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The skits purpose is to introduce the lesson being taught for the day to serve as a
teaser for what is to come. The skits are primarily used in the opening assembly but
feel free to adjust the skits as needed to fit your church. See page 57 of this book for
some stage decorating ideas.


Scout the expert in charge of taking the group to their daily

locations. Scout should be dressed everyday in Treasure Quest t-
shirt, hiking boots, pith hat or hardhat, backpack, canteen, compass,
map Bible unless otherwise stated. Scout is knowledgeable about the
Treasures of the Bible of the various locations.

Krissy the scatterbrained, prissy citified girl who is going on the

quest to find the jewels but is not usually dressed for the quest.
Krissy should be dressed flashy with lots of jewelry, cell phone,
make-up, hair fixed, perfume, high heels, purse, etc. When not
engaging in conversation, she is usually texting on her phone.

Dave the smart, not very athletic, nervous kid. He is a little nerdy
says big words just to sound smart. He has researched every area of
the quest already knows what is in store for the day. He should be
overly dressed to go on the quest with all the essentials.

Once we receive God's saving grace

New life in Christ has just begun;
Then as we study, serve, pray,
we'll seek that others may be won. -D. DeHaan

Diamond Mountain

Day 1 Skit

Scout is dressed for the day, holding a Bible; Dave and Krissy have a shovel bucket.

(Dave and Krissy walk on stage, looking around.)

DAVE: Krissy, are you ready for this awesome treasure quest?
KRISSY: Im not so sure about the quest Dave, but I sure cant wait to get my hands on
those treasures!! Do we get to keep the treasures we find?
DAVE: Ummm...have no ideabut here comes someone who might be able to answer
(In walks in Scout)
SCOUT: Hey folks (speaking to Dave, Krissy and all the kids). My name is Ferdinado
Conswaylo but people just call me Scout. Are you ready for our Treasure Quest?
DAVE and KRISSY: Ohh-Yes! (lead all the kids to say it with them)
SCOUT: Wowyou dont sound ready. Lets try that again.every time I say Treasure
Quest, you (pointing to the kids) say..Ohh-YES! Here we go(In a louder voice) Are
you ready for our Treasure Quest?
SCOUT: Ohthats much better. Well today we are going to Diamond Mountain where
well find the most precious jewelthe diamond.
KRISSY : You know, diamonds are a girls best friend!
DAVE: Oh brother! I guess you think youre gonna find a flawless, 10 carat diamond?
KRISSY: Yep, flawless like me what do carrots have to do with it?
DAVE: (shakes his head in disbelief) Oh my. NOT those orange things rabbits eat but
carats as in the size of the diamond.
DAVE: Never mind(turns to the leader) You were saying?
SCOUT: You wont find any flawless diamonds where were going. All diamonds have
flaws, just like people. Diamonds people actually have a lot in common.
KRISSY: They do? (With a puzzled look on her face)
DAVE: I dont see the connection.
SCOUT: Well, for starters, diamonds have flaws but the jeweler makes the flaws
disappear. People have flaws also called sins. But, Jesus blood covers our sins.
KRISSY: What? I dont get it.

DAVE: He is speaking FIGURATIVELY.
DAVE: I mean, not LITERALLY.
SCOUT: What I mean is we are all sinners, but Jesus paid the ultimate price for us by
dying on the cross for our sins.
KRISSY: Ive heard about Jesus dying on the cross but I dont underst what that has to
do with my sins.
SCOUT: When we ask Jesus to come into our heart ask him to forgive us, He will does.
It is the most important decision a person can make. Just as the Bible says in Acts
16:31, (opens up Bible reads it or picks a kid to read the verse) Believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ, thou shalt be saved.
KRISSY: I get it! People are precious have flaws just as diamonds, so precious that
Jesus would die for us.
DAVE: Yes, YESTHATs IT! You got it! , we can trust Jesus as our Lord Savior.
SCOUT: Yes, you both get it! Now its time for our Treasure Quest (Ohh-YES)off to
Diamond Mountain.
KRISSY: WAITone very important question has yet to be answered.
SCOUT: Yes? What is it?
KRISSY: Do we get to keep the treasures we find?
SCOUT: Not only the LITERAL treasures but the FIGURATIVE ones too
DAVE: Oh boyHere we go again.
SCOUT: Yesyes you can. Now, do you have your shovels?
DAVE and KRISSY: Check!
SCOUT: Your buckets?
DAVE and KRISSY: Check!
SCOUT: Then lets go!
(All exit off the stage.)

