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Console Commands


1 Launch Options

2 Debug Commands

3 Developer Mode

4 Gameplay Cheats

5 Alien Specials

6 Marine Specials

7 Gameplay and Mapping

8 Bots

9 Insight

10 Render Options

11 Networking Commands

12 Server Commands

List of implemented console commands. To use them press "~" to open or close the console.

Commands listed in orange require cheats to be enabled.

Commands listed in magenta only work when run from the server console. The Shine Administration mod has
the 'sh_rcon' which command can do this remotely.

Launch Options
[hide]Command Parameters
Server IP to automatically connect to.
+connect <ip>

+password <password> Server password if required when using +con

Debug Commands
[hide]Command Parameters Desc
Enter command to toggle the Profiler on/off. (Monitors performance.)

Keyboard Controls:

Spacebar Pauses readout

[ ] Cycle frames (while paused)

LMB Click on the text bars to open/close the tree menu.

Mouse Wheel Scroll up and down the list.

M Toggle between the tree display & a sorted list.

T Toggle sort by Time or Alphabeticaly

Toggles all matching tracers to debug hit registration.
trace <prefix>
Prefix "all" matches all

tracedur <prefix> <duration> Sets the duration of a trace for all matching tracers.
ctrace Turns on client-side trace marking for point of attack and probable targets (yellow)
maxfps <fps> Limits frames per second, minimum is 30FPS.
r_stats Toggle list render scene data/stats/FPS
g_stats Toggle GUI stats
e_stats Toggle entity stats
p_stats Toggle physics stats
s_stats Toggle list of sounds currently being played.
s_profile true/false Sound profiling
server_sound true/false Turns server sounds on/off
cinematics Prints info about loaded cinematics
fx_stats Toggle list of sounds & Cinematics being played.
nav_debug Toggle pathing mesh visible
nav_stats Toggle list of navigation mesh info
o_stats [object_type] Shows some information about the objects being created, you can specify object typ
o_stats_pause Pauses/Unpauses the object count tracker (o_stats)
Toggle display of annotations.

<optional build number and displayannotations

map name>
displayannotations 200 ns2_tram

vt_start Starts the FPS profiler (stop with vt_stop)

vt_stop Stops the FPS profiler and displays the results
[hide]Command Parameters Desc
Leave a message at your current position for the map maker to look at.
annotate <message>
-> annotate Hello World
Toggles the visibility of the collision mesh

damage, shows you the collision shapes used for bullets

default, shows the default collision mesh (typing "collision" in the console wor
damage, default, move, los,
select, predict move, shows the objects that are collided with for movement

select, <citation needed>

los, <citation needed>

predict, shows the client side predicted collisions

physics Toggle physics mesh visibility
dumpmesh Dumps pathing information to file pathingMeshDump.obj
prediction true/false Toggles prediction
hitboxes ? ?
waypoints ? ?
extents ? ?
driftms <float> ?
reload true ?
memory Prints out memory information
resources Prints out list of loaded resources
which <filename> Prints the location of the given file. (Ex: "which game_setup.xml")
a_simd true/false Toggles blend SIMD
memory_debug Shows memory fragmentation in a graphical way (green = free, yellow = allocated b
f_log true/false Enable/disable file access logging.
p_log <category> Starts the capture of a profile log.
p_logall [minimal function time] Starts the capture of a profile log. for example p_logall 0 to capture everything
p_endlog Ends the log started with p_logall and writes it to a file
sv_test_event Event check list
Starts demo recording. Filename is optional. Must enter the record command before
replay a demo type play <filename>. To exit playback mode, type disconnect in co

Keyboard Controls (during playback):

record [<filename>]
Spacebar: Toggles time synchronization. When disabled, the playback will occ

p: Brings up the profiler

r: Brings up stats (r_stats)

loadtimes true/false models and textures load times
togglebadgerequest Something to do with badges. May turn them off.
soundgeometry Toggles sound occlusion geometry. Shows a popup where a sound was triggered, an
debugnotifications Prints out information about notifications to console
[hide]Command Parameters Desc
pathingfill ?
outline Something to do with hivesight effect toggle.
test_events_opacity <float> ?
resettipvids Resets tip videos
reset_help Resets help widgets
resetcommandertutorial Resets commander tutorial
cents Prints Client entities
changegcsettingclient Something to do with garbage collection
tracereticule Toggles tracereticule cheat
Tells AI unit to go to location of crosshair

Draws a decal at the location of the crosshair

drawdecal <material> <scale>

gothere Tells AI unit to go to location of crosshair

debugpath ?
followandweld Makes a MAC follow and weld target
distance Prints out distance from the crosshair to an object. Point to an entity to print out info
r_animation true/false Disables bone updating (disabled animations)
r_poseparams true/false ?
gothere Tells AI unit to go to location of crosshair
target Prints out information about entities
hastech <techname> Prints whether or not team has specified tech

Developer Mode
[hide]Command Parameters
dev 0/1 Disable/Enable Dev
anim_debug <class_name> Debug animations (
effect_debug <class_name> Debug effects (self)
debugtext <?> ?

