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Toad Edge Comparison Matrix

Toad Edge Toad Edge Toad - MAC Edition

Preview v1.0 Freeware
Database Platforms
MySQL 5.7 X X X
MySQL 5.6 X X X
Oracle X
PostgreSQL X
MongoDB X
Operating Systems

Windows X X
Mac OS X X X X
MySQL-specific Features
Support for JSON data types X X
JSON structure visualization X X
JSON data editor X X
MySQL Events X X
Advanced User Privilege Management X X
SQL Worksheet/Editor
Advanced IntellisenseTM X X X
Formatting Syntax check X X X
Formatting X X X
Multiple statements execution X X X
Execution from/to position X X X
Data Editor
Lookup tables X X X
Basic data filters X X X
Data type specific data editors X X X
Editable result grid X

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Toad Edge Toad Edge Toad - MAC Edition
Preview v1.0 Freeware
Export & Import
Export to SQL, CSV, HTML, XML X X X
Import from SQL, CSV X X X
Dynamic compare X X
Database schema compare X X
Advanced SQL difference recognition X X
Comparison settings modification from SQL X X
Object timestamp based comparison X X
Detailed schema compare reports X X
Generation of change scripts X X
Snapshot creation and comparison X X

Support for versioning systems or file system

Advanced database and file system comparison X X
Team collaboration (tracking, changes, alter
scripts, deployment)
CI/CD ready (for automation servers based on
command lines)
Jenkins ready solution inclusive native UI plugin X
View code changes using Eclipse Local History X
Application Features
Object search X X X
Text search X
Code snippets/templates X X X
Session browser X X

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