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Published by Sandy Glades

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
Mindful Living

Chapter 3:
Money Myths

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

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We are surrounded constantly by thoughts that come and go. Negative thoughts
and emotions like the fear of failure, anxiety and experiencing scarcity will cause
us to drift further away from what we ultimately want happiness, health and

Have you wondered why some of the richest people seem to live in the lap of
luxury despite hardly lifting a finger to do work, while you are stuck in the rat race,
trying to make ends meet? If you are think that life has been hard for you and that
you have to accept your fate, then it might be time to change your notion of wealth
and success. If you are willing to take responsibility for the results you have
achieved thus far, you have the mindset of a rich man and you can be sure it will
accelerate your way to success and abundance. Accepting responsibility for your
life without judgment is both empowering and liberating. When you understand
that you do not exist just to meet everyones expectations of yourself, you are able
to modify your actions and hence, achieve the results you desire.

While most of us wish and hope for riches and have the perception that life can be
a bed of roses having material wealth, majority of people are not willing to pay the
dues to achieve financial success. We might also have the middle-income
mindset, where we are living comfortably off a reasonable income as an employee
and become complacent unknowingly, unaware that each of us have infinite
potential to manifest even more wealth.

Therefore, the beginning of the journey to manifesting your dreams hinge on the
awareness of the emotions that are creating your current experience. You have to
take control and responsibility for your life right now.

Regardless of where you are in life right now, life will only get better if you allow
yourself to experience abundance and happiness.

The law of attraction, or what I refer to as resonance manifestation, is the principle

by which you attract that which resonate with your current vibrations of your
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mental awareness. Your thoughts, emotions and attitudes will play a part when
you are deliberately trying to envision and create your ideal reality. One should be
mindful of these feelings when you wish to align your visions with your life.

Therefore, to manifest your desires, you will need to be aware of the thoughts and
emotions that you are experiencing and to take responsibility for your current

When you realize that the Universe always backs you up, you'll be able to
experience a series of events that can change your life. One may encounter a
burst of serendipity, find solutions to problems unexpectedly and experience your
dreams seamlessly coming true.

To apply the law of attraction effectively, you will have to be mindful of the inner
thoughts that are subconsciously running through your mind. You need to have
greater awareness of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that are creating
your experience.

In my exploration of manifesting abundance and the law of attraction, I would like

to highlight some key insights that have helped me on my journey to understand
this universal law and engage it in my favor. I would suggest you read and digest
fully each of the proven steps and apply the activity steps you are comfortable
with in your daily life.

With Love,

Chief Abundance Officer
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What Subscribers are Saying About the book

Thanks so much for the insightful sharing on

achieving happiness and abundance! I learnt a
great deal on taking control of my life and not
allowing circumstances to define my destiny.

- Sarah Mcleigh

Chapter #7 was a wakeup call for me! I was guilty of

almost all the reasons listed in the book and was not able
to achieve my goals that I set for myself the last year. Time
to try harder this year! Thanks for giving me these

- Kevin Strumer
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Chapter 1:
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Your mind is the gateway to the unlimited possibilities and a bridge to your
subconscious mind.

In 1956, a prolific author, Earl Nightingale recorded a message that was to

become an inspiration to many. It was called The Strangest Secret. In his
research, he enquired 100 individuals who were at the age of 25 years old and
asked them if they would like to be RICH at the age of 65. All the 100 individuals
responded with a resounding Yes!. There was still a spark in them and
eagerness towards life at that point in time.

However, by the time these individuals were aged 65, only 1 was wealthy, 4 were
financially independent, 5 were still working and more than half of the group
depended on social security or others for their daily necessities. Why was it that
only 5% of them succeeded in achieving their financial goals, while the rest was
struggling despite having the same dreams and goals?

We are living our pre-defined ideas that have been inculcated by our parents and
loved ones. Most of us are hardwired to go to school, achieve good grades, find a
job after graduation, buy a property, get married and hope to retire when they
reach the age of 65. We learn to read when we are seven. We learn to work for a
living when we are 25. We learn to set up a family by the time we are 30.
However, when we reach a ripe old age of 60, most of us are still struggling to be
financially independent despite seeing many who are half the age achieving
financial freedom! For instance, Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg is only in his
30s and has amassed riches that most of us could never dream about. The
majority of people are living a life of mediocrity and conforming to the crowd,
without any idea where they are going in life.

Therefore, the key to success may already be familiar to you - We Become What
We Think About. Those without a vision or goal will likely fail and be part of the
95% that are struggling with making ends meet and life generally. People with a
goal in mind typically succeed as they have a sense of direction, which will
motivate and drive them to excel to achieve that goal. On the other hand, those
who believe that they cannot control their circumstances will fail, as they do not
feel empowered to change their life.
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A friend told an interesting story to me on having a goal in mind. Let me paint you
a scenario: If you would like to visit a friend in London and will need to take the
fastest flight to reach him, will you look for a flight that states that it goes to
London or would you choose to embark on an aircraft that says, Flight to
nowhere - will land in London when ready?

The answer is obvious. Referring to the example above, an aircraft that does not
have the entire flight journey mapped out is like a lost plane, with no destination
and no estimated time of arrival. The captain or crew will not know where it should
be going and might not even want to navigate the plane out of the airport in the
first instance. Hence, having a goal in mind is akin to a plane with its flight journey
that has been properly planned and mapped out. The captain and crew are aware
of the flight destination and 99% of the time, the flight will be able to reach its

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

With regards to achieving success in business or in life, most people seek for
external answers for insights on the next steps to follow to bring their career,
business and life to the next level. They might attend workshops, training sessions
and read books written by the experts. However, by focusing on looking for
external answers, they are undermining one important source of wisdom Your
subconscious mind.

Imagination stems from your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind does
not recognize the deviation between the genuine and what is imaginary. Hence, it
is imperative we use our thoughts in the subconscious mind to attract what we
desire. In order for your desires to come true, you have to create the positive
vibrations and be prepared for it. You will need to check out what needs to be
done on an emotional and mental level for you to be ready for this new desired
reality. Ask yourself: What resources, contacts and skills could I acquire to be
ready for the new ME?

