that got Trump to tweet out the
to save the ballgame, otherwise known as strangers lay hands on him as he bows his is one of its most prized warriors, Jeremy new policy, according to a White House
the Republic, should Trump be indicted, head over the Resolute desk, promising Scahill wrote right after the 2016 election source familiar with the chain of events.
impeached, deposed, resign or any other them more religious liberty. in an article for The Intercept entitled Missouri Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler
myriad of fantasies Trump despisers Pence is scheduled to come to California Mike Pence Will Be The Most Powerful and California Republican Rep. Duncan
dream about. But Pencewho identies on Oct 8-10 for big donor GOP fundraisers Christian Supremacist in U.S. History. Hunter got their inaccurate claims about
as a Christian, a conservative, and a with House Majority Leader Kevin Pence has been a reliable stalwart the $1 billion cost of gender reassignment
Republican, in that orderknows his McCarthy. One stop may be a previously throughout his public life in the cause of surgery from Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for
place, serving as a submissive Christian cancelled reception and dinner at the Christian jihad never wavering in his Policy Studies at the Family Research Council.
good wife, supporting Trump adoringly, Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. commitment to America-First militarism, When they failed to get their legislation
no matter what. Many right-wing Christians have criminalizing abortion, and utter hatred passed, they went to Freedom Caucus
But whether the one-time presidential convinced themselves that he is a leader in for gay people (unless they go into head Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), who
aspirant is biding his time or dutifully the tradition of Cyrus the Great or King David conversion therapy to change their sexual attends a weekly congressional Bible study
following an assignment, in reality, who, while being deeply awed, can be used behavior, which Pence has suggested the with Pence and other Christian rightists,
Pence is the tip of the spear for religious as an instrument of Gods will, writes Salon government pay for), Scahill writes. to get into Pences oce. But Perkins and
extremist Christian warriors who now political writer Chauncey Devega. Christian As governor, Pence opposed legislation company had been pressing Trump since
occupy a place in the Oval Oce. And evangelicals rejection of empirical reality to add LGBT people to hate crime laws and June 2016 about how the military is no place
while Trump may have initially disparaged and their habituation into believing the tried to block federal HIV funding without for social experimentation, according to
having this less than macho-macho man absurd and the fantastical mates perfectly a warning label opposing same-sex the Washington Post, so he wasnt averse to
as his running mate, he has since seen with the zealotry of the broader American relationships. Pence became infamous
the light. White evangelicals voted for right, which views politics as a form of for signing Indianas Religious Freedom CONTINUES ON PAGE 06
0 6 OCTO B E R 0 6 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CO V E R ST O RY

Critics fear inuence of Dominionist Mike Pence

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 05 Washington confab hosted by the Family and religious persecution around the study is led by Ralph Drollinger, a former
Research Council, youll hear speakers globe. Indeed, even after he resigned, University of California, Los Angeles,
urging young people to go into media, or Health and Human Services Secretary basketball star who led a similar group in the
the idea. view Hollywood as a mission eld. Thats Tom Price, left behind a draft strategic Sacramento Capitol. Homosexuality is a sin,
I think the military suspending because they insist these institutions have plan replete with references to faith or and an abomination in the eyes of God, he
transgender [people] from the military been taken over by secularists who are faith-based organizations, according to a told Sacramento News and Review in 2005
shows the inuence of the religious right, causing the downfall of America with their Politico report Oct. 3. about his group, Capitol Ministries.
Heidi Beirich, a researcher at the Southern anti-Christian beliefs. Pence often joined Price, Speaker Paul Democratic California Sen. Liz Figueroa
Poverty Law Center toldNewsweek. Another Religious Right watcher, Frederick Ryan, House Financial Services Chairman gave her review of the experience after
The SPLC has identied 45 Clarkson, a senior fellow at Political Research Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) for weekly Bible Drollinger said women who do not stay home
organizations it classies as anti-LGBT Associates, says the religious movement study sessions, the Associated Press with their children are sinful. She complained
hate groups spread across the country, should be taken seriously. reported last year. Mike Pence is a House that he uses Gods word for the purpose of
dedicated to waging what Focus on the Dominionism is the theocratic idea that man. He cares about us and he will make divisiveness and political stances.
Family founder[James] Dobson described regardless of theological camp, means, sure that we are in the loop, said Rep. Jack Some of us Democrats and women
as a second civil war to put control of the ortimetable, God has called conservative Carter (R-Texas) who also attended Bible innocently thought that, hey, this is a good
U.S. government in the right handsthe Christians to exercise dominion over study with Pence. way to start our week, said Figueroa. And
hands of those who reject LGBT rights, society by taking control of political and The enemy, to [dominionists] is then you realize, wait, this is a conservative
Newsweek reported last July. cultural institutions. The term describes secularism. They want a God-led Republican man who uses Scripture for
Perkins conrmed this in an interview a broad tendency across a wide swath of government. Thats the only legitimate his purposes. Figueroa was among the
with the Christian Broadcasting Network. American Christianity, Clarkson wrote on government, Je Sharlet, author of protesters a year ago.
Trump is committed, along with the in August 2016. two books on the radical religious The Capitol Ministries leader has only
Republican Party platform, that the social There are untold numbers of right, including The Family: The Secret good things to say about the vice president.
engineering that has been in our military dominionist and dominionism-inuenced Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Mike Pence has uncompromising biblical
that the previous administration foisted politicians and public ocials at all levels Power, told Democracy Now on July 21, tenacity and he has a loving tone about
upon the military would stop, Perkins said of government and who even after leaving 2016. So when they speak of business, him thats not just a noisy gong or a
after Trump announced the ban. Thats oce, shape our political discourse. theyre speaking not of something clanging cymbal, Drollinger told CBN
what hes doing. Hes only doing what he Roy Moore, the elected Chief Justice of separate from God, but theyre speaking more recently.
committed he would do. the Alabama Supreme Court, has been of what, in Mike Pences circles, would be Pence may dream of being president,
Though Trump may simply be swayed a rallying gure for dominionists of all called biblical capitalism, the idea that this but he, too, may become entangled in
by the evangelical infatuation with him as stripes for the better part of two decades, economic system is God-ordained. the probe into Russian hacking into the
their leader, Pence and the evangelicals he continued, about the controversial The talk is serious. David Lane, a 2016 elections. As Scahill pointed out in
he hangs with have a profoundly deeper populist who just won the Alabama leading Christian Right electoral organizer, his investigation into Pence the Christian
commitment to their version of Christianity Republican primary with help from alt- declared in a 2013 essay that religious Supremacist, Pence is very close with anti-
known as Dominionism. Though there right leader, Steve Bannon. war may be on the horizon, Clarkson LGBT Christian Rightist and Blackwater
are dierent strains of this spiritual Others at the top of recent American reported. Meanwhile he has shifted the founder Erik Prince. The Prince familys
warfare, it still aims at theocracy and political life have included Sarah Palin, electoral emphasis of his Mississippi-based support for Pence, and the Christian
religious freedom, which strategists want Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mike American Renewal Project. (The group supremacist movement he represents,
to exploit as a weakness in constitutional Huckabee, and Newt Gingrich. Other hosts all-expenses paid policy briengs has deep roots, writes Scahill.
democracy. prominent elected ocials in the for clergy and their spouses, featuring top Some of those roots may be pulled out by
The idea that Christians have a sacred dominionist camp include Lt. Gov. Dan politicians like Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), Sen. Special Counsel Bob Mueller who will surely
duty to get involved in politics, the law and Patrick (R-Texas), Gov. Sam Brownback Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Gingrich, Huckabee, look into the Washington Post report about
media, and otherwise bring their inuence (R-Kan.), Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.), Cruz, and often David Barton. Republican an anonymous letter the paper received
to bear in dierent public spheres is the and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). presidential contender Donald Trump last December suggesting that Prince may
animating principle behind the religious Trump recently nominated Brownback, addressed one such event in August 2016. have served as part of the Trump transition
right, Religious Right watcher Sarah one of the most anti-LGBT politicians, as They are currently recruiting and training team, which Pence headed, and acted as
Posner wrote in Salon in 2011 about the Ambassador-at-Large for International clergy with a dominionist vision to run for Trumps representative in a meeting with a
the dominionist strategy. If you attend Religious Freedom, where he will spread oce at all levels. Russian ocial.
a Values Voters Summit, the annual the Pence policy about religious freedom The weekly evangelical Christian Bible Look out for a clash of dominions.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 0 6 , 2 0 1 7 0 7

LA LGBT Center gala raises more than $1 million

The Los Angeles LGBT Centers 48th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards Sept. 23 at the
Beverly Hilton Hotel raised more than $1 million reacting to President Donald Trumps
divisiveness. The Center honored Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to President
Obama, and Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel, with TV host and healthcare advocate
Jimmy Kimmel emceeing. (See for more).

LA LGBT Center CEO LORRI JEAN (center) with honoree VALERIE JARRETT (left) and presenter,
producer SHONDA RHIMES (right). Comedian JIMMY KIMMEL talks about protecting coverage of pre-existing conditions.


Hows your partner?

The first step is up to you.

EMANUEL tells a powerful story of his cousin Gary who died from AIDS as artist MARK BRADFORD
looks on.
first step is up
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treatment options.
latest treatment options. If youre experiencing erectile
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The LGBTQ Beach,
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Beach, CA 90814 CA 90814
Partners and guests welcome.
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Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.
Boston Scientific Corporation has sponsored funding for this patient seminar and accompanying educational material.

Center Chief Marketing strategist JIM KEY (left) is leaving after 17 years; pictured with MIKE
AUSIELLO, author of Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies about the death of his husband Kit Cowan.


