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Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PISMP) dengan Kepujian 1 1
PROGRAM: ____________________________________________________________________________ SEMESTER: ______ TAHUN: ______
Knowing Numbers MTE3101 3 (3 + 0)
Kursus: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Kod: ____________ Kredit: ____________

Minggu Tajuk dan Hasil Kuliah Tutorial Amal ISL Catatan

Kandungan Pembelajaran (2 jam) (1 jam) i (2 jam)
M1 Numeration Identify the early The Tally Discuss Tutorial 1A Students to write out Introduce reflective log
Systems numeration Numeration (Class discussion the Reflective Log
systems System supervised by lecturer; and submit to lecturer Weekly outline to be given to students
Early The submit written for comments
Numeration Roman report individually)
Systems Course structure and content to be presented to students
The Assessment guidelines to be presented to students
Numeration Reader: Musser Gary L. et. al (2006) Mathematics for Elementary
System Teachers: Pages 60 - 73
The Mayan
The Babylonian
Hindu-Arabic Identify the System
Numeration Hindu--Arabic
Systems Numeration Digits
System Grouping
by tens

M2 Numeration Compare the Number of Discuss Tutorial 1B In pairs, discuss and Reader: Smith, K.J. (2001). The Nature of Mathematics. Pacific
Systems development of symbols ( Pair-work discussion plan the answer to Grove CA: Brooks and Cole , pages 129-140
various number Change and submit report ) Tutorial 1B using the
Different systems from base b to Reader (Smith, 2001,
Numeration Base 10 pgs 129-140) and
Systems C search for other
overt numbers appropriate resources
from base b to


base 10 and
vice versa

M3 Elementary Define Definition Discuss Tutorial 2A Read the notes on Reference : Numbers and Numeration file
Number Theory number Classificati in groups of 3-4 and Numbers and
system ons within the submit report in groups. Numeration and Coursework to be given to students and deadline highlighted.
Number set of real search for one
Systems Classify website on
the set of real Classification of
numbers Number Systems.
Print out and keep in
a file as notes.

M4 Elementary Perform Number Workshop Get information on

Number Theory number Representatio Tutorial 2B Number Systems Distribute Tutorial 3
representation n (Discuss In groups of 3- from the Internet.
Number 4 and submit a report) Print out two relevant
Systems websites and keep in
a file as notes.

M5 Natural Characterize the Divisibility Group Presentation of Discuss Tutorial 3 Coursework to be given to students and deadline highlighted
Numbers divisibility of Tutorial 3 and prepare for group
natural numbers Prime presentation Reader : S.Groves (2006). Exploring Number and Space. Deakin
Prime Apply prime Factorization - University. Divisibility: pages 201-205
Numbers factorization The Euclidean
Modular using the Algorithm Reader: S Groves (2006)
Numbers Euclidean Topic 2 The natural numbers- Additional notes. Prime
Algorithm Factorization: The Euclidean Logarithm

M6 Natural Perform Clock Arithmetic Solve application Read A card trick in Reference for lecture:
Numbers fundamental Addition, problems on modular Miller, Heeren & Clock Arithmetic and Modulo Five Arithmetic in Smith
operations on Subtraction, numbers. Hornsby (1990). Try (2001). The Nature of Mathematics, p.216 221
Modular modular Multiplication (Refer Problem out the trick with your Modular Arithmetic p.118 - 134
Numbers numbers. and Division in Solving in Smith (2001) friends. Submit to
The Clock Arithmetic for examples of your lecturer an Reference for tutorial:
Fundamental Congruence problems. account on how Problem Solving in Smith (2001). The Nature of
Theorem of Mod m modular arithmetic Mathematics. 9th ed. p. 225-226
Arithmetic can be used to


explain the trick Reference for ISL:

A card trick in Miller, Heeren & Hornsby (1990).
Mathematical ideas. 6th ed., p.288.

Additional reference materials:

Clock arithmetic in

Encode and decode secret messages in

M7 Natural Find prime Finding In groups, do Activity In pairs, read the Reference for lecture:
Numbers factorization of prime 2.10 on page 24 in Susie article Ryans primes. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic in Susie
natural number factorisation of Groves (2006). Summit to the lecturer Groves (2006). Exploring Space and
The Natural Exploring Space and a one-page synopsis Numbers Study Guide. p.24.
Fundamental Extend Numbers Numbers Study Guide. before the tutorial
Theorem of knowledge in Make a group sessions. Reader for ISL:
Arithmetic number presentation at the end Ryans primes in B. Juraschek & A.S. Evans (2000).
Number concepts of Activity 2.10.
Recreations through number Additional reference materials:
recreation Prime Numbers in Richard J.B. Number Systems: An
activities elementary approach. p. 142 145

M8 Natural Extend Fibonacci Do Tutorial 4 in groups In pairs, read Reference for Question 1 for Tutorial 3: Smith (2001), The Nature
Numbers knowledge in Sequence and and present answers in Squares that are of Mathematics. 9th ed. p. 376.
number Golden Ratio class. Magic and carry out
Number concepts Magic Squares the activities 3x3 Reference for Question 2 for Tutorial 3: Fibonacci Numbers
Recreations through number Problem magic square and Lesson Block L: p.102-p.109.
recreation Solving 4x4 magic square
activities on p. 91. Write your Reader for Question 3 for Tutorial 3: Golden Rectangles in Smith
learning experience (2001), The Nature of Mathematics. 9th ed. p. 370 - 373.
Apply number on magic squares in
concepts in your reflective log. Reader for ISL: Squares that are Magic taken from Humble
problem solving (2002), p90 p93.
activities In pairs, search the
Internet to explore An example of a good site for ISL:
more on Number
Recreations. Write Additional Reference Materials:
your learning The Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio in Miller, Heeren
experience searching & Hornsby (1990), Mathematical
the internet in your Ideas. 6th ed. p. 198 202.
reflective log. The Golden ratio: p.279


The Digits in Shakunta Devi. (1987). The joy of

numbers. p. 15 30.