When visualizing the object of your desire, engage all your senses to fully engage
your subconscious mind. Imagine not only the visual aspect of your dream, but
also hear the sounds, feel the textures, appreciate the smells and tastes in the
P a g e | 10

scene in the vision. Experience the feelings of joy, pleasure and happiness when
you have achieved the outcome in your visualizations as these contain the
strongest magnetic force for drawing in your desires. The stronger you can
present your subconscious mind with the feelings of achieving your desired
outcome, the stronger the magnetic force for attracting your desires in reality. The
universe will correspond to the nature of that internal feeling and manifest it
because that is the way you feel.

For instance, if you envision your dream car but are consumed with feelings of
doubtfulness about ever manifesting it or guilt about wanting it, the law of
attraction will work against you and reinforce the feeling of lack. Your feelings are
powerful indicators of what is going on internally and point to beliefs and
perceptions that may require change. Your feelings also determine if you can
manifest abundance successfully.

We are the result of our thinking over the weeks, months and years of our life thus
far. Our current life circumstances reflect what we have been doing or not doing
over the last few years. No matter where you are, you should understand that the
future is up to you to create.

You can begin immediately to feel healthy. You can start to feel prosperous. You
can start to feel the Universe aligning its tune to your song and you can attract
what you want soon.

How can you tap into your subconscious mind to unleash your inner creativity,
make better decisions, solve problems faster, create winning business strategies,
and make more money?

Envisioning your way to happiness

Subconcious programming like subliminal audios, work around the conscious

mind and its logical functions. Therefore, it creates a route to our subconscious
mind where we are influenced and persuaded to accept the messages masked
within, which is also termed as auto-suggestion. An easy way to leverage on
subconscious programming in your road to success would be creative
P a g e | 11

In creative visualization, a few simple steps you could follow would be to:

1) Envision your desired state just once a day, simply for 5-10 minutes.
If you are a beginner, chances are you might end up falling asleep or
drifting away if you were to do it for a little longer. This could lead you to be
upset with yourself and perceive that it does not work for you.

2) Imagine every little detail in the dream life you wish to experience.
Allow yourself to immerse fully into the scene without any critical thoughts
or distractions. Re-create the scenes in your minds eye and reflect the life
you desire. Use your senses to create the sights and observe the
surrounding images before you. Note the sounds and aromas that are in
the scene of your dream life. As you enjoy each moment of this desired life
in your mind, feel the emotions that well up within you. Feel the stillness of
your breath as you become part of this beautiful scene. As you practice
visualizing this desired life, you will find your getting excited about the small
little changes that will slowly, but surely come into your life. Be in the
scene, rather than being a spectator.

3) Dont think about the How

To fully experience and train your subconscious state to accept the new
reality in your mind, one must remove doubts and negative thoughts that
come up as we embark on the visualization journey. When you are
performing creative visualization, there is no need to think of how you may
get to your desired state, rather you should re-create the scene as if you
are already successful. By using your emotions and putting yourself within
the visualization, it can ramp up your chances of manifesting your desired
lifestyle and dreams.

Tapping into the Subconscious Mind

Your thoughts are very powerful. Your thoughts are reflected in your attitude and
similarly on your appearance (unless you are a great pretender). The attitude you
carry with you can affect the people around you positively or negatively. Those
with a keen sense of awareness can generally sense the vibes or aura around
you and they will react accordingly.
P a g e | 12

Those who are optimistic and positive in disposition will energize you and uplift
your emotions. Most people like to have a friend who is positive in nature and as
he or she will be able to help you to handle problems better. Negative or
pessimistic people will sap energy from you and mixing around with them in the
long term could cause you to be depressed or gloomy.

To have a positive mindset, one should have uplifting and healthy thoughts.
According to Dr. Rick Hanson, a neuro-psychologist, it is proven that our minds
are naturally inclined to focus on the negative even when there are many positive
things to be grateful for in our lives. From the evolution perspective, our brains are
hardwired to focus on survival and therefore, the brain has a protective
mechanism to identify potential dangers and risks in order to maintain our
longevity. For instance, when we start focusing on bad news from the media, it will
be quickly assimilated into our long-term memory. Negative emotions are
generated in this instance and require more processing and thinking. As we
ponder on them longer, the negative information becomes ingrained into our

When you catch yourself veering towards negative thoughts, thank your
subconscious mind on the perceived danger and change course. It is important
to be aware when negativity creeps up in your daily life and nip it in the bud before
it becomes part of the subconscious mind. A positive attitude is essential for
manifesting success and abundance. Being happy and positive will enable you to
attract the right cosmic vibrations to assist you in manifesting your definition of

Being more mindful of your emotions and physical sensations can help you tap
into your intuition and subconscious mind. Your intuition may appear to you as a
vision while you are day-dreaming or even meditating. It could also manifest as a
sixth sense or sudden thought that is encouraging you to proceed or hold back
from an activity or plan. To effectively be able to listen and act on this inner voice,
one should practice mindfulness where possible. Mindfulness or awareness is the
act of experiencing the present moment in an open and non-judgmental way.
P a g e | 13

Activity 1: Understanding Your Current State

As a first baby step, assess the parts of your life that you feel are making you
unhappy. The main areas in your assessment could be:

1. Family and Relationships:

Romantic relationships

In your romantic relationships, you could examine the relationship

with your spouse or partner to find out areas where he/she is not
meeting your needs (e.g. not communicating to fill your emotional
bank account, lack of physical intimacy)

Deep dive to understand why these are important to you in

maintaining a happy relationship

Schedule an uninterrupted time to communicate with your partner

on the areas that can be improved

Compliment your partner if he/she exhibits the desired action you

would like to see

Family relations and Friendships

Assess if your friends or family members are positively impacting

your life

If you feel a lack of energy or depressed after mixing around with

certain people in your life, their negative vibes could have rubbed
off on you. Limit the amount of time spent with them to prevent your
energetic vibration from dipping.

2. Work and Career

Is your co-worker or boss creating a constant source of frustration in

your workday?
P a g e | 14

Are you in the right job fit? Is this career what you would like to
excel in? Do you see yourself in your bosss position in future?

3. Health

What are you doing everyday to ensure that your body is healthy
and your mind stays sharp?

Are you exercising to keep your body fit? Are you taking the right
foods for your body?

Are you able to enjoy life with the current state of your health? If
not, what are you going to do about it?

4. Finances

Are you able to meet your basic necessities with the income you
are generating now?

Have you put aside sufficient funds for any emergencies, leisure,
basic living, investments and retirement?

Is money being a constant struggle in your household?

5. Miscellaneous

Do you constantly feel that you are unlucky?

Are you expecting unhappy events to crop up?