0 8 OCTO B E R 0 6 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

LA County Sheriff McDonnell talks ICE and individual dignity

In Las Vegas, Tradition of
Service included willingness
to die helping others


More than just training kicks in when a

violent eruption is in progress and peril
lurks unseen around every corner. For law
enforcement personnel, even o duty, its
an instinct to help, unattached to thoughts
of heroism or possible personal sacrice
as they run toward danger. The evidence Long Beach Chief Luna in the Long Beach Pride
is in the actions of rst responders to the Parade

worst mass shooting in U.S. history as PHOTO COURTESY OF LT. DON MUELLER

bullets rained down on concertgoers at

the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the
Las Vegas Strip on Oct. 1.
Current and former residents from elected in 2014. He understands that our McDonnell says that he meets with the working with our federal partners,
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San community faces additional diculties inmates, as well as a myriad of sta and McDonnell says, including Homeland
Bernardino counties accounted for at least and discrimination. He makes it clear we a cadre of volunteers throughout the Security on the raft of custom issues at
25 of the 58 killed at the Route 91 Harvest have his full support, as does the rest of extensive jail system who really take it LA ports such as human sex tracking.
country music festival, the LA Daily News the LASD. personally that theyre doing their job Additionally, while the LASD could provide
reports. Up to 527 people were wounded, The LGBT West Hollywood community the way we expect them to do it. names and locations of undocumented
including at least two Los Angeles County knows McDonnell from his time as When that doesnt occur and we criminals and violent gang members
Sheris Department employees, one of Assistant Chief with the LAPD. He worked become aware of it, we treat it very for immediate deportation, ICE often
whom was listed in critical condition, while with the WeHo Sheris station quite well seriously, he continues. We investigate just launches a raid into an immigrant
the second was reported stable. on cross-border issues, McDonnell recalls it and we hold our people accountable community and sweeps up anyone they
Los Angeles County Sheri Jim during an interview with the Los Angeles to a level that if you were to ask our want, including innocent bystanders.
McDonnell oered immediate assistance Blade on Sept. 25. Over the years, I got rank and le employees throughout the McDonnell received incredible backlash
to Las Vegas Sheri Joe Lombardo, to know the West Hollywood community organization, they would tell you that we for his stance. But after working with Gov.
including embedded LASD command and grew to appreciate the diversity in hold them exceptionally accountable, Brown, who then worked with de Leon,
sta. Our thoughts & prayers are w/ the the city, the culture, and the willingness to some would say maybe unreasonably so. an amended bill was produced that he
2 @LASDHQ o-duty personnel that were support public safety. I would argue that point in that what we supports. Thanks to legislative leadership,
struck by gunre & all those aected, Recently, McDonnell issued an LASD do is so critical for our own credibility and McDonnell said in a statement Sept. 18 to
McDonnell (@LACoSheri) tweeted Oct. 2. Guide: Transgender & Gender Non- the credibility of the justice system, that the Board of Supervisors, we can move
Hes the real deal, says out Lt. Don Conforming Employees to clarify the we have to adhere to exceptionally high beyond the bills early false premise that
Mueller, second in command over the departments nondiscrimination policy standards. local law enforcement was going to act as
nine community colleges that contract and answer questions. McDonnell says he took exception to immigration agents. This is fundamentally
with the LASD. McDonnell has a genuine But what of LGBT individuals arrested or State Sen. Kevin de Leons original bill, not true and I, and other law enforcement
concern about the communities he incarcerated? My expectation of all of our SB 54, the California Values Act, or the leaders in California, had the opportunity
serves, including the LGBT community. employees is that they treat everybody sanctuary state bill, that would limit to make that point.
He goes out of his way to support with dignity and respect, McDonnell says. the degree to which law enforcement These are challenging times for
us, Mueller says, noting that two gay We deal with a very dicult population, can interact with ICE and other federal progressive counties such as Los Angeles
division commanders, a lesbian division including an increasing population of authorities.He thought that bill was a to maintain civil dialogue around dicult
chief and a number of out captains have people who are mentally ill. The challenges threat to public safety. issues, McDonnell said. However, the
been promoted since McDonnell was are certainly great. It would have precluded us from LASD largely accomplished this mission.
LO C A L N E W S OC T OB E R 06, 2017 09

Roostersh crows, ready

Turn the place you live into
to reel em in again the home you love.
Venice Pride founder As part of a unique arrangement, the new
leaseholders will be paying Venice Pride an
licenses the name
annual licensing fee of $40,000 for the use
to new operators of the Roostersh trademark. These funds
will fund Venice Prides June celebration
By ROB WILLIAMS for the next decade and ensure it remains
free and open to the public.
Like Chers Farewell Tour, a goodbye On Sept. 23, the bar reopened for a single
doesnt always mean goodbye forever. night to host Roostersh Revived, an inclusive
Roostersh, the iconic Abbot Kinney dive community celebration and fundraiser
bar that closed in May, is set to reopen to benetting Venice Pride that raised $13,200
the delight of everyone who thinks Venice from the one-day event. More than 500
is in danger of being whitewashed and people turned out for the event, including
becoming polluted by cold-pressed juice ocials from Council member Bonins oce,
bars and luxury retail stores. Mayor Eric Garcettis oce and Supervisor
Originally opened in 1979, Roostersh Kuehls oce.
was the anti-Weho gay bar for the Westside From Sonia who walked into Roostersh
and was as famous for its cheap drinks as for the rst time back in 1991 and drove
it was for its eggshell blue exterior walls. down from Northern California just to attend
New owners Mario Vollera and Patrick the one-day event to Dustin Lance Black who
Brunet, who also operate South End, a had his rst drink at the bar in 1995 after
wine bar and pizzeria on Abbot Kinney, turning 21, Roostersh had a big impact on
plan to keep the original exterior and people from all walks of life, Turck said.
pornographic images that wallpaper the The new owners want to maintain the
mens bathroom ceiling, but plan to give avor of the original bar and protect its Consider a U.S. Bank Home Equity Line of Credit for your
the bar more standing room and natural role in the Venice community.
next project. With competitive rates and flexible payment
light, and yes, increase the drink prices. We love Venice. We love Abbot Kinney.
Founder and president of Venice Pride Grant Roostersh is such an historical landmark
options, lasting home improvements could be within reach.
Turck has been key to the bars resurrection. that we wanted to make sure it wont
Turck founded Venice Pride as a result of the become another retail store, Vollera and
bars closing, wanting to protect the cultural Brunet told LA Weekly via email. Venices
Call 800.209.BANK (2265),
identity of Venice. He has since been steadfast identity was forged from the melting pot visit a local branch,
in his eorts to preserve the bar - rst in an of nationalities, cultures and ambitions. or go to
unsuccessful attempt at having it designated Reopening Roostersh is a cultural act.
a historic landmark, and then by protecting Theres no gay bar west of the 405 in
the Roostersh name by trademarking it, Los Angeles. Im mincing words a little bit
something the original owners had not done. there, because you have the Birdcage west
After learning Vollera and Brunet had of the 405, but thats technically Santa
leased the space, he approached the Monica, Turck said to LA Weekly. Theres
duo and convinced them to license the a real need for a gay bar again on the Loan approval is subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Not all loan programs are available in
name and reopen Roostersh instead of Westside, and theres no better place for it all states for all loan amounts. Interest rates and program terms are subject to change without notice. Visit to learn more about U.S. Bank products and services. Mortgage and Home Equity products are
opening a new concept. to be than the place that was always there.
offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Deposit products are offered by U.S. Bank National Association.
Roostersh is more than a bar, it is an I think the vision is that the Roostersh Member FDIC. 2017 U.S. Bank. 171177 8/17
important community center where the 2.0 will be a place thats welcoming to the Worlds Most Ethical Companies and Ethisphere names and marks are registered trademarks
LGBTQ community can gather and feel LGBTQ community and its allies. of Ethisphere LLC.
safe, Turck told the Los Angeles Blade. The Roostersh is set to reopen in December.
1 0 OCTO B E R 0 6 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM LO CA L N E W S

Sheriff: Family concern California enforces FAIR Education Act

prompted Moore investigation AIDS is not just Gods punishment for homosexuals. It is Gods
punishment for the society that tolerates homosexuals, said
The investigation by the Los the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority to his
Angeles County Sheris Department Lynchburg, Virginia, followers on June 19, 1983.
into the July 27 death of Gemmel Falwell also founded Liberty University in 1971, before he
Moore is ongoing, with limited gained fame as anti-gay Anita Byrants sidekick in her Save Our
immunity granted to some potential Children Crusade in Dade County, Florida where they infamously
witnesses, Lieutenant Joe Mendoza overturned a local ordinance prohibiting discrimination based
of the Homicide Bureau tells the on sexual orientation. The Falwell/Bryant hate-attack was
Los Angeles Blade. Mendozas team subsequently adopted by anti-gay California State Sen. John
of detectives is working with the Briggs as a ballot measure in 1977, and defeated in 1978, the year
Coroner and the district attorneys out San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk was assassinated.
oce in the investigation. Every young person has a right to a sense of self-respect and
What theyre working on right now dignity. In public education, we serve the needs of all our students.
GEMMEL MOORE died in the home of West Hollywood politico
is trying to interview any possible Ed Buck. Some are gay and lesbian and we need to serve them, too, Dr.
individuals that might have any Virginia Uribe, a science teacher at Fairfax High School, told the
knowledge as to what transpired Los Angeles Times in 1984.
during this incident, Mendoza says Uribe started Project 10named for the Kinsey sex research
about what the Coroner determined was an accidental overdose from methamphetamine. I know that theory that 10% of the population is gaya dropout program
in the media, theres been a lot of dierent people interviewed. However, we cannot use that because held during lunch and after school in her classroom for LGBT
its hearsay. So were trying to identify those individuals and interview them ourselves so we can get a kids being bullied and attacked for their non-conformity. She was
rst hand account of what they know regarding this investigation. immediately and viciously attacked by Rev. Lou Sheldon, head
Moore, 26, an escort, died in the West Hollywood apartment of regular client Ed Buck 63, a locally of the Anaheim-based Traditional Values Coalition, who claimed
known Democratic politico. West Hollywood Sheris deputies initially found no direct evidence of foul Uribe was recruiting children for horrid gay exploitation.
play. Sheldon is but a distant memorybut Project 10 is still
However, another young black male client of Bucks told Moores mother and community activists that around, as is its mentoring and skills-building Models of Pride
Bucks sexual fetish involved injection use of crystal meth. When Moores mother, LaTisha Nixon, went conference, this year celebrating its 25th anniversary at USC.
public with her concerns that there was more to her sons death than a simple overdose, Sheri Jim But how familiar is this LGBT history? And how many
McDonnell ordered detectives to delve deeper. children know that gay politico Harvey Milk was inducted into
When we became aware of the concern by the family, we had Homicide [Bureau] take at look at it, the California Hall of Fame in 2009 by Republican Gov. Arnold
McDonnell says. What the outcome will be, I dont know at this point. But I can tell you, it is getting the Schwarzenegger?
attention that it should. Seeing and reading about LGBT pioneers and accomplishments
Bucks attorney Seymour Amster told the Los Angeles Times that his client had nothing to do with this as part of history promotes self-respect and the respect of others
young mans tragic death. Amster said Moores overdose was a self-imposed accidental death. Buck in schoolchildren baed with who they are and their place in the
has not yet publicly commented. world. In fact, Californias response to a shocking wave of gay teen
McDonnell corrected media reports that suggested the investigation was prompted by new evidence, suicides in 2011 was to pass the FAIR Education Act, legislation
new information. It wasnt that. It was that issues were raised by the family and news accounts, he says. requiring that LGBT history be included in the states K-12 curriculum.
That was enough to ask our Homicide detectives to take a look at this case and report on it. But it took oversight by organizations such as Our Family
We felt it was our obligation to look into those issues, McDonnell added. Coalition and Equality California to make sure the state followed
Mendoza says they are in the early stages of conducting in-depth interviews to submit to the district through on its obligationin 2017. On Sept. 28, the Instructional
attorneys oce so they can render an opinion if theres any criminal culpability on the part of anyone. Quality Commission that advises the State Board of Education on
Neither the Sheris Department nor the District Attorneys oce has yet made a determination about the curriculum, voted to approve 10 History-Social Science K-8
whether a crime has been committed. textbooks that are inclusive of the LGBT content, as mandated by
Moores death prompted the launching of the South LA Crystal Meth Task Force to look at the crystal the states 2016 History-Social Science Framework. The books had
meth epidemic among young black gay men. The next meeting is on Oct. 11, 2-3:30 p.m., at In The gone through edits from the FAIR Education Act Implementation
Meantime Wellness, 2146 W. Adams Blvd. Check Jerey Kings Facebook page for more. Coalition, a group of LGBT advocacy and educational organizations
KAREN OCAMB dedicated to ensuring the implementation and enforcement of
the 2012 FAIR Education Act.


