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urr. l. Yamamoto -

Thispaper waspresente.Jat the BMASSpring Meetint at Bristol 1989

This ne|. methodof scalpacl]punc' Failingthis, the resuh is not the
ture (YNSA) hasnow becometwenty expectedone. This has ]ed to some
yearsold. This makesit quite a well of my European coJleagues abandon
established sourceof lrealment,with ing the methodbeforemasteringit.
fufthef prospecls.The first feport The LOCATIONof YNSA points
about my work dates back to 1973 can be deiectedwith a Neurometer,
at the Annual RyodorakuCongress bul this is very difficultdue to the
held in Tokyo.Since then I have highelectro-permability of the scalp.
experimentedand developedfrom I preferto rely on my fingertipsto
the one starlinBpolnl lo the present palpatethe scalp.The rightspotcan
22 main points. be telt as an identation,or a little
YNSA is a totally new concept rope like protrusion.On pressureit
and should not be confusedwith is sensitiveor even pajnful. lf the
Chinesescalpacupuncturein which patient cannot give correci inior
the areasdireclly abovethe corre-
malion as to which spot hurts most
The trealment afeas for YN5A are on palpatiom,I purposelypressin
quite should different placesto makethe patient
be classifiedas a somaticrepresen awareof the differentsensationon
tation, comparable to ear/ nose/ the right poinr.
mouth or foot acupuncture.In this A N o . 8 S T E EN
L EEDLE is used,
method the human body presents inserted subcutaneously f rom ante-
itselfall along the hairline (roughly - rior to posterior, until the patient
soeakinesincelhe hairlinediifersgreatly
speaking patient has a little electricshock may haveto be
sreatlvfrorn oaj
to palien0,in the temporalareasas well as on the pos- manip!laleda littleto reachthe exactspol as a Tractron
lerior scalp aFl&7) of a millimetrecan makeall the difference.
YNSApointsmay be divided into threegroups:
1.)Basicpoints,relatedto the kineticapparatus.
I r \ p \ r l u - p u r n r \ r p l d r . dl o i n n p ro 8 " n \ .
yNSA Rasicpoints - kinetic apparatus. (Fiq. 2)
I calledlhese Basicpoints becausethey were my tirst
They representvariouspalts of the human

A - wilh subdilisionsr-Z neckaod cervicalspin€,
B - shoulder,

c - with subdivisionsl.6, shoulderioinl, upperarm,lower
arm, elbow wrist nnd finBers,
D - with subdilisionsl-s, lumbar spineand lower

E- with subdivisions1-12,chestand lhoracic spine,

G -wilh subdilhions l-3, knee(laleral,medialand

Thereis alreadya largescopefor trealmentjust using
thesebasicpoints.IndeedI would8o asfar asto saythat
lhese points
one shouldfirst be well practisedin Lrsing
beforegoing on to use is very
importantto locatethe correctpoint exactly.This takes FIC1
some practice,evenfor the experienced acupunclurist.


In acutecases.up to one houf. FC Poinls OCCIPITALBA5ICPOINIS _ YAN ( YNSABA5ICPOINTS YNSASensoryOryan points Thesejust carrythe nameof the respecrive organ.Their detectionandacupuncture methodarethe sameas men- MID tINI tioned under BasicpointsfFrg. INDICAIIONS: allpains scialica all motor dillurbances muscular whiplash hemiplesia rheumalic heipes paraplesia adhritic lrigeminalneuralsiaparftinsons fractures busitk dizziness sprains sportsinjury asthma neuritis lumbago anginap€ctoris post-operntive etc.bmj.Thesepointscan be usedfor acupuncturewhen there is no responseto treatment ai ihe YIN position fFl& l).I usea HE-NELaser. but only on childrenand somethimeson very nervousaculepatients. INDICATIONS: EAR.In chronic casesit will of coursetakeIonger.Published by group. 2016 . with the needle in placefor 5-20minules.This appliesespecially to patientswith hemi plegiaof paraplegia. noseand eyeare alsorepresented in mirror fashionon the occipitalor YANpart of the scalp. I havefoundthe two internalorgandisfunctrons asthma and anginato be very successfully treatedwith basic E point. NOSE.but is notessen tial to achievebetter resulls. 47 . ELECTRO STIMULATION canbegiven.bmj.with an increasednumber of acupuncturesessionsat shorter on March 19. They are not fre- quentryused. The YNSApointsA-Eand the threesensorypointsear. Downloaded from http://aim. EYE. tinnitus improvement sinusitis deafness of siSht allergy pain doublevision post.2). a) MIDLINE HC2 The DURATIONof treatmentdiffersfrom caseto case.perative post"operative pain Posldperative I dare saythat a specialistin lhis subjectcould find manymore indications.theremaybe only one treatmentneeded.I use it sometimesin very lont standingchronicailments- A TASER can be usedon YNSApointsasan alternative treatment.