Do little things like losing the car keys bog down your day? These
minor items can wreak havoc on your mental and emotional state.

This exercise will take about 15 minutes. Find a quiet place and assess honestly,
the lower-rated aspects of your life that are holding you back. Take a few minutes
of your time to rate on a scale of 1 (being the least happy) to 10 (being the
P a g e | 15

happiest) each of these areas of your life. Pick out the areas that you feel are less
than acceptable in your standards.

For the best and quickest results, choose just one area in your life that will
contribute to your happiness and focus at improving this area within a specified
timeline. Set a goal that you would like to achieve and perform the necessary
actions everyday.

For instance, the most pressing goal you would like to focus on would be losing
excess weight of 5 kg within 30 days as your wedding preparations are coming
up. List down from Monday to Sundays the exercises or activities you would do to
achieve the goal.

Also, dont forget that the food you consume also affects your bodys
performance. Eating the right types of food for your body allows you to attract
health and wealth. When your body is in equilibrium, it gives you the energy to
attract wealth and abundance.

You can find many workout plans via a Google search. Figure 1 shows a workout
plan extracted from, while figure 2 shows a
typical meal plan for the week you should consume extracted from

Reward yourself weekly with your favorite food when you managed to accomplish
your goal of exercising at least 5 days a week. You should be proud for doing
better than 80% of the working population in your country!

Figure 1
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Figure 2

P a g e | 17

Chapter 2:
Mindful Living
P a g e | 18

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves,

and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.
- Agnes Repplier

Have you considered what it means to live totally in the here and now? It is when
your mind is still and your awareness is totally focused on the here and now.
You're not worrying about the future or thinking of the past. You are living in the
present when you are living in the now. The past and future are non-existent when
you apply the concept of living in the present.

The past is history and the future is a fantasy, they dont exist. Tomorrow is solely
a concept, tomorrow is always waiting to come around the corner, but the time to
do anything you have always wanted is always now. The worst part about living in
the past or the future to come is that youre forgoing your personal power to make
the right choices that will make an impact today.

Can you count how often we are fretting about things that are yet to happen or the
frequency we beat ourselves up for errors that weve made in the past? The
answer is a little too much. Indeed, research has proven that the human mind
thinks about a gazillion thoughts everyday and out of that number, only a few
hundred are positive thoughts! You may find that these thoughts and actions
might not have a dramatic impact on your emotional states in the short term,
however, it has been proven that chronic exposure to negative emotional states or
mental tension will cause you to feel sick and eventually, have a detrimental
impact on your health.

In order for us to live in the here and now, does this mean we should abandon our
desire to have ambitions of becoming a famous actress in the future or force
ourselves to purge our past memories? The answer is no.

In essence, focusing on the past leads to regret. Its over; hence you should let it
all go. Focusing on the future leads to anxiety, therefore, living in the present is
still ideal. As Dale Carnegie says, we should Shut the iron doors on the past and
the future.
P a g e | 19

What we truly want is to discover balance. If you follow these little tips, you may
become more grounded in the present moment and begin to experience reality as
it is.

1. Dont attempt to hush your mind

The most difficult thing to do when living in the present moment is to stop arguing
with your current reality. In the event of an unfortunate situation, one would tend
to play the blame game or get into the self-denial mode. However, doing so would
simply thwart your mental and emotional balance and cause you to become
negative and depressed. Acknowledge your thoughts as though you are a third-
party observer. Dont attempt to judge your thoughts. William James, who is the
father of applied psychology, recommends that acceptance of what happened is
the critical step in overcoming any misfortunes.

Of course, it will be difficult to come to terms with reality when you find out, for
instance, that your loved one is facing a mental or health challenge. However,
when you accept the present circumstances, your worries simply melt away and
you will realize that you can find the strength to deal with these debacles and take
constructive actions to create your ideal life.

2. Your thoughts do not define you

There are countless instances when we think and act according to the inner
dialogue inside our brain. We identify ourselves with what we think and assume
the role that our thoughts make us out to be. However, we need to realize that
we're so much more than just what we think! We have the power and CAN control
our brain, spirit and body to propel us forward to achieve our goals and desires.
Being able to recognize this will help us overcome our fears of be still and to be at
peace with ourselves. With this realization, our minds can be quiet and be in touch
with our inner selves.

3. Breathe deeply
P a g e | 20

In current times, stress management is extremely important as the demands of

daily life catch up with us. Work and family commitments, the never-ending list of
household chores and distractions like our mobile phones constantly demand our
time. However, it is imperative to be able to sit quietly and turn towards your inner
self to keep ones sanity these days. You can reclaim your physical and mental
health by practicing deep breathing exercises to reverse your bodys natural fight
or flight response under stressful circumstances. We are unable to remove stress
from our daily lives, but we can learn to tackle it in a healthy way.

As you start breathing deeply, your body and muscles begin to relax. Oxygen fills
each red blood cell, allowing you to feel refreshed and helps improves your
mental concentration. Happy hormones (also known as Endorphins) are
released in the body, promoting a feeling of well-being and happiness.

Steps to Practice Deep Breathing

1. Lie down in a comfortable position. Ensure that the room is quiet or with soft,
soothing music. Allow yourself to be immersed into the exercise for at least 10 -15
minutes. Be free of distractions.

2. Tense your fist and relax your hand for 5 times. Feel that the tension in your body
is beginning to melt away.

3. Inhale through your nose, ensuring that your lungs are filled with air. Place your
hand on your abdomen and feel the fresh air flow into your abdomen and not just
your chest. Count to five as you inhale.

4. Exhale, and feel your lungs become empty completely. Again, count to five as you
exhale. While you exhale, feel the tension release from each and every muscle in
your body.

5. Continue to practice inhaling and exhaling deeply for about ten minutes, counting
to five each time. Focus on your breathing and counting and let your mind be free
from distractions.

When you have greater awareness on your breath, your physical body reacts
positively. Your breath brings your consciousness back to the present with each
time you inhale and exhale.
P a g e | 21

4. Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness basically means that we are aware of everything that is

happening around us. Be it eating our food, washing the dishes or working, we
should be focused on what we are doing. We are not thinking of the bills to be
paid or our office tasks. We are just living in the moment.
P a g e | 22

Chapter 3:
Money Myths
P a g e | 23

A wise man should have money in his head,

but not in his heart.- Jonathan Swifts

Why do success and wealth come so easily to some, while others struggle to
make ends meet? Here are 3 common myths surrounding money that most
people are conditioned to believe in.

