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Republic of the Philippines

Bohol Island State University

Calape Campus
Calape, Bohol


Bohol Provincial Institute (BPI) Ground
October 9 14, 2017



Tournament Format: Double Elimination

Rules of Play:

1. All games shall be played in accordance with the rules of the game as
promulgated by the international board published by FIFA Futsal Laws.
2. In making schedule of games, it must be raffle draw by lot for making a
fair one.
3. Players must wear upper uniform. Non-wearing of uniform means a player cannot
play the game.
4. No wearing of accessories: necklace, bracelets and earrings. Long fingernails
should be cut before a match.
5. Players must wear shin guards. Players not wearing shin guards are not allowed to
6. Teams with lacking players can qualify to play if they meet the minimum
numbers of players as required. Once the referee whistles to begin to the start the
game, the team that does not meet the minimum number of required players is
7. Goals CANNOT be Scored straight from a kick off and kick in.
8. No Shin guard! NO PLAY!
9. No off-side!
10. One step Kick-In, counted for 4 seconds only.
11. Double foul must be restarted by a drop-ball.
12. There is no need for a whistle from the referee to execute a corner kick.
13. For breaking of ties, shoot-out from the Penalty Mark and Sudden Death
Procedure shall apply to break the tie. After the time duration consumed, three (3)
kickers to start the shoot-out, then another one if draw still exists.
14. A player who receives two (2) cautions (Yellow Card) shall automatically be
suspended for one (1) game on the following match. After serving the suspension
imposed on a player, she is allowed to play in the succeeding match. However, if
the player receives a yellow card in the match again, she will be suspended for the
next match due to the previous red card sanction. Moreover, if the player receives
a red card (sent off) in the match the player will no longer be allowed to
participate in the whole competition.
15. A player expelled (sent off or red card) from the field of play by the referee shall
be suspended for one game on the following match.

Duration of the Game:

1. 2 halves consisting of 20 minutes per half

2. 5 minutes half time interval
3. Each team is allowed to have 1 time out only ONCE per half, time out cannot be
carried over in the next half if unused.

Number of Players:

1. Maximum of 12 players maybe submitted for screening and allowed to play

during the intramurals.
2. Only 5 identified players in the match including the goalkeeper and the other 7
substitute players to substitute the playing player after she is been in the out of
the field of play.
3. Flying substitution shall apply.

Players Equipment

1. Numbered Jersey or T-Shirt

2. Sports shorts
3. Knee socks/stockings
4. Protective shin guards
5. Footwear with rubber soles

1. Last touch by the attacker Goal Clearance is awarded to the opposing team.
2. Last touch by the defender Kick in is awarded to the opposing team.

Selection of Players for the higher competition:

1. The Winning Coach and the Selection Committee should be the

responsible in the selection of players.

For any controversies of the tournament, the committee will deliberate on the issue with
objectivity and fairness. Once all sides are weighed, the decision of the organizers shall be
respected, followed and final. Except of the peculiar rules above, the conventional rules of FIFA
Futsal Laws shall be applied.


Coach, Balilihan Campus Coach, Bilar Campus

Coach, Calape Campus Coach, Candijay Campus

Coach, Clarin Campus Coach, Main Campus

Tournament Manager, Calape Campus