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Electrical JBs of Tube lights at TK-101 section

Name of JBs and Location Status Sealing

Ok /not ok required
At K-101 p/f near T-106 stairs cover broken N ok yes
E-123 at CWR side near KS strainer PA system jb 0k yes
Near PSV-1 under K-101 p/f 0k yes
02 jbs above PRC-6T 0k yes
Near E-122 CWR side 0k yes
Under V-101 p/f 0k yes
At over head crane 0k yes
At V-101 stairs 0k yes
Near SD-53,54 pit electrical cable redundant portion removal req yes
Main electrical jb power supply coming from 03area infront of v-104 0k yes
Near fire alarm at K-101 p/f 0k yes
BULAB 9067 pumps common jb 0k yes

Above MP-117 cable joint

02 tube lights fused above E-122
02 tube lights fused at KS block valve p/f
02 tube lights under over head crane
01 tube lights fused near FRC 15
01 tube light fused near LPSA 105
Instruments JBs at TK-101
NAME of JB and location Status Sealing req
ok/not ok yes/no
01-S-7 near E-120 CWR side main cable dressing req Ok No
01-A-3 near V-111 Ok No
01-E-2 near V-111 Ok No
01-T-1 near K-101 sample point 3rd suction Ok No
01-A-2 near V-112 Ok No
01-SO-4 near PT-3A Ok Yes
01-SO-23 near O2 analyzer Ok Yes
01-S-22 near K-101 stairs Ok Yes
01-E-22 near K-101 stairs Ok Yes
01-E-17 near LPSA 105 Ok No
01-V-7A near PSV 1 Ok No
01-V-6A near ejectors header Ok No
01-V-5A near ejectors header Ok No
01-T-16 near PSV 152 Ok No
01-V-1B near barring motor Ok No
01-V-2B near LPSA 5 A/B/C Ok No
01-V-5B near Gear Box Ok no
01-V-6B and 01-V-7B near 2BCL ok yes
Muhammad Shafqat Abbas