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Labroratory 1

1. a. Wireless Café is a Chinese restaurant which served classical Chinese cuisine.

b. The attractions of the Wireless Café are the stunning views of the Huangpu River and
the Shanghai Skyline. Besides that, it is also enveloped in free wireless coverage, easily
accessible power, printing, display services and high-level business presentation needs.
Wireless Café also hold special events like art exhibitions, tea testing and river cruises to
the patrons.

c. The organizational structure of the Wireless Café

Jade Leung
Jimmy Kwok

Lucy Zhao William Feng

Tommy Ho
James Tan

STAFF Lee McGravin
Ruth Chao Zhang
Lin Moo (Manager)
Schwartz (Network
(Manager) Kevin Burns
(Lead) Mgr)
Harry Vindar
d. Mr William Feng is the Head Chef

e. The Wireless Café has been recognized as one of the most novel and contemporary restaurants
in the world. The Café also achieved the Shanghai “Golden Chopsticks” Award for Best Chinese
Fusion Cuisine and the Shanghai Reader’s Survey Restaurant Awards for Best Wireless

f. Yes, Wireless Café currently offered three job openings which are Wireless Technician,
Assistant Chef, and Events Manager.

g. Wireless café can be contact at:-

Address : 3 on the Bund across from the river Shanghai, China,

Phone No. : 86-21-6355-9998, by fax in 86-21-6355-5429,

email : or by

IM :

h. In the Wireless Café’s intranet there is a portal for employee. It includes scheduling system,
current schedule reservation system, ordering and inventory system, employee benefit info,
communication center and online training center.

2. One of the information and communication technology pressures that the Wireless café
may face will be the damaged of system due to the attack of viruses especially to the
customers laptop [1]. The files including the customers’ will be damaged, deleted and
corrupt. Besides, without proper security, the wireless networks could be hacked by
others [2]. All important data or information of the corporations and also from the
customers could be retrieved easily. Information and communication technology (ICT)
devices may be known by everyone. But, sometimes it is hard for some people to learn
using it, especially the older generations [3]. They are probably not exposing to the new
and well developed devices. So, it will be very hard for them to use the facility. Another
pressure that can occur is the information data overload [2]. Just imagine all the
customers; including the staffs of the café will be using the wireless connections at the
very same time. The data retrieved will be too much and may slower the connection
among the users. The pressure for the owner will be to keep maintaining the networks so
that the system can keep up with the loads of data transferring every day like the problem
with the wireless router [4]. Technical training also can be one of the pressures. Staffs
need to have knowledge and skills in using the wireless connections as most operations
are using computers and this training will require some big cost.

3. The market pressure especially from the competitor, customers, and others would
probably most important that a company would face. As the advancement of technology
increase, the competition in hospitality industry is also stronger. There are a lot of tactics
that each company will use to attract their customers. Wireless cafe must have a unique
style of operation so that it can become outstanding than the rest. For example the Wi-Fi
facility that they have. The global economy also can be the market pressure. Unstable
economy does affect all kinds of business [5]. The café need to be aware and readily
prepared so that their operations may still be working even though the situation is worst.
There may be changes to the daily operations and the organizational structure too.
Customers have the power to purchase what they want. They may choose from wide
selections of service provided [6]. So, it is important for wireless café to reach this
demand in order to win the customers’ interest. For the societal pressures, war can be the
problems for all organizations [7]. It may affect the service operations greatly. Besides
that ethical issue may be one of the pressures [8]. Without the knowledge and
understanding of ethics, there will be major problems going on in the operation. The
staffs need to adapt with the ethical code that has been made. Lastly, the café also need to
ensure that their establishment and operations is in compliance with government
regulations and deregulations or else the operation will have to stop.


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