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NASA ANNOUNCES FY 08 BUDGET REQUEST Top NASA managers briefed news media today on the agency's Fiscal Year 2008 budget request. Budget documents are available on the web at http://www.nasa.gov/budget. For information, call Marny Skora at 757/864-6121 or email marny.skora@nasa.gov.

ORION CREW VEHICLE DROP TESTS SUPPORT EXPLORATION Engineers, scientists and program managers across NASA are actively engaged in a variety of activities supporting NASA's Constellation Program. A team of researchers has been conducting landing system airbag drop tests at Langley's Landing and Impact Research Facility. This facility, known as the Gantry, was built in 1965 to prepare the Apollo astronauts for their lunar landing mission. Used for aircraft impact dynamics research for many years, the Gantry is now returning to space research and supporting the Orion Crew Vehicle with these drop tests. These tests support the agency's exploration mission to return humans to the moon and extend a human presence throughout the solar system. For information, contact Lindsay Crouch at 757-864-3189 or l.m.crouch@larc.nasa.gov

FUTURE LUNAR ROCKETS FLY IN LANGLEY'S WIND TUNNELS NOW When the first rocket lifts off with astronauts headed for a return to the moon, in 2020 or shortly after, it will be with the confidence that researchers at NASA Langley successfully simulated that liftoff hundreds of times in Langley wind tunnels. Although the full-scale launch vehicle will be 100 times larger, ultra-precise models being tested now are providing project managers the aerodynamic data needed to ensure safe, efficient flight from Earth's surface into space. The

work is one of several areas in which Langley is supporting the NASA Constellation Program to return humans to the moon. For information, contact Keith Henry at 757-864-6120 or h.k.henry@nasa.gov

NASA CONFERENCE HOSTS FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN SPACEWALKER Former Astronaut Bernard Harris Jr. will kick off the 12th Annual Pre-Service Teacher Conference Feb. 15-17 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, in Alexandria, Va. Hosted by NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace, this conference will welcome more than 300 teachers-to-be from across the country. During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sessions, including hands-on workshops and a career fair. The conference was created to help undergraduate education students develop the confidence and skills to effectively teach math and science using cutting-edge technology and educational materials only NASA can provide. For information, contact Lindsay Crouch at 757-864-3189 or l.m.crouch@larc.nasa.gov

TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH VIA WISCONSIN, ANOTHER 'FIRST' TEST NASA Langley scientists will demonstrate the ground-based capability of FIRST (Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Troposphere) beginning March 12 in Wisconsin. The infrared sensor developed by NASA Langley and Utah State University's Space Dynamics Laboratory measures the cooling and heating of the atmosphere and will help researchers learn more about how the Earth gains and loses energy. NASA has successfully tested the FIRST instrument in previous experiments aboard high altitude balloons. Researchers are planning ground-based tests in Alaska and Hawaii while hoping for an eventual stratospheric balloon test in Antarctica. The ultimate goal for FIRST is selection for a satellite mission. The data measurements from FIRST will provide scientists with unprecedented measurements to advance understanding of climate change. For information, contact Chris Rink at 757-864-6786. Christopher.P.Rink@nasa.gov

SPEAKER SERIES: Reporters are invited to preview talks at afternoon presentations to

employees at NASA Langley. Public invited to evening talks at 7:30 at Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton. For information, call Marny Skora at 757/864-6121 or email marny.skora@nasa.gov.

March 6 -- Motion Capture and Technology Leadership, by Nels H. Madsen April 10 -- Humans and the Global Carbon Cycle: A Faustian Bargain?, by Berrien Moore III May 8 -- Why Do We Explore?, by Steven Dick -end-