Legal Research Is the search for authority that can be applied to a given set of facts and issues.

Is the process of identifying and retrieving information necessary to support legal decisionmaking.

Authorities: Primary authority (mandatory) A source of law a court must rely on when reaching a decision, such as enacted law ( statute, ordinance, and case laws) that governs the legal question being addressed, or an opinion of a higher court in the jurisdiction that addressed the same or a similar legal question and facts.

Secondary Authority ( persuasive ) Any authority a court is not bound to consider or follow but may consider or follow when reaching a decision, such as an opinion of a court in another state on the same or a similar issue, or a secondary authority source (encyclopedia article, legal dictionary definition, legal books)

Mandatory authority Binding, courts must follow.

Persuasive authority The court may optionally follow.

Mandatory case laws For a court decision to be mandatory authority thatbinds court to follow the rule or principle of law established in the decision, two conditions must be met : A. The court decisions must be on point B. The court decision must be written by a higher court in that jurisdiction (suprme Court)

Sources of authorities: Legislature The laws passed by the legislature are called the statutes.

Supreme court of the Philippines Court decisions form part of the law of the land ( Case law)

judicial and administrative bodies Secondary Sources Publications that describe explain or analyze the law. President of the Republic There are instances where presidential decrees where considered laws. ( executive orders) FORMS OF LEGAL INFORMATION: *Primary and secondary sources.Administrative Bodies Enacted law. Local Govt units Enacted ordinaces and law of local application by virtue of delegated authority coming from the Phil congress. usually in the form of Implementing Rules and Regulations. and have no official legal authority Primary authority Constitutions Statutes Case laws/ jurisprudence Administrative regulations Executive order Treaties Presidential decrees Municipal laws or ordinances Legislative Legislature Judiciary Executive Executive Executive Executive executive Source . and other commentators. as used in the text. law passed by the legislative bodies and regulations adopted by the administrative bodies to aid in the enforcement and application of legislative mandates. lawyers. consists of constitutions. Typically prepared by scholars. - Similar to other scholarly areas legal materials can be divided ito those that contain original decisions and actions and those that describe. explain or analyze them Primary Sources Publications which contains the original decisions and actions of legislative.

Launched on November 19. 2004 .Secondary Authorities Dictionaries Annotations Encyclopedia Law review articles Periodical publications Treatises and text Attorneys general opinions Restatement Foreign sources Form books Practice guides Supreme court E-library It serves the entire judiciary.

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