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Volume 1, Issue 1

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Communicate Your Way Inside this issue:

To Effectiveness! The Tandem of


and English

Start-to-Finish 1
The Tandem of Communication and English
English As A 2
According to a number of cation deals with more as- • Presenting ideas more Business Lan-
researches, English belongs pects other than which lan- effectively; guage
to the 10 most spoken lan- guage is being utilized. We
• Managing interactions The Art & Sci- 3
guages in the world, 2nd to have various ways of commu-
well. ence of Business
Mandarin. This means that nicating with one another in
people all over the world the corporate world. We
recognize this language and organize presentations for
Assertive Com- 4
use it in their everyday lives. meetings; create correspon- munication
How can you relay a point to dences for our clients; have
your business partner or your face-to-face discussions with
Presenting with 5
subordinate if you cannot our superiors and colleagues.
manage to know even the That is why having great
basics. In line with this, peo- communication skills is a
ple should be able to fluently Meeting with the client Why Outsource? 6
must in this age. This takes
converse with one another or into consideration a number
compose correspondences of aspects of communication These concepts embrace a
flawlessly using the English
such as : variety of communication
language to reflect their
styles, whether it be verbal
capabilities and show that • Using English as a busi-
or written.
they are competent enough ness language;
to be dealt with. Combining knowledge in com- GOING BACK TO
• W ri ti ng corre s p on-
munication Continued on p.2.
On the other hand, communi- dences better; THE BASICS IS


Start-to-Finish MUCH GREATER

This program will tackle ar- other hand, this approach dence in its participants
eas in communication from will also encompass the usage through the trainings in as-
start to finish. It will begin of this language in writing. sertive communication and
with going back to the basics. This is crucial because corre- presenting with power.
It will explore the capabili- spondences are created eve- These will inculcate in them
ties of its participants and ryday in the corporate world. the right character and
how well they are in terms of After being able to have a frame of mind in making com-
using the English language in grasp of the basics, the pro- munication work to their
dealing with others. On the gram will now inject confi- advantage.
The Tandem of Communication and English
Continued from p.1 of your audience.. Others include: sions and the likes are very important in
and the English language can be an eve- The skill. Presenters must possess the assessing their understanding of the
ryday task for most of us but it is an- skills in talking in front of an audience topics being discussed.
other thing to use it effectively, every or being able to relay the message Putting it all together. All these aspects
time. across, etc. may be few but these may also be chal-
Another important thing The materials. This refers lenging to put together.
to be taken into consid- to both the presentation In the end, communication and the Eng-
eration is the ability to be materials and the informa- lish language make up a large portion of
assertive enough in his or tion that will be the topic our everyday business interactions that
her chosen communication of discussion. is why at exeQserve, we have formu-
style. Presenting with The audience. Their body lated workshops to help your organiza-
power is a vital component language, facial expres- tion be on top by utilizing these effec-
in capturing the interest Conversing over the phone tively.

English As A Business Language

A Program to Help You Become More ciently, whether one is writing or speak- This training
Proficient in the English Language ing. Grammar correctness ensures clar- program aims to
ity, facilitates understanding, communi- help learners in A Program to Help
cates competence, and enhances the corporate envi-
English is a borrowed language for Filipi- You Become More
nos. Yet, it is considered our primary company’s and the employees’ profes- ronments to
Proficient in the
business language. This presents a chal- sional images. It can also improve your become more
customer service because you are able proficient in English Language
lenge for people in the workplace. Com-
municating is not merely a matter of to clearly and effectively communicate speaking and
sending messages. It is also about being with clients, internal parties, and the writing in Eng-
able to use a borrowed language profi- public. lish. The focus

• have undergone a review of grammar rules and applications;
• pass an exam to test their communication competence;
• be more confident in their communication skills; and
• be able to move on to the next phase of the business writing program.