Gameplay Cheats
[hide]Command Parameters
cheats 0/1 Disable/Enabled Cheats (Server)
switch Swap team at current location (Client)
warp <x> <y> <x> Teleports the player to the specified position
autobuild Toggle autobuild, Structures are placed in a built state. (Server)
create <item> (armoury, observatory) Spawn specified object/structure at crosshair target location. (Serve
darwinmode Toggle unlimited ammo and energy. Cannot take damage (Client)
giveupgrade <upgrade_name> Give your self an unlocked upgrade. (Client)
alltech Unlock all tech upgrades (Server)
[hide]Command Parameters
pres <amount> Gives player the specified number of Personal Resources, or 100 if
tres <amount> Gives commander the specified number of Team Resources, or 100
energy Gives selected structure max energy (Server)
takedamage <amount> Hurt your self
killall <entity> (Hive, Cyst, Sentry, Hydra, etc) Destroys every instance of the given entity on the map. Note: entity
killnearby <entity> <distance>(15) Destroys every instance of the given entity on the map within distan
highdamage Turn on high damage mode (x10 damage multiplier) (Server)
damage <multiplier> Multiplies all damage values by <multiplier> (Server)
ents <className> Print out entity count. (Client)
sents <className> Print out entity count. (Server)
entinfo <entityId> Print out entity info.
storeposition Store last position
allfree Everything free for client, non commander
respawn_team Respawn team
Should push player, doesn't seem to work.

heal <amount> Heals by specified amount

vortex Spawns vortex at player origin
deployarcs Deploy ARC's
undeployarcs Undeploy ARC's
welddoors Welds all doors shut
setgameeffect <effect_name> true/false Enable/Disable a screen effect
command Teleports you to the nearest hive/Command Station and logs you in
clearorders Clears orders from the commander
debugspeed Displays a speedometer on your HUD. This can be useful to keep an
respawn_team Respawns your entire team
sfindref <class> Finds references to the specified class
infestationspeed <amount> Set how fast infestation grows
music <path> "sound/NS2.fev/" Name of sound from the specified path. Doesn't s
distress or bacon Beacons to nearest Command Station
selecthallucinations Select all Hallucinations
debugcommander ?
resizeblobs Unsure if still works
debugblobs Unsure if still works
debuginfest Unsure if still works
blobspeed <scale> Unsure if still works

Alien Specials
[hide]Command Parameters
give <item> (skulk, gorge, lerk, fade, onos, hydra, crag, whip, shift, shade) Spaw
skulk, gorge, lerk, fade, onos Trans
electrify Electr
inkall All bu
[hide]Command Parameters
fastevolve Make
enzyme Gives
umbra Gives
alienvision Disab
hivevision true/false Toggl
skulk_view_tilt Toggl
lerk_view_tilt Toggl

Marine Specials
[hide]Command Parameters
give <item> (pistol, rifle, shotgun, flamethrower, medpack, ARC, armory, infantry portal, sentry turret, observatory, m
changeminizoom <value>

Gameplay and Mapping

[hide]Command Parameters D
map <map_name> Starts a new listen server using <map_name>
reset Reset current round
endgame End current round
Makes it possible to speed up or slow down the game

For example:

speed <value> speed 0.5, runs the game at 50% speed

speed 2, runs the game at 200% speed

It is not recommended to run the game at very high speeds!

onresetgame Flush scoreboard & powernode lights

[hide]Command Parameters D
logout Logout of commander mode.
closemenu Close an open menu
setsquad <squad_number> Assign your self to an existing squad.
location Prints to console your room location.
locate Prints to console your coordinates with respect to the origin of the map.
connect <IP:port> Connects you to server with the specified IP and port.
disconnect Disconnects you from the server and returns to the main menu.
retry Retries to connect to the last server you were on.
exit or quit Closes the game and returns to desktop
name <name> Changes your player name
j1 or jointeamone Joins team 1 (normally marines)
j2 or jointeamtwo Joins team 2 (normally aliens)
j3 Joins a random team
rr or readyroom Joins the ready room
spectate Enter spectating mode
film Hold crouch for dolly, movement modifier for speed or attack to orbit then p
kill Commit suicide
say <text> Speak to all
teamsay <text> Speak to team
tooltip <text> Displays <text> as a tooltip
clear Clears the console
output <string> Displays a timed message on the screen
setsensitivity <float> Mouse sensitivity
pause <integer> Sleeps for the given amount of milliseconds
ssv or setsoundvolume <float> Sound sound effects volume
svv or setvoicevolume <float> Sound voice communication volume
setmusicvolume <float> Sound music volume
setmaplocationcolor <red> <green> <blue> <alpha> Sets the color of location names on the minimap. Numbers are from 0 to 255
bind <key> <function> Binds the specified key to the specified function (e.g. "bind NumPad0 j1" wi
print_bindings Prints all current key bindings
clear_binding <key> Clears the specified binding

