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ECM 367 Project & Construction Management Dec 15 - Mar 16

Learning Outcomes:
This assignment is designed to access students ability on:
a) Distinguishing job functions and roles of the players in the construction
industry (CO4).

b) Identifying activities at the various stages formulate and solve engineering

problem (PO2).

c) Awareness on the current and contemporary issues for the construction

industry in order to identify complex engineering problems and proposed
suitable solution (CDIO Conceive & Design)



Attribute 2 Depth of analysis To exposed with the construction current

required issues and simplify the problem according
to basic concept knowledge in engineering
problem, the student can identified the
available method of construction or
management to speed up the progress, to
reduce the time and to enhance the quality
or satisfactory of client.
Attribute 3 Depth of knowledge The student must have the ability to
required idealize the appropriate method of
construction or function management to
overcome the problems has been stated or
informs by the client/consultant/contractor
in order to fulfill the Three (3) constraints
inform in Attribute 2.

1.0 Project Description

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ECM 367 Project & Construction Management Dec 15 - Mar 16

The management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management as

well as an understanding of design and construction process. There are certain objectives
in construction project management that must be clearly defined during the strategic
planning process. These may change throughout the course depending on any resource
constraints or other potential conflicts.

Based on these statements, students are required to do an interview to any construction

industry players and identify the following:

i. The responsibility and scope of work for each of the personnel involved in the
ii. The construction problems that may occur during the process of project and the
solutions taken by the project manager especially with regards to LAD.
iii. Challenges faced by Malaysia construction industry players.
iv. The awareness of safety and health at construction site and the authority involve
in safety and health.

2.0 Project Objectives

The student should able to understand and identified or perform the items as
i. Details description of the interviewers and samples of project involved
ii. A sample of site meetings minutes, organization chart and list of parties involved
iii. List of the construction issues that may occurs in construction and the solution
taken by the Project Manager.
iv. Challenges faced by Malaysia construction industry players.
v. Power-point for 10 minutes presentation.

3.0 Project Deliverables.

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ECM 367 Project & Construction Management Dec 15 - Mar 16

Hard and softcopy deliverables are required for the project.

1. Final report of minimum 5 pages and maximum 10 pages with main
reference (At least 1 reference per person) with proper citation.
2. Slides of Power-Point for 10 minutes presentation and 5 minutes of Q&A

4.0 Project Team

Work in teams of three to four students (3-4) only.

5.0 Project submission date and presentations

The submission of the document/ assignment is on week 13th

This assignment constitutes 20% of the course assessment.

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