heart Thesepoinisrepresentinner does happenthat additionallya secondor evena third testzone becomessensitive to examination- .com/ on March 19. METHOD.This does not necessarily TY With a slightdisfunctionof an organ.youwill realisethat my picturediffersfrom the Chineseone.5 Y4 .) where NE indicatedto ensureproperdiagnosis. blood tests..liver Yl1 .the Miyazaki. hish fever. 4) needles.ln the worst YPSILON caseyou will haveto needlethreepoints.: For a patient with shoulder pain.the correspond- ing test zone will be painful and tight or bracedon BLADDER I]RINARY LUMBARVERTEBRAE examination.stoma. m d l l i n r e .5).Cood resultsare quickly achieved. INDICATIONSI headache dizziness vomiting sorethroal insomnia urinary frequency d\.the needlecan be guidedstraitht ELECIROSTIMULATION and LASER. In this casethe sameprocedureis followed. 2016 .menorrhea ( h 1 6 n nb r o n ( h i t i s inlerrinJldkorder'gall*lone.Dnoea (loma(h pain d). E 8. l i n c Y. kidney ABDOMINALITST ZONES Y3 .Accordingto these findings.h Ylo . GATLBLADDER functions. SPINT Hereagain.the exact coccYx Ypsilonpoint hasto be locatedand acupunctured. the patientshould lie down for the first treatment.Iafgeintestine Y9 bladder F I G . because the patientdoesnot needto 8et undressed.EASIC desired. LOCATION. but quitedifficultdue to the smallpresentation area.MRI etc. heartfailure colitis kidneyslones etc.but are not only SPt[tN-PANCREAS used for the treatmentof these organsand their is iime savingand needsonly the smallestnumber of YNSA Ypsilon points (Fig. LatelyI havealso developeda neck diagnosticfield.They may also be used to treai unrelated disturbances and pains. Downloaded from http://aim.!aitingroom or havetheir rehabilitationat the I P S I I O NP O I N T sA N D B A s I CP Q I N T S F C CONTRAINDICATION. pericardium HEART Y5 .I usewesternmerhodsof examination (eg. OTHERTREATMENTS. which is practicaland time savinS.AUTION. C.Published by group.spleen/pancreas Ylz . lunss Ys .com shoulderpain is relievedand the abdominaltest zone relaxed. gdllbladder Y2 -triDle heater Y8 .beforetreatingany patientwith acupunc- ture on theseYpsilonpoints. In the orientalwayof thinkingmanyachesand painsin non-relatedareasmay also be causedby disordersor affectionsof internalorgans.. Of course.bmj.sameas betore. If toleratedwell. any other form of acupuncture or other treatment may be Sivensimultaneously.but the patient will be symptom free. The symptomfree period will become longer wiih each treatmentsessionuntil the patientis the point Y5 (liver)should be locatedand 110-15Chuodori Nichinan acupunctured.tu re Inst. to study the To use these points it is also necessary relatedabdominal test zones (F/9.may be used if YNSA. you will find on Dt T Yananoto MD abdominalexamination that the testzone of the liveris YamamotoHospitalAcupu n.even in Y hasa verywide rangeof treatmentpossibilities.they cansitfora period of time in the \.bmj.lf the needleis cofrectlysituated. sensitive.. On the whole I rhink this methodis well worth adopt flG4 ing. Japan 887 48 . X-ray. .com/cgi/reprintform To subscribe to BMJ go to: http://group. Notes To request permissions go to: To order reprints go to: by group.2.46 Updated information and services can be found at: http://aim.6.bmj. 2016 . Sign up in the service box at the top right corner of the online New scalp acupuncture T Yamamoto Acupunct Med 1989 6: 46-48 doi: on March 19.citation These include: Email alerting Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article. Downloaded from http://aim.bmj.