Myth 1: Work hard and you will attain financial freedom

How many people do you know have worked hard in their lives but are still barely
making ends meet? Majority of people are stuck in this situation. However, on the
other hand, there are also many people who are financial free but still choose to
work. Also, there are people who hardly work but enjoy financial independence.
Have you ever wondered why are people doing the same things (i.e. To work) but
getting different results?

This essentially shows us that hard work does not automatically result in success.
To succeed, one should put in the most effort on the key areas of your plan. You
should also leverage on the right people and create automated systems that have
been proven to work to ensure consistent results. With that in place, work will
gradually become optional and you can then achieve financial independence
without the chore of working in a job that you do not love.

Myth 2: Study hard to get a Good Job

The traditional education system trains students to hold jobs like doctors, lawyers
etc. As Robert Kiyosaki had written in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the
education system is geared to prepare kids for a job. The system neither teaches
us about money management nor shows us the way to attaining financial

As we move into the informational age, we notice that millionaires are getting
younger and not confined within the walls of a traditional office i.e. digital
nomads. That is because the Internet are powering so many of these booming
businesses. For instance, you could be working from home, selling the latest
P a g e | 24

fitness tracker on eBay. Also, you could be a stock market guru, performing
winning trades from home. There are thousands of ideas for one to pursue to
achieve financial freedom.

Therefore, the traditional notion of working for 40 years until retirement is pass.
Retirement can only take place if you have the ability to generate cash flow from a
proven system which can replace your current income. You could be retired by
the age of 40 if you put in place an adequate system to generate passive income,
be it from stock dividends, rental income from property that is tenanted out or
income from book royalties.

The government used to be able to provide pension funds to cover ones

retirement expenses. However, most governments are finding it gradually
becoming impractical as the cost of social assistance increases. Currently, the
onus of having sufficient retirement funds falls on everyone and their respective
retirement contributions like the 401k. Are you prepared for your own retirement?

Myth 3: You can only create wealth when you have Money to Begin with

Have you ever wondered if you really need lots of money in order to make more
money? That is a misconception that most people have.

The truth is that you do not need to have money to start or build a business,
especially in todays context. There are thousands of people who are making
money online via blogging, owning eCommerce sites, performing freelancing
work, being famous on YouTube etc. In the offline world, you could sell physical
goods; perform services for people, e.g. Brokering the sale of a used car with a
potential buyer for a commission. Indeed, the potential of making money is limited
only to ones imagination!

Having money to start your entrepreneurship journey could actually result in

complacency, whereas having limited resources to start a business could in fact
lead to more creativity and drive to propel one forward in their business. You will
also learn to manage resources more efficiently in your business endeavors. A
P a g e | 25

good book to read on starting a business on the lean would be Chris Guillebeaus
recent book, The $100 Startup.

Therefore, you need to remove all these misconceptions if you find them familiar
in your daily life! You can succeed in life, you simply need to know how to
condition your mind for success.

What is Your Money Story?

Your upbringing on money will impact the way you manage your finances.
Whether you are constantly struggling with making ends meet or spending money
on the whim, you should attempt to understand your feelings or the emotions that
money brings about. It could be due to your thoughts and beliefs imprinted from
past experiences that drive your behavior - be it subconsciously or unconsciously.

One could be more aware of your money story through understanding the beliefs,
events or behaviors you witnessed while growing up that shaped your behavior
around money. Ask yourself the following questions to get an idea of your beliefs
about money:

1) What were your parents reaction when they discussed about money?
Were they frequently quarrelling or did they enjoy discussing about making

2) Did you family experience sudden financial success (e.g. Winning the

3) Did they experience any events that resulted in financial difficulties (e.g.
Losing a job, going through a divorce, loss of funds due to bad

4) What feelings will money evoke from you? What did your family associate
money with?

5) Would you associate money with being good or evil?

P a g e | 26

6) What was your familys status while you were growing up Wealthy, Poor
or middle class?

7) What is your idea of financial freedom?

8) Fill in the following paragraph: Money makes me feel.because..

For instance, Jack grew up in a wealthy family. His parents spend money on
extravagant items. Jack has always gotten his way as his parents were always
busy at work and could only make up to him through material goods. At the age of
21, his parents had bought 3 cars for him although he did not ask for them. Jack
spends his formative years wondering why his parents could never find the time
for him.

Deep down, he feels a sense of emptiness and feels that money is evil when he
talks about money. He perceives that money took away precious time with his
parents and will subconsciously take on his parents mentality on money i.e.
Money could buy time with his kinds in future.

Change Your Money Story!

The fact is that true wealth lies within ourselves. Money can help us to pursue our
greatest desires, but if we idolize money, we will become its prisoner.

Money is a form of energy. We have the tendency to give away our personal
money to money by defining our success in financial terms. If we make lots of
money, we are considered successful in this society. The society and media have
also indoctrinated in us to be consumers by emotional advertising, appealing to us
to purchase the latest iPhone or newest watch. The more we continue to be
programmed with this scarcity mindset, the more we continue to buy and keep the
economy going.

Consumerism is rampant as advertisers continue to cry that we need more

material goods, like a car or even the latest dress. However, neither driving the
fastest car nor staying in the biggest mansion will determine whether your life is
P a g e | 27

well lived. The people we love and positive impact we have created for the society
will define us at the end of our lives.

In order to change your money story, you need to do these: -

1) Realize that abundance is your natural state. Our ancestors have lived in
abundance despite not having money. Money exists in the current reality
as the society has collectively given power to money when it is just paper.

2) Come out of the poverty mindset and get clear on what is holding you back
from the life of your dreams.

3) Start being conscious of your thoughts and beliefs around money. Decide
to change the negative thoughts or fears of your story if it does not
empower you.

4) Attend seminars on managing money.

5) Start an Abundance Journal to record your emotions with money daily.

Take 5 minutes each day to write about what felt good, or what got you
frustrated during the day. Do also write about the things you are grateful for
in the morning to have a good start to the day.

6) Realize that wealth comes to you when there is something of value you can
offer to the world. When you go to work each day, you are offering your
time for the 8 hours in your day job to earn the monthly salary from your
employer. Likewise, if you have a specialized skill set or unique product to
sell, you can make money easily. Therefore, this is the universal law in
making money The goods or services we can offer are in direct
proportion to our financial success.