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White House: Vote against UN death CAMERON ROBINSON (right)and his

boyfriendwere among the victims of the
penalty resolution not about gays Las Vegas shooting.


The Trump administration is pushing back against criticism over its vote at the United
Nations against a resolution repudiating the death penalty, saying the move wasnt about
the application of the punishment to same-sex relationships.
A White House National Security Council spokesperson said Tuesday the vote against
the measure is consistent with other U.S. votes at the United Nations against the death Gay Utah couple among
penalty resolution in previous administrations.
The United States unequivocally condemns the application of the death penalty for
victims of Las Vegas shooting
homosexuality, blasphemy, adultery and apostasy, the spokesperson said. As in years
past, we voted against this resolution because of broader concerns with the resolutions A Utah gay couple attending the country music festival in Las Vegas where
approach to condemning the death penalty in all circumstances. the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history took place was among the
The NSC spokesperson referred the Blades additional inquiries to the U.S. mission at victims of the tragedy, according to a local media report in Salt Lake City.
the United Nations, which didnt immediately respond to a request for comment. Cameron Robinson, a 28-year-old Cedar City, Utah, resident who worked
As reported by the Washington Blade, the resolutioncondemns use of the death penalty in Las Vegas, was among the 59 people killed in the attack, CBS aliate KUTV
for those found guilty of committing consensual same-sex sexual acts. The resolution reported. His sister, Meghan Ervin, is quoted as saying Robinson was struck in
passed by a 27-13 vote margin. The United States joined Saudi Arabia and others in voting the neck during the shooting.
against the measure. Robinson worked as a legal records specialist for Las Vegas, according to the
But the measure also broadly condemns the death penalty which is practiced in Las Vegas Review Journal. Robinson went to Basic High School and held degrees
the United States, unlike many other developed countries as unfairly used against from Nevada State College and Western International University.
marginalized groups. The multi-faceted resolution calls on countries to adopt protocol His boyfriend, Robert Eardley, was also present at the shooting and was
aimed at abolishing the death penalty, welcomes countries that have placed a moratorium wounded after taking shrapnel in his back, but is expected to survive, according
on the punishment and condemns its use against the underaged, the mentally ill or to KUTV.
pregnant women. Eardley was quoted by local aliate FOX 13 as saying Robinson was an
An LGBT Republican group maintains characterizing the resolution as a measure against amazing, determined, hard working man that spent his life always striving to
the death penalty for gays is o base. be better.
Gregory Angelo, president of Log Cabin Republicans, said he spoke with U.S. staers He was so kind and sweet and caring, Eardley said. He was quiet and shy
at the United Nations who informed him U.S. votes against resolutions repudiating the but once you got to know him he was goofy and fun and so enjoyable. His family
death penalty are nothing new. and friends meant the world to him. His loss will leave a scar on us all. He will be
The gist of the resolutions is in opposition to domestic interests and even United States missed greatly.
law when it comes to application of death penalty in all 50 states, and the United States A GoFundMe page has been established to pay for Robinsons funeral
has consistently voted against this resolution, Angelo said. expenses. As of Tuesday evening, the page had raised more than $16,000.
Angelo cited additional U.S. votes against similar resolutions repudiating the death Today we lost an amazing friend, son, brother, uncle, cousin, coworker and
penalty: One in 2007 under the George W. Bush administration as well as two votes during boyfriend to the senseless, horrible tragedy of the Las Vegas shooting. the page
the Obama administration one in 2010, another in 2014. says. He was full of life and love and so much passion. He loved his family,
As evidence previous administrations have taken similar positions, Angelo pointed to a friends and everyone he came in contact with.
news item from 2014 during the Obama administration referencing a U.S. vote against a According to the page, Robinson enjoying cooking, entertaining, running
resolution calling for a moratorium on the death penalty marathons, traveling, going camping, boating and being outdoors.
The only dierence in the most recent resolution, Angelo said, was a reference to a new Between his love to cook and amazing dance moves there was always good
U.N. secretary generals report saying the death penalty is used to target gays, people times, the page says. He was such a caring, giving and loving man. Cameron,
suspected of being gay and those in same-sex relationships. you will be greatly missed. We love you so much!
This was not a standalone resolution on whether or not the United Nations and its CHRIS JOHNSON
members supported use of the death penalty against gay individuals, Angelo said.

LGBT groups seek injunction

against military trans ban
Equality California, the National Center
for Lesbian Rights and GLBTQ Legal
Advocates & Defenders led a motion on CDC: Undetectable HIV+ people do not transmit HIV
Oct. 2 seeking a nationwide preliminary
injunction to immediately stop the Trump First, the good news. In a Dear Colleague letter issued Sept. 27 in recognition of National
administrations transgender military Gay Mens HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
ban from moving forward. EQCA, which is conrmed that the daily prescribed use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) by people who
represented by Latham & Watkins, asked are HIV-positive and undetectable results in no HIV transmission to HIV-negative partners.
NCLR and GLAD to join its lawsuit, Stockman When ART (antiretroviral therapy) results in viral suppression, dened as less than 200
v. Trump, and le the injunction motion in copies/ml or undetectable levels, it prevents sexual HIV transmission, wrote Dr. Eugene
the U.S. District Court for Central California McCray, Director of the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention at the CDCs National Center for
to prevent further irreparable harm to HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, and Dr. Jonathan H. Mermin, Assistant
transgender Americans who are currently Surgeon General and the National Centers director.
serving in the military or have been barred Across three dierent studies, including thousands of couples and many thousand acts
from enlisting. of sex without a condom or pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), no HIV transmissions to an
Through this Motion, Plaintis HIV-negative partner were observed when the HIV-positive person was virally suppressed.
seek preliminary relief prohibiting This means that people who take ART daily as prescribed and achieve and maintain an
Defendants from implementing the ban on undetectable viral load have eectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an HIV-
RICK ZBUR is executive director of
military service by transgender individuals Equality California. (Photo provided negative partner, McCray and Mermin write.
as an infringement of Plaintis rights by Equality California The CDC letter could have important political implications as Congress considers
under the United States Constitution, the PHOTO COURTESY OF ZBUR funding for federal agencies working on HIV/AIDS and for state and local legislators
motion says. The ban inicts irreparable debating archaic HIV criminalization laws in light of new scientic evidence.
injuries upon Plaintis and Plainti Equality This is the moment we have been waiting for! The CDC agreed today there is eectively no risk
Californias members. The ban denies Plaintis and their members the equal of sexually transmitting HIV when on treatment and undetectable. The overwhelming data clearly
protection of the laws, their right to liberty and privacy, and their right to freedom shows that taking our medication daily protects our health and our partners, Bruce Richman,
of expression in violation of the United States Constitution. executive director of the Prevention Access Campaigns Undetectable=UntranSmittable
As set forth below, the motion continues, Plaintis are likely to succeed campaign told HIV Plus magazine. However, he added, this isnt advising people with HIV and
on the merits of these claims. Plaintis also easily satisfy the other preliminary their partners to abandon condoms or PrEP. Being undetectable is another powerful option
injunction factors. As the Ninth Circuit has held, the unlawful deprivation of in the HIV prevention toolbox to be used in combination with other prevention options or
liberty constitutes irreparable harm. Moreover, particularly where transgender independently depending on the circumstances.
people have been serving loyally and with distinction since the bans reversal, the The CDC reports that more than 26,000 gay and bisexual men tested HIV positive in
balance of hardships and public interest favor an injunction. For these reasons, 2015, two-thirds of all new cases in America. Diagnoses increased among Hispanic/Latino
the Court should grant this Motion and enjoin the implementation of the ban. gay and bisexual men from 2010 to 2014, but, after years of increases, diagnoses among
Equality California led Stockman v Trump on Sept. 5, naming President Trump, African-American gay and bisexual men remained stable. HIV diagnoses fell among white
Defense Secretary James Mattis, and other top military ocials as defendants. gay and bisexual men in the same time period.
On Aug. 31, GLAD and NCLR led the rst motion for preliminary injunction and The CDC also notes bad news, though not a surprise to longtime HIV/AIDS advocates.
amended their initial complaint, Doe v. Trump, to include new plaintis and Among gay and bisexual men living with diagnosed HIV, 61% have achieved viral
supporting declarations from top military including out former US Army Sec. Eric suppression, more than in previous years, but well short of where we want to be,
Fanning. The NCLR/GLAD lawsuit was the rst of four lawsuits led against the according to a recent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. More work is needed to
Trump Administrations transgender military ban across the country. close this gap and to address the barriers that make it more dicult for some gay and
California is home both to the nations largest population of LGBTQ people bisexual men, including African American and Hispanic/Latino men, to get HIV care and
and to the largest number of service members, said Rick Zbur, executive treatment. For example, socioeconomic factors such as lower income and educational
director of Equality California. With his unnecessary and unjust ban, President levels and cultural factors such as stigma and discrimination may aect whether some gay
Trump has attacked American heroes who simply want to serve their country. and bisexual men seek and are able to receive HIV treatment and prevention services.
KAREN OCAMB Indeed, the CDC estimates that more than 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with
HIV today, and 1 in 7 of them dont know it.
In adults with HIV on ART who have diarrhea not caused by an infection
This is only a summary. See complete Prescribing Information at or by calling 1-844-722-8256. This does not take the place
of talking with your doctor about your medical condition or treatment.
What Is Mytesi?
Mytesi is a prescription medicine used to improve symptoms of
noninfectious diarrhea (diarrhea not caused by a bacterial, viral, or
parasitic infection) in adults living with HIV/AIDS on ART.
Do Not Take Mytesi if you have diarrhea caused by an infection. Before
you start Mytesi, your doctor and you should make sure your diarrhea is
not caused by an infection (such as bacteria, virus, or parasite).
Possible Side Effects of Mytesi Include:
Upper respiratory tract infection (sinus, nose, and throat infection)
Bronchitis (swelling in the tubes that carry air to and from your lungs)
Flatulence (gas)
Increased bilirubin (a waste product when red blood cells break down)
For a full list of side effects, please talk to your doctor. Tell your doctor if
you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away.
You are encouraged to report negative side effects of