M9 Rational Describe the Fundament Refer to Topic 7: Notes Read the article titled Reference for lecture:
numbers fundamental al property of on Rational and The Cantor Story Rational Numbers in Smith (2001), The Nature of
properties fractions Irrational numbers: and Mathematics. 9th ed. p.188 194.
Basic of fraction Operations Complete Activity 7.1 (a) submit a synopsis of Rational and irrational numbers from the Study Guide
properties Perform with rational to (g) Pg.138 and submit the article. on Exploring number and space by Susie Groves, 2006
fundamental numbers report to lecturer (Deakin University). Pg. 135 - 142
Cardinality of operations
the rational on rational One-to-one Reader for ISL: The Cantor Story by Hemmings, R and Tahta, D.
numbers numbers correspondence (1984)
Determine and cardinality
cardinality of Countable sets
rational and aleph zero

M10 Rational Define Definition of a Refer to Topic 7: Surf the website Reference for Lecture:
numbers complex and complex fraction Rational and irrational suggested and Complex Fractions in Miller, Heeren & Hornsby (1990),
continued Simplifying numbers Additional highlight important Mathematical Ideas. 6th ed. p. 242-243
Complex fractions a complex notes points on continued Problems 55 59 in Smith (2001), The Nature of
fractions and Generate fraction fractions. Mathematics. 9th ed. p.195
continued a continued Definition Complete and submit The Necklace Problem from Lilavati in Shakuntala Devi
fractions fraction from a of a continued Exercise 7.5 & Exercise (1984). The book of numbers. p.108
rational fraction 7.6
number Writing a Additional self-reading and discussion during ISL.
Apply rational number
Problem complex and as a continued Personal/R.Knott/Fibonacci/cfINTRO.html
solving continued fraction
fraction in Evaluating Reference for tutorial:
problem a continued Topic 7 :Rational and irrational numbers Additional
solving fraction notes from the Study Guide on Exploring number and space
activities by Susie Groves ,2006 (Deakin University).
of problems

M11 Irrational Define and Definition and Tutorial 5 Complete Activity 7.2 Reference :
numbers characterize a properties of Task (a) to (d) page Michael Sullivan (1999)
irrational irrational 144 from Algebra & Trigonometry. NJ: Prentice Hall. page 70-71
Basic number numbers. S. Groves (2006).
properties Use The square root Exploring Number & S. Groves (2006). Exploring Number & Space. Study


contradiction of 2 as example Space. Study Guide. Guide. Australia: Deakin University

to prove of an irrational Australia: Deakin Pg. 142-156
square of two number University
is an irrational (Proof by Bennett A.B and Nelson L.T, (1998), Mathematics for
number contradiction) Elementary Teacher: An Activity Approach 4th ed, McGraw-Hill
operations by Product
using product rule of square
Square rule and roots
roots and quotient rule
surds of square Quotient
roots. rule of square

M12 Irrational Apply Problem solving Exercise 1.5 Question Discuss answers for Reference :
numbers irrational involve with 1,3,5 and 7 from page selected questions in Michael Sullivan (1999)
numbers in irrational number 26,27 from Brodie,R and exercise 1.7 page Algebra & Trigonometry. NJ: Prentice Hall
Square problem solving Swift,S (2002) New 70-71 problems
root and activities QMaths II. Nelson (i) 29-37, Miller. C. D , Heeren, V.E, Hornsby E. J. (1990), Mathematical
surds Thomson Learning (ii) 65-73 Ideas 6th Ed. Harpr Collins Publishers, USA
o Q (odd numbers only)
uotient rule from Michael Sullivan Brodie, R., Swift, S. (2002). New Q maths 11C. Australia:
o P (1999) Nelson Thompson Learning
roblem Algebra &
solving Trigonometry. NJ:
Prentice Hall

M13 Complex Determine the Modulus Answer selected Gather relevant Reference : Nicholson,W.K. (2002) Linear Algebra with
Numbers modulus, Argument questions Exercises A, information on Applications. 4th ed. McGraw Hill .
argument and Conjugate pg 440,441 Complex Number on
Modulus, conjugate of a No.12,13,14,16,27 and topics modulus,
argument complex 29 from reference argument and
and number conjugate
conjugate of from the Internet.
a complex Print and keep the
number notes in a file.



M14 Complex o Perform Operations Answer Q 3,11,17,19, Gather relevant Reference:

Numbers fundamental Polar form 21,23,25,27, information on the Michael Sullivan (1999). Algebra and Trigonometry.
operations on 35 and 45 (pg 731- topic Complex Mullan, E. (2001). Maths in action: Mathematics 2
Operations complex Michael Sullivan (1999)) Numbers in the Polar Ho, S.T. Collegfe mathematics syllabus c.
involving numbers Algebra and Form from the
complex o Convert Trigonometry Internet. Print and
numbers complex keep the notes in a
Complex number from file.
numbers in coordinate
polar form form to polar
form and vice

M15 Estimation of Perform Whole Present tasks in Prepare tasks on pgs Reference : Tipler, M.J. New national framework
quantities estimation on numbers groups. 29 and 67 from Tipler, mathematics. Nelson Thornes Limited.
quantities Fractions M.J. New
Roundin Round off and decimals Related national framework
g off numbers Standard mathematics. Nelson
exercises from
numbers forms Thornes Limited
reference given
roots and