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City International School Wanowrie

Syllabus for the Session 2017-18

Name of the Book:Contemporary India II Subject : Geography Class:X

Month Chapter Sub Topics Map/Lab Manual/Project/Demonstration

Types of Resources
1.Resource Development of Resources
and Development Resource Planning
Conservation of Resource
April Land Resource Map Work: Page No. 9
Land Utilization
Land Use Pattern in India
Soil as a Resource

Water: Some Facts and Figures

3.Water Resource Water Scarcity
The need for Water Conservation and Management
Multipurpose River Projects
June Adverse effects and Limitations of Multipurpose River Map Work:Page No.28
India Dams: Some Facts and Figures
Movements against Multipurpose Projects
Rainwater Harvesting

4.Agriculture Types of Farming

Cropping Pattern
Major Crops
Crops of India
Fibre Crops
July Technological and Institutional Reforms Map Work:Page No37 and39
Contribution of Agriculture to theNational Economy
Employment ad Output
Food Security
Impact of Globalization on Agriculture
Means of Transport
7.Lifeline of Indian Roadways, Railways, Waterways and Air Transport
Economy Communication and International trade Map on page No83(only the national
August highways as per CBSE syllabus 2017-18
& 89

September ________ Revision ___________

What are minerals and Classification

5.Minerals and Energy Occurrence of Minerals
Resources Ferrous and Non ferrous Minerals
Metallic and Non Metallic
October Conservation of Minerals
Energy Resources :Conventional and Non
Conservation of Energy Resource Map Work:Page No.54,59,61

6.Manufacturing Importance, Contribution and location of Manufacturing

Industries Classification
Agro Based &Mineral Based Industries
Information Technology and Electronic Industries
Industrial Pollution and Degradation
Control of Environmental Degradation
Map Work:Page No.69,72,77
Pre Board 1

Pre Board 2


QUATERLY Syllabus:Chapter 1
(Chapter no. 2 is omitted by CBSE Board)
:Chapters 1,3,4
PRE BOARD Syllabus:Chapters
ANNUAL EXAMINATION Syllabus: Chapters 1,3,4,5,6,7