7) Be yourself. When you do what you love, you automatically align yourself
to receive wealth. Wealth comes when you are being the greatest version
of yourself.
P a g e | 28
P a g e | 29

Chapter 4:
P a g e | 30

There is one quality which one must possess

to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the
knowledge of what one wants, and a burning
desire to possess it. Napoleon Hill

Desire acts as the fuel for ones imagination and brings life to your dreams. As
you begin to desire an outcome, your imagination and thoughts align to your
goals. This is where magic happens. You will find yourself having strength to go
beyond what you think you can achieve. You become more disciplined to act to
reach your goals as the burning desire inside is ignited.

To connect with this desire for your goal, you will need to ask yourself the reason
for wanting the outcome. Ask yourself these questions:
1) WHY do I want to get my desired outcome?
2) If you achieve this goal that you desire, how would you feel? How would
your family and friends feel if you achieve your aim?
3) How does achieving this desired result affect your loved ones positively?
4) What would happen if you did not achieve this goal? (Quantify the impact
of failing to reach the goal.)
5) What do you require to make it happen?
6) Is there any role model who had achieved this goal? How can you learn
from him/ her?

As you delve deeper into asking the questions, you realize that you will achieve
your dreams if you can find a WHY that makes you cry. If your WHY is big
enough, you will always find a way to overcome any obstacles and figure out how
and what needs to be done.

Enquiring also helps to bring clarity to the intent behind your goal and point out
how realistic the goal is. At times, the goal that we desire can be largely
influenced by what the closest people around us want or societys consensus for
us, not what we personally wish for. If you find difficulty in answering the WHY for
a certain desired objective, you should question how much you personally desire
the goal.
P a g e | 31

Here are 3 ways to develop the seed of a burning desire to achieve any goal set
for you:

1) Burn the Bridges

If your goals are important enough to you, then you can start burning your bridges
(or your backup plan) and go full steam towards your aim. If you have a backup
plan open, you will not be as driven to fight as hard for your goal. Effectively, its
like giving an excuse to your subconscious mind to quit when the going gets

For instance, if you want to launch your own business, set a deadline and date
your resignation letter on the day you commit to go full-time into the business. Pin
it up on a prominent area that you can see every day to compel yourself to keep
your commitment. Alternatively, find a trusted friend that you can confide in who
will remind you of the commitment. Leveraging on someone to help you keep to
your commitment will build up your willpower, which leads to higher chances of
succeeding. It is a fact in Sun Tzus Art of War that soldiers in times of war fight
the most intensely when they know that they are fighting to their deaths and there
is no turning back.

2) Empowering Your Mind

Positivity influences your emotions; therefore, you should strive to empower your
mind with inputs that give you positive energy every day. Take stock of your daily
activities and be aware of the inputs that influence you negatively be it watching
the TV, reading the newspapers about the gloomy economic outlook, etc. Replace
them instead with positive and affirmative thoughts like listening to motivational
audio-books or watching inspirational movies that show you the true human spirit
of overcoming adversity.

If you find that your room is cluttered with things that you have not used, you
could also clean out your room or desk to make space for creativity and
inspiration to flow into your life. If you have a pet or kids, spend some time to talk
and play with them. It is through these little, yet simple actions in life that creates
an impact on your overall motivation for success.
P a g e | 32

Enrich your mind with inspirational books and audio programs every day. These
are one of the most effective sources of creating the desire for success. For
instance, if you would like to create a successful online business, you just have
start reading business related books or going for seminars to learn how to do so.
Should you wish to take a baby step in increasing your knowledge in any subject,
you could simply read one article on that topic daily. In doing so, you are
conditioning your mind with the discipline to gain your desired knowledge. At the
same time, it helps you to recharge your batteries to keep the flames of desire

As you expose yourself to material created by passionate and successful people,

you will often find that passion rubbing off on to you. A few great authors who
share great enthusiasm on their areas of expertise will be James Altucher and Zig

3) Be A Fast Action-Taker

It is important to take immediate action when you identify your goal which will lead
to your success. When you action immediately, you will find that this momentum
fuels your motivation for success. On the other hand, procrastination kills your
drive to succeed. Therefore, continuously adding fuel to this desire creates more
drive to accomplish your goals and with consistency and perseverance, success
will be yours in time to come.

For instance, in the example of losing weight, you could create a Dream Board
and place pictures of yourself with your desired weight. Place pictures of delicious
and healthy food around your work desk in office and your home. Also, ensure
that you are constantly surrounded by things that will support this goal like
ensuring that your refrigerator is stocked up only on lean meats, fruits and
vegetables on the weekdays. Keep your snacks and chocolates out of sight to
avoid the temptation of eating these unhealthy food items. Throw out all the junk
food that is currently stored in your home without any hesitation.

By taking the first step to lose weight and acting immediately, you are
communicating to your mind to be aware of your intention. You will automatically
be more conscious of what you put into the trolley when you go to the
supermarket for groceries the next time.
P a g e | 33

The next step you could take after taking immediate action would be to develop a
long-term plan to reach your goal faster. In the case of losing weight, you could
create a weekly meal-plan and exercise regime to reach you desired weight. You
could refer to page 13 and 14 for a sample meal plan and exercise routine.
Alternatively, you could generate a specific meal plan if you have special dietary
requirements e.g. vegetarian, Paleo diet over at this website:

As you continue taking action towards reaching your goals, you will enjoy the
process as you focus on the positive rewards that outweigh the challenges of the
tasks required. With more positive energy, you will be able to experience positive
results sooner than you think.
P a g e | 34

Chapter 5:
P a g e | 35

If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will

be one of the crowd. Edward de Bono

Success is where perspiration/ preparation and opportunity meet. Most of the

time, even when the doors of opportunity are presented to us, we are unable to
recognize and walk through them. What is the secret to creating our own luck
then? Here are 4 proven ways to attract the right opportunity when you want it!

1) Be open to Possibilities

The first thing you could do is to be open to all possibilities. As the saying goes,
Your network is your net worth. Being open to new experiences will greatly help
to build an extensive network of contacts. For instance, an invitation to a party
could potentially lead to a million-dollar deal if you have the products or expertise
that your counterpart requires. Surrounding yourself with people who are smarter,
fun and constantly challenging your capabilities to do better will also push you to
create more innovative ideas and opportunities for yourself. For instance, Biz
Stone, the co-founder of Twitter and Jelly CEO mentioned that working alongside
intelligent and fun people enabled him to be the co-founder of Twitter and create

Embracing different ideas that are presented in your daily life helps you to
exercise your Idea muscle. You will begin to have design thinking where you
begin to see different ways of doing one thing instead of accepting the status quo.

