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Blue River Services, Inc.



STATUS: Level IV; Non-Exempt

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in business, marketing, or

related field or 5 years industrial management
and production related experience preferred

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of production procedures including

ISO 9001, Customer requirements, CARF
standards and time study techniques. Five years
paid experience in competitive employment; 2
years supervisory experience, one year paid
experience in area of vocational rehabilitation.


1. Physical Capabilities: N/A
2. Oral/Written Communication Skills
a. The ability to verbally communicate with co-workers and persons served.
b. The ability to communicate in writing through the completion of record keeping,
inventory, scheduling and reporting requirements using Word and Excel.
c. The ability to develop service curricula and staff training materials.
3. Must possess good public relations skills.
4. Must possess the ability to coordinate information and maintain professional relationships
with service recipients, co-workers and the general public.
5. MODAPTS certified
6. Maintenance of valid drivers license
7. Supply and maintain proof of vehicle liability insurance
8. Maintain dependable transportation in order to travel to trainings, meetings, etc. as
required by this position.


Completed prior to employment with BRS)

1). First Aid and CPR

2). Bloodborne Pathogens
3). CPI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention)
4). Medication Administration (Core A/B)
5). Forklift Training
6). Modapts Certification

SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIPS: This position is supervised by the Industrial

Operations/Janitorial & Marketing Director

Industrial Operations Manager 1 of 3 Department: Industries

The Industrial Operations Manager supervises
Production Managers at CBRI & SBRI, and
Industries Administrative Assistant


1. Evaluate, supervise, manage and maintain all Blue River Industries production
operations, including but not limited to:
a. Building, grounds, vehicles and equipment, tools, materials and supplies
(including inventory).
b. Peak efficiency and quality control.
c. Initiate cost saving measures in areas of responsibility.

2. Evaluate, develop, implement and maintain vocational training for adult consumers.

3. Supervise, coordinate and evaluate all production services, activities and staff.

4. Maintain confidentiality of all employee and consumer information.

5. Maintain security of consumers files.

6. Supervise, schedule, maintain or provide current and accurate production records, reports,
shipping and receiving data, consumer staffing, and all necessary wage reports and

7. Plan, supervise, coordinate and evaluate vocational training service in conjunction with
ancillary facilities.

8. Recommend, acquire, and disseminate materials and training information necessary for
vocational services and staff.

9. Maintain and update necessary records required by Department of Labor concerning

consumer wage-rate information.

10. Act as a liaison between State agencies and BRS, Inc., funding sources for consumer

11. Participate in In-Service Training designed to maintain and improve job skills.

12. Maintain record keeping for Quality Management System to comply with requirements
of ISO 9001.

13. Act responsibly with purchasing authority, ensuring that expenditures are for agency use
and appropriate approval has been obtained by Industrial Operations/Marketing &
Janitorial Director.

14. Accomplish personnel and administrative duties as outlined in personnel policies.

15. Supervision of Industrial Operations to secure business opportunities and enhance

vocational opportunities.

Industrial Operations Manager 2 of 3 Department: Industries

16. Work with Transportation Director to request vehicle for fixed routes, route scheduling,
and resolution of driver challenges.

17. Participate in in-service training designed to maintain and improve job skills.

18. Other duties as assigned.

The Industrial Operations Manager works under the direct supervision of the Industrial
Operations/Janitorial & Marketing Director who may add to or elaborate on the above list if
deemed appropriate.

Direct Supervisor Name:___________________________________________

I have read and understand all of the above. I have reviewed the duties and responsibilities for
which I am responsible, as well as the minimum requirements of this position, with my

_____________________________ ____________________
Signature Date

9/15, 12/15, 5/16, 12/16

Industrial Operations Manager 3 of 3 Department: Industries