[hide]Command Parameters
<number of bots> <teamNum> <test/com> Adds a bot to the optional specified team, with the optional bo
<passive> random team.
<number of bots> <teamNum> <test/com> Adds a bot to the optional specified team, with the optional bo
<passive> random team.
<number of bots> <teamNum> <test/com> Adds a bot to the optional specified team, with the optional bo
<className> random team.
removebot <number of bots> <teamNum> Removes the specified number for bots from the optional team
bot_target When this command is entered and pointing at a bot, it will pr
bot_clear Clears and stops output of information from any bot command
bot_teamdump Dumps information about team bots
bot_debugselected Similar to bot_target
[hide]Command Parameters
bot_com Prints out information about the commander bot if there is one
marinejitter <amount> Adjusts the amount of aim jittering marine bots have
freezebots Freezes bots

[hide]Command Parameters
teams <team1name> <team2name> Sets team names
team1 <team1name> Sets team 1 names
team2 <team2name> Sets team 2 name
score <team1score> <team2score> Sets team scores. Also do-able by clicking the circle between t
scores1 <team1score> Sets team 1 score. Also do-able by clicking the circle between
scores2 <team2score> Sets team 2 score. Also do-able by clicking the circle between
johnmadden or jm or pen <red> <green> <blue> <alpha> Sets pen color, numbers 0 to 255.

Render Options
[hide]Command Parameters Default
r_gui true/false true Enable/Dis
r_atmospherics true/false true Enable/Dis
r_bloom true/false true Enable/Dis
r_shadows true/false true Enable/Dis
r_shadowsfade true/false true Enable/Dis
r_instancing true/false true Turn mode
r_wireframe true/false false Turn wiref
r_lights true/false false Toggle ligh
r_mode lit/unlit/normal,albedo,specular,gloss,depth,emissive,id,none lit Toggle dire
thirdperson [meters] - Toggle thir
r_mt true/false true Enable/Dis
r_aa true/false false Enable/Dis
r_sync <value> ? Maximum
r_debugging true/false false
r_cull none/frustum frustum Culling
r_particles true/false true Toggle par
r_anisotropic true/false ? Enable/Dis
r_fog true/false true Toggle fog
r_colordebug ? ? ?
r_reflect true/false false Enable/Dis
r_ao true/false false Enable/Dis
r_loading true/false false Prints out r
r_healthrings true/false false Enable/Dis
fps Enable/Dis
print_client_ui Prints out c
print_client_resources ?
[hide]Command Parameters Default
debuggui true/false false Prints out i
guiinfo true/false false Pritns out i

Networking Commands
[hide]Command Parameters
net_stats Toggle list network traffic information
net_messages Prints to the console the network messages that the client is rece
net_peers Prints peer connection information
net_log <log level> (0,1,2...?) Network log
net_lag ? Simulates network loss
net_loss ? ?
Creates a <duration> second network blackout every <interval>
net_blackout <interval> <duration>

net_classes ? seems to print the current classes and any networkVars name an
net_usage ? ?
net_compensation ? ?
net_snapshots ? ?
net_test ? ?
nm_stats Toggle display of incoming & outgoing network messages for t
nms_stats Toggle display of sound network messages.
c_chokedebug true/false Prints state packet send/receive info
networkdiff Show differences in one network snapshot for all subclasses of

Server Commands
[hide]Command Parameters
sv_ban <PLAYER> <minutes> <reason> Bans player from server
sv_kick <player> Kicks player from server
sv_switchteam <player> <team number> Moves player to specified team
sv_rrall Moves all players to the readyroom
sv_randomall Makes all players join a random team
sv_eject <player> Ejects player from hive/Command Station
sv_help Lists all commands which user has access to
sv_reset Resets the current round
sv_statusip Lists in-game name, game id, steam id, and ip address
sv_status Lists in-game name, game id and steam id address
sv_say <message> Admin broadcast message
sv_tsay <team number> <message> Admin team message
sv_psay <player> <message> Sends personal message to player
sv_slay <player> Kills the specified player
sv_password <password> Adds a password to the server. Use "" as the password to remove the c
sv_ban <STEAMID> Bans a player from the server
sv_unban <STEAMID> Unban a player from the server
[hide]Command Parameters
sv_listbans <STEAMID> Lists banned players from the server
cyclemap Forces server to switch to the next map in the Map Cycle (See Dedica
changemap <mapname> Change map to specified map
sv_tournament true/false Enables or disabled tournament mode.
sv_reserved_slots <amount> Set the amount of reserved slots available on the server.
sv_add_reserved_slot <amount> Adds a new reserved slot for the SteamID specified.
sv_remove_reserved_slot <amount> Removes the reserved slot for the SteamID specified.
sv_p_log <category> Starts the capture of a profile log.
sv_p_logall [minimal function time] Starts the capture of a profile log. for example p_logall 0 to capture ev
sv_p_endlog Ends the log started with p_logall and writes it to a file
sv_autobalance <true/false> <player count> <seconds> Toggles auto team balance. The player count and seconds are optional
sv_auto_afk_kick <seconds> <number> Auto-kick is disabled when the first argument is 0. A player will be ki
mr <float> Changes movement rate of server
interp <float> Changes the interp of the server