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Idea War, as the name suggests is putting up a convincing argument about your idea,
just that, in this case, the ones whom you present your argument to, will also have to
present their argument.
This is a 2 round event; each team will consist of 4 participants.

There has to be a presentation of the idea in an elaborate form. You can use
Powerpoint, Prezi or Charts if you wish to.
Domain will be given at least 5 days prior to the event.
The CEO gets 3 minutes to pitch the idea. At the end of three minutes, the idea
should be clearly presented.
At the end of 3 minutes, the Bankers turn comes. The Banker gets 3 minutes to
convince the people that his/her support is justified and the idea is financially
At the end of 6 minutes, the Bureaucrats turn comes. The Bureaucrat gets 3
minutes to convince the people that the idea meets all requirements and also
has all necessary clearings.
At the end of 9 minutes, the Politicians turn comes. The Politician gets 3
minutes to convince the people that the idea is good for the people and why
should his government support this idea.
The judges can stop the participants mid way in case they feel that the idea is
not being presented properly or is not convincing enough.
A maximum of 3 questions will be asked by the judges, which the team
members have to answer.
The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.
Top Teams will move to Round 2.

This is a team event; the coordination of the team is very important and will be
specifically marked. In the second round, the team is has to convince the Investor(s)/
judge(s) of the event as to why their project should be the one that is funded.
The first participant gets 2 minutes to delve into the social viability of the
project. The section of society being targeted, the consumer psychology they
are taking into account and how it will impact the lives of people.
At the end of 2 minutes, the second participant will discuss about the
commercial viability of the project. They will have to talk about things like the
initial investment, expected profits and market size through the use of
guesstimates (if needed) to convince the judges with the numbers.
At the end of 4 minutes, the third member will come up and discuss the
prototype (if available) or will give thorough insight into the way the idea is
going to be implemented by offering a comprehensive time schedule of all the
At the end of 6 minutes, the fourth team member will elucidate the key
competitors in the market, their business model drawbacks and how the teams
idea is different from the existing companies. They also have to highlight the
key drivers of growth in the industry.
Since there is a paucity of funds with the Investor, the teams have to convince
him/her as to why their idea is the ideal one. At the end of the entire
presentation by all the teams, each team will once again be invited on stage and
each team member will be given 1 minute to state why their project should be
implemented vis--vis the other teams.
The judges will ask a maximum of 8 questions and these questions can be
anything related to the domain that your idea focuses on.
The decision of the judges shall be final and binding.

Teams will be judges on:

1. Idea
2. Presentation
3. Innovative Use of Resources
4. Strategy