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Photo by Maryanne
Friendship Star Quilt Shop
131 Center St, Sayre, PA
Octobber Dates to Remember
9 Columbus Day (observed) Obi, is our official greeter and e-newsletter writer.
Leif Erikson Day He is a laid back German Shepard, Black Lab, Husky &
Fire Prevention Day Corgi mix. He loves to greet customers and writes our
11 The Nature Conservancy incorporated (1951) monthly e-newsletter. He keeps our customers and their
16 National Bosss Day husbands, kids & grandkids entertained while they shop.
National Feral Cat Day I just wanted to put in a plug for my friendly pooch that
19 Diwali loves to come to work with me every day. If I take a day
Revolutionary War ended (1781) off, I often have to drive him to work because he gets
24 United Nations Day very insistent that it's time for him to go to work.
31 Halloween

In Loving Memory In every shadow there is light

Terri Dowd - sister, wife, mother In every tear, a smile
I cant believe its been 10 years since In death I know there still is life
you left us. We think of you every day, That lingers for awhile
and miss you terribly. ~ Author Unknown

The Laughing Place, Owego, NY (20 years)
Shadowbox Treasures, Waverly, NY (16 years)
Pucky Huddle Delight, Candor, NY (15 years)
Frank Longo Originals, Johnson City, NY (9 years)
Grandmas Cottage, Owego, NY (7 years)
The Pub, Waverly, NY (5 years)
Revolution Dance Academy, Newark Valley, NY (5 years)
Friendship Star Quilt Shop, Sayre, PA (5 years)
Firehouse Coffee, Candor, NY (3 years)
River Rock Diner, Owego, NY (3 years)
Bills Restaurant, Owego, NY (1 year)

Quilters Haven, 17 Lake St, Owego, NY
(Happy Retirement, Bonnie!)

Courtyard Gifts, 165 Main St, Owego, NY
Vibrant Lifestyles Wellness Center,
64 North Ave, Owego, NY

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wind, but you can change yourself. Essential Oils - Then and Now (part 157) .................... 33
~ Jim Rohn Annual Newark Valley Apple Festival . 34
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October 2017 The Moonlighter 3

Just as no two people are alike, Writing From My Rocker
By Hazel Goodrich
we believe no two services are alike.
which is why we offer an infinite and affordable variety Some things never change. In spite
of funeral or cremation options. We even invite you to of good intentions, I am getting my
add your own personal touch days and times mixed up. After an
afternoon chat with someone my age
The Cooley Family I can honestly say I don't feel a bit better
about it but I know I am not alone! You too?
MacPherson Funeral Home Sutfin Funeral Chapel I have so enjoyed the beautiful spring and summer, and
even the threat of frost hasn't dimmed my enthusiasm. I
will miss the year round flowers of Georgia, but the
anticipation of the first snow is very high. I love the smell
Ramblings of a Retired Mind of snow in the early morning, how it hides the brown of fall
Employment application blanks always ask who is and the bright red of the Cardinals as they dig for seed.
to be called in case of an emergency. Warm fires, hot chocolate and holidays are just a part of
I think you should write an ambulance. what's coming and the child in me is excited. I am not
looking forward to shoveling or traveling on icy roads,
however. Mom always said if there's no bad, there is no
way to know or appreciate what's good.
Lets have a Pollyanna winter, looking for the good in
every situation, struggling through the bad and
anticipating the good.
Stay well and God bless!

one of The Worlds Most Famous


Where: London, England
The grounds of this impressive cemetery provide a lovely
respite from Londons busy streets. In spring, the
courtyards and gardens bloom alongside wrought-iron
gates and impressive stonework.
Notable Ghosts: Karl Marx, George Eliot, Douglas
What Ive Discovered From Life Adams (author of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)
These days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the hereafter.
Insider Tip: Visitors can freely visit the newer east side
I go somewhere to get something, and then wonder what Im
during open hours, but to visit the older west side you
must join a guided tour.
October 2017 The Moonlighter 10

Colchester Reef Lighthouse Basin
The Colchester Reef
Lighthouse was built off Nevada
Colchester Point (northwest
of Burlington, Vermont)
in Lake Champlain.
Great Basin National Park located in White Pine County in
In 1869 the United States Lighthouse Service commissioned east-central Nevada, near the Utah border, was established in
the building of the Colchester Reef Lighthouse on Lake 1986. It is most commonly accessed by way of Nevada State
Champlain to protect ships from the Middle Bunch Reef, Route 488, which is connected to U.S. Routes 6 and 50 by
comprising the Colchester Reef, the Colchester Shoals, and the Nevada State Route 487 via the small town of Baker, the
Hogback Reef. closest settlement to the park.
The lighthouse served as both the home and workplace of The park derives its name from the Great Basin, the dry and
eleven successive keepers and their families. The first floor was mountainous region between the Sierra Nevada and the
divided into a living room and kitchen and the second floor into Wasatch Mountains. Topographically, this area is known as
four bedrooms. Coal stoves provided heat while large pumps the Basin and Range Province. The park is located about 290
retrieved water from the lake. The keepers used the nearby miles north of Las Vegas and protects 77,180 acres.
island to the north, Hogback Island, as farmland. The park is notable for its groves of ancient bristlecone pines,
In 1933 the Lighthouse Service decommissioned the the oldest known nonclonal organisms, and for the Lehman
Colchester Reef Lighthouse after the automatic electric beacon Caves at the base of 13,063 ft. Wheeler Peak. The peak is also
made the hand-operated system obsolete. Over the years the home to Wheeler Peak Glacier.
light suffered damage from ice floes and gradually fell into A number of developed campsites are within the park, as well
disrepair. Hogback Island was auctioned off in 1956 after the as excellent back-country camping opportunities. Adjacent to
lighthouse was decommissioned and renamed Sunset Island. Great Basin National Park lies the Highland Ridge Wilderness.
The Colchester Reef Lighthouse was moved to the Shelburne These two protected areas provide contiguous wildlife habitat
Museum in Shelburne, Vermont in 1956. and protection to 227.8 square miles of eastern Nevada's basin
teeth, strong jaws, and an The Kabayan Mummy Caves, Philippines
agile body, the tiger is the
largest member of the cat If youre
family. It is also the largest looking for a
land-living mammal whose mystery that
diet consists entirely of meat. will give you
Sumatran tigers are listed as nightmares,
critically endangered by the International Union for look no further
Conservation of Nature. It is estimated that only between 400 than the
and 500 exist in the wild. For decades, the Zoos Smithsonian Kabayan
Conservation Biology Institute scientists have been recognized Mummy Caves.
as global leaders for their work in tiger-range countries in Asia Located in the
helping to protect tigers in the wild. Philippines, these man-made caves are filled with hundreds of
perfectly preserved mummies. No one knows why the site was
created or if it was part of an ancient burial ritual, but the
We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of mummies are definitely old, with researchers believing they date
animals. ~ Immanual Kent back to 2000 B.C.

October 2017 The Moonlighter 11

Propane Fuel Oil Kerosene Diesel

Call for Competitive Prices

Vestal Delivery Conklin
748-3989 available 217-7472
diesel (on/off road)
WOOD PELLETS AND COAL by the bag or the ton

Bar-B-Q tank We carry a
refills FULL LINE New England
$10.40 + tax of GRILL and
REPLACE- Dry Creek pellets
PARTS $225/ton
Motor Homes for all makes through
filled and models
October 31st

221 Main Street Phone: 607-687-1009 Customer Service Centers

Owego, NY 13827 Fax: 607-687-0950 116 Vestal Road, Vestal, NY 748-3989 Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-2
Auto Home Business Commercial Life 992 Conklin Ave, Conklin, NY 217-7472 Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8-N

Dont worry about failures; worry about the chances you

Excellence is not a skill. Its an attitude. miss when you dont even try. ~ Jack Canfield

Got a
clogged Water Conditioning
sink? and Purification
than using Sales & Service
cleaners, Chemical-Free
unclog the Sulphur & Iron Removal
drain using
three We still work on general ionics
and ionics water conditioners
followed by and filters
a cup of
white 607-589-4333 607-589-4322
OWEGO, NY vinegar. 607-589-4315

October 2017 The Moonlighter 12

Simply AMAZING!!!
Ahh, Fallthe season for festivals of every sortOktoberfest, Apple Fest,
Pumpkin FestWe love them, but we dont love the stinky, cramped, icky toilet
facilities they provideunless theyre from Amazing Portable Toilets!
We have the roomiest, cleanest portable toilets around. So be sure and tell
the festival sponsors to use Amazing Portable Toilets for their next event,
because you shouldnt have to hold your nose while youre trying to go!

We flushed the
that portable
have to be
stinky or

Well show you where to Go!

19 East Ave, Owego, ny Fax 607-687-0796

Sometimes a fall is just a minor annoyance resulting in minor

abrasions, but not always. Falls break bones and tear tendons.
Even more worrisome, statistics show that falls are the leading
cause of injury-related death among people age 65 and over.
This unhappy statistic is partly because older people often have
changes in muscle strength, reflexes and coordination. In
addition, those with chronic conditions are more susceptible to
falling because those conditions may affect balance, and (607) 687-5522
certain medications for those conditions can affect balance. But
plenty of healthy folks fall as well. Trees and shrubs
The way people walk their gait on sale now!
has a lot to do with how
stable they are in motion. With
age, many people start to take
Why dogs walk around in circles before lying down?
shorter and slower steps. But
slower steps that are not long In the wild, circling was a method of preparing a sleeping
enough can make people more vulnerable to falling. One of the area or bed, particularly when it was necessary to flatten
best ways to overcome an imminent fall is to make a rapid step down an area among tall grass, leaves, and rocks. It is
of sufficient length in the direction of the fall, an ability many believed that circling is a way for dogs to map territory, to
people lose. Longer steps at a faster speed, exactly the define an area of power. It is also believed it has to do with
opposite of the shuffle walk associated with some older adults, spreading their scent around their nesting site, claiming their
is what you should strive for. Long, fast steps require lifting the spot. Mother dogs will circle many times before lying down to
feet slightly higher, which provides better toe clearance, which feed their sightless, deaf newborns as a way of spreading her
in turn helps prevent a trip over small near-to-the-ground scent and indicating to them exactly where she is and how far
bumps and curbs. they have to go to reach her.

October 2017 The Moonlighter 13

Tommy used to visit Santa
Maria Assunta church in Italy
with his owner, Margherita
Lochi. After Margherita
passed away, Tommy
followed her coffin and was
present at her funeral. From
then on, Tommy regularly
made visits to the church and
sat by the altar, silently. In appreciation of the loyal dog, the father of the church
was once quoted as saying, He waits patiently by the side of the altar and just sits
there quietly. I didnt have the heart to throw him outIve just recently lost my
Kitty Quote own dog, so I leave him there until Mass finishes and then I let him out.
Female cats are very lascivious, and
After battling an illness, Tommy died on January 20, 2014.
make advances to the male.
~ Aristotle
Bernardo Lenidas Quirs
collapsed and died in a snow
YORK STATE storm in Argentina and his
FEEDS dog Talero took the charge of
keeping his owner protected
for 23 days after he passed
WARD & VAN SCOY, INC. away. According to the
Owego, NY Berkshire, NY Chilean online newspaper El
1-800-676-2712 Patagonico, Talero even
seems to have warded off
wild animals from attacking his deceased master, and for his own survival in the
ild hei hunted
l f small ki animals. In the cooler nights, he slept beside his master,
with the intention of keeping him warm and sheltered from the harsh winds. And
FEED FARM SUPPLIES when police approached to rescue the body, he barked frantically as if sensing
SEED FERTILIZER danger for his master or, asking the authority to leave him alone with his master.
A feeling that he himself knew best.
World Animal Day is a social movement charged with the
BACKYARD HOBBYISTS Mission of raising the status of animals in order to improve
SINCE 1925 welfare standards around the globe.

This little fellow is called Pico. He lives in

Greece where he was kept chained up 24
A flea is about 1.5mm long just a little bit Network for Animals USA hours a day, often without food or water.
Poor Pico became so desperate that he
Fleas can jump 38 times higher than their started to eat himself, first the bones in his feet
body length (about 2.2 inches). and then his tail. Two organizations, Ghost
The average adult female flea can lay 40 Dogs of Aspropyrgos and Network for Animals,
to 50 eggs per day. heard about Picos suffering and rescued Pico
Its a common myth that garlic can ward and rushed him to the vet. The vets are fighting
off fleas. to save part of his tail, but the damage to his
Fleas are often infected legs is so severe he will have to wear special
with tapeworm larvae and orthopedic shoes for the rest of his life. But,
they can expose your pet thanks to animal lovers, he will have a life and
and your family. hopefully a new home where he will get the love
he deserves.
October 2017 The Moonlighter 14
from hay and grain if they dont have enough water to help them digest these dry
foods. Without water to drink (not ice or snow) an animal can starve to death with a
bowl of food in front of him or a manger full of hay. Consider providing water at
By Diana Oliver body temperature to help the animal conserve energy.
and Sally Fionti
Indoor pets live in a heated house. They are cozy and warm for the winter. Animals
COLD WEATHER CARE FOR OUR outside need a dry draft-free space to live in or have access to. The key to keeping
PETS them warm is the ability to stay dry and be protected from the wind. Dogs should
The leaves are falling from the trees, wood have a house small enough to retain body heat and an entrance protected from the
burning stoves are once again being used wind. Wet bedding or being forced to stand outside in wind, rain and snow make
for heat (and not a plant holder), and our life, at the very least, miserable for animals that live outside, or must spend some
animals are growing their fur coats for time outside during the winter.
winter. There are a few things you can do
to help your pets prepare and endure the It is easy to keep pets, both large and small, comfy during winter with just a little
winter cold. Nutrition, coat condition and planning and preparation.
housing are key components to help your
pet enjoy the winter months. Diana and Sally
Animals automatically grow a winter coat. Note: To ask questions of Diana and Sally, please send your questions to
Some do it better than others. If your pet (put pet questions in the subject line).
has a long coat, now is the time to get them
groomed professionally. The groomer will
make sure that the coat is brushed out with
no mats which will allow the coat to insulate
against the cold correctly. Mats cause the
hair to separate and that allows cold air to
reach the skin. A clean, brushed out coat is 3 Railroad St. October Special
also better at shedding water as dirt also Whitney Point, NY 13862 Unadvertised Sales
separates the coat and prevents the coat Open Weds-Sun 10am-5pm 25-50% OFF
from forming a barrier against wet weather Mon & Tues by app't. Stop in to benefit
and snow.
Dogs and cats that spend time outside We Buy & Sell Quality Antiques & Collectibles
need to be healthy as protection against the Antiques, Collectibles, Linens, Buttons/Beads, Lamps, Jewelry,
cold. Health issues should be taken care of Tools, Knives, Fishing, Pottery, Glassware, China, Crystal,
before cold weather arrives. Also consider Toys, Dolls, Advertising, Postcards, Furniture
changing to a food that has a higher fat
content for winter months, which helps to
maintain weight when the body must use For info or appointment call 607-862-9795
Marlene & Ed Pittsley
more energy to stay warm. Extra food
should also be considered, for more
energy, in the change in feeding. Any
animal that lives outside all the time, such
as farm animals, will benefit from extra
calories during winter. Even animals that FABULOUS FUR
live inside and only go out to potty may Some unique, incredible fur patterns on our precious pets
need a few extra calories to make their are impossible to ignore. Whether the markings resemble a
quick trips outside more comfortable. Of silly image or flow into a stunning design, you just cant take
course, we are not suggesting an animal your eyes off of them.
should be encouraged or fed to the point of
A bus station is where a bus stops.
Animals cannot digest food without water. A train station is where a train stops.
Animals need more water just to soften the On my desk, I have a work station
food once eaten. Livestock cannot benefit
October 2017 The Moonlighter 15
Car care Your Local Source
. . . For Service, Trailers, tires

413 Glenmary Drive Owego, New York 13827

(Behind Goodrich Grange Hall)
Phone: (607) 687-2014


SINCE 1944 Noticing smells associated with
your car is extremely important
because it not only is a way of
TRAILERS & HITCHES detecting possible problems, but can also
RT. 26 GLEN AUBREY, NY prevent dangerous situations. Here are some
odors you should be aware of:
If you smell exhaust fumes, your muffler
ALL UTILITY TRAILERS may be damaged, or your tailpipe or
ENCLOSED CARGOS exhaust manifold may be cracked. If either
CAR HAULERS, DOLLIES is leaking exhaust fumes through the
MOTORCYCLE, ATV, SNOWMOBILE floorboards, you are inhaling carbon
EQUIPMENT & DUMP TRAILERS monoxide, which can be fatal.
A sweet smell could signal leaking
Expertly Installed: 5th Wheel, Gooseneck, antifreeze.
Class 1-V Hitches, and Complete Wiring A sulfur-like odor (rotten eggs) could
indicate emissions problems.
(607) 862-3294 Overheated wiring may produce a burning,
caustic odor.

October 2017 The Moonlighter 22

Three Amigos Consequently, we didnt go to Paris. That was a bummer for us.
Compiled and submitted by Roger and Esther
Because it was late afternoon, we found a hotel to spend the night.
Guimond In memory of Sharon E. Lounsbury
Cant remember the name of the small village, but it was very
We left Venice around 9:00am. Im not sure quaint and the people were so pleasant. We found a very nice
if our next stop was on our non-existing itinerary, place to have supper. It was a seven-course meal and most
but we did get to ride along the Mediterranean Sea. It was a delicious. The price was low. Because I speak sketchy French and
long, beautiful drive. Our excursion took us alongside the knew some of the words on the menu, I was able to order a most
Italian Riviera which connects to the French Riviera. delicious meal. Allow me to reiteratethe French people sure
know how to cook up food that tastes so delicious. We finished our
It was mid-afternoon when we arrived in Nice, a city in meal, strolled around the village, took pictures, and went back to
Southeast France. We found a wonderful hotel which had our hotel for the night. It was a good day.
a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. What a beautiful
sight! I decided to put on my swimming trunks and take a Tomorrow we take off again. Who knows where, but thats another
dip in the sea. I swam in the Mediterranean for about 15 writing.
seconds. The water was SO cold and it was at least 70 The Three Amigos
outside. At least I could say I swam in the Mediterranean!
Roger, Esther and Sharon
That evening we strolled around the city and stopped for
supper at an outdoor caf. The French food was delicious.
During our stroll we saw the famous Monte Carlo Casino.
We didnt go inside as the casino is for millionaires only and
we didnt have that much money with us. After wandering
around the city for a while longer, we tired and decided to
turn in. There was more to see; we decided to see more of
Nice in the morning.

Being early risers we got ready to go and find breakfast.

Surprisingly, quite a few places were open to serve us.
Once again, a delicious meal. The French people sure know Limited Openings
how to cook up food that tastes so delicious.
Contact the studio
Near Nice is the Principality of Monaco which is a separate to register today!
village within itself. It has a beautiful palace. At the time we 963 GLEN MARY DRIVE

were there, Monaco was ruled by Prince Rainier III who 607-687-5684 OWEGO, NEW YORK

married the Oscar-winning actress, Grace Kelly, who Come join New Yorks Award-winning Dance Studio!
became Princess Grace of Monaco in 1956. A very
interesting tale like in the storybooks, but this tale was for
real. We were not able to go inside and visit the palace and
the Prince and Princess; gates got in the way. I tried to get
inside, but the guard did not know anyone named Roger.
Oh well!

We visited some of the curio shops and collected a few

souvenirs. Had to use currency called francs. Oh yes, before
I forget to mention, in every country we visited we had to
change our currency to accommodate the country we were
in. Needless to say, we suffered an exchange rate that was
not planned on. Once again, oh well!
2017-18 Season
We wandered back to our hotel, packed our bags, paid our
bill, loaded the car and off we went. We ended up on the
outskirts of Paris in late afternoon. We were informed by
authorities that going into Paris was not a wise move. There
was a garbage strike and it was nothing but smelly in Paris.
October 2017 The Moonlighter 23
Indigenous People of the land
who never became citizens

Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh was a
powerful orator who defended his people
against white settlement. When the War of
1812 broke out, he joined the British as a
brigadier general and was killed at the Battle of
the Thames in Ontario on October 5, 1813.
Following a 1,700-mile retreat, Chief Joseph of
the Nez Perce Indians surrendered to U.S.
Cavalry troops at Bears Paw near Chinook,
Montana on October 5, 1877. From where the
sun now stands, I will fight no more forever,
he declared.
As the first female chief of the Cherokees, from
Sir Nicholas George Winton MBE (born Wertheim; 1985 to 1995, Chief Wilma Mankiller led the
May 19, 1909 July 1, 2015) was a British humanitarian tribe in tripling its enrollment, doubling
who organized the rescue of 669 children, most of them employment and building new health centers
Jewish, from Czechoslovakia on the eve of World War II and childrens programs.
in an operation later known as the Czech Kindertransport
(German for "children transportation"). Winton found state flags - in order of
homes for the children and arranged for their safe passage to Britain. The statehood (continued)
world found out about his work over 50 years later, in 1988. The British press
#2 - Pennsylvania
dubbed him the "British Schindler." In 2003 Winton was knighted by
Pennsylvania's State Flag is more of a square
Queen Elizabeth II for services to humanity, in saving Jewish children from
than a rectangle. It is composed of a blue field
Nazi Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. On 28 October 2014, he was
on which the State Coat of Arms is
awarded the highest honor of the Czech Republic, the Order of the White
embroidered. Draft horses are on either side of
Lion (1st class), by Czech President Milo Zeman.
the coat of arms and the American eagle rests
Of the 669 children saved from the Holocaust through Winton's efforts, more on the top. The scroll at the bottom reads
than 370 have never been traced. BBC News suggested in 2015 that they Virtue, Liberty and Independence.
may not know the full story of how they survived the war. In 1988 his wife
found a detailed scrapbook in their attic containing lists of the children, The first state flag bearing the state coat of
including their parents' names and the names and addresses of the families arms was authorized by the general assembly
that took them in. She gave the scrapbook to Elisabeth Maxwell, a Holocaust in 1799. An act of the general assembly of
researcher and wife of media magnate Robert Maxwell. Letters were sent to June 13, 1907, standardized the flag and
each of these known addresses and 80 of "Winton's children" were found in required that the blue field match the blue of
Britain. The wider world found out about his work in February 1988 during an "Old Glory."
episode of the BBC television program That's Life! when he was invited as a
member of the audience. At one point, Winton's
scrapbook was shown and his achievements were
explained. The host of the program, Esther Rantzen,
asked whether anybody in the audience owed their
lives to Winton, and if so, to stand more than two
dozen people surrounding Winton rose and applauded.
Now adults, they all came to thank him personally. We honor the memory of
Sir Nicholas Winton and remember all those who were killed during the
October 2017 The Moonlighter 24

October 2017 The Moonlighter 25

19th Annual
Side Hill Acres Candor Fall Festival
Dairy Goat Farm Friday-Sunday, October 6-8
79 Spencer Rd., Candor, NY Sponsored by the Candor Chamber of Commerce
607-659-4121 Putting the Can do in Candor
Check dates/times of events on
Join us for family fun during the

Candor Fall Festival! World Class Woodcarvers Show * Quilt Displays

Library Book Sale & Bake Sale * Craft/Flea Markets
OCTOBER 7, 2017 Scarecrow Contest * Wine Tasting
9am 6pm Atlatl Demonstrations & Contests
Food Pantry Craft Fair * Business Specials
Visit the Farm Tour the farm Business Open Houses * Delicious Food
Store featuring and enjoy this fun-filled Spooktacular Pumpkin Display
Goat milk learning experience. Goat Farm Tours * Pancake Breakfast
products, Mingle with the goats Community Hymn Sing
Gourmet Foods, as they give you & Ice Cream Social
NY made syrup, a warm welcome!
and honey! Entertainment for the
Wide Variety whole family!
of Vendors Mix in scarecrows, quilts, wood carvings, baked goods, book
WINE & CHEESE TASTING sales, tours, good food and a variety of other great experiences
Demonstrations and you have the 2017 Candor Fall Festival. The annual event,
of Atlatl
sponsored by the Candor Chamber of Commerce, will take
place Columbus Day Weekend, Oct. 6, 7 & 8 throughout
(ancient spear throwing)
LAKEWOOD VINEYARDS Candor. The sixth annual scarecrow contest is already in
ALSO EVES CIDERY progress! The contest is open to all Candor residents and
Wine & Cheese Tasting organizations.
Check out the 22nd annual quilt show sponsored by the New
BULLY HILL WINERY Quilters On the Block at the EMS Building on Main Street and
First 20
kids get a LAKEWOOD VINEYARDS the popular Catatonk Valley Woodcarvers show at the Candor
free Fire Station on Owego Road.
pumpkin! EVES CIDERY Finger Lakes
Cheese Alliance
Member Businesses, organizations and churches throughout Candor
Featuring will sponsor open houses, bake sales, a community sing,
OZZIES BRISKET BBQ GRILL antiques, tent sales, dinners, a cemetery walk, kids activities,
special sales and more. Other popular events include the Iron
(Pulled pork, brisket, sausage,
Kettle Farm Spooktacular Pumpkin Display and farm tours and
BBQ chicken, spiedies, ribs & sides) an atlatl contest at Side Hill Acres Dairy Goat Farm.
* Take-out Available! *
(5-7pm) - Wine Tasting Main
UGLY HALLOWEEN Street Spirits (next to Candor Mkt)
SWEATER CONTEST (11am-1pm) Chili Lunch during
Customer Appreciation Day
$100 GRAND PRIZE Tioga State Bank (Candor Office)
- also cookies all day
October 2017 The Moonlighter 26
M-F 8:00am-5:00pm


Friday & Saturday
Book Sale - Candor Free Library (2 Bank St.) (also on Thursday)
Bake Sale on Saturday
(8am-3pm) Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market Bostwick Auctions
(1121 Owego Rd.) - Bostwick Kitchen open for brkfst & lunch
Saturday Store Hours:
(9am-4pm) - Craft Sale, Bake Sale & Luncheon 82 Main St. Mon-Fri 8-8
Candor American Legion Auxiliary Unit 907 (90 Spencer Rd.) Candor, NY 13743 Sat 8-6; Sun 8-3
(10am-4pm) Yard & Bake Sale - Candor Historical Society
Masonic Lodge (Owego Rd.) Redemption Center Hours: Saturdays 8-1
(2-4pm) Pie a La Mode, Pie, Ice Cream
United Methodist Women of McKinley
Methodist Church (224 Owego Rd.) Candor Forward, Onward
(4-7pm) - Ham & Cabbage Dinner good will offering accepted and Upward!
St. Marks Episcopal Church (17 Main St.)

Also various other events at local Candor businesses!

Saturday & Sunday

(Sat 10am-3pm, Sun 12N-4pm) 15th Anniversary sale at
Pucky Huddle Delight (71 Owego Rd.)
(6pm) Community Hymn Sing & Ice Cream Social
Candor Congregational Church (134 Main St.)
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Fall Festival Specials at Candor Market (82 Main St.)

Tues. Sat. Sunday

10am 5pm 11pm 4pm

October 2017 The Moonlighter 27

Route 38 17 No. Main St
607--642--3430 Sat & Sun, October 7th & 8th
Hours: Monday through Friday 6am-8pm Bement-Billings Farmstead Museum
Saturday 6am-6pm, Sunday 9am-5pm
9241 State Rt 38, one mile
MEAT DELI PRODUCE north of Newark Valley
Join us for family fun at our areas only living history museum.
This event includes apple everything,
kids activities, great food, craft artisans,
AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TIRE CENTER horse & wagon rides, and a well-stocked gift shop.

ASE Certified Costumed demonstrators will show cider pressing, quilting,

Foreign & Domestic Repairs
Full Computer Diagnostics
blacksmithing, open hearth cooking, spinning & weaving, black
David Getzke
Mon-Fri 7:30am-5:30pm
All Types of Tires Available powder shooting, soap making, candle dipping, quilting, tours
615 Newark Valley-Maine Rd. of the farmhouse, and more. Come see how people lived 200
Newark Valley, NY 13811 NAPA Ride Control Offer years ago! Enjoy live musical groups all weekend, and watch
(607) 642-5551 Receive up to $80 VISA Prepaid Card
by mail with a qualifying purchase of two
or join in the traditional dancing.
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat by appt
or four ride control products
Offer valid thru October 31
$6 adults $5 Sr. Citizens (60+)
$4 NVHS Members & Students (6+)
$20 family rate (2 adults, 3+ kids)
Pleaseno pets
Squash Apple Trivia
Today, the annual apple crop grown in 35 U.S. states
averages over 200 million bushels.
2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States and
7,500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world.
25 percent of an apples volume is air. That is why they float.
Some apple trees will grow over forty feet high and live over
a hundred years.
Apple Desserts The average U.S. consumer eats about 19 pounds of fresh
BBQ, Soup, Salt Potatoes apples a year - about one apple per week.
Apples by the Bushel or Bag Apples are a member of the rose family.
Long before apples were cultivated, it is believed they grew
wild in Central Asia and China, as well as in Southwest Asia,
where biblical historians determine the Garden of Eden was.
To the Iroquois Indians, the apple tree is the central tree of
In Celtic myth, apples were considered fruit from another
world. Numerous stories speak of otherworldly women
carrying off heroes found sleeping beneath apple trees.

