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Comparison of adjectives
When you compare two people or things you have to add ER to the adjective ONLY IF IT IS

Strong StrongER
Weak WeakER
Tall TallER
Short ShortER
Long LongER
Ugly UgliER
Pretty PrettiER
Happy HappiER
Sad SaddER
Slow SlowER
Fast FastER
Fat FattER
Slim SlimmER
Brave BravER
Shy ShiER
Old OldER
New NewER

When the adjectives have TWO SYLLABLES OR MORE you have to use MORE to make the

Beautiful MORE Beautiful

Charming MORE Charming
Cheerful MORE Cheerful
Comfortable MORE Comfortable
Delicious MORE Delicious EXPENSIVE
Expensive MORE Expensive
Famous MORE Famous
Fortunate MORE Fortunate
Intelligent MORE Intelligent
Powerful MORE Powerful

Note: It is important to remember that to make the comparison you have to use the word

1. My sister is SHORTER THAN me

2. My bed is MORE COMFORABLE THAN yours


Ann is ___________ (happy) than her sister.

My hair is ______________ (long) than my sisters hair.

John is ____________ (thin) than Bob.

Our ice-cream is ________________ (delicious) than this one.

Steve is _____________ (tall) today than he was yesterday.

Marys car is ____________ (large) than Marks car.

A car is __________________ (expensive) than a bike.

My bed is __________________ (comfortable) than yours

My cousin is ____________ (strong) than my brother.

A flower is __________________ (beautiful) than a ball.


Some adjectives change entirely in their

comparative form.

good better
bad worse

much more
I am far
___________ (old) than my sister
old elder (people) // older (things)
Karina is __________________ (good) at sports than Susana

It is ___________(bad) to be bald than to be hairy

This table is _______________(old) than that chair

Today I will eat __________________(much) potatoes than you.


My house is _____________(far) than yours.


Some adjectives have only one syllable, end with a consonant and have a single vowel
before the consonant. With this adjectives double the last letter before adding - ER


Some adjectives have two syllables and end in Y. Change the Y for I and then add ER


Carlos is __________________ (busy) than his boss

I am ___________(pretty) than you

My dog is _______________(happy) than your cat because I feed twice a day.

Pigs are __________________(dirty) than rabbits.

Compare according to the picture








The superlative form of an adjective is used to compare three or more of them. To create a
superlative you have to add EST to the adjective.

Clean CleanER CleanEST

Easy EasiER EasiEST
Fat FattER FattEST
Heavy HeaviER HeaviEST
Flat FlattER FlattEST
Hot HottER HottEST
Narrow NarrowER NarrowEST
Noisy NoisiER NoisiEST
Simple SimplER SimplEST
Thin ThinnER ThinnEST
Wet WettER WettEST

When the adjectives have TWO SYLLABES OR MORE you have to use MOST to make the
superlative form.

Beautiful MOST Beautiful

Charming MOST Charming
Cheerful MOST Cheerful
Comfortable MOST Comfortable
Delicious MOST Delicious
Expensive MOST Expensive
Famous MOST Famous
Fortunate MOST Fortunate
Intelligent MOST Intelligent
Powerful MOST Powerful

Note: Dont forget to add THE before the superlative form.


1. Florencia is THE OLDEST sister

2. This book is THE MOST EXPENSIVE of the store

Write the superlative form of each sentence

1) I am _____________________ (tall) in the class.

2) This is _____________________ (expensive) hotel Ive ever stayed in.

3) This road is ___________________ (narrow) in all of California.

4) New York is one of the ____________________ (busy) cities in the USA.

5) Jack is _____________________ (good) football player on the team.

6) North Pole is _______________________ (cold) place on Earth.

7) My father is _______________________ (generous) person I know.

8) This is _____________________________(easy) way to do it.

Insert the comparative or superlative of the adjective depending on the case.

1) I think John is _____________ (happy) now than he was last year.

2) His _______________ (big) desire is to return home.

3) She is probably ________________ (angry) person I know.

4)Todays weather is ____________ (bad) than yesterdays.

5) My brother is ___________ (young) than me.

6) He drove _________ (fast) and __________ (fast) till we told him to stop.


A. Fill in the Present Progressive form of the verb in brackets.


( 20 points)

1. We __________________( study)
math at the moment.

2. Say it again. I ______________(not

hear) you.

3. That woman ______________( ride) a

very expensive bike at the moment.

4. She ______________( not talk) on the

phone right now.
Write the pronoun that could replace the underlined word or words.

Example: Amy met Kate at school (she, her) _______her_________

Todd met Amy and Kate at Camp Dune. (they, them) _________________
Todd, Amy, and Kate liked each other. (They, Them) __________________
. Kate planned some bike trips. (She, Her) ___________________
Kate wrote Todd a note. (he, him) ____________________
Amy and I will see you on Sunday morning. (We, Us)
Todd answered Amy and Kate. (they, them) _____________________
Look for Rob and me at the lake. (we, us) ____________________

C. Put the verbs into the Past Tense Continuous Form:

1. I (read) _______________ a book when he came in.
2. The sun (shine)_____________________ when he went out.
3. When you came in I (write) ________________________ .
4. I came in while he (write) _________________________.
5. It (rain) ____________________ this morning when I got up.
6. He (work) all day yesterday.
7. When I arrived at his house he still (sleep)______________________.
8. The boy jumped off the tram while it (move)_______________________.
9. The fire still (burn) _______________________ at six oclock this morning.
10. He (walk) ___________________ across the bridge when his hat blew off.
11. She cut her finger while she (cut) __________________ the bread.
12. The bus started while I (get) ___________________ on.
13. The light went out while we (have) ___________________ supper.
14. I took another cake when you (not look)___________________________ !
15. The children (do) __________________________ their homework when their father
came back from the office.