Being open will naturally lead to high energy and an optimistic outlook to life.
Research has shown that 80% of people who feel that they are lucky work harder
at creating their own luck. In turn, they do end up with a higher chance of
succeeding at what they are doing. Whether you believe it or not, this might be
due to the Law of Attraction at work! Optimistic people also tend to be more
resilient to negative circumstances as they can pick themselves up faster and
move on to face their challenges head on. Negative people on the other hand,
prefer to wallow in self-pity and may inevitably sink into depression as they face
setbacks in life.

2) Listen to Your Intuition

P a g e | 36

We often find our inner wisdom or intuition is trying to guide us subconsciously

whenever we need answers for certain life challenges or to make important
decisions. However, most of the time, we choose to silence this inner voice and
find ourselves filled with regret. In fact, true wisdom is recognizing your inner
wisdom, where we choose to act on our true feelings instead of listening to the
usual voice of social conditioning.

In our natural environment, humans are supposed to be in a calm and peaceful

state. In fact, our ancestors had more time in life. They also had more space and
freedom to explore different places, enjoy taking in more fresh air and spending
time preparing and eating meals with their loved ones. Life was simple and less

Fast forward to the modern world and we will see the complexity of our lives
today. We have got loads of information bombarding us every day on the TV or
shopping malls that we visit. Cancer rates are rising. Our kids are constantly
tugged along by commercial interests to purchase the latest toys. News on the
terrorists trying to kill us are splashed across the news almost every other day.
Our bosses are making our lives difficult at work. Everything that we possess
costs more money than we like. We are thus, left to run on the treadmill, trying to
keep ourselves sane even though there are never-ending demands from the

How do we go back to our state of tranquility to bring back your inner wisdom, you
may ask? The solution would be to bring down the velocity of the busy day and
ease into the evening especially 2 hours before bedtime. A powerful way to shift
into a relaxed mode would be to meditate. Using a simple way by slowing down
our breaths, we can quickly unwind in a safe and natural way. This is an ancient
practice that has been proven to work for millions before us.

It is only when you are in a calm, natural state that your intuition will work best for
you. This inner guide is like a silent radar, tuning into your deepest desires that
you may brush aside due to societys expectations of you.
P a g e | 37

For instance, it can serve as a guide to decision-making. Choose a quiet place

and sit comfortably in a cross-legged position. Take a moment to think of a
situation where you are required to choose between 2 options. This could be a
very important decision like whether you should change your job. Focus your mind
on the issue you would like to explore and choose 1 of the options you have in
mind. Start being aware of the physical sensations in your body. Do you
experience a prickling or gripping feeling in your gut? Do you feel cool or warm?
Are the sensations pleasant or unpleasant? Do you feel that the change of job is
positive or negative to you? Give yourself some time to feel your gut and mind
respond. Use only your gut feelings in this exercise and not embark on a cost-
benefit analysis as what we are taught to do with our logical minds. Repeat the
same steps for the other options you may have for your question.

After you have done the exercise, be aware of the thoughts and sensations that
run through your body. Relax with 5 deep breaths and slowly bring your mind
away from the query you have. You may not get the direct answer at the first try,
but if you come back to your mind and body with this query for a couple of times,
you will be able to develop trust for your gut instinct in future and make better
decisions that also feel right for you.

3) Be Proactive

What does being proactive mean to you? In fact, being able to take initiative in
school or at work will definitely propel you to your goals faster. One definition of
being proactive means that you focus your tasks around a set of goals that you
have created for yourself. Therefore, you are motivated to take ownership of the
steps required to make things happen to achieve your goal.

For instance, if you are targeting to reach a certain leadership role in your career,
you will need to do the following: -
a) Write down your career goals and place it in a prominent place
b) Provide a deadline for each of the goals
c) Consider some actionable steps you could take in between to achieve your
career objectives (e.g. Taking on more responsibility from your supervisor,
discussing with your superiors on your career plans, attending training
P a g e | 38

development courses to help you network and gain a higher profile in the

Hence, with the career objectives and timeline in mind, you could create some
actionable steps to achieve the goals you have in mind.

Therefore, being proactive helps you identify your areas of expertise, develop
them further and provide you with the focus to funnel your efforts into the activities
that are likely to bring you success and more luck.

4) Success leaves Trails

According to Jim Rohn, success leaves clues. Indeed, the easiest way would be
to imitate someone who had succeeded in what you would like to do. The steps
you could take to model their success are: -
i) Find a mentor who was successful at what you wanted to excel in.
ii) Figure out what they had done to be successful and model it.
iii) Enhance the steps they had taken if you can.

For instance, if you would like to get promoted at work, looking for a role model
like a good manager would be ideal for your career progression. Observe them
closely. Ask yourself: What do good leaders do? When do they speak up during
conflict? How do they conduct themselves professionally with their clients, co-
workers and top management? What are some of the skills you could polish up to
be able to perform the same role?

Therefore, in order to achieve what your role model /superior is able to do, you will
need to identify the specific behaviors and actions to emulate. Focusing on these
behaviors and actions would enable you to achieve your desired results better.
For example, I was previously teaching in an education institute as an English
tutor. I was impressed with my colleagues engagement with the students during
lessons, where he could continuously draw students attention to the lessons by
moving around the room, building interest on prior students feedback,
summarizing key information and asking students questions that were relevant to
students. As such, I had adopted a similar approach to ask students to summarize
key takeaways from each class and found that students were more engaged and
attentive in class.
P a g e | 39

Hence, identifying key actions to propel you to success can make the entire
process of self-improvement more systematic and enable you to obtain feedback
quickly to tweak your actions quickly to make it work for you.
P a g e | 40

Chapter 6:
P a g e | 41

Wealth is created from Creating Value.

Randy Gage

Wealth is an indefinite concept. Its definition depends on how we define it

individually. To some, wealth is being able to spend time with their loved ones
enjoying the warm caress of the sun at the beach. To others, it might be having
the latest mobile phones or biggest property among their family and friends.

It is a fact that the amount of wealth around the world is constantly changing; the
stock market prices rise and fall every second, while property prices also go up
and down through the market cycles. Regardless of how money changes hands,
you should aware that the principal behind being able to amass great amounts of
wealth is the same. In this chapter, we will touch on financial wealth and how you
can leverage on this principal of wealth to increase your financial abundance.

