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Excel Premium Components

Sandvik Cone Crushers


Excel Premium Components
Sandvik Cone Crushers



Spider Cap Mainshaft
Arm Shield Mainshaft Sleeve
Topshell Inner Head Nut
Spider Bushing Head Nut with Burning Ring
Oil Seal Concave Ring
Concave Support Ring Head Center
Concave Retaining Bolt & Washers Dust Seal Ring
Jacking Bolt Dust Seal Retainer

Dust Collar
Bottomshell Bushing
Pinion End Bearing
Retainer Pinionshaft Housing
Hub Sheave End Bearing
Eccentric Wear Plate Pinionshaft Oil Seal
Gear Seal Plate
Locating Bar
Eccentric Bushing
Eccentric Key
Hydroset Cylinder Bushing


Mainshaft Step Plate Hydroset Cylinder
Step Washer Packing Clamp Plate
Piston Wearing Plate Hydroset Cylinder Cover
Excel Premium Components
Sandvik Cone Crushers


Topshell Assembly Bottomshell Assembly Mainshaft Assembly Pinionshaft Assembly

Step Plate Assembly Eccentric Assembly Hydroset Assembly

Support Ring for Sandvik Cone Crushers H8000 Inner & Outer Head Nut
H8000 l H8800 I CH880 Large Buttress Threads
Improved retention system Our custom buttress thread head nuts offer more strength
than the standard unified thread. This keeps your mantles
Heavy-duty pins
tighter and your threads in better condition.
Easy to modify existing topshell
with Excels technical
drawings and dedicated support
Minimizes risk of broken rings
Reduces crusher downtime
Maximizes cost savings

Unified Buttress
Threads Threads

Conventional Design Excel Design

HD Outer Head Nut

Increased casting cross-section
45% more surface area in contact
Heavy-Duty Retention Pin
Designed for extended life
Eliminates removal of broken, threaded dowels
in topshell
10% increase in outer diameter for added strength
Bolts to concave support ring, eliminates threads
Increases support for added overall wear life
Excel Premium Components
Sandvik Cone Crushers


Excel Bronze Bushings... Simply the Best! Excel Gears and Pinions
Fit, Form, and Function - thats what we guarantee in every replacement part we deliver. Our Quality
Excel Uses the Straight Tooth
Assurance Department scrutinizes every dimension with exacting tolerances to be sure your bushing is Skew Tooth
perfect in every way, giving your operation an unbelievable value. Less expensive than the OEM, with the Latest Technology
highest quality in the business...sounds too good to be true, doesnt it? From straight bevel teeth to spiral bevel
teeth, Excel offers direct replacement
gearing that exceeds OEM quality,
Higher Tin
Yields 20%
Higher Tensile Strength starting with the highest quality steel
Higher Strength
forgings. Our gear gasher mill at
Tensile Strength

Metallurgical Consistency Yields High-Strength Components

In order to maximize tensile strength, Excel certifies our crusher bronze to the top the beginning of the process and the
end of the CDA specification for tin. Tougher bushings mean less down-time and gear checking center at the end of
fewer replacement cycles. Tin is the most expensive ingredient in the metallurgy of the process help ensure that Excel
crusher bronze alloys. delivers high quality gears and pinions
Tin Content efficiently and consistently.
Spiral Tooth
Uniform Lead Dispersion Coniflex Tooth

Unique Chilling Process Stops Migration

Our foundry utilizes a unique chilling process that assures even dispersion of
lead throughout the casting. Standard foundry molding techniques allow uneven, Its All About the Contact Pattern
non-directional cooling that can cause lead migration. Even dispersion of lead The contact pattern is the single most important factor
provides consistent lubricity and heat dissipation which increase bushing life and to control when manufacturing crusher gears. Without
reduce unexpected failures. good tooth-to-tooth contact, the load transfer can
Excels Chilling
Standard Cooling point-load the tooth face and result in premature or
uneven wear or tooth breakage. Poor contact also
Optimum Concentricity creates excessive noise. The load must be distributed
properly on the tooth face, and Excel rigorously assures
Turning the Simultaneous 4-Axis Turning Ensures Concentricity this condition is met through contact-testing with
in the
Extensive investment in our equipment, our people, and our process gives our master gears.
Same Excel many unique capabilities, including a special pinch turning method in
Operation Incorrect Contact Correct Contact
the machining of our crusher bushings which simultaneously cuts the OD and
ID. Using this technology guarantees absolute concentricity.
Master Gears and Bluing Process
Conventional Casting
with Impurities & Porosities We ensure field performance and wear life when it comes
Porosity-Free/ to gear manufacturing by retaining a high quality set of
Uniform Grain Structure master gears to be used in the production process.
Each gear or pinion made is contact-tested against the
Porosities Centrifugal Casting Technique Ensures Alloy Integrity master and must meet the precise specifications of the
Machined Area The purity of our raw materials, coupled with controlled, directional solidification gears contact criteria. Simply put, the benefit to our
during the casting process creates a tighter, denser grain structure in our alloys customer is consistency.
while eliminating 99.9% of the gas pockets that produce porosity. The integrity of
Excels grain structure ensure strong, long lasting replacement parts.
Porosities Pushed to the ID then
Machined Down
Dedicated to Outstanding
Customer Support
Toll Free 800.523.9129

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