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Fees and Deadline Scholarship KLEC

JUNE 21 - JULY 21
Mandatory Deadline Go to
- Application fee 80,000 KRW May 12, 2017 Click ApplicationScholarship

- Tuition 2,100,000 KRW

Where is Sogang University?
- Gonzaga Dormitory 750,000 KRW(double room, breakfast and dinner included)
Sogang University is located in the heart of Sinchon, Seoul.
- Bellarmino Dormitory 550,000 KRW(quadruple room, breakfast and dinner included)
- Two-day field trip 380,000 KRW Sinchon is known as University Town because several
prestigious universities are located in this area. Students
Application Procedure arriving at Incheon International Airport can take the KORAIL
Go to Airport Railroad to Gongdeok Station, then transfer to line 6 to

Click Application Daeheung Station.
Fill out the application form
Send a copy of passport and diploma How to get to Sogang University

Pay tuition and fees by one of the following methods by May 12, 2017

1) By Electronic Fund Transfer Shinchon Street

Account Number: 1005-401-792502

Beneficiary Name: Sogang University

Bank Name: Woori Bank, Sogang Univ. Branch Hong Dae Street


Bank Address: Arrupe Hall, Sogang University 35 Baekbeom-
ro(Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107, South Korea
2) By Credit Card
Please visit our office to pay the fees by credit card.
Or you can fax your information; Students Name, Card Name For detailed information, please visit
(e.g. Visa, Master card, etc.), Card Number, Expiration Date. Click arrivals & departures

What can you do in Seoul?

Go to:

Korean Language Education Center(KLEC)

2017 Sogang Korean Immersion Program
AR703, Arrupe Hall, Sogang University
35 Baekbeom-ro(Sinsu-dong), Mapo-gu, Seoul, 04107, South Korea
Tel: 82-2-705-7887 / 82-2-705-8088 Fax: 82-2-701-6692
Program Summary KIP Academic Credits
The Korean Immersion Program is a five week long - 5 weeks (June 21 - July 21, 2017) Upon successful completion of course requirements,
program designed to help students improve their Korean - 128 hours students will receive 6 credits. Credits may be transferred
language skills and learn more about Korean culture. - 6 credits to the students home institution by requesting an official
- 4 hour language classes and 2 hour culture classes transcript to be sent to their universitys registrars office. In
- Beginner through Advanced levels offered order to receive credits, students are required to attend at
- Average class size of 12 (Max. 16) least 80% of their classes.
Language Courses - Outside-of-class activities on campus and in Seoul
In the mornings, students take language courses designed (Some activities may require an additional fee)
to help improve their fluency in conversational Korean. Using - Optional two-day field trip Housing Options
an integrated teaching method, students practice speaking, - Opportunity to participate in a Language Exchange Partnership
1. On-Campus Dormitory
listening, reading, and writing skills and learn useful - Scholarship
It is highly recommended that program participants stay
vocabulary and grammar patterns. Through group projects in the newly-built Gonzaga Dormitory. As rooms go quickly,
Cultural Activities
and classroom activities, students acquire practical speaking students exercising this option should pay their fees as soon
experience while learning about Korean culture. K-Pop Music/Dance Korean cooking class
as possible, and no later than May 12, 2017.
Music video filming Taekwondo
For detailed information, please go to
Watching a TV show filming Korean crafts
Mask dance (, Tal-chum) Palace tours
Cultural Activities Traditional music (, Samulnori) Temple visits
Click introductionClick facilities
Students spend the afternoons taking interactive culture Calligraphy The Blue House
classes. In addition, students take outings into the city 2. Off-Campus Housing
Trekking Korean games
with their instructors or teaching assistants to complete If you would like to live off-campus, there are several
Contents can be changed.
assignments that help them practice their Korean language boarding houses called Hasook-jib in the Sinchon area. The
skills in a real world setting. Destinations include historical Language Exchange Partnership general cost of boarding houses(including two meals a day)
sites and other local points of interest. Students will also is around 450,000 ~ 500,000 KRW per month.
While attending the program, students have the option of
participate in culture-related group projects with Korean participating in a language exchange with a native Korean
college students. 3. Home Stay
speaker. A language exchange is a great opportunity to practice
If you want to experience life with a Korean family, another
Korean and learn about Korean culture while sharing your
option is a home stay. We do not offer a home stay-matching
own native language and culture with a new Korean friend. To
Field Trips participate in the language exchange program, students should
service, but you can find information at the following
Students will have the opportunity to take several half-day contact us at least one month prior to their arrival on campus.
Korea Stay:
field trips to visit attractions in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Contact: Lee, Choon Hee Email: Korea Homestay:
including Samchung-dong, Insadong, sporting events, and Homestay Korea:
performances. In addition, students have the option of taking
a 2-day trip to historic sites outside of Seoul.