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Marathon Extreme 15w/40

High Performance Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Marathon Extreme 15w/40 is a super high performance heavy duty multigrade engine oil meeting the latest
API and ACEA classifications. The advanced additive system and base oil selection delivers high product integrity
and meets the requirements of API CI-4 and ACEA E7-12 making it suitable for use in Euro IV and Euro V engines
fitted with SCR systems.

Marathon Extreme 15w/40 can be used in all high performance four stroke diesel engines operating on low
sulphur diesel fuel (<0.5 % mass) and under serve duty conditions. This grade can be used in diesel engines that
are either normally aspirated, turbo-charged or super-charged, with or without inter-cooling, in passenger cars,
commercial diesels or off-highway equipment. For extended oil drain intervals the recommendation by the OEM
for high quality diesel engines oils can be applied.

Features & Benefits

High shear stability for stay in grade performance

Provides prolonged oil drain intervals and reduces maintenance costs
Improved protection against bore polishing and cam wear
Reduces engine wear through quick lubrication after cold starting
Ideal mixed fleet lubricant
Excellent soot handling capability

Meets manufacturers performance

Mercedes Benz MB 228.3 Caterpillar ECF-1, 2
MAN M 3275 Renault RLD-1,2
MTU Oil Category 2 ACEA Light Duty A3/B4-10
Volvo HD Diesel VDS-3 ACEA Heavy Duty E7-12, E5, E3
Cummins CES 20071/72/76/77/78 API Petrol SL

Typical Inspection Data

Property Method Unit Inspection Data
Absolute Density, 15 C D 1298 kg/m 3 886
Kinematic Viscosity, 40 C D 445 mm 2/s 104.6
Kinematic Viscosity, 100 C D 445 mm 2/s 14.0
Viscosity Index D 2270 135
Borderline Pumping Temperature D 3829 C -25
Flash Point D93 C 210
Pour Point D 97 C - 27
Total Base Number D 2896 mg KOH/g 10.0
Sulphated Ash Content D 874 % mass 1.4