Ruby Cavern
Day 2 Skit

Need a trashcan on stage. Scout is dressed with hiking boots, hardhat, carrying
backpack with canteen attached, holding a Bible; Dave needs a hardhat with light
attached, backpack with two flashlights, two packs of batteries, a bottle of lotion (bat
repellant), a notepad pen. Krissy needs a cell phone.

(Dave walks on stage, obviously nervous about the day. He sits down starts going
through his backpack, checking everything off his list. Scout walks onstage while Dave
is checking his list.)

DAVE: (talking to himself) hammer check (checks off list), chizzle check, flashlight
check, batteries check, back-up flashlight check, extra batteries check, bat
repellant check,
SCOUT: Bat repellant? Didnt know they made such a thing. whats with all the extra
batteries flashlights?
DAVE: I read that Ruby Cavern can be a little dark, well, Im NOT afraid of the dark
butbut..well I brought them just in case someone else is. Yeahthats it! I bought the
bat repellant online at Scaredy-Cats-R-Us. They say it will keep bats at least 100 feet
SCOUT: It may keep me more than 100 feet away also with a smell like that. (fanning h
in front of nose) Peee-eeww!
(Krissy walks onstage talking on her cell phone.)
KRISSY: Girl, you would not believe the size of the diamond I found at Diamond
Mountain yesterday. (Pause) Yep, it would make any rabbit jealous. Hello? Anybody
there?? Hello??? (Krissy turns to Scout.) What is with the phone service around
here.I lost another call! You know I gotta have someone to talk to
SCOUT: Where were going today, a cell phone will do you no goodanyway, (turns
looks at audience) glad to see you back for Day 2 of our Treasure Quest!
(Dave and Krissy jump to attention excitedly lead the group in saying)
SCOUT: Today were off to Ruby Caverns yes, it can be a little dark at times yes, it is a
haven for bats. Cell-phones wont work there either, but no matter if youre a little
scared(turns to Dave.)
DAVE: Nope, not me. (He thinks he hears something, turns around says,) Whats
that?? (Holding out is bat repellant swinging it around to ward off bats while everyone
around holds nose or fans their nose.)
SCOUT: Or whether you just need someone to talk to (turns to look at Krissy),
KRISSY: Yep, thats me!

SCOUT: No matter where you are, whether it is in Ruby Cavern, on the top of Diamond
Mountain or in your bedroom at home, there is always someone we can talk to, anytime,
about anything.
DAVE: Id like to know who can listen to her (pointing to Krissy) for more than 15
minutes without getting a headache! (Krissy looks at Dave annoyed.)
KRISSY: (Trying to scare Dave, pointing above Daves head says in a loud voice)
Theres a bat!!
DAVE: Where??? (Dave turns around with his bat repellant in h, covering his head with
other h while looking for bat)
KRISSY: Just joking! (Krissy bursts out laughing.)
DAVE: (Dave realizes she was just playing with him.) VERY Funny!! Ha, Ha!
KRISSY: This is gonna be a FUN day!!
SCOUT: Ok you two, like I was saying, God is always there for you. You can talk to him
about anything, all your fears, your needs, your desires. (Scout opens up his Bible.) In
fact in 1 John 5:14 it says If we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us.
DAVE: So, lets just say, someone is scared of being in dark places with bats. We can
pray ask God to protect us?
SCOUT: Yes, of course He can will protect us!
KRISSY: Well, I like the fact that I can always will have someone to talk to, dont even
need a cell phone.
SCOUT: What do you say lets start this adventure out right with a little prayer.
DAVE: Sounds good to me!
SCOUT: Lets bow our heads talk to God. (Everyone bows their head.) Thank you God
for the opportunity you give us to be able to talk to you anytime, about anything right
now Father we ask that you go with us throughout this day. Protect us guard us Lord. In
Jesus name we pray, Amen.
DAVE and KRISSY: Amen!
DAVE: You know, I dont think Ill need this (holding up the bat repellant) anymore.
(Walks over throws it in the trashcan.)
KRISSY: Peee-eeww! (fanning her nose)thank you!
SCOUT: Lets grab our backpacks head out on our Treasure Quest.
SCOUT: Off to Ruby Cavern!
(All exit off the stage.)