The true source of financial wealth is being able to add value to people or the
world we live in. The more value you can create for others, the more financially
abundant you will be.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, the principal still holds. As a

business owner, it is your goal to create value for your customers. Hence, as the
leader of your organization, it is imperative for you to create a value proposition /
unique selling proposition to offer your customers and persuade them to buy or
use your valuable products/services. In return, the customer compensates you
financially when they receive value from you. This exchange of value is
fundamental in the business world.

However, many business owners feel obligated to lower the value of their goods
and services and eventually give away some of their products or services at a
very low price or even for free. This is not ideal when one is running a business.
This will reduce the perceived value of their products/services and lowers
business profits.

Under-pricing your products or services will not serve you or your customer. For
one, when you give an item away at no cost, the consumer is likely to throw it
P a g e | 42

away or not use it entirely. However, when a person pays a premium for a big-
ticket item like a sports car or a branded handbag, do you think he/she will take
good care of them and maintain it well? Im sure you know the answer.
Therefore, the consumer perceives a product as a high value when he/she is
willing to pay for it. As a business owner, you should then always keep in mind to
understand the key drivers of value for your customers. You could conduct a
survey or interview them to understand what is important to your clients and
identify opportunities where you could help them. After knowing where the
opportunities lie, you could then identify the segment of customers that give you
the highest customer value. Accordingly, you should then invest in these good
customers by allocating your resources (e.g. your sales force, marketing budget
and R&D efforts) on them. Your customers are the source of your profits and
foundation of the business. Therefore, these steps will help you to grow your
business by adding more value to your best customers.

Likewise, if you are an employee, you could also create more value at your
workplace to snag that promotion you have been yearning or just to differentiate
yourself from the talented people around looking for other job opportunities. In
todays economy, it is no longer sufficient to do the bare minimum in your job and
hope to stay in the same job for 40 years and retire after that. To retain ones job,
you must be perceived to add value to the organization in your area of expertise
and be willing to do more than what is assigned to you in your job duties. How do
you do that? Here are 3 tips for increasing your value at work that will help you
help retain your livelihood and get you promoted sooner than you know it.

1) Discard your Feelings of Entitlement

More often than not, many employees tend to feel as though they are owed a
raise, promotion or company benefits after being in an organization for a few
years. Ask yourself if you are guilty of this as well?

When you adopt such an attitude, you start to lose the motivation to improve
yourself at work. As Steve Jobs mentioned, Your work is going to fill a large
part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe
is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
When you arent passionate about your work, it will show. For instance, when
your boss looks to trusted employees whom they can turn to for ideas to
P a g e | 43

improve or any other positions within the company, they tend to look for a staff
who is hardworking and passionate about their job. Perhaps it may be time to
look for something else if you do not feel passionate about your job.

On the contrary, when you give up feelings of entitlement and have the
mindset that anything you get from the company is because you have worked
for it, this will help you to be more hardworking and be more willing to focus
your time and efforts on things that matter most in the job. For instance, you
might be distracted by some colleagues who might invite you for tea break.
However, if you have a tight deadline to meet on certain projects, you should
give up on distractions and remain focus on the job on hand.

2) Ensure that you Over-deliver on your promises

As an employee, simply doing a little more than expected will help you improve
the perception of your job performance tremendously and increases the
perceived value of your contributions to the organization.

For example, if you are a sales executive and you are tasked to prepare some
presentation slides for a sales closing meeting, how would you do so? Would
you go the extra mile to research on your client and craft the presentation in
way that is customized to the clients needs or simply just copy a templated
sales pitch and show it to the target audience? Im sure that your sales
manager would be very much impressed with your proactive approach to
research and craft the marketing message to your client that is customized to
their needs. Even if the sales manager is not your direct manager, your
credibility for outstanding work will be slowly made know to the rest of the
team and organization, which will lead you to faster career progression.

Hence, by creating value for your client, you are also creating value in your
work experience. You will eventually get noticed for being the employee who
goes the extra mile in office. It is thus important to remember to promise and
over-deliver at work to create value for you, your client and your organization.
P a g e | 44

3) Making your Boss look Good

As an employee, your boss is ultimately the person whom you should please
in terms of work. By making him look good, it will boost your career and value-
add to your professional life. You do not have to be an apple polisher or go out
of the way to do things that are ethically wrong. Instead, by improving the
quality of your work and within the boundaries of your work responsibilities,
you could make your boss look like he or she is running an outstanding team
for the company. When you can do that, your boss will look favorably on you
and will be more willing to give you a promotion or a raise when the
opportunity comes.

Therefore, you should focus on how to work smarter to be able to bring more
value in your work and the organization.
P a g e | 45

Chapter 7:
P a g e | 46

Small deeds done are better than great deeds

planned. Peter Marshall

As the saying goes, Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. This is
good advice in goal setting or achieving great success, but how do we find the
motivation to take action to achieve our desired goals? This is especially after you
come home after an exhausting day at work or school.

Fret not! Here are some useful tips you can use to motivate yourself to beat
exhaustion and take action to success!

Eliminate Procrastination
Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut? Or have you felt that your goals
were at a standstill? Many of us fall into the trap of putting things off to tomorrow.
Whether it is a career goal, a school project or just household chores,
procrastinating on acting can decrease your motivation. The procrastination
monster frequently rears its ugly head when we are tasked with work that we
dislike. This will mean that you are putting off life itself. However, by putting if off
and not dealing with it when it comes, we find ourselves buried in a mountain of
tasks that will not go away unless we take action. This leads to us getting stressed
up or anxious as we try to dig ourselves out of the rut created by ourselves.

Therefore, the most important thing to handle your everyday tasks is to get started
on them. You could also create a routine or set up a system to remind you to
complete certain tasks on allocated days. For example, if you forget to pay the
bills on time, you could do the following: -
- Allocate a day that is available on your schedule (E.g. Saturday mornings).
- Set up an alarm notification on your calendar to remind yourself to pay the
bill on that day every month.
- Pay the bill and you can check it off your To-do list.

Making a task more manageable often depends on making better choices. Simple
actionable steps like re-allocating your time or scheduling important tasks early in
the morning can go a long way in helping you to tackle the work day more

Daily Action
P a g e | 47

Taking consistent and daily action towards your desired goal is the fastest way to
achieve success as well. When you motivate yourself to take action every day, the
momentum to complete the task continues to be at its peak, allowing you to obtain
results of that action quickly. As you begin to see results of your efforts, you
become motivated and continue to ride on that wave of momentum, creating a
positive chain effect.