MODULE ONE General Diagnostic Test • To assess areas of MODULE Energizer Game: Word • To review parts of
Discussion of Results & Priorities THREE Jigsaw speech to
GQ: My Grammar strengths and
Pre-Quiz understand
Quotient weaknesses and to Anatomy of
Mini-Lecture syntax issues
identify priority areas Speech: The
Big Eight Parts of Speech
MODULE TWO Energizer Game: Body Spell • To stress the
Workbook Exercises
Spell Bound Pre-Quiz importance of spelling
accuracy for clarity and Spot the Mistakes
Last Man Standing – Spelling credibility
Game Post-Quiz
• To identify and correct MODULE Energizer Game: • To appreciate the
common spelling FOUR Storytelling importance of
The Importance of Correct mistakes Pre-Quiz using the right
Spelling Mini-Lecture verb tenses for
Common Spelling Mistakes • To practice using
clarity and
Workbook Exercises
Spelling Cheat Sheets correct spelling coherence
Workbook Exercises Spot the Mistakes
• To review and
Spot the Mistakes Conversation Practice apply rules in
Post-Quiz Post-Quiz verb tenses

Writing Assignment
Page 2
Volume 1, Issue 1
MODULE FIVE Energizer Game: Memory Game • To learn and MODULE SEVEN Energizer Game: Listen, Catch • To become familiar
Pre-Quiz apply the rules Pre-Quiz with correct usage
When Subject Indecent Prepositions
Mini-Lecture of subject-verb Mini-Lecture of prepositions
and Verb Get
Along Workbook Exercises agreement Workbook Exercises
Spot the Mistakes Spot the Mistakes
Conversation Practice Conversation Practice
Post-Quiz Post-Quiz
Writing Assignment MODULE EIGHT Energizer Game: Memory Game • To learn to use
Pre-Quiz punctuations
Comma Sutra and
Mini-Lecture correctly for clarity
Punctuation Workbook Exercises and coherence
Spot the Mistakes
Conversation Practice
MODULE SIX Mini-Lecture • To discuss MODULE NINE Final Review and • To recap learnings,
Idioms for Idiots Group Activity: Love Letter common Accomplishment Test review
Putting it all
mistakes in Writing Exercise and Buddy accomplishments,
idiomatic Proofreading and assess
expressions Final Q&A improvements.

The Art & Science of Business Writing

From Proficiency to Persuasion and build positive relationships. through con-

stant and con-
scious practice.
Writing is both art and skill. And busi- The process of improving one’s written Knowledge- From
ness writing, to be effective, requires communication skills starts with an un- Awareness- Proficiency
competence in both the creative and the derstanding of the communication proc- Application-
technical aspects of writing. Combining ess, its purpose, channels, and operating Practice. This 4- To
principles of style and form, this work- theories. Awareness of one’s skills is the step approach Persuasion
shop will lead learners to develop their next step. Our communication compe- will serve as the
writing competence to produce letters, tence is then developed through applica- workshop’s
email, and reports that achieve results tion of communication knowledge and framework.

• learn the value of good
written communication;
• know and practice the
basic steps of business writing; Program Overview Introductions
• apply the 10 C’s of Com- Leveling of Expectations
munication to written materials; Workshop Overview
• know and avoid the pitfalls
of business writing; MODULE ONE Energizer Activity: Minefield
• assess their own writing Communication • Processing
competence and find areas for Overview
improvement; and • The Communication Process
• Barriers to Effective Communication
• know how to get their
message across and achieve
results through their writing

Page 3
Volume 1, Issue 1
MODULE TWO • Discuss the 4 Steps to Effective Written MODULE THREE • Interactive Lecture on each standard of
Designing Communication Communication The 10 Cs of Written Communication, Tips, Techniques,
Strategies Communication Examples. Include:
• Purpose Driven Writing
• Workbook Exercises
• SMART Objectives
• Group Activities
• Reader Focused Writing
• Learning Games
• Audience Analysis

• Strategic Channel Selection MODULE FOUR Cut

• Channel Selection Analysis 4 Carat Persuasion Clarity

• Advantages of Written Media Carat

• The Writing Process

• Prewriting
MODULE FIVE Writing Practice:
• Writing
Putting it all Together • Email
• Outline Method • Letter
• Mind Mapping • Report
• Proposal
• Revising

