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Interactive Learning Activities

Website's Name Websites URL Description

Topmarks This smartboard
activity helps students
in k-1st learn how to
count to 10.
Arcademics This smartboeard
activity helps students
win the race by
choosing the correct
time presented.
Mrnussbaum This smartboard
activity helps children
by making them
match sight words to
the correct picture.
pbs Students learn how to
match rhyming words
such as cat and hat.
The students must
pair the rhyming
words together in this
interactive game.
epa This activity shows the
water cycle in action.
You can go through
the whole cycle, or
you can demonstrate
a part of the cycle
Sheppard software This activity helps
students interactively
learn about the food
chain. The student
demonstrates their
understanding by
placing pictures in the
correct order.
nasa Students make their
way through the solar
system by answering
the questions asked
Coolmath-games The activity provides
you with the shape of
a state, and the
student has to identify
the state as quickly as
scholastic This helps students
identify parts of
speech. The student
will be asked to drag
all the specific
required parts of
speech, such as
nouns, to charlottes
Math-play This activity helps
game_html5.html students practice
dividing fractions.
They are divided into
the red team and the
blue team in a math
soccer game. Each
team will work to get
the right answer when
it is their turn.