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OCTOBER 2017 RANKED #4 30 BEST NEWSPAPERS IN RICHMOND, VA Source: 50,000+ Readers Issue No. 37


NorthsideVibes byFlavorNews The Curly Piece 2
ABOUT US: FLAVOR NEWS LLC is conveniently located in the 21
Professional Center, 2025 East Main Street, Suite 100, Richmond, Vir-
By Madeleine
ginia 23223; (804) 297-6316. NORTHSIDE VIBES is an independent- Maddie
ly owned, monthly complimentary GOOD NEWSpaper which ini-
tially launched in September 2014 by our CEO, Deone Flavor Mc-
Williams who at the time had only $22.00 after leaving Corporate Ame-
rica: LEAP OF FAITH! Our GOOD NEWSpaper launches the 1st Friday
of each month (occasional delays due to holidays and inclement wea-
ther). To-date, we have over 50,000 readers locally and worldwide,
(including our electronic version: visit (search North-
side Vibes)). Our Mission: From the outset, Deone envisioned North-
side Vibes becoming a unique (special) publication that would be an in-
tegral part of many communitiesa publication for everyone to enjoy!
She passionately provides informative newspapers that people identify
with, take pride in, and serve to bridge the different segments of all
communities. As we are unable to publish everyones story, our inten- To every puzzle, there are pieceshundreds of frustrating, pesky little
sions are always good. For information regarding our affordable ad pieceswaiting to reside within the bigger picture. To every individu-
rates, please send an email to Exciting oppor- als life there is a story. Some boring, some tragic, hopeful, or some
tunities are available for interns, volunteer writers, freelance photogra- still being written. It takes the average person up to two hours to com-
phers, and retirees, too! Interested in a sales representative (strictly com- plete a puzzle. However, how many times have you successfully sat in
mission) or perhaps a delivery driver position? Email your resume (pro- one place piecing a muse together without any alterations or issues?
fessional references required). Like Us on Face Book! Recently, I gave into the powerful urge to banish all my pieces from the
All opinions expressