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Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Petition for Canada to Accept Payment 1-11 of SwissIndo
Swissindo Canada
Most Respected Sir,
Please Consider That : The United Nations Organization in association with SWISSINDO has allocated for each
countrys Government, an inheritance Gift to meet The People's basic needs. This will develop a structure of support
that will empower everyone into the future. Please find attached the WORLD PRIME MINISTER FINANCE &
a letter to world leaders, which is the offer acceptance FORM to be completed and returned. The expiry date of the
17th day of August 2015 coincides with the ending of the RBA print license.

This is an opportunity for all to flourish in a world without the lack, hunger, poverty, wars and unsustainable outlooks
for economies driven by past deficits and debt. All these negative aspects can be a thing of the past and all it takes is
to agree and support the access to abundance and prosperity for all people. This is an evolution of immense

We are grateful to MR.A1.SINO.AS.S2.IR. SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO,ST for this gift and vision of a free
humanity. We are also grateful to the Canadian Government for taking the time to consider the offer presented at this
momentous point in history.

We can now create a world of thriving wellness by the love and honor of its people!!!

Now is the Time,.through their creativity and desire for what is best for each and all. The people will remember You,
Sir for Your Good Governance and you have their Prosperity at hand. We encourage you to be the World Leader and
make the announcements necessary to launch this initiative. People will expect their Leaders to embrace this
agreement and as each country signs on and prospers, this voice will grow louder.pls ear the cry of the people
suffering in all corner of Our Country Canada, We Trust That You Will See The Outstanding Advantages For All
Canadian Alike.

To the Public Servants, here is the dream you can realize: to be of service with enormous funding, prosperity can
now blossom for all by your hand. Service is now fully resourced. Your service to the people can now begin as
intended by our ancestors. This gift to The People of CANADA will establish honesty, integrity and a new era in

Feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, repairing the environment, improving services and housing for people
with disabilities and elderly, along with new jobs in support of the best technology to deliver all these services.
Improving essential services, such as these, will restore human dignity and trust along with the lifting of the
community spirit that CANADA is renowned for throughout the globe. Your role today is to allow The People to be
self-empowered and express their will, to facilitate the unfolding of the full spectrum of human creativity by accepting
this generous Gift.

May the wellness of the people and Earth guide our way.

(as of Now on the 8 march 2017 )At this time we are being prepared for the release of our new gold-backed currency,
which will also be announced by NESARA REPUBLIC. The NESARA REPUBLIC announcement must precede the
Treasury announcement of our new gold-backed currency. It must be implemented by NESARA REPUBLIC, which
means it will be safe.

After NESARA REPUBLIC is announced through public media, meaning all TV - Internet - radio - the people, globally,
will be given 72 hours of continuous education and announcements.

And within seven to ten days of NESARA REPUBLIC's announcement, there will be mass landings.( my note: of
Humanoid just like us except they have something like from 5.00 to 50.00 years advancement in Technologies and
they do have all the necessary devices to depollute Fukushima Daichi disasters and much more it is time that The
People Realize We Have The Power To Clean up The Mess Centuries of Pollution for Greed was the norm but it can't
continue,.this time it's over because if we don't act on this now it'll be simply too late the Pacific Ocean is Literally
Dying,. we Much All Get together on This.)

St Germain's Trust and Global Prosperity Funds will first be released to the US, Canada, and Australia - they will get
the money first. And in 14 months, everyone globally will be funded.

NESARA was first drawn up for the US. It was originally planned to come out on September 11th 2001 - but this was
violently blocked when the twin towers went down. Including Building 7 - also housing NESARA records. A part of the
Pentagon, too, was destroyed to take out all reference to NESARA. That's what 9/11 was all about - killing NESARA
and our freedom.
Again, "NESARA-REPUBLIC" - one and the same. They will both be announced at the same time - they are one.
Most Sincerely in Gratitude,
on this 25 February, 2017 signed: Countess Annick C Wilhem
(Canadian of French,German descent)
With Love and Deepest Regards for Human Beings on Earth

This petition will be delivered to:

To The Honorable Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau
Terra Zetzz at 10/04/2017 07:31:00 PM