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Course: .

Teacher observed: .

Trainee observer: ..

Inefficient Efficient Highly efficient/ Not observed*

/could improve /acceptable excellent
The Lesson
Was the lesson well-structured?
Did it have a clear beginning, a logical procession,
and a sense of an ending?
Was there enough variety in the lesson?
Did it have rhythm and flow?
Did it have effective parts?
Did it have less effective parts?
Were the teachers instructions clear?
Was the classroom arrangement well organized?
Was there an effective follow-up in this lesson?
The Students
Did the students work well?
Were the students involved?
Did the students have a fair share of time to talk?
Did the teacher provide a high level of active
practice for all learners?
Did the questions provided by the teacher require a
thoughtful answer?
Were the activities at an appropriate level to
challenge them intellectually?
Were there any opportunities for students to give
their own ideas?
The Teacher
Did she keep the students interested and
Did she encourage learner participation?
Was she responsive to the students needs?
Did she give learners feedback on their efforts?
Would you do anything differently if you taught this
Teachers Class Management
Signal for start of activity
(creating a silence)
Use of simple language
Logic and clarity
Use of target language
Voice quality, Eye-contact
Mime, gesture, body language
Repeating instruction in a different way
Not stating the obvious
Use of visual aids
Demonstration rather than explanation
Checking understanding

Signalling end of activity

Class Structure
Reviews previous days content
Gives overview of days content
Summarizes content covered
Directs student preparation for the class
Provides well-designed materials
Employs effective learning activities
Invites class participation
Employs other tools/instructional aids
(i.e. technology, computer, video, overheads)
Delivers a well-planned lesson
Teacher-student interaction
Solicits student input
Involves a variety of students
Demonstrates awareness of individual student
learning needs
Appears knowledgeable
Appears well organized
Explains concepts clearly
Relates concepts to students experience
Selects learning experiences appropriate to level of

*All items marked Not Observed may be explained in Comments


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