Tired of planning your life around diarrhea?

prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit or
call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Enough is Enough
Should I Take Mytesi If I Am:
Pregnant or Planning to Become Pregnant?
Studies in animals show that Mytesi could harm an unborn baby or
affect the ability to become pregnant
There are no studies in pregnant women taking Mytesi
This drug should only be used during pregnancy if clearly needed
Get relief. Pure and simple. Ask your doctor about Mytesi. A Nursing Mother?
It is not known whether Mytesi is passed through human breast milk
Mytesi (crofelemer): If you are nursing, you should tell your doctor before starting Mytesi
Is the only medicine FDA-approved to relieve diarrhea in people with HIV Your doctor will help you to decide whether to stop nursing or to stop
taking Mytesi
Treats diarrhea differently by normalizing the flow of water in the GI tract
Under 18 or Over 65 Years of Age?
Has the same or fewer side effects as placebo in clinical studies Mytesi has not been studied in children under 18 years of age
Comes from a tree sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest Mytesi studies did not include many people over the age of 65. So it is
not clear if this age group will respond differently. Talk to your doctor to
What is Mytesi? find out if Mytesi is right for you
Mytesi is a prescription medicine that helps relieve symptoms of diarrhea not caused by What Should I Know About Taking Mytesi
an infection (noninfectious) in adults living with HIV/AIDS on antiretroviral therapy (ART). With Other Medicines?
If you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medicine, herbal
Important Safety Information supplements, or vitamins, tell your doctor before starting Mytesi.
Mytesi is not approved to treat infectious diarrhea (diarrhea caused by bacteria, a virus, What If I Have More Questions About Mytesi?
or a parasite). Before starting you on Mytesi, your healthcare provider will first be sure that you For more information, please see the full Prescribing Information at
do not have infectious diarrhea. Otherwise, there is a risk you would not receive the right medicine or speak to your doctor or pharmacist.
and your infection could get worse. In clinical studies, the most common side effects that occurred To report side effects or make a product complaint or for additional
more often than with placebo were upper respiratory tract (sinus, nose, and throat) infection information, call 1-844-722-8256.
(5.7%), bronchitis (3.9%), cough (3.5%), flatulence (3.1%), and increased bilirubin (3.1%).

For Copay Savings Card and Rx Only

Patient Assistance, see Manufactured by Patheon, Inc.
for Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. San Francisco, CA 94105
Copyright Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Please see complete Prescribing Information at Mytesi comes from the Croton lechleri tree harvested
in South America.

White House invokes religious

freedom to defend anti-gay nominee
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders invoked religious
freedom on Monday to defend one of President Trumps judicial nominees who
has faced criticism for her views, including opposition to same-sex marriage.
Sanders made the remarks in response to a question from The Heritage
Foundations Daily Signal, which asked if the White House is concerned about
criticism in Congress and the media over Amy Barrett. Trump nominated her for
a seat on the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.
We certainly support religious freedom and would ask that Congress also
support that as well, Sanders said succinctly. TOM PRICE resigned amid scandal over use of private planes.
Although Sanders was responding to a question about Barrett in particular,
her response could have applied to any number of Trump nominees with anti-
LGBT records. Among them is Je Mateer, whom Trump nominated for a federal
judgeship in Texas. A CNN report revealed 2015 comments in which Mateer
endorsed widely discredited ex-gay conversion therapy, opposed same-sex
LGBT groups cheer Prices
marriage and called transgender kids part of Satans plan. resignation as health secretary
The White House brieng room exchange follows a New York Times article
published last week about concerns over ties Barrett has to a Christian group LGBT groups were among those cheering the news last week that Secretary of Health
called People of Praise, which teacheshusbands are the heads of their wives and & Human Services Tom Price resigned from his post amid scandal over using more than
should take authority over the family. $500,000 in taxpayer dollars for private jets.
As noted in the article, Barrett faced intense questioning over her religious Although the cited reason for his resignation was the scandal, Price exits in the
views from Democrats during her conrmation hearing. Sen. Dianne Feinstein aftermath of several congressional attempts to repeal the Aordable Care Act, which
(D-Calif.) said, When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that provides health insurance for an estimated 20 million people, and accusations the Trump
the dogma lives loudly within you. Social conservatives have interpreted that administration is sabotaging the law.
line as an attack on Barretts faith. David Stacy, the Human Rights Campaigns director of governmental aairs, said in a
Barrett has voiced anti-LGBT views on at least one occasion that would be statement Prices actions had a signicantly negative impact on the health of LGBT people.
consistent with Catholic Church dogma. In 2015, Barrett co-signed a letter by the We welcome Tom Prices resignation because he jeopardized the health and well being
Ethics & Public Policy Center for Catholic Women stating opposition to same-sex of LGBTQ people and other marginalized communities, Stacy said. Americans deserve a
marriage just months after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality secretary of Health and Human Services who will stand up for them and look out for their
nationwide. best interests no matter who they are, where they come from or whom they love.
We give witness that the Churchs teachings on the dignity of the human Prior to joining the Trump administration, Price had built an anti-LGBT record as
person and the value of human life from conception to natural death; on a U.S. House member representing Georgia in Congress. In 2006, he voted for a U.S.
the meaning of human sexuality, the signicance of sexual dierence and constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage throughout the
the complementarity of men and women; on openness to life and the gift country. Price also voted against hate crimes protections legislation, Dont Ask, Dont Tell
of motherhood; and on marriage and family founded on the indissoluble repeal and a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
commitment of a man and a woman provide a sure guide to the Christian In 2013, Price participated in a conference call hosted by Tea Party Unity and said a
life, promote womens ourishing, and serve to protect the poor and most caller was absolutely right about the potential of negative health and scal impact of
vulnerable among us, the letter says. legislation promoting LGBT rights.The caller was Rabbi Noson Leiter, who attributed the
Barrett also has invoked the ire of progressive groups by saying abortion is arrival of marriage equality in New York to Hurricane Sandy.
always immoral, coming out against the contraception mandate under the Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO of GLAAD, cited Prices anti-LGBT record in a statement celebrating
Aordable Care Act and criticizing U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts for allowing the resignation of Price.
the individual mandate in Obamacare to stand as a tax. Also at issue is an article After decades of targeting marginalized communities for his own prot, karma nally
in which she argued Catholic judges must recuse themselves in death penalty caught up with TomPrice, Ellis said.Its a relief that an anti-LGBTQ activist likePricewas
cases because their religious faith conicts with the law. removed from the Trump Administrations highest ranks, but LGBTQ Americans must
CHRIS JOHNSON remain vigilant and prepare for the next nomination as they could bring the same
discriminatory agenda as the rest of the presidents picks.
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Gay is good! So was Hef!

PUBLISHED BY Los Angeles Blade, LLC
310-230-5266 x8080 (o), 917-406-1619 (c)
by bold cover stories about its case. Could Barlow and Davison had been working
How Playboy benetted from any of this have been lost on Hugh Hefner? at the time on a variety of behavioral
310-230-5266 x8095
ONE magazines court ght I doubt it. It is not a long walk to Playboy aversive conditioning therapies to change TRACY PAASO
from ONE, if you are a capitalist publisher, sexual orientation. (Both have long since
310-230-5266 x9459
By CHARLES FRANCIS as he was, of gorgeous nude photography recanted and apologized to the LGBT PALM SPRINGS ACCOUNT EXEC
reliant on the Postal Service in the 1950s. community.) The Forum questioned them BRAD FUHR, 760-813-2020.
What can the passing of Hugh Hefner But more than ravishing photography, about the alleged cruelty of chemical and NATIONAL ADVERTISING
possibly mean to LGBT Americans? Hefs Hefner had a ravishing idea: the Playboy electrical aversion-therapy techniques. RIVENDELL MEDIA
world at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles Philosophy. He made Playboy about Barlow responded: [Our therapy] seems, 212-242-6863
was a dazzling Sixties mash of hetero sex something larger than centerfolds. an improvement over previous chemical STEPHEN RUTGERS
and consumerism, in another universe from The Playboy Philosophy challenged and electrical techniques that, like early, 202-747-2077 x8077
the world of supposed gay deviance and American Puritanism. It began with his crude surgery, were sometimes painful. MANAGING EDITOR
perverts targeted by American culture, conviction of the importance of the Outraged, Kameny wrote, There is KEVIN NAFF
psychiatry and politics of the era.Playboys individual in our increasingly standardized no valid scientic evidence to show that, 202-747-2077 x8088
debut issue featuring Marilyn Monroe was society, the privilege of all to think dierently homosexuality is a sickness, illness, KAREN OCAMB
in 1953, the year President Eisenhower from one another and to promote new neurosis or pathology of any kind.
signed an Executive Order that dened gays ideas and the right to hoot irreverently at Kameny concluded with his populist MICHAEL K. LAVERS
and lesbians as sexual perverts, banned the herders of sacred cows and keepers of slogan for a new movement. Barlow
from federal employment and civil equality stultifying tradition and taboo. and his professional colleagues would CONTRIBUTORS
for decades to come. Hefners right to hoot irreverently grew be of greater service to the harassed ROSHAN, HOLLY HUGHES, KIT WINTER, BRAD LAMM,
Two developments helped set in motion into a classically liberal, pro-science, anti- homosexual minority if they ceased to DAVID EHRENSTEIN, STEVEN ERICKSON, LILLIAN
our liberation from this dark world:access puritanical worldview that helped another reinforce the negative value judgments ROBIN TYLER, CHRIS AZZOPARD, ALLEN ROSKOFF,
to the U.S. mail and Hugh Hefners pioneer lay the popular foundation for the of society and instead adopted a JOHN PAUL KING, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MELODY
Playboy Philosophy. LGBT civil rights movement, itself. positive approach in which therapy for MUNDY, ROBERT WILLIAMS, DAN ALLEN, BRAD FUHR,
First, it was imperative LGBT Gay civil rights pioneer Dr. Franklin homosexuals would consist of instilling in MACKIE, JOEY DIGUGLIELMO, CHRIS JOHNSON, LOU
publications gain complete access to the E. Kameny understood Playboy and him a sense of condent, self-acceptance CHIBBARO JR., MARIAH COOPER, ABBY DEES, REBEKAH
launched one of his trademark barrages so he could say with pride, Gay is Good. SAGER, JOHN MCHUGH-DENNIS, MIKE CIRIACO
mail. Otherwise, our speech and ideas PHOTOGRAPHY
would be declared obscene and conned of powerfully argued letters to The This is not to say that Playboy took BOB KRASNER, JON VISCOTT, MICHAEL KEY
to mimeograph bar-handouts and Playboy Forum. The Forum became Kamenys side. The Forum Editor ended CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
bulletin boards or to social organizations what may have been the countrys most the exchange with a nal note that DISTRIBUTION
like LAs Gay Girls Riding Club; or the inuential forum for the public discussion homosexuality is a compulsion based on CHRISTOPHER JACKSON, 562-826-6602
early Mattachine Society where the use about homosexuality during this period, phobic reactions to heterosexual stimuli! All material in the Los Angeles Blade is protected by federal copyright
law and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Los
of pseudonyms was the norm. For the according to historian Mark Stein in his True to the Playboy Philosophy, the Angeles Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers,
writers and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor
exercise of our First Amendment right to book, Sexual Injustice. magazine and Hef had given Kameny implied. The appearance of names or pictorial representation does not
necessarily indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons.
educate and persuade, publications had And Frank Kameny took full advantage his introduction to a national audience for Although the Los Angeles Blade is supported by many ne advertisers,
we cannot accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
to defeat the U.S. Post Ocegoaded of it. Gay is Good. Unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Los Angeles Blade, but
the paper cannot take responsibility for its return. The editors reserve
on by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover In the March 1969 issue, just months Two months after publication, an the right to accept, reject or edit any submission. A single copy of the
Los Angeles Blade is available from authorized distribution points, to
which declared in 1954 that ONE, The before the Stonewall riots, the Forum Assistant Editor of the Forum circled back any individual within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles, CA. Multiple copies
are available from the Los Angeles Blade oce only. Call for rates. If
you are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you may
Homosexual Magazine was obscene and focused on whether a cure for to Kameny with an oer to share with him receive a 26-week mailed subscription for $195 per year or $5.00 per
single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be sent to Phil Rockstroh
unmailable, even though ONE carried no homosexuality to recondition sex Xerox copies of replies to your letter. at Postmaster: Send address changes to
the Los Angeles Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington, DC 20009. The Los
nude photography or drawings. deviants was possible in therapy or a Kameny accepted that oer and one can Angeles Blade is published bi-weekly, on Friday, by Los Angeles Blade,
LLC. Rates for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical
Thanks to the tenacity of ONE Inc and nightmare for patients. Psychiatrists and read those anguished responses today at postage paid at Los Angeles, CA., and additional mailing oces. Editorial
positions of the Los Angeles Blade are expressed in editorials and in
its superb pro bono Los Angeles attorney psychologists like Dr. Gerald Davison, the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. editors notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are
those of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of
Eric Julber, the Supreme Court decided today a professor at the University of Kameny prevailed. Then came the Los Angeles Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary:
Letters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
One Magazines obscenity case in ONEs Southern California, and Dr. David Barlow, Stonewall. than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length, and
must include a name, address and phone number for verication. Send
favor, allowing it to thrive as the leading a past President of Clinical Psychology for submissions by e-mail to
CHARLES FRANCIS is president of The
gay magazine of ideas. the American Psychological Association Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C.,
ONE launched in the same year as (APA,) discussed this in a series of letters which conducts original archival research
Playboy and fought the U.S. Post Oce with homosexual groups and advocates in partnership with pro bono legal counsel
McDermott Will & Emery, into the forgotten or
to the mat, with superb legal work backed like Kameny. erased LGBT political past. 2017 LOS ANGELES BLADE, LLC.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 0 6 , 2 0 1 7 1 9