Emerald Forest
Day 3 Skit

Scout is dressed with hiking boots, pith hat, carrying backpack with canteen attached,
holding a Bible.

(Dave Krissy walk on stage,)

KRISSY: The Ruby Caverns were just awesome yesterday!

DAVE: I didnt even need the bat repellant.
KRISSY: We are all thankful for that! (Fanning her nose.) Speaking of bats, I heard
there are some pretty enormous bugs in the Emerald Forest.
(Scout walks on stage.)
DAVE: Yep, snakes too! But, I prayed know that God will take care of us. Just glad Im
not going to be by myself on this adventure.
SCOUT: Hey guys! Glad you are joining us for another Treasure Quest.
SCOUT: Today we are going to Emerald Forest it is very important that we all stick
together so no one gets lost. I heard you talking Dave you know, God never intended for
us to go on journeys alone.
KRISSY: Yep, I dont like to go anywhere alone, like the mall, or shopping, or the
movies, or the park, or church, or
(Dave, rolls his eyes, while interrupting Krissy.)
DAVE: We know, we know! Youre a real social butterfly.
SCOUT: God made us that way. We need each other for friendship, support help.
Thats really the purpose of the church. In fact, being a member of a church is kinda
like being on a Team. Each person on the team has a role or position to play, working
toward a common goal or purpose.
DAVE: I know all about being on a team. (speaking proudly) Im on the football team at
my school.
KRISSY: YOU (pointing) play football?? I could see you on a chess team maybe but
never football?(Laughing under her breath.) What position do you play? Water boy?
DAVE: Howd you guess?
(Krissy laughs uncontrollably but is called down by Scout.)
SCOUT: Krissy! No matter what position you play on the team, each one is important,
from the water boy to the quarterback. for a team to be successful, the team must
spend time together, build team spirit, must depend on each other to do their part,
whether that is hing out water or calling plays. All team members work toward a
common goal which is to win games.
DAVE: Yep, but were still working on the last part.
(Krissy starts to laugh again but then realized Scout was looking at her so instead her
laugh turns into a cough.)
SCOUT: (Scout opens up his Bible.) In Ephesians 3:21 it says, Unto him be glory in
the church. God wants us to be on his team, serving Him in a church, fellowshipping
with other believers, to fill the role he has for us, for His purpose.
KRISSY: Well, I dont know about you, but Im sure glad to have you all with me on this
adventure.even you waterboy, (Scout clears his voice) I mean Dave!
DAVE: Yep, it sure makes me feel better knowing you are here to support help me
along on this journey.
SCOUT: Well, lets quit the talking get to walking. Lets stick together head out to
Emerald Forest for our Treasure Quest.

Sapphire Glacier
Day 4 Skit

Have the room extra cold today as the kids enter. The backdrop should be white with a
few covered white boxes laying around on stage. Maybe have some white paper
snowflakes lying around the floor. Everyone is dressed with their heaviest coats, hats,
scarfs, gloves snow boots. Krissy is carrying a purse on her shoulder with make-up, cell
phone, keys, a compass all the essentials carrying a shovel a walkie talkie. A whistle
will also be used during the skit.

(Krissy walks on stage eager to find the sapphires, looking confident at first then a little
confused about where to go to find them.)

KRISSY: (talking to herself) I cant wait to find those big, beautiful, blue sapphires at
Sapphire Glacier!! In fact, Im going to be the first one out there! The first to find a
sapphire! The only problem isIm not sure exactly where Im going, but really, how
hard can it be? (Krissy walks around the stage scratching her head down the isle
looking for Sapphire Glacier.) Hummm, are the sapphires here?(pointing) ...or maybe
over there?(pointing across the way)... This isnt as easy as I thought it would be. (Her
walkie talkie goes off its Scout on the other end. Scout is talking from behind stage can
be heard by the kids.)
SCOUT: Krissy? Come in Krissy!
KRISSY: Hey Scout!
SCOUT: Where are you? We are waiting on you to begin our Treasure Quest.
KRISSY: Well, I thought I could find Sapphire Glacier on my own, but now it just looks
like Im lost, (she says in a loud panicky voice while walking in circles) in the middle of
the frozen artic!! Oh Scout!! What am I going to do? Im lost! I dont know where I am!!
Tell my mom dad I love them! Tell my friends I love them! Tell my dog I will miss him!!!
(Krissy falls down starts to cry.)
SCOUT: Krissy, calm down. Youll be just fine. Just listen to me do what I say.... can
you do that?
KRISSY: YesI guess.
SCOUT: Now think Krissy, did you remember to bring a compass with you?
KRISSY: Let me look. (Krissy dumps her purse out finds the compass.) YES!! Yes I
SCOUT: Great!! Thats a start. Now use that compass head due north.
KRISSY: Ive never used a compass beforehow do I know which way is north?
SCOUT: Turn the compass around until the arrow points to the N for NORTH then
walk in that direction!

