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Domestic Rice Cooking Bianca Tenorio, Jessie Oehrlein, Lena Wu, Linda Lazo, Mason del Rosario

The electric rice cooker provides easy access to a variety of quick meals
featuring a staple element of many cuisines. Its automated nature allows it to Function | Interaction | Character
unobtrusively cook high-quality rice on a regular basis.
1945 - Mitsubishi
Electric Company
Ian the Independent Individual produced the first
electric rice cooker [1]
Easy to use Like a Matryoshka
23 Years Old | 2-3x a week | 1 - 3 cups Doll
Career Success Quick, Easy Traps Steam
Self-Efficacy Compact Sonys first Handles
Convenience Affordable commercial product
was an electric rice
USE CASE: cooker [2] Heats up, Indicator
Makes a variety of foods maintains
Pre-cooks meals for the week pressure
Fay the Family Foodie 43 million units sold
worldwide in 2006 [3]
Serving Paddle
48 Years Old | 1-2x a day | 3 - 8 cups
Family/Community Consistency
Hospitality Sense of home
Abundance Cultivating culture
Lifespan varies from Easy to clean Shovel heaps of rice
USE CASE: 5 to 10 years [4][5] 1. Mitsubishi Electric (Japan)
Includes family members in cooking Sources 2. Sonys First Failure, Gizmodo
3. Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association
Uses as serving dish 4. Interviewees
Makes one batch per meal 5. 2008-9 Annual Portrait of U.S. Appliance Industry

Interaction Map

Measure Rice Wash Rice Measure Water Place in Cooker Plug in Turn On Wait Enjoy Clean
Pour Close