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Traveller pre-intermediate

Test 3 Module 3

A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

receptionist exploration delay crowded ladder minimum colourful range

1. Marion is very experienced in _______________ cave .

2. Jane bought a(n) _______________ T-shirt last week but nobody liked it.
3. The restaurant was really _______________ so they had to leave.
4. There was a lot of snow on the mountain _______________ .
5. Our flight had a two-hour _______________ and waiting at the airport was really boring.
6. Can you bring me a(n) _______________ because I cant reach that shelf?
7. The hotel _______________ gave us the key to our room.
8. Whats the _______________ age for scuba-diving?

B. Choose a, b or c.

1.May I see your _______________please? 6. There was so much _______________ in the

food that it was impossible to eat it.
a.boarding card b. destination c.conveyor belt
a.chilli peppers b. buffet c.garlic
2. We were amazed by the _______________
scenery. 7. All passengers with hand luggage only should
go straight to the departure _______________.
a.comfortable b. special c. spectacular
a. arrival b. square c. gate
3.I always ask for a(n) _______________when I
travel by plane. 8. Im _______________ Ron to come by my
place soon. Would you like to come too?
a.formation b. equipment c.aisle seat
a. planning b. expecting c. preparing
4. There were many _______________shops in
the city centre. 9. We visited the _______________ church and
took lots of photos.
a.thrill b. variety c.souvenir
a. historic b. suitable c. narrow
5. They discovered the ancient stone
_______________ a hundred years ago. 10. You must all wear a _______________
before you go inside the cave. Its dangerous.
a. volcano b. temple c.cliff
a. tent b. club c. helmet

C. Circle the correct words.

1. What a cosy / fascinating story! I liked it a lot.

2. Does the hotel room have parking / air conditioning ?
3. The statue attracts lots of tourists / flight attendants every year.
4.The park is important for the communication / protection of pandas in the area.

Traveller pre-intermediate
Test 3 Module 3

1. Can you get me some milk when you go to the supermarket?
2. Do you need to finish this project today?
3. Excuse me, could you help me with these bags?
4. We need to buy some souvenirs for our friends.
5. Remember to bring me the car before 5pm.
6. Could you speak Italian before you went to Rome?
a. Sorry, I cant. Theyre too heavy.
b. I could understand it but I wasnt able to communicate very well.
c. Sure. Do you also need some bread?
d. Yes, I know. But we neednt spend all our money on gifts.
e. Im afraid so. I have to give it to my teacher tomorrow morning.
f. OK. Thanks for letting me borrow it.

A. Circle the correct words.

1.A: Can / Must I go out on Saturday night?

B: Of course. But dont be late.
2.A: Is your wife feeling better?
B: Yes, but the doctor said she needs to / mustnt go to work till she is completely well.
3.A: Did you finish your project last night?
B: Im afraid not. I need to / couldnt work on it again today.
4.A: We dont have to / mustnt buy Amanda a gift; its not her birthday.
B: OK, but we could / dont have to get her some ice cream.
5.A: Could /May you help me wash the car?
B: Sure but first I am able to / must finish this e-mail.
6.A: Sorry, Sir but you neednt / mustnt take pictures in the museum.
B: Im sorry, I didnt know.

B. Complete the dialogues with the modal verbs in the boxes.

do I have to can need to mustnt

A: Excuse me, _______________ I smoke in here?
B: No, Im afraid not. You _______________ smoke here.
A: So, _______________ go out, or can I smoke somewhere else?
B: You _______________ go outside. Sorry!
Traveller pre-intermediate
Test 3 Module 3
have to could cant

A: _______________you help me with this exercise?

B: Im sorry but I _______________. I _______________meet Julie in half an hour.

C. Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.

1. Our old sofa wasnt as _______________ (comfortable) as our new one.

2. Kathleen is_______________ (interested) in going to the theatre than in going to the cinema.
3. Climbing that mountain was _______________ (tiring) than I thought.
4. Mark is as_______________ (careful) as his sister when he drives.
5.That was the _______________ (bad) film Ive ever seen.
6. Paul was able to swim _______________ (far) than Jim in the race.
7.Today Im the _______________ (happy) person in the world.
8. Scuba-diving was the _______________ (exciting) experience Ive ever had.

D. Rewrite the questions in Indirect Speech.

1. Where is your passport?

Can you tell me ________________________________________________________________________
2. Who is Jacks mother?
Do you know __________________________________________________________________________
3. Why are the shops still closed?
Do you know __________________________________________________________________________
4. How much does this sleeping bag cost?
Can you tell me ________________________________________________________________________
5. How many languages does our tour guide speak?
Do you know __________________________________________________________________________

Listen to a dialogue between a man and a woman at the airport and answer the questions. Choose
a or b.

1.Whats the womans gate number?

a. 8B b. 7G
2. What is the man doing at the airport?
a. Hes a passenger. b. He works there.
3. What does the man tell the woman to do?
a. finish her coffee before boarding b. have a doughnut at the Airlines Caf

Traveller pre-intermediate
Test 3 Module 3

Read the text below and write T for True or F for False.

Havasu Falls are in the Havasu Canyon next to the Grand Canyon in the southwestern USA. There are actually
three waterfalls in the area:Havasu, Mooney and Navajo . The waterfalls are in the Havasupai Indian
Reservation, the home of the Havasupai people. Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters.

The best time to visit the falls is in spring, in the months of April and May because the weather is cool, but it is
warm enough to swim. Later, in summer, it gets hot and rainy and there can be floods, too. Visitors can camp in
a campsite or stay at the Havasu Lodge. But you have to book a room at the Lodge three or four months before
you plan to go.

To reach the falls you start at the parking area at Hualapai Hilltop. From there you can walk, ride a horse or fly in
a helicopter to Supai village, 13 km away. From Supai village it is about 4 km to Mooney Falls.

You dont have to be an experienced hiker to walk to the falls because the walk is safe, even for beginners.
However, you must be very careful because there are many dangerous cliffs. There are also caves to explore on
the way. It is a good idea to take water with you and to watch out for rattlesnakes, too.

Whether you walk, ride a horse or take the helicopter, the impressive waterfalls and the peaceful surroundings
make this one of the most fascinating places you can visit. It is an unforgettable experience.

1. Havasu is one of the three waterfalls in the Grand Canyon.

2. The months of July and August are not a good time to visit the falls.

3. The Mooney Falls are about 17km from the parking area.

4. The walk to the falls is dangerous for walkers without experience.

You are planning to visit Havasu Falls and you want to stay at a hotel where your friend recently stayed. Write
an e-mail to your friend asking for more information about the hotel. Ask about:


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