KRISSY: Ohthats what the N sts for. (Krissy turns around trying to point just right.)
OkayIm walking (She walks in a wobbly line, going from side to side heading off
SCOUT: Goodlisten for a whistle in the distance. Well be looking for you. Over
KRISSY: Yeahokay.
(About the time Krissy gets off stage, the faint sound of a whistle can be heardthen it
gets louder. Scout, Krissy and Dave all walk on stage.)
DAVE: Well that was probably not the smartest thing youve ever done Krissy!
KRISSY: Tell me about it Dave!! Im just so glad I remembered to put the compass in
my purse. I would have been lost without it!
SCOUT: You got that right Krissy!! In fact Krissy, God gave us a compass for our life.
Anyone know what its called? (Turning asking the question to the audience.) Yepits
the Bible. God speaks to us through His Word, the Bible. In it we can find many jewels
if we seek, look explore His Word. (Scout opens up his Bible.) In fact in 2 Timothy 2:15
it says, Study to shew thyself approved unto God.
DAVE: So what youre saying is, just as Krissy used a compass to direct her to where
she needed to go, Gods Word directs us in the way He would have us go.
SCOUT: Precisely!
KRISSY: Maybe I should carry a compass Bible with me everywhere I gothat way I
know Ill never be lost again!
SCOUT: GREAT idea Krissy! But theres more to it than just carrying the Bible. We
should read study it daily! So now that we are all together are we ready to head to
Sapphire Glacier on our next Treasure Quest??

Topaz River

Day 5 Skit
A canoe, boat or life raft with three paddles will be needed on stage for the skit. Scout,
Dave Krissy are dressed for the day wearing life vests. Krissy needs her purse with
make-up, mirror cell phone.

(Scout Dave and Krissy walk on stage.)

SCOUT: Hop in lets head down Topaz River for our final Treasure Quest!
(They all get in the boat begin paddling but Krissy has a hard time with her paddle so
she mostly applies make-up looks at her cell phone while the boys do the work. Scout is
whistling Row, Row, Row Your Boat.)
KRISSY: I hope the topaz we find today will be worth all this trouble. I was never meant
to bake out in the hot sunI mean just look at my make-up! Its melting right off my
face! (Krissy looks at herself in a mirror.)
DAVE: Krissy!!! Some help rowing would be nice!
KRISSY: My paddle is broken or something. It doesnt want to work right! (Krissy gets
frustrated at the paddle smacks it down on the water (floor) splashing Dave with water
(someone throws water on Dave from behind the stage.)
KRISSY: Oopssorry Dave! (Krissy starts rowing again, then stops to fan herself says
in a whining voice) Im burning up in this life vest! Not to mention, it looks hideous with
my shoes!
SCOUT: Okayokaythats about enough. You have to wear the life vest Krissy,
whether it matches your shoes or not!
KRISSY: But I swim just fine!
DAVE: But I read that there are some pretty ferocious rapids in this river. You think
youll be fine but without the life vest, you will go down like a rock.
KRISSY: GEE, thanks for the confidence Dave!
SCOUT: Dave is right. Looks can be deceiving without a life vest, the best swimmer in
the world wouldnt make it on this river. Which reminds me, you know, we all need a life
vest our life vest is Jesus. Without Jesus we will die. But, with Jesus we will live
forever with Him in Heaven! , since we know this, it is our job as Christians to share the
life vest, Jesus, with those around us.
KRISSY: Well, I never thought about Jesus being our life vest but that is exactly right!
DAVE: I have many friends who dont know Jesus. I guess it is my job to throw them a
life vest tell them about Jesus.