October 2017 The Moonlighter 34

Musical Groups Happy Halloween 2 Whig St.
include folk, Newark Valley, NY
Johnny Appleseed bluegrass, Celtic,
& Apple Annie traditional fiddle
Music & Contra Dancing music, string band,
Big Stage! and Gospel. With this ad,
Lumber Jills Demos get 6 on your
Your LOCAL bottle & can returnables
Womens Suffrage Centennial redemption center
Historic Interpreters
Demos of 1800s Skills
Kids Activities & Games Mon-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-3; Sun closed
Gift Shop Vendors
Mountain Men & Women
Farmstead Museum Tours
Horse & Wagon Rides
and much more!
Bring the
whole family
Gift Certificates Available
experience life
as it was in
the 1800s!
Multiple Insurance Quotes
with one call
Home Auto - Business

Cooking Blacksmithing

Newark Valley (607) 642-3224
Maine (607) 862-3222
Watch live demonstrations and
see history come alive!

Good Shepherd B & B

June Lange Esler
PO Box 184 26 S. Main St. Thank you for
Newark Valley, NY 13811 13 years in
Sheep Shearing
Black Powder Shooting
October 2017 The Moonlighter 35
Health & Fitness
Health Beat October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Facts About Breast Cancer
214 Main Street Johnson City, NY 13790
In the U.S., 1 in 8 women (about 12%) will be
Tel. 607-797-1001
diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
Mon-Fri 9-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 10-4 The most significant risk factors for breast
cancer are being female and aging. About
95% of all breast cancers in the U.S. occur
in women 40 and older.
Getting a mammogram can help reduce the number of
Sat, Nov 11 10am-6pm deaths from breast cancer by 30 to 40% among women
ages 40 to 70.
Food Sampling Breast cancer deaths have been declining since 1990
Giveaways thanks to early detection, better screening, increased
Free Raffles awareness, and new treatment options.
Demonstrations Each year it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the
United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and
Help us celebrate our more than 40,000 will die.
Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among
34th Anniversary with women.
15% OFF store-wide In the U.S. today, there are more than 2.9 million breast
cancer survivors the largest group of all cancer survivors.
(does not apply to sale items) One woman will die of breast cancer every 13 minutes in
the U.S.
Every 19 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with
breast cancer.
A mans lifetime risk of breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000.

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

The most common symptom of breast cancer is a new lump or
mass. A painless, hard mass that has irregular edges is more
likely to be cancer, but breast cancers can be tender, soft, or
rounded. They can even be painful. Its important to have any
new breast mass or lump or breast change checked by a
health care provider experienced in diagnosing breast
Other possible symptoms of breast cancer include:
~Swelling of all or part of a breast (even if no distinct lump is
~Skin irritation or dimpling
~Breast or nipple pain
~Nipple retraction (turning inward)
~Redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
~Nipple discharge (other than breast milk)
Sometimes a breast cancer can spread to lymph nodes under
the arm or around the collar bone and cause a lump or
swelling there, even before the original tumor in the breast
tissue is large enough to be felt. Swollen lymph nodes should
also be checked by a health care provider.
~ continued on next page
October 2017 The Moonlighter 36
Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms
(continued from page 36)

Because mammograms do not find every breast cancer,

it is important for you to be aware of changes in your
breasts and to know the signs and symptoms of breast

U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics for 2017

An estimated 252,710 new cases of invasive breast
cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the
U.S., along with 63,410 new cases of non-invasive (in
situ) breast cancer.


(Part 10)
One way the Chinese use watercress is to treat
gingivitis. This is an inflammation of the gums with swelling, redness, a
watery discharge and bleeding. Left untreated, it progresses to
pyorrhea, a degeneration of the gum tissue supporting the teeth.
These two conditions are known as periodontal disease. Most people
have it to some extent as they grow older, because brushing and
flossing cannot get rid of the bacteria that causes it, which are hidden
Deep diagonal creases in the ear are known as Frank's in deep pockets between the teeth and gums. In southern China,
sign. Health experts often say that your body offers people chew watercress to get rid of these symptoms.
telltale signs that something is wrong, such as changes
Watercress contains a high degree of lysine, and research has
in your skin and nails indicating serious internal
suggested that taking two 500-milligram tablets of the amino acid
illnesses. But even your earlobes could be sending you a
lysine 3-4 times a day might help to relieve the distressing and
crucial message about your cardiovascular health.
unsightly symptoms of shingles.
The condition, known as Franks sign, is a diagonal
earlobe crease that was found to have a relationship to
risk of stroke. The researchers studied 241 patients who (Part 1) - Info from AARP
were hospitalized with a stroke and found that 79
percent had Franks sign. According to the American Cancer Society, the chance of being
Additionally, 66 of the patients who suffered the most diagnosed with thyroid cancer has tripled over the last three decades,
common type of stroke, acute ischemic (where a making it the fastest-growing cancer.
blockage cuts off blood supply to the brain), had The thyroid is a gland located in the front of the neck, shaped like a
previously experienced a heart attack. In this group, butterfly. It produces hormones that enter the bloodstream and affect
almost 9 out of 10 had the Franks sign marker. the metabolism, heart, brain, muscles and liver, and keep the body
From these findings, researchers concluded that Frank's functioning properly and effectively.
sign could predict ischemic cerebrovascular events
(strokes) and that patients with classical cardiovascular The estimates for cases of thyroid cancer in America for 2017 have
risk factors had the ear crease in higher numbers. increased, and rates are higher in women than men, according to
Franks sign is named after Sanders T. Frank, M.D., who these figures published on
discovered it in the 1970s while examining a patient x In 2017, there will be an estimated 56,870 new cases of
with heart disease. The crease may signal poor blood thyroid cancer 42,470 in women and 14,400 in men.
supply to the earlobes, or could be a symptom of x An estimated 2,010 deaths will result from thyroid cancer
weakening in the blood vessels. It could also be related 1,090 in women and 920 in men.
to aging.
~ to be continued
October 2017 The Moonlighter 37
Businesses & Services