Assertive Communication

Communication is the basis of all human some understanding of one another, 1987,p.173) this proves just ho impor-
interaction and for all group functioning. build trust, coordinate their actions, tant communication is in the success of
Every group must take in and use infor- plan their strategies, agree upon division the organization. Poor communication
mation. The very existence of a group of labor, and conduct all group activities can lead to performance and poor per-
depends on communication, on exchang- ---even exchange insults. It is through formance can lead to losses hence, a
ing information and transmitting mean- communication that members interact, company cannot afford to have poor
ing. All cooperative action is contingent and effective communication is a pre- communication.
upon effective communication, and our requisite for every aspect of group The goal of this course is to help mem-
daily lives are filled with one communica- functioning. (Joining together: Group bers of the team by equipping them with
tion experience after another. Through Theory and Group Skills by David W. the necessary knowledge and skills for
communication members of groups reach Johns on and Frank P Johns on,
effectively conveying understanding.

• Appreciate the importance of Communication overview The art of listening
communication in work suc-
• Communication and performance • What you need to know about listening
• Identify various communica- • Pay-offs to effective communication • Barriers to listening
tion styles • Good communication lead to excellent
• Pave the way for positive customer service DEALING WITH CHALLENGING
interactions • The communication process CONVERSATIONS
• Appreciate the art of active • Barriers to effective communication • Causes of conflicts
• Your communication rights and responsibilities • Fixing your assumptions
• Anticipate and avoid common
misunderstandings • Blame game
Communication Styles
• Practice assertive communica- • Building your skills in professionally dealing
• Passive, Aggressive and Assertive
tion communication
• Manage challenging conversa- • Building your assertive communication Skills

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Volume 1, Issue 1
Presenting With Power

Presenting or speaking to an audience workshop allows the participants the improvement. Effective presentation
regularly tops the list in surveys of peo- chance to assess and develop the pre- techniques and guidelines will be taught
ple's top fears - more than heights, senter in them and put together an ac- and demonstrated through a series of
flying or dying. Put another way, most tion plan to use techniques for getting lectures and experiential activities. By
people would prefer to be lying in the their message across, keeping their au- the end of the workshop, each learner
casket than be the one giving the eulogy. dience interested and eliciting the de- will demonstrate learning by simulating a
In the business world, however, there is sired reaction. work-related presentation. The presen-
no avoiding having to present a product, The Workshop would be a two-day , a tations will be videotaped and will be
a report, or an idea. It is necessary, week apart skills development training. critiqued by the learner, the class, and
therefore, to have the confidence to be It starts with a gap analysis of each the trainer. Feedback and the learner’s
able to present effectively. Develop this learner’s presentation skills vis-à-vis the progress will be recorded in the Skills
confidence by developing your employ- ideal. This analysis would enable the Inventory which will be used by the
ees’ skills. Develop their skills by know- learner to develop a Skills Inventory, learner to identify further development
ing what skills they already have. This which may be used to identify areas for needs, and track progress.

Workshop Objectives Pre-workshop

By the end of the workshop, the learners would be able to:
• Assess their strengths and their areas for improvement as Participants
should prepare a
speakers and presenters
5-7 minute pres-
• Learn and practice techniques for effective presentations entation with vis-
• Manage interactions with the audience ual aids which they
will use in the di-
• Respond effectively to difficult questions and situations
agnostic activity
• Use presentation tools more effectively at the beginning of
• Build an action plan for developing their presentation skills the workshop.
in relation to their job requirements

Introduction Building the Presentation Skill Facilitating Learning

• Opening Remarks • What makes an effective presenter • Adult Learning Principles
• Ice Breaker • Use of body language/gestures
• Guidelines and house rules • Vocal variation • Facilitation techniques

• Leveling of expectations • Controlling nervousness and bad habits

Managing your Audience
• Dealing with different types
Diagnostic Activity
of audiences
- Individual 3 to 5-min presentations and critiquing Getting Your Message Across
• Using structure to strengthen the • Dealing with hecklers
Facing the Presentation Challenge message
Putting It all together
-Identifying problems with presentations • PREP, AIDA, SMG, PPF and Two-point
Five Steps to Successful Presentation • Skill Practice
• Preparation Developing Your Presentation Materials • Feedback and Critique

• Prevention • Your Handouts • Review of Skills Development

• Presentation • Audio Visual Materials and other
equipment • Commitment Exercise
• Practice

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Volume 1, Issue 1
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