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such it swing ping on death packet tried to destroy it self

as a normal pin packet to those packet who lucky enough to make it the far the
journey is almost over
it's just a line upon to immediate place to be taking up into the webserver
nowadays a webserver can run on many things
from a main frame to a webcame to the computer on your dusk, why not your
refrigerator with a proper set up
you can find out if you have the making sort, take in the cartery when you have to
go shopping
remember this is the dawn of the net
almost everything is possible
one by one the packet are receive, open nd unpack

the information they contain, there is your request of information is send to the
webserver for application. the packet it self is recycle, ready to be used again ad
filled with new request information.
address as set out to the way back to use.
back pass to the firewall. loaders and on trough the internet
back to through your coded firewall and on to your interface, ready to supply your

there is display normal. breeze.....with that a part and trusting in the better
world ride off blissfully they have serve their masters well
nice and bad, a happy ending