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- He wants to be the best he can at that he's doing, and what he's doing happens to

be making money

- one of the thoughest businessman

- you don't make $40 billion by being one of the muppet

- Warrent takes no prisoners when it comes with negotiation

- he uses every bit of leverage he can

- Game Changers

- the collapse of a few big companies could shake the economy of the whole world

- the citadels of money and power

- during the 2008 crisis they looked at him for the help
- they hoped he could save them
- he was a go to man

- Buffet had the ability to remember all those numbers, and see how they all fit in
a big picture
- the bed-rock of his future success

- he had a photographic mind

- really?

- gram would say: "The market will be wrong"

- the market is there to serve you, not to inform you

- "Sometimes the market is very, very wrong and if you look at prices of stocks as
buying pieces of businesses you will be able to recognize when the market is wrong"

- undervalued stocks that are under the radar

- "Buffett knew he had to be a better sales man"... so he turned to Dale Carnegi

- "I had to be able to communicate with people better, and with groups"

- "I can't go through life affraid of public speaking"

- "I had the intellect to succeed, but I didn't have a persona"

- until I met her

- He was picking stocks others were ignoring

- and his stocks kept picking up

- He's devouring every anual report

- and he remembers

- Suzie stabalized the family so Warnen could spent time learning and doing what he
had to do

- he wanted to find companies that he could buy a controling interest in

- what that thought buffet is that he "Didn't want to get involved in businesses
that had labour problems, where he had to fire people, where he had to get involved
personaly in the management. He wanted somebody else to do that."
- buy businesses whose managment you trust enough to leave in place

- "Burkshire was a bad business. They didn't have a competitive advantage that
allowed the to return sufficient capital invested in the business.

- The float:
- Money comes in interest-free from ensurance premiums which then gets invested in
other busiensses

- (businesses with (?)) interest free cash that could be used for future

- "In 10 minutes I knew I'll be doing some future business with him"
- "He (Warren) was telling me how much more money he is making with his business
and that I'm to intelligent to keep doing what I do now"

- **** "Be greedy when others are fearfull, be fearfull when others are greedy"

- complicated spider webs of ownerships, and cross-ownerships

- the officer: "You can't manipulate the stock. You can't take actions for the sole
purpose of causing that stock to increase and if you do it violates the law"

- The wesco investigation

- his reputation put on line

- He became even stricter, even more proper in his behaviour

- and worying about his reputation

- parties
- other party

- the other newpaper business sued his newspapper business

- the first one lost in the court, and soon their business failed

- It takes lifetime to build a reputaiton and 5 min to loose it