Walking through the Kingdom

Celebrating the Imperial
Courtof Los Angeles
and Hollywood


I came to Los Angeles at the age of

19 in search of happiness lled with
hope and ambition to begin a new life.
However, what I found was homelessness,
discrimination, empathy and Santa Monica
Blvd (THE STRIP) of survival.
Little did I know that among us walked
LGBT Royalty and that I would one day
become Empress of Los Angeles and
Hollywood and become royalty myself!The
Imperial Court became a safe haven for me
and many other young LGBT folks. MARIA LOUISE ROMAN pictured with
My rst experience with the Imperial Emperors EDWARD STANZA and DAVID
Court was with The Queen of the Universe, QUINTE
a yearly fundraiser that supports LGBT
folks through their Nicole Murray Ramirez
scholarship fund. This pageant system,
under the leadership of Empress Karina
Samala, has given transgender women a many of the equal rights we havetoday. in our local charity eorts. In my almost continues to face.
platform to advocate for and showcase I learned empowerment as the daughter two years as Empress, I have been For instance, The Imperial Court of Los
our beauty and diversity. to ferocious advocate Empress Karina fortunate to have many of our community Angeles and Hollywood raised money
The International Imperial Court Samala (23,24,30 and 42) and winning the organizations stand with us in the ght for the TransLatin@ Coalition Drop in
System is second only to the Metropolitan title of Queen of the USA in 2004 and for social justice including: CSW, APAIT, Center that provides a safe space for
Community Church in size and scope. Queen Universe 2013. TransLatin@ Coalition, the American Civil transgender individuals daily and serves
Through its grassroots networks, it raises The imperial Court of Los Angeles and Liberties Union and many others. lunchMondaythroughFriday(from 12 PM
thousands of dollars for community Hollywood was founded the year I was Every year the Imperial Court of Los to 2 PM). Weve also supported eorts like
charities and non-prot groups, and has born 1970and has been one of the most Angeles and Hollywood sets its priorities the Midnight Stroll where we did outreach
fun in an annual coronation gala where enduring and dynamic organizations in Los on communities they will focus on and for the homeless, passing out food and
new Emperor and Empress are elected. Angeles County. The Courts Mission is to raise funds for. During our rst meeting as resources to those most in need.
Jose Sarria, lovingly known as Mama further relationships with organizations Monarchs, we decided to focus on one of In an era where technology dominates
or the Widow Norton, founded the US and business within our community, to the most oppressed communities within the way we think and communicate
Imperial Court System in 1965 in San raise money for charitable organizations, the LGBT spectrum: our transgender with one another, The Imperial Court
Francisco. It was created during a time and to help those who are in need. population, especially transgender women continues to provide a safe space where
when LGBT folks were being persecuted, I come from a long line of Monarchs that of color who continue to carry a high burden LGBT individuals can be celebratedwhile
arrested, discriminated against and each have made tremendous contributions to of HIV, discrimination, homelessness dressing fabulously and lip-synching to
day feared for their lives. The Imperial local eorts to move the LGBT community and lack the basic needs that many of us your favorite song and twirling for charity.
Court created a place where LGBT folks forward. I serve as Empress, along with take for granted. Transgender women You are invited to come to this years
like me could escape the tough landscape Emperor David Quinte (7,46,47) and also continue to be victims of vicious hate Coronation XLVII, with a special tribute to
of oppression into a Dynasty of Beauty, Emperor Edward Stanza (46). The Board of crimes across the globe. Some Like it Hot on Nov. 24, 25, 26 held
diversity and philanthropy, where the Directors is composed of past monarchs As a transgender woman of color, the at the Hollywood American Legion Post
oppressed became empowered and could and other volunteers who meet monthly Court has given me a platform to focus on 43, 2035 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA
be anything they wanted to be. to set the Courts agenda for the year. issues that disproportionately aect my 90068. For further information, go to our
Guided by our lovely Mama Jose, the During the 47 years of the Imperial community and allow me to contribute to Facebook page or contact Emperor Edward
Court became erce groups of volunteers Court of Los Angeles and Hollywood making a dierence, alongside the board Stanza
that were led by an elected Empress coronations, we have seen monarchs of directors and Emperors David and
and Emperor. Soon this society would from across the country represent their Edward who have a deep understanding
MARIA LOUISE ROMAN is a housing specialist
inuence politics and fuel the ght for chapters in lavish gowns and participation of the challenges the trans community at APAIT.

Syphilis Tsunami billboards have appeared throughout Southern California for several months.

We have lost control of the STD epidemic

scale prevention, testing, and treatment weight, and death shortly after birth. For the alarming implication is now that one
How many wake up calls eorts. However, it is only my professional the thousands of documented syphilis could still be protected while not using
do we need? life that includes this STD epidemicand cases last year among adolescents and condoms. There is little doubt that the
instead of pushing boundaries, I now watch adults, syphilis can be treated if diagnosed CDCs demotion and limited advocacy of
By ADAM COHEN, Ph.D. budget cuts, clinic closures, and limited earlyhowever treatment cannot reverse condom use play a role in skyrocketing
contact tracing of positive cases. As a result, the damage done to the body. If left STD rates, particularly among adolescents
Late last month, the Centers for Disease we have lost control of this epidemic. untreated, syphilis can even lead to death. and young adults.
Control and Prevention released its latest We are down to our last-resort The CDC reports twice as many women We have become complacent to the $16
annual sexually transmitted disease (STD) treatment against gonorrhea. The World are infected with chlamydia compared billion annual burden of this STD epidemic.
surveillance report. This alarming report Health Organization (WHO) reports global to men, with the highest rate among We dismiss chlamydia, gonorrhea, and
should serve as a call to action for public antibiotic-resistance, including cases in adolescent and young adult women aged syphilis as easily curable infections,
health ocials everywhere: The United the United States. Testing gonorrhea for 15-19 years. Untreated chlamydia can lead ignoring the detrimental eects these
States is experiencing record-high STD rates antibiotic resistance is now becoming an to pelvic inammatory disease, which is infections have on our nations health. We
and threatening the health of our country. essential component of STD testing and a major cause of infertility. According to are losing control of this epidemic, which
According to the CDC, nearly 1.6 million treatment servicesbut most clinics are the CDC, many women who are at risk of also means we will not be able to prepare
cases of chlamydia, 470,000 cases of not outtted to test for drug resistance. chlamydia infection are not getting tested ourselves for the onslaught of next-
gonorrhea, and 28,000 cases of syphilis And what is not widely known is that due to a lack of awareness and limited generation STDs, such as Mycoplasma
occurred in 2016 aloneand those gonorrhea can be spread not only to the healthcare resources. genitalium and Zika.
staggering numbers do not include the rectum through receptive anal sex, but Condom usethe most cost-eective We need public health ocials to
hundreds of thousands of unreported also to the throat through oral sex. STD prevention method availablehas double-down on prevention, testing, and
cases. (After all, the most common STD The rise in overall syphilis cases has stagnated in the United States. The CDC treatment eorts to stop this modern
symptom is no symptom.) led to the increased transmission of has all but abandoned the promotion of catastrophe. The best time to address this
I am in my early 30s; my entire life syphilis from mother to childknown as condoms, instead choosing in 2015on STD epidemic was 20 years ago.
spans the HIV/AIDS epidemic. I watched congenital syphilis. More than 600 cases short notice and with little stakeholder The second-best time is now.
ocials push the boundaries of public of congenital were reported last year inputto change the term from
health advocacy to successfully reduce the across the country, leading to miscarriage, unprotected sex to condomless sex. While ADAM COHEN, Ph.D., MPH, is Director of
Advocacy and Policy Research at the AIDS
infection rate in this country through large- stillbirth, premature birth, low birth this may appear to be a simple alteration, Healthcare Foundation.
V I E W PO I NT W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CT O BE R 0 6 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

