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2nd Take Home Exercises

Name: Charlyn Faith C. Nogra USJR- DPE

1. Make your own illustration of the Physiological Process of Reading.

2. Make sure to write your own explanation of each of the process.

3. Write your illustration on a short- sized bond paper.

4. Identify some physiological problems that might stop the person from reading proficiently.

So the child can now

understand and registers to
his/her brain that the
indicated light signal

Eyes see the printed word or the The brain will now
images. analyze the printed
For example: the child sees the object.
signal light. Green for Go, Red for

Then the brain controls the body an

Then Finally, the child shall if he/she sees the green light the
now apply to himself/herself brain will command the body to
that if he'she sees the light move but when it turns to Red Light
cignal Green for Go, Red for the brain will command the body
Stop. to stop.