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Supplier Code

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17th October 2014

Olam Supplier Code 17th October 2014


1. Preamble 3
2. Supplier Code 4
2.1 Clause 1
2.2 Clause 2
2.3 Clause 3
2.4 Clause 4
2.5 Clause 5
2.6 Clause 6
Declaration 5
Annex 1 6

Olam Supplier Code 17th October 2014

1. Preamble
Olam actively pursues long-term relationships with The Code establishes the standard to which all
suppliers based on responsible business practices suppliers of Olam raw materials and products
and trust. shall adhere to.
The Olam Supplier Code provides a comprehensive For the purpose of this document, supplier means
set of conditions to support Olams goal to purchase any entity that sells goods or services to Olam.
raw materials and products that are produced in a
manner that is socially responsible, economically By acceptance of this Code, the supplier commits
profitable and environmentally sustainable. to uphold these conditions.

Olam Supplier Code 17th October 2014 3

2. Supplier Code
2.1 Committing to corporate governance and integrity by: 2.4 Respecting the natural environment by:
i. Complying with the letter and spirit of the national laws that i. Complying with all applicable, national, and local laws and
govern their operations, and respecting contractual obligations. regulations relating to the protection of the environment.
2.2 Suppliers must guarantee the quality of the goods and ii. Conducting any harvesting and collection of (wild) plant
services they supply by: and tree resources at a scale and rate in a manner that
does not damage existing populations and species renewal
i. Meeting the quality and safety standards required by Olam*, potential over the long-term.
regulatory requirements and applicable laws.
iii. Avoiding contamination or pollution of water sources on
ii. Wherever possible and requested, provide traceability of the and around its facilities and conserving water.
material along the upstream supply chain.
iv. Professionally manage agro-chemicals application and
*As defined in the supplier contract forbidding the usage of agro-chemicals that are not legally
2.3 Upholding labour standards and human rights within their registered in the country for commercial use, or excluded
operations by: as per Olams specification.
v. Minimizing waste, recovering or reusing waste
i. The use of child labour is strictly prohibited. Compliance to
where practicable and disposing of waste in line
the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 138
with local regulations.
on the Minimum Age of Employment and Convention 182 on
the Worst Forms of Child Labour (as annexed to this Code) is vi. Using fossil fuels and non-renewable resources efficiently
a prerequisite. and investigating alternatives where practicable.
ii. Not using forced or involuntary labour, including bonded, vii. Upholding all applicable laws and relevant industry
indentured and involuntary prison labour. guidelines for the protection and humane treatment
of animals.
iii. Creating an inclusive work environment that avoids any
form of discrimination. All forms of harassment, including 2.5 Suppliers shall conduct their business in a way that
sexual harassment, intimidation, and abuse or threat are honours the local community by:
not permissible.
i. Preventing and adequately addressing any adverse
iv. Acknowledging employees rights to form and join unions or health and safety impact of their operations on
other associations, and to bargain collectively; unless surrounding communities.
prevented by local applicable laws.
ii. Respecting the rights of indigenous people and their
v. Providing fair wages and benefits that are in accordance with cultural heritage.
applicable laws, industry standards and collective agreements.
iii. Not participating in or benefitting from illegal
vi. Complying with all applicable ILO standards, national legal forced relocations.
requirements and industry standards pertaining to working time.
iv. Employing and sourcing goods and services locally
vii. Providing a safe and hygienic work environment and whenever practicable.
accommodation (where provided) in accordance
with applicable national health and safety laws and 2.6 Ensuring compliance by:
international conventions. i. Making their suppliers and sub-contractors fully aware
viii. Preventing accidents and injury arising out of, associated of this Code and its meaning.
with, or occurring in the course of work, by minimizing ii. Communicating the contents of this Code to
causes of hazards in the working environment. their employees.
ix. Encouraging gender equality, equal access and iii. Advising Olam immediately of any issues that are
empowerment of women. inconsistent with the principles of the Code.

Olam Supplier Code 17th October 2014 4

3. Declaration
Please complete the field below and return to your Olam representative.

If you wish to discuss any of the content of this document please contact your Olam representative.
I confirm the commitment of my company, or any subsidiary, to complying with the standards laid out in the Olam Supplier Code:

Supplier name:

Name: Title:

Signature: Date:

Olam Business Unit:

Name: Title:

Signature: Date:

Olam reserves the right to conduct (or have its designee conduct) announced and unannounced inspections of the Supplier and their
facilities and business practices to verify compliance with this Code. Should Olam become aware of non-compliance with any aspect
of the Code, Olam reserves the right to demand corrective measures. Olam also reserves the right to terminate an agreement with any
supplier that is not in compliance with the requirements set forth in this document.
Note: Olam prohibits bribery and corruption in all forms. Olam personnel cannot, whether dealing with government or with private
enterprises or individuals, directly or indirectly, offer, promise, give, demand or accept any bribe or other undue advantage in order
to obtain, retain or direct business or secure any other improper advantage in the conduct of business.

Olam Supplier Code 17th October 2014 5

4. Annex 1
Child Labour Statement supplier compliance
Olam International does not engage in or condone the unlawful Olam pledges to work proactively with others, including our
employment of children in the workplace or engage in or suppliers and Governments, to progressively eliminate these
condone the use of forced labour. Olam respects and abides by abuses in the labour markets related to agricultural supply chains.
the ILO conventions No. 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour
Olam follows, and expects its suppliers to follow the table below
and No. 138 on the Minimum Age for Admission to Employment
as a direct reference to ILO Convention No. 138 defining child
and Work.
labour by the following categories:

Minimum Age for Admission to Employment or Work

Developed Countries Developing Countries
Regular work 16 years 16 years
Hazardous work 18 years 18 years
Light work 15 years 15 years (or 14 years*)

Signing the Olam Supplier Code represents a commitment to follow the fair employment practices in compliance with all
applicable local government rules and regulations regarding Child Labour Laws.
*subject to exceptions allowed by the ILO of national law

Olam Supplier Code 17th October 2014 6