We cannot remain silent in face of anti-trans violence

they are attacked by occupants of the White
Centering the lives of House and members of our community.
black trans people in The liberation of African descendents
requires that we support the liberation of
the work of justice Black transgender individuals as none of us
can be free until all of us are free.
At NBJC, we are committed to
advocating for policies at the intersections
of civil rights and LGBTQ rights. The data
in the Report on the Experiences of
Black Respondents from USTS highlights
disparities that must be discussed and
remedied. Elected leaders and government
ocials, at every level, must do their part
DAVID J. JOHNS is executive director of the to address the many issues that uniquely
National Black Justice Coalition and disproportionately impact the lives of
too many Black transgender people.
In addition to ensuring that we hold
When this time in history is looked leaders accountable for doing their job, it
back upon by future generations, we is also important that we, as a community,
will be judged by our ability to support a do the work required to change our
more inclusive society where everyone language and confront the practices that
regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual negatively impact the lives of our Black
identity or expression, religion, disability transgender and gender nonconforming
status or any other socially constructed family members.
identier is able to feel safe and live free We must do the work required to ensure
A 2015 vigil for black trans women.
from discrimination and fear of harm. PHOTO BY TED EYTAN; COURTESY OF FLICKR
our Black transgender family members
In 2017 America, it is sadly still the are safe and supported in meaningful and
case that too many people live in fear authentic waysthis includes confronting
of being harassed, abused or killed.This LGBTQ/SGL people, I now have the honor people in the U.S. population (10%) and 38% those using oensive language designed
unfortunate reality is exceptionally true and responsibility of supporting Black of Black respondents were living in poverty, to exclude and oend. No longer can
for transgender peopleespecially for families by centering the lives of Black compared to 24% of Black people nationally. we allow transgender people to be
transgender people of color. Consider people who are often neglectedthose of When it comes to accessing culturally bullied, harassed and murdered without
for a moment that in this year alone, 21 us whose lives are too frequently rendered competent health care services, 34% speaking up and acting outin positive
transgender people have reportedly been unworthy or invisible. of the respondents who saw a health and productive ways. We have to correct
killed, and with the exception of two, all of This erasure happens too frequently care provider in the past year reported our own loved ones when they misgender
these individuals were transgender people for Black transgender and gender having at least one negative experience someone or stigmatize transgender
of color. The neglect of transgender people nonconforming people who are some of the related to being transgender, including: people for simply being.
is among the most important human most marginalized members of the Black reduced treatment; verbal harassment; Most importantly, we must build a
and civil rights issues of our times. As a community and society, more generally. and physical or sexual assault. These community where our transgender family
country committed to liberty and justice It is for these reasons that NBJC experiences further shine a light on are loved without the threat of abuse
for all, not a single one among us can partnered with the National Center for the fact that health disparities like HIV or violence, and empowered to live out
remain silent about or disengaged in the Transgender Equality, Black Transmen, continue to disproportionately impact our their dreams where poverty and life
work required to end the constant attacks, Inc., and Black Transwomen, Inc., to transgender family6.7% of the Black circumstances are not suocating.
literal and gurative, on our transgender release a report highlighting responses of respondents were living with HIV, which The continued killings of primarily
family members. Black transgender people who completed is nearly ve time the rate of all USTS transgender people of color each year
Growing up as a little Black boy in the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS). respondents overall. happen mostly at the hands of other people
Inglewood, Calif., I did not meet or see Within the Report on the Experiences of These ndings are alarming and should of color. This means that all of our families,
people who showed up in the world like Black Respondents, we can learn more elicit the support of leaders, both elected communities, organizations, places of
me a strong Black person who is equally about the many obstacles that must be and self-appointed. For too long, Black worship and any other space of inuence
proud of being LGBTQ or same gender overcome by individuals who are both transgender and gender nonconforming must be talking about what we will do
loving (SGL). As the executive director Black and transgender in America. people have been willing to give their blood, to end the violence and build inclusive
of the National Black Justice Coalition Consider, for example, that among sweat and tears for the advancement of environments that recognize, arm and
(NBJC), a national civil rights organization respondents, 20 percent reported being Black liberationand we continue to fall support Black transgender people. This is
dedicated to the empowerment of Black unemployed, twice the rate among Black dismally short of standing with them as the work that we will be judged upon.
Photo Credit: Paula Allen

Eve Ensler
& Anne Lamott
In Conversation

Photo Credit: Paula Allen

Sun, Oct 29 @ 7pm

Royce Hall, UCLA

Photo Credit: Mark Richards

One couples journey to a biological family
Overcoming obstacles, including the Mexican earthquake, en route to fatherhood

By Rebekah SAGER

O C T O B E R 0 6 2 0 1 7 V O L U M E 0 1 I S S U E 1 5 A merica s L G B T Q N e w s S ource L O S A N G E L E S B L A D E . C O M 2 3

From the start of their 27 years together

David and Shawn desperately wanted to
have children.
For gay couples choosing biological
parenthood over adoption, going through
layers of bureaucracy, mounting a million
hurdles and laying out piles of cash is the norm.
You need to select an egg donor, locate
a suitable surrogate and manage a range
of other logistics. It can be a maddening
process with agency representation but
without it you may go insane.
In 2014 David and Shawn (last name
withheld), having procured eggs from an
Alaskan woman, engaged Planet Hospital,
a Calabasas surrogacy agency operating in
Cancun that purported to offer a trouble-
free route to parenthood.
Initially, everything went smoothly, but
then we started getting delayed responses.
Things were suddenly on hold, David says.
The owner abandoned the company and
David holds Seth as a beaming Shawn and Sebastian look on.
we were essentially left with frozen blastocysts
(a fertilized embryo), and no surrogate. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE FAMILY

The couple, along with several others,

were in danger of losing their embryo, Working with the former employee of was time to give Sebastian a sibling. They Since Sebastians embryo was fertilized
their dream jeopardized. Planet Hospital was risky, David admits: We had been, after all, hoping for twins when by Shawn, this one, the couple decided,
Though a legal battle ensued, David and were working on completely blind trust. Sebastian was born, so a second child was would be fertilized by David. If their bond
Shawn did not participate, focusing their But the surrogate, living in Cancun, always part of their dream. as siblings could not be genetic, it would at
energies on quickly finding a suitable surrogate. Mexico, became pregnant instantly. They pursued it and after several failed least reflect the love shared by their fathers.
David says they were feeling hopeless until The couple stayed in constant contact attempts with surrogates, they ran out of The surrogate became pregnant on the
a woman who had worked for Planet Hospital with her, communicating via Skype, embryos. first try and the couple was given a due
told them she knew other surrogates. terrified they were being scammed. Because they had hoped Sebastian date of Oct. 6, 2017.
Planet Hospital was forced into Chapter But Sebastian was born in October 2014 would share a maternal link with his One month before the babys due date,
7 bankruptcy after clients demanded and is now a beautiful, bright, blue-eyed brother, they reached out to the donor David and Shawn, emotionally exhausted
$79,000 for services that Planet Hospital child who has abundant curiosity and whod provided Sebastians embryo for from all the twist and turns, vacationed in
allegedly failed to perform. The owner nuclear powered energy. new eggs, but that effort failed. Spain with Sebastian.
was sentenced in San Diego to two years Sebastian has been a dream child and They found another donor in Mexico But news of an 8.1 quake near Mexicos
in prison and fined $10,000 for defrauding its a love Ive never felt before, said David. City and a surrogate near Mexicos
clients, bribery and interstate wire fraud. And so David and Shawn decided it southwestern coast. ContinueS ON page 29
2 4 OCTO B E R 0 6 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM 2 0 G A Y Q U E ST I O N S F O R: WI L S O N C R UZ



Wilson Cruz has had more than just a so-

called life.
Hes been a change maker, a survivor and
a role model to a generation of gay men,
particularly gay men of color, who needed PHOTO BY DFREE; COURTESY OF BIGSTOCK

empowerment and a strong voice. He also

happens to be one of the busiest out gay actors
in Hollywood. How long have you been out and who My mother.
He has starred in My So Called Life, (for was the hardest person to tell? On what do you insist?
which he was awarded a special GLAAD I came out in 1993 and the hardest I insist on not having to ask permission to What LGBT stereotype annoys you
Media Award in 1995), is currently starring in person to come out to was my father be in any room. Walk in the room like you most?
the newStar Trek: Discovery, and this year most denitely. But he has two gay sons belong there because you do. That all gay men are white. Thats mostly
has appeared in Fridays, 13 Reasons Why, and now hes amazing! all we see on TV, statistically speaking.
Doubt, After Louie, and Shameless. What was your last Facebook post or
You may remember Wilson as Ricky Vasquez Whos your LGBT hero? Tweet? Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
on Noahs Arc, ER, Party of Five, and even James Baldwin. He used his art in his Tonight on Star Trek Discovery, meet Weekend, made by the same team as
Ally McBeal. politics and vice versa. I loved Giovannis my boo, Lt. Stamets ( Anthony Rapp ) Looking. Even though it was two white
And who could forget how, in 1998, Los Room beautiful and succinct, the as Discoverys epic journey continues! I guys. Or, Paris is Burning. Timeless. Can
Angeles went wild for his Center Theatre rst gay love story that I read. have to promote my new self! I do two?
Group /Ahmanson Theatre performance
in Rent, for which he was awarded the Los Whats Los Angeles best nightspot, If your life were a book, what would Whats the most overrated social
Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award for past or present? the title be? custom?
Featured Actor in a Musical. Ive hung out in all of em. I dont know! My Soul-called Life Waiting for everyone to be served at the
Success has kept him busy. table before we can eat. I wouldnt make
Not to say that its always been easy, Describe your dream wedding. If science discovered a way to change you wait!
however. After coming out to his family in A wedding that happens! Im so very sexual orientation, what would you
1993, his father kicked him out of the house single; if one happened it would be a do? What trophy or prize do you most
and he was homeless and lived on the streets dream. Nothing. I wouldnt change my sexual covet?
for a time. orientation. Doesnt every actor want an Oscar? I
My Puerto Rican family had to overcome a What non-LGBT issue are you most mean go for the big one!
lot of that machismo Latino men have. My dad passionate about? What do you believe in beyond the
had the hardest struggle with me being gay. White supremacy. Thats it. physical world? What do you wish youd known at 18?
But he had no choice. My brother is gay, too. I believe in the power of love and I believe I wish I had as much faith in the fact
Today my family is amazing. What historical outcome would you we ARE all love and are all connected. that there is something bigger than me
The Point Foundation, an agency that seeks change? guiding me at all times. I spent a lot of
to empower LGBTQ students in achieving their History is unfolding in Puerto Rico and I Whats your advice for LGBT movement time worrying when I could have let go a
full academic and leadership potential, will ache to x it. I would make sure Irma and leaders? little more.
honor Cruz with the Point Courage Award. Maria never existed. Dont follow the money. Dont pander to
Hes quick to point out racism and how it the biggest donor. Work for all of us. Let Why Los Angeles?
aects not only LGBT reality but the world as Whats been the most memorable pop the money follow you. I keep getting called back here. Ive moved
a whole. Expect him to have a few things to say culture moment of your lifetime? to New York a couple of times and it
about the U.S. response to Hurricanes Irma Me on Star Trek, of course. Whod have What would you walk across hot coals keeps calling me back. Ive resisted but
and Maria when he accepts his latest accolade. thought? for? this is home. West Hollywood is home.
Starry Skies
With Scattered
Follow @WeHoCity
for alerts on all spectacles
from Russian songs to
Carnaval thongs.