apples & cider automotive sales banking Bar/Restaurant

The Cider Mill

2 S Nanticoke Ave, BUDS PLACE
Helping you live life!
Endicott, NY Italian Steaks CFCU and other online financing Chops Seafood
VW/Audi (used) Sales, Service,
888-303-4TSB (4872) Pizza
Open Daily 7am-6pm Parts 36 years in business
Open 7 days/wk. 4740 Rt. 434
Wifi, Leather theater seats, Apalachin, NY 13732
Keurig Coffee (607) 625-9918, (607) 625-5817
Apples, cider,
Routes 5 & 20, Waterloo Dining Tues Sun 4-10
cookies, pies, jams
315-789-2200 Never on Monday

custom jewelry diner financial services graphic design

Photo Repair &
Unique Jewelry Design
Movie Film to DVD
Diamonds and Gemstones
Expert Bench Jeweler Logos, Business Cards, Forms,
Stationery, Scanning Services,
904 State Rt 17C Owego, NY Banners, Programs, and more!
4410 Watson Blvd 607-223-4994
Johnson City, NY 13790 33 No. Knight Ave
Serving Breakfast & Lunch Daily Endicott, NY 13760
607-797-4367 Open Thurs & Fri til 8pm
Expect Perfection!

handyman & Manufactured

senior care services hardware MEDICARE PLANS
Handyman 4 Seniors, Inc. PALMER Medicare Advantage plans
Now all your home maintenance MANUFACTURED HOMES insured through
and In-home Senior Care Services Rt 17C, East of Waverly, NY UnitedHealthcare Ins. Co.
in one call 607-565-4535 or an affiliated company.
John Jacoby M.C. Call to learn more or attend
Valerie Jacoby C.N.A. a meeting.
(Licensed & Insured)
888-540-0320 Office Hours: Cindy L. Rounds
Tues, Wed, Thurs 8am-6:30pm 423 E. Main St., Ste 3
Mon & Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 9am-4pm
Homes Open For Browsing
Endicott, NY
7 Days Daylight Hours 607-239-6033

Please patronize the businesses that advertise with us. Their advertising support enables us to publish
each issue. And sincere Thanks to those who sent donations this month toward our expenses!

October 2017 The Moonlighter 38

Businesses & Services
MUSIC produce

in Nichols, NY
KARAOKE 67 Sacketts Creek Rd, Nichols
next to Jims RV
Karaoke DJ 607-483-5776
Music For All Occasions Tomatoes, peppers, onions,
potatoes, strawberries, peaches,
cherries, more
Also fresh flowers
We offer simply
fresh NY & PA produce

qUIlt shop Travel agency

QUILT SHOP 2911 Watson Blvd
131 Center St, Endwell, NY 13760
Sayre, PA
570-886-2296 607-239-4423 New Travel Agency ~ Familiar
Trusted Travel Agent
Quilting Classes I once had a boss who, while I was replying to a question
Tina DaBella, with over
Over 2000 fabrics in stock 24 years' experience addressed to me by their boss in a meeting (with whom I
Mon-Wed 10-5 had worked before and had developed rapport), actually put
Thurs & Fri 10-6 their hand less than an inch in front of my face to silence me
Sat 10-4 so that they could answer instead.

My first real journalism job was at a weekly newspaper. I

was paid $400 a month. We had an all-female staff,
Although it wasnt my job, my boss once made me mow the lawn something unusual back then. The staff was me and another
around our office building. I was wearing a dress and high heels. woman. We killed ourselves covering every meeting and
every bit of news imaginable. Very long hours. After about a
I once had a boss who nearly always multi-tasked in meetings by year, I asked the publisher for a raise. I was thinking
being on her phone and present in the meeting. In both 1:1s and something along the lines of maybe $20 more a month.
in group settings she would shift her attention constantly from the No dice, he said. Sorry.
speaker to her phoneback and forth, back and forth like this for Wait a minute, I said. You know you could never get a guy
the entire time. At first, I just thought she was extremely busy, and to work for this kind of money.
it was the only way for her to get everything doneuntil one day, I Sure, he said, good naturedly. Why do you think I only
caught her doing crossword puzzles on her phone while doing a hire women?
check-in with me.
I once had a boss who decided that, despite very strong (yay, we found one!)
performance, he didnt like someone on our team and wanted to A woman sent an email notifying her coworkers that she was
see him gone. They didnt have the ability to fire him, but looped taking time off to focus on her mental health. The CEO of
the employee out of emails and conversations, talked poorly about the company responded with an encouraging message.
him behind his back, and disregarded any good performance. Not "You are an example to us all, and help cut through the
only is that unethical (and possibly illegal), but it also made stigma so we can all bring our whole selves to work," he
actually getting our teams work done way, way harder. wrote.

October 2017 The Moonlighter 39

Poetic License
By Rev. Stanley L. Moody, Sr.

The leaves are falling to the earth

Upon the ground they find a berth
And see, they rot and waste away
Their glorys gone, theyve had their day!