SCOUT: Thats exactly right Dave. If you dont tell them, who will? Your lost friends
life depends on you telling them about Jesus dont you think your friend would want to
know? Of course they would!
KRISSY: Wow, that is a big responsibility!
SCOUT: Yes it is, it is what God comms us to do; go share Jesus. (Scout opens up his
Bible.) In fact the Bible says in Proverbs 11:30, He that winneth souls is wise. Sharing
Jesus is more than just telling people about Jesus its also showing them the love of
Jesus by the way we live, by the words we say by the choices we make.
KRISSY: When it comes right down to it, I realize now that the thing most important in
life is not what Im wearing or how I look but its all about JESUS!
SCOUT: Thats right Krissy, It IS all about Jesus! Every time you share Jesus, that
persons life can change eternally. Isnt that awesome?
SCOUT: Well guys, we are just about there. (Everyone puts down their paddles gets
out of the boat.) Its time to find some topaz! Off on our next Treasure Quest!

Closing Program


(Dave and Krissy walk on stage.)

DAVE: What an awesome week weve had! We found so many treasures!

KRISSY: (Speaks with head down in a sad voice.) Yep, awesome.
DAVE: (Dave looks confused.) You dont sound like you had an awesome time.
KRISSY: Well the fact is, I did I really dont want it to end. Ive learned so much about
life what is important. After this week Ive realized that something is missing in my life. I
was trying to find happiness in clothes, shoes, make-up friends but now I know that true
happiness can only come from Jesus!
DAVE: Thats right Krissy. Hey, have you ever prayed asked Jesus to come into your
heart life?
KRISSY: Thats what I am trying to tell you, no, I havent.
DAVE: Well do you want to right now?
KRISSY: YES!! Yes, I do! (Dave and Krissy kneel down together while Krissy says a
prayer.) Dear God, I know I am a sinner right now I ask that you forgive me of my sins. I
know that Jesus died rose again for me. Please Jesus, come into my heart cleanse my
heart. Help me live for you each day. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
DAVE: Amen! This is so exciting! I cant wait to tell Scout the good news!
(Scout walks on stage.)
DAVE: Scout, Scout.
SCOUT: Just a minute Dave. (Speaking to Dave, Krissy and everyone.) Did you have
fun on your Treasure Quest?
DAVE: (Almost interrupting with his excitement.) Scout, Scout! Youll never guess what
just happened.
SCOUT: Umm, let me try to guess, you saw a bat?
DAVE: (In a panicked voice, looking around) Where, I mean no! Scout, the most
exciting thing
SCOUT: (Scratching his head trying to think.) Humm, lets see. You found another
DAVE: No! Scout let me tell you
(Krissy interrupting in a loud voice because she cant hold it in a second longer.)
KRISSY: I asked Jesus into my heart!

DAVE: Oh rats! I wanted to tell him. Can you believe it Scout? Isnt that exciting? You
said, Its the most important decision a person can make yep, thats right, Krissy did it!
SCOUT: (Gives Krissy a pat on the back.) That is just great Krissy! Im so glad you
accepted Jesus!
KRISSY: Im so excited too. I just want to tell everyone I see! (Krissy walks down the
isle talking to various people.) I am saved! I am saved! I am saved!! (Krissy returns to
the stage.)
SCOUT: Im so happy for Krissy! (Talking to the audience opens Bible.) This week we
learned Colossians 2:2,3. Say it with me.
SCOUT, DAVE, KRISSY EVERYONE: Christin who are hid all the treasures of
wisdom knowledge.
(Speaking to the audience.)
DAVE: We also learned about the treasure of prayer how important it is for us to talk to
KRISSY: We also learned about the treasure of fellowship how important it is to be a
church member.
DAVE: We learned about the treasure of Scripture how important it is for us to read our
Bible every day.
KRISSY: we learned the treasure of Soul-winning the importance of sharing Jesus with
SCOUT: of course, the most important treasure of all, the treasure of salvation. If you
havent made that very important decision to accept Jesus in your heart, then there is
no better time than today, right now. Talk with your leader, parent, teacher or preacher
about accepting Christ before you leave. Until we meet again, keep pursuing the riches
of Christ on your own Treasure Quest.