Halloween Carnaval
& Russian Cultural City of West Hollywood
California 1984
2 6 OCTO B E R 0 6 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM CA LE N D A R

special DJ performances by Lunden Reign

and Nicki Lunden. Free.

OCT. 15
AIDS Walk Los Angeles, @ 8:30 AM
at Los Angeles City Hall (200 North
Spring Street). In its 31st year, AIDS
Walk Los Angeles has drawn hundreds
of thousands of supporters to walk, and
millions more to donate, raising more
than $82 million to combat HIV and AIDS.
The funds raised at the event remain a
vital lifeline that sustains APLA Healths
prevention, care, and advocacy programs
AIDS Walk Los Angeles will take the streets of Downtown L.A. on Oct 15 and tens of thousands are expected to help raise millions for APLA.
for the thousands of men, women, and
families aected by the disease in Los
Angeles County. Proceeds also benet
E-mail calendar items to perform. Its glam and glitz as the agency Broadway). Your favorite queens from more than 20 other HIV/AIDS service draws top donors to help fund it LGBTQ RuPauls Drag Race are here to WERQ organizations that are able to participate
two weeks prior to your event. Space is
limited so priority is given to LGBT-specic scholars program. Visit Point Foundation at your world in the Ocial World Tour and raise funds through the Community
events or those with LGBT participants.
Recurring events must be for more details. presented by Voss Events in collaboration Coalition Initiative (CCI). Visit la.aidswalk.
re-submitted each time. with World of Wonder and VH1! For tickets net for details.
OCT. 10 call (213) 489-1667. Hosted by Michelle
Get Out and Bowl, @ 10:30 AM til 12:30 Visage with sickening performances OCT. 17
OCT. 7 PM at Pickwick Bowling (921 W. Riverside and group productions including Alyssa 2017 National LGBT Real Estate
Back in Circulation: West Hollywood, Dr., Burbank) Join the Centers Senior Edwards, Detox, Kim Chi, Latrice Royale, Conference, @ 6:00 PM at Riviera Palm
@ 7:30 PM at Heidi Ducker Dance Theatre Bowling Team and knock em over. Its a Peppermint, Shangela, Valentina and Springs (1600 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm
(625 North San Vicente Boulevard). Artistic terric way to mix and mingle, get out of Violet Chachki. Tickets at WerqTheWorld. Springs). The National LGBT Real Estate
Director Heidi Duckler is once again joined by the apartment and have a great time with com or 1.888.885.VOSS Conference unites over 700 LGBT and
her core company dancers, Raymond Ejiofor, new friends. RSVP is required. Call 323- allied industry leaders for three power
Lenin Fernandez, Jillian Meyers and Kiel 860-5830 or email seniors@lalgbtcenter. OCT. 14 packed days of learning and networking
Moton, visual designer, Mimi Haddon, and org. Lane and shoe rental: $4.75. AIDS/LifeCycle 2018 Kicko, @ 7:15 with the best in the business. Featuring
composer, percussionist and multimedia AM at Lake Balboa Park - Kite Field (6300 keynotes by U.S. Congressman Mark
artist, Andrea Centazzo, to collaborate on OCT. 11 Balboa Blvd, Van Nuys, CA) On June 3-9, Takano, LGBT & Aids Activist Cleve Jones,
the series. The West Hollywood Library National Coming Out Day, @ 7:00 PM 2018 thousands of volunteers and cyclists Million Dollar Listing LA star Madison
includes long expanses of oor-to-ceiling at West Hollywood City Council Chambers of all backgrounds and tness levels will Hildebrand, HSF Holdings CEO Gino
glass windows that look out over the major (625 North San Vicente Blvd). The City of ride 545 miles down the California Coast Blefari, BHGRE President & CEO Sherry
Los Angeles thoroughfare, San Vicente West Hollywood Lesbian Speakers Series, in the most challenging journey of their Chris, Engel & Vlkers North America
Boulevard, and across to the iconic, Pacic LA LGBT Center and June Mazer Archives lives. And on October 14th, we celebrate CEO Anthony Hitt, and Placester Chief
Design Center. Ducklers choreography will present a very special evening for National the Kicko of the training season in Los Marketing Strategist Seth Price
focus on the vast windows of the library as Coming Out Day in conjunction with The Angeles with two fully-supported and
symbolic thresholds for sharing information, Lesbian Culture Club. Rally for the creation free ride options. Come nd out why OCT. 19
as well as containers of public space. The of lesbian spaces and places with comedy, so many others RIDE with LOVE so that OUTOBERFEST, @ 7:00 PM at Cathedral
event is free of charge. music, pathos, spoken word and more others can LIVE and what AIDS/LifeCycle of Saint Vibiana (214 South Main Street)
The Point Foundation Awards, @ featuring special guests: Dana Goldberg, is all about at the Kicko Ride! For more An LGBTQ Mixer & Screening presents an
8:00 PM at Beverly Hilton Hotel (9876 Sabrina Jalees, Tara Jepsen, Ali Liebegott, information call (866) 245-3424 or email early Halloween with Outfests Emerging
Wilshire Blvd). Point Foundation will honor Bridget McManus, Michelle Tea,Mo Leaders Council. Join us for an evening of
Wanda Sykes, Wilson Cruz and Jill Soloway. Welchand hosted by Lesbian Culture Clubs North County Pride by The Beach, @ mixing & mingling at the Hollywood oces
Comedian Wanda Sykes will receive Point very own Anna La Chocha! Free Admission! 11 AM at City of Oceanside Civic Center of our gracious host Netix, then kick back
Legend Award; Actor Wilson Cruz will receive (300 North Coast Highway, Oceanside). with a screening of ghoul-turned-gay pride
Point Courage Award; Writer, Director, OCT. 13 A fun day of LGBT Pride on the beach in icon The Babadook (sorry, Pennywise
and Producer Jill Soloway will receive RuPauls Drag Race: Werq The World, Oceanside. Its worth the scenic drive and couldnt make it). Strong BabaLEWKS are
Point Impact Award; Adam Lambert will @ 8:00 PM at Globe Theatre (740 S. while you are at it you will enjoy some encouraged. Tickets are $25.
F I LM OC T OB E R 06, 2017 27

U M @
Exploring the mystery of AUT Harlem Quartet

a trans icons fate



On June 6, 1992, a body was pulled out of Anti-Violence Project. Dedicating her nal The Heart of
the Hudson River onto a West Village pier. days on the job to the pursuit of long-overdue Robin Hood
Bystanders quickly recognized it as that of justice, Cruz is shown re-examining the les
Marsha P. Johnson, a well-known gure in the and evidence surrounding Johnsons untimely
neighborhood and one of the most visible death. She interviews the late icons family
and colorful personalities in the ongoing and friends such as longtime roommate
movement for gay and transgender rights. Randy Wicker, who reported Marsha missing
Born in New Jersey as Malcolm Michaels nearly a week before her body was found. She
in 1945, Johnson had moved to New York at pores through old news clippings and footage,
18, where she became a xture in the drag tracks down retired law enforcement ocials,
balls and street life of the Village. By 1969 and petitions for autopsy reports long hidden
Joe Morton in
she was a regular at the Stonewall Inn, and in police storerooms.
Turn Me Loose
she was a key participant in the landmark Like Frances previous lm, How to
A Play About
riots that began there when police raided Survive a Plague, this movie is not merely Activist and
the bar in the early morning hours of June a chronicle of events; rather, in following Comic Genius
28 that year. Popular legend has maintained Cruz search for truth and justice, it Dick Gregory
that she was the rst, or one of the rst, to evokes the spirit of activism that Marsha
ght back though she herself disputed that embodied. The investigation into her
claim, stating that she had arrived well after death becomes a springboard into not
the conict had already started. Regardless only a retrospective of the struggle for
of the details, its undeniable that she was rights and recognition that dened her
central to the events of that night and the own life and times, but into an indictment
nights that followed, and that she emerged of our cultures relationship with violence
as a leader in the Gay Liberation Movement against its marginalized populations and
that sprung out of them. in particular, transgender women.
NOV 10-11
Consequently, at the time of her death, Part of the backdrop of the contemporary OCT 15
the local LGBTQ community responded segments is the 2016 trial of James Dixon for FEATURING: Harlem Quarte
t Kyle Riabko:
Richard Rodgers
with surprise and outrage when the police, the murder of Islan Nettles, a transgender
OCT 8 OCT 20-29
P ia n o : Reimagined
B iss, Feathers of Fire
without any substantial investigation, woman from Harlem whom he had beaten an
ocially declared her drowning a suicide to death after friends teased him for irting pi c NOV 28 - DEC 17
OCT 12-14 A Persian E
despite insistence from friends and witnesses with her. The highly-publicized case provides
D an ce The Heart of
Dorra n ce NOV 2-4
that she had been a victim of foul play. a somber observation of how things have
O V 12 Robin Hood
This still-unresolved controversy lies at changed since Marshas nearly-anonymous OCT 13 - N L.A. Dance
the center of lmmaker David Frances death, yet also how much they have not. Turn M e Lo os e Project
new documentary, The Death and Life Dixons defense that he had been humiliated Feathers of Fire:
of Marsha P. Johnson, a lm whose title by being fooled has eerie parallels to A Persian Epic
both misleads and tells you exactly what stories told by Marsha herself about tricks
you are about to see. who became enraged after discovering her
Rather than presenting a straightforward true gender (even after being repeatedly CONNECT WITH US:
prole of the beloved LGBTQ activist, Frances forewarned), and is a common refrain echoed 310.746.4000 |
lm instead focuses its attention on a less in similar cases before and since.
famous heroine Victoria Cruz, a case worker
on the verge of retirement from New Yorks CONTINUES AT LOSANGELESBLADE.COM