According to Jim Rohn, Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines,
practiced every day. Why do most of us find it difficult to take daily action to
practice those disciplines then? Here are some of the common reasons and how
you can take steps to eliminate them!

1. Fear of Failure

When we have a huge, lofty goal, we are overwhelmed with apprehension

and yet excitement. On one hand, we are excited by the opportunities and
possibilities that can happen. On the other hand, we are also nervous and
anxious that things may not turn out the way we desire. As emotional
creatures, many of us tend to let the fear and anxiety of failure creep up on us
when we step out of our comfort zones. When we face any stumbling blocks
along the road to achieving our dreams, we start to question our abilities or
give up on our dreams entirely if the fear of failure overpowers our emotions.
It is human to be afraid of failure. However, you will need to move beyond this
fear to achieve success by reframing your perspective of failure. For instance,
you could incorporate into your goal to include gaining a new experience or
learning something new. This will technically ensure that you will not fail as
there is always something new that one can learn even if you fall short of your
goal. The 3 powerful questions you could ask yourself are:

What did I learn from this situation?

How do I grow from this past failure?
What are the positive things about this situation?
P a g e | 48

2. Lack of Energy

Everyone loves having fried chicken or French fries. However, I find that after
eating such salty and fatty foods, there is a tendency to feel lethargic and this kills
the motivation to be productive at work or in school. Therefore, I do try to avoid
fast food as much as possible and instead, choose foods that are energizing.
Each person has a different body composition and generally, energizing foods like
fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables help bring up your energy levels in
general. Colorful fruits like blue berries, raspberries and strawberries have
important nutrients that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks.
Other fruits like cherries are also ideal for energy generation, while avocados
have been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL). It also prevents cancer
and are loaded with powerful antioxidants that can protect the eyes. Greek yogurt
and nuts are also good energy and mood boosters.

Have 8 glasses of water at least daily. Do ensure that you remain hydrated
always. Many people do not get enough water everyday. In fact, 85% of
Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day. There are many more who
consume more than 3 cups of coffee per day. However, one may experience too
much of caffeines stimulating effect if he or she drinks more than 4 cups of coffee
over a long period of time. The coffee drinker becomes anxious and easily irritable
or even experience osteoporosis over the long term. Therefore, if you do not have
the habit of drinking water, you should start now! You could add some lemon juice
into a jar of water and drink it for the whole day.

In addition to having good and nutritious food, having enough rest is also
important to help you stay productive throughout the next day. Getting a good
nights rest will give you the energy you need to accomplish your goals. Try to get
enough rest (about 8 hours) such that you feel well-rested in the morning. Ensure
that you are relaxed and about 2 hours before you hit the sack. This will ensure
that the bed is only for sleeping and sex and not other mind-stimulating activities
like doing a work report.
P a g e | 49

3. Changing Your Habits

Do you find yourself stuck in front of the goggle box once you come home from
work? Or do you love lazing in your room and playing games on your laptop for
hours after school? Most of us typically do not perform any productive work once
we get off our day jobs or after we go home from school.

Finding the motivation to take action can be done when you prioritize a certain
goal or activity above your usual habits like relaxing in front of the television. You
can choose to get out of any habit that does not serve you. Typically, it will take
21 days of consistent action to break a bad habit. Therefore, if you want to
achieve your goals, cut out habits that are not productive and replace them with
one that will serve you.

For instance, if my goal is to lose weight and Im spending 1.5 hours on watching
the television after work everyday, I can choose to devote 30 minutes to
exercising first. If you find 30 minutes a challenge, then go for 15 minutes of
exercise. If my goal is to achieve financial freedom, work on your financial goals
for 30 minutes and slowly increase it to 1 hour everyday. The main point is to
ensure that you break your normal, unproductive routine.

Therefore, you could try to maintain your new daily routine until it becomes a new
habit. You will realize that as you get into the habit of working on your goals, the
more time you will choose to devote to doing what it takes. It always takes effort to
overcome the inertia on getting started.

4. Not Understanding the Law of Attraction

The thoughts that we have can also lift us up or bring us down. Therefore, the
thoughts we have everyday will shape our destiny. If we think positively and we
feel good and confident, everything will have a higher tendency to fall into place
as we naturally attract success.

If you have always wished that you were more confident, you should visualize
yourself being confident and acting like you are. If you act confident, you will feel
good about yourself and ultimately, become confident as well! As the Law of
P a g e | 50

Attraction says, the areas where you place your focus can have an intense
impact on what happens to you. It is essentially saying that like attracts like.

For instance, you could use words of affirmation when you wake up in the
morning to boost your confidence. If you want results to come easily and
effortlessly, tell yourself these positive words and visualize your success. When
you engage in activities or habits that help to boost your positivity, you are making
deposits into your success savings bank! It has been scientifically proven that for
every one negative emotion that you experience, you will need 3 positive ones to
neutralize the effect of that negativity. Therefore, do expose yourself to gratitude
and positivity as much as you can, so you can be happy and spread your positive
vibes to others who are around you.

5. Lack of Accountability to your Goals

Many of us also prefer to keep our goals private for fear of missing the target and
becoming the laughing stock of our friends or relatives. However, without
someone to hold us accountable to our goals, we tend to slack off or become lazy.
Hence, to spur you with taking action, you could declare to people about your
goals. The people whom you share your goals with do not necessarily have to be
your family or friends. They could also be your mentors, colleagues or even using
a virtual Dream board ( to share your goals, remind
yourself of them and to track your progress. This will ensure you stay motivated
and accountable to your goals. Also, it helps to build confidence especially when
you are on track to achieving the results you desire. Even if you have doubts
about accomplishing these goals, keep believing in them and you will find that it
becomes inevitable for you to achieve it if you break the activities down to smaller
chunks and tackle them one step at a time.

It has also been said that Success breeds success. In my own experience, I
found it to be very true when I set my sights on losing weight for myself by eating
healthier and exercising. I declared to my friends that I was going to lose 5 kg. I
began jogging at least 3 times a week and practicing Pilates on the weekends.
When eating outside at restaurants, I began to be more aware of the foods that I
was putting into my body. As I made conscious choices to control my weight, I
began to see results and felt more energetic and wanted to do more. Therefore,
the hardest part was taking the first step to changing my lifestyle and habits.
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