MOTHER EARTH And so we come to this great world

By Rev. Olivia Armstrong And find to us has been unfurled
A chance to make or mar our day
Mother Earth is fighting back and she's giving NO slack. But, alas, we too must fade away!
Mother Earth says she's not going down without a fight.
Humans are going to have to take a flight. In view of this we should this day
For decades Mother Earth has been asking... Make Christ the ruler of our way
Stop killing me; if so, I can set you free. And though we come to dust again
Stop the pollution...One of the only solutions Our life goes on its not in vain!
Stop killing my daughter...polluting all of her water.
Stop killing the fish...this I haven't missed.

The mercury in me is screaming to be free. All cars and trucks are ugly I think
How about the acid rain... No matter what their color from purple to pink.
So many of you pumping dope in your veins. A motorcycle is the one for me
That's really insane A Harley-Davidson preferably.
The constant racism, killing and fighting.
That's why I sent the lightening.
Yamaha, Honda well, theyre okay
But a Harley beats them any day
We must unify to justify...and stop telling those White lies.
Someday Ill get one you wait and see
No climate change?...some humans should be ASHAMED.
Cause a Harley-Davidsons the one for me.
Right now...I am fighting back...What's so sad...
I'm killing a lot of my children Yes! ~ By Sharon Vining (age 9)
I have preserved a few...because they know what to do.
I have to correct myself...If not?
There would be no one else.

Did you know

The wearing of costumes on Halloween, and roaming from door to door demanding treats can be
traced to the Celtic period and the first few centuries of the Christian era, when it was thought
that the souls of the dead were out and around, along with fairies, witches, and demons.
Offerings of food and drink were left out to placate them. As the centuries wore on, people
began dressing like these dreadful creatures, performing antics in exchange for food and drink.
This practice is called mumming, from which the practice of trick-or-treating evolved.
By Anita Alkinburg Shipway

I worry that I will oversleep

I worry that they won't be selling light bulbs anymore, that fit the sockets in my house
I worry that the family plot will be full before I need to be buried there
I worry that the freezer is unplugged
I worry that the iron is turned on
I worry that the West Coast will fall into the sea...and the East Coast will flood....
and that there will be no water in the Midwest at all
I worry that the door on the stall of the ladies' room will jam, and I won't be able to get out
I worry that my gas tank is too low to get all the way to the gas station
I worry that when Jesus comes again, I won't recognize Him if He's had a haircut.

October 2017 The Moonlighter 46

By Kathy Ostrander

A Cold black night with a full moon

A howl on the wind sings an eerie tune
It is Hallows Eve and the creatures are roaming
There are eyes everywhere can see them glowing

As the night goes on anyone can see

Them roaming all around different looking beings
There are zombies, witches, goblins and ghosts
It is hard to count which has the most

Whines screams growls howls

The Devil and his demons on are the prowl
They are wandering the streets and roads outside
Knocking on doors demanding to come inside

Fear is rampant as they become hungry

If you dont feed them things could get ugly
Not daring to turn on or off the light
Knowing theyll keep coming all night

Theres a knock on the door oh no!

Will it be a friend or foe?
Opening the door carefully to see
A little voice pipes up Trick or Treat!


Violence is a
dark god FUR
whose embrace By Katharyn Howd Machan
belies all light,
all pause for hope. Because hes a little black cat
rescued from a dumpster.
His countenance Because his eyes gleam
does not change tawny pumpkin
even if summoned and Halloween is near.
in the name of Five claws and an almost
greater good sixth on both his too
nor even long paws: who can resist
in the name hell incarnate? Girls
of love. need a beast who promises
soft, the creature who purrs
Embrace at peril wild and tender. Forget
for he will his scratch will call forth blood
eat your soul the shape of an ancient key:
one bite, his pointed teeth are full of moon
then another. and he grins
with the pronoun me.
~ Bruce Christ

October 2017 The Moonlighter 47

TV Stands Pantry Cabinets Sheds Rustic furniture Gifts

Drying Racks Coffee Tables Quilt Racks Childrens Furniture

3106 Rte. 11, Lisle, NY 13797 607-692-2180

Bedroom Sets Dining Room Sets Entertainment Centers


We Deliver!

The first nuclear device ever detonated was an implosion-type

continued from page 32 bomb at the Trinity test, conducted at New Mexicos
A 1945 Life article estimated that before the Hiroshima and Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range on July 16, 1945.
Nagasaki bombings "probably no more than a few dozen men in Little Boy and Fat Man bombs were used a month later in
the entire country knew the full meaning of the Manhattan the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively.
Project, and perhaps only a thousand others even were aware
that work on atoms was involved." The magazine wrote that the In the immediate postwar years, the Manhattan Project
more than 100,000 others employed with the project "worked conducted weapons testing at Bikini Atoll as part of Operation
like moles in the dark". Warned that disclosing the project's Crossroads, developed new weapons, promoted the
secrets was punishable by 10 years in prison or a $10,000 development of the network of national laboratories, supported
($133,000 today) fine, they saw enormous quantities of raw medical research into radiology and laid the foundations for
materials enter factories with nothing coming out, and the nuclear navy. It maintained control over American atomic
monitored "dials and switches while behind thick concrete walls weapons research and production until the formation of
mysterious reactions took place" without knowing the purpose the United States Atomic Energy Commission in January
of their jobs. 1947.

A billboard
Most of us today regularly avert our gaze from the
encouraging secrecy
among workers at the unethical, illegitimate, barbarous activities perpetrated by
Clinton Engineer our government. After reflecting on the media treatment
Works in Oak Ridge, of the Gulf War and our self-congratulatory celebrations
TN, where work on for slaughtering 200,000 Iraquis, I began to understand
uranium enrichment how national forms of insanity are legitimized.
was performed
~ John Welwood

October 2017 The Moonlighter 48

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