Paul Rudnicks Big Night lacks bite



When walking into the Kirk Douglas thats not the reason Big Night lacks bite.
Theatre to see Big Night, the new play Rather, in an age when our ubiquitous
currently enjoying its world premiere run media instantaneously serves us too-
there, one might be forgiven for thinking they soon jokes about the freshest tragedies,
are about to see a stage adaptation of the his transgressive inappropriateness has
fondly remembered 1996 Stanley Tucci lm lost the power to shock. Perhaps that is
of the same name about two brothers on the part of the point the playwright is trying to
opening night of their new Italian restaurant. make; but even so, it robs this piece of the
The title wont be the only thing that giddy, taboo-breaking joy elicited by the
seems familiar. best of his work.
Anyone whos followed the career of The dialogue of the opening section
Paul Rudnick, the playwright responsible of the play conjures memories of the
for this comedy about a gay actor and the zany comedies of Hollywoods Silver Age,
whirlwind of chaos that surrounds him on and begs for the same kind of stylized,
the evening of the Academy Awards, will breakneck delivery that makes such lms
recognize recurring themes from much of a delight. Director Walter Bobbie grounds
his earlier work which includes Jerey, his actors in contemporary realism, which
The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, and obscures some of the best jokes.
the screenplay for In And Out as they In addition, some of the references
resurface throughout it. peppered throughout seem calculated
Set in a swanky suite at an unnamed hotel merely to root the action in the here-
Paul Rudnicks latest play, Big Night is set in Hollywood.
in Beverly Hills, Big Night opens as Mike, and-now; some of the characters are
Oscar-nominated for a breakthrough lm PHOTO COURTESY OF BIG NIGHT PRODUCERS underwritten, existing only to represent a
role, prepares for the ceremony with his point of view; and, most frustratingly, the
agent, Cary. The pressures of the evening fodder for an entire play on their own, but humor crosses the line. sheer number of ideas introduced by the
are soon increased with the arrival of two Rudnick throws them all, and more, into It should come as no surprise that play ultimately serves to dilute the power
visitors Eddie, his transgender nephew, the mix. Not only that, but he populates this playwright would skirt controversy. of its strongest points.
who wants him to use his acceptance the play with a collection of familiar After all, he rst came to prominence by Despite such criticisms, Big Night is
speech to make a political statement; and cultural stereotypes variations of what daring to use AIDS as a source of comedy still an enjoyable experience. It oers a
Esther, his oh-so-glamorous mother, who some might call the liberal elite and with Jerey, a choice that provoked host of excellent performances (Golden
has chosen the occasion to make a startling proceeds to lampoon them all. considerable outrage when the play made Globe winner Wendie Malick is a standout
revelation about herself. To cap it all o, It might seem that this combination of its debut in 1993. The developments that as Esther as are Mac Jenkins as the
his partner Austin, meant to be at his side elements would make the formula for a hijack the comedic action of this latest uber-gay agent, Cary, and Kecia Lewis as
on the red carpet, is nowhere to be found fast-paced, farcical confection. So it does, work have the potential to do the same; a Pulitzer-winning feminist author who
and hasnt been heard from all day. up to a point but Rudnick has other plans without giving too much away, Big Night joins the proceedings), and even if the
Its a perfect storm of stress for the nervous up his sleeve, and no sooner has he set pits its characters against another sort writing is not his best, Rudnick is still one
nominee and yet, its only the beginning. everything in place for a screwball comedy of epidemic, one that infects the entire of the most gifted comedic playwrights
The premise of Rudnicks piece when he introduces a twist that takes culture and seems just as unfunny today of our time, and the number of sure-re
is deliciously promising, ripe with Big Night on a hairpin turn into deadly as HIV did back then. laughs he serves are a reminder of why he
possibilities for the kind of arch satire serious territory. The problem is that now, in 2017, has invited comparison to that wittiest of
the playwright has woven into his brand. Not to worry though, Rudnick uses Rudnicks deliberate button-pushing social satirists, Oscar Wilde.
The politics of Hollywood, the volatility of comedy to explore some of our modern almost feels like the well-rehearsed trick Big Night, one presumes, is a work-in-
radical activism, the inuence of social eras most disturbing corners, and though of a seasoned pro instead of the bold progress. It will likely go on from here to a series
media, the near-religious fervor of The the observations he makes in the process approach of an audacious upstart. It of runs in other cities, and undergo changes as
Gays with popular entertainment each are mostly astute, there are bound doesnt help that he recycles motifs he has it does. In its current form, it doesnt quite work
of these subjects by themselves could be to be audience members who think his used in much of his previous work, but but that doesnt mean it cant.

Gay couple on struggle to build a biological family

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 23 But the birth certicate contained an was unable to return to their hotel and the to the U.S. embassy and found it closed. It
error that needed to be corrected by the temperature outside soared. would be another week before things in the
physician, David says. Shawn entered the hotel alone and city were back to somewhat normal.
southwestern coast on Sept. 7, with an Days later, snafu resolved, the couple climbed the stairs to their room on the Finally, after two weeks of waiting,
epicenter near the surrogates hometown, attempted to register the baby, but the 14th oor. The room was nearly destroyed, Seths DNA test accepted and the embassy
shocked them. oces were closed. Without registration, ceiling cracked, oors ooded with water granted him an emergency passport for
They tried to reach their surrogate but David would be unable to establish legal from burst pipes. travel to New York.
wound up speaking to her doctor, instead. paternity and leave Mexico with Seth. He grabbed their belongings and Sebastian was not too keen Seth was
As a result of the quake, she entered David said, I was thinking what the fuck managed to move the family to a newer coming home with us, David said. He
premature labor. Her water had broken could go wrong next? hotel nearby. tried to ignore Seth on the plane but he
at 36 weeks, and an emergency C-section The new family was enjoying lunch at But by the time they checked in, after seems better. But he gets really sweet and
was required, David says. an outdoor cafe near Zona Rosa when a an entire day waiting outside, they noticed asks us to send Seth back to Mexico.
Shawn immediately ew to Mexico City powerful 7.1 earthquake struck, sending the newborn was behaving oddly. His advice for future parents looking to
and David soon followed. Healthy baby Mexico City into utter chaos. He was having trouble breathing, go this route is to visit the agency you opt
Seth was born Sept. 8, weighing 6 pounds. It was a frightening experience. spitting up his food, choking and his color to work with.
A DNA test was taken to prove the Everyone ran into the streets. We were was o. The hotel paramedics took us to Meet the people youre working with
biological paternity for the birth certicate, two blocks from a building that collapsed spend the night in the emergency room. in-person. If I had listened to my instincts, I
a critical step that would allow him to be near Condesa, said David. He was dehydrated, David says. would have not pursued the original option,
taken home to the United States. The couple, terried for their children, Days later, registration resolved, they went though it worked out for the best, he said.



Soloway Law Group

Immigration Attorney
Employment-Based Immigration
Family-Based Immigration Temporary (Non-immigrant) Status
Citizenship Consular Applications for Non-immigrant Visas and Green Cards
Asylum Based on Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Applications
Representation of Detained Individuals Removal Proceedings and Appeals | 323.904.4730
3 0 OCTO B E R 0 6 , 2 017 W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM G O SSI P

Jonas, Sondheim, Dynasty and more dish



I am denitely not your daddy. Nick

Jonas responds to a Tweet saying, Nick
Jonas is literally my daddy. I believe
people should really learn the meaning
of the words literally, guratively, and in
many cases, versatility.
For the rst time in eons, I wasnt at
the Emmy Awards. In fact, I wasnt in
the country. But through the miracle of
modern technology, I didnt miss a beat
- even in a minor Eastern European city.
Even there, people knew who RuPaul was
and enjoyed her turn as Emmy. I surely
wasnt the only one who thought Jane
Fondas homage to I Dream of Jeannie
was inspired, and cringed a bit when
Cicely Tyson wandered out to the wrong
side of the stage (alas, it only got worse).
Personally, I think she was disoriented
by the sight of Anika Noni Roses breasts.
Girl, put those things away - this aint the
Golden Globes!
Dynasty star GORDON THOMSON announces he is gay just in time for the shows reboot.
Will & Grace dealt with rewriting
history with a wink and a nudge. As IMAGE COURTESY OF MICHAEL CARUSO

youll recall, the original series nale

ashed forward to Will and Graces kids came o as a snappy queen...and I say that their sexuality. He thinks Matt Bomer a gender shift - for instance, the ight
serendipitously meeting in college. In the with aection. If Im not mistaken, during is extraordinarily good-looking and attendant April will now be a man named
new series premiere, Karen comes out of a his Dynasty years he was married to a talented. But he doesnt think his coming Andy. But one character will remain the
daze and asks what happened to their kids signicantly older woman. Anyway, last out was much of a risk because he has a same - the judgmental Joanne will still be
who grew up and got married. Will says, week he ocially came out as gay at the rich, successful husband. He doesnt need Joanne. And she will be played by Patti
That never happened. Karen slyly replies, ripe old age of 72. He tells The Daily Beast his work to live. His candor extends to LuPone, who will be available since the
What a relief - nobody wants to see you there was never any thought of doing so the topic of his old show returning to the Broadway production of War Paint will
two raise kids. And thats that. The rest of in the 80s. To come out would have been airwaves. I have had a look at the new close on Dec. 30. At least, I think the press
the episode found the quartet regaining professional suicide without question. Dynasty and I am appalled. What the fuck release said it would be Patti LuPone. I
their familiar footing with a respectable Part of the issue was playing a leading is The CW doing? Its utter shit. suppose it could be her brother, Robert
script. Aside from the addition of a brass man on a soap. Youre also a source of After years of protecting his musicals LuPone. Maybe hes the standby
section to the theme song (it sounds like fantasy. Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi are from same-sex interpretation, Stephen When Sondheim is gender uid, its
theyre trying a bit too hard), I enjoyed it. wonderful people, but pardon me, how Sondheim has consented to a gender- denitely time to end yet another column.
Any day now, well be getting a reboot many audience members fantasize about bending version of Company. A London For all this and more uids, check out
of Dynasty. So its tting that one of the fucking either one of them? Really. It had revival opening next September will, the site thats
original series stars is back in the news. a lot to do with what you looked like, Im nd bachelor Bobby as a female named denitely too gay. If you have a question,
What makes it newsworthy is that Gordon afraid. Meow! Bobbie. Sondheim said, What is there send it along to me at
Thomson, who played Adam, has come Even in todays world, Thomson to lose? It can only make the play either and I promise to get back to you before
out of the closet. Of course, I cant imagine thinks looks and money are the prime interesting or, if you dislike it...dislikable. Jedediah Bila joins The Talk! Until next
anyone is particularly surprised - the dark, considerations when it comes to an So Im always open. In this version, most time, remember, one mans lth is another
brooding, chiseled-featured actor always actor contemplating going public about of the other characters will also undergo mans bible.
LO C A L N E W S W W W .LOS ANG E LE S B LADE .C OM O CO T BE R 0 6 , 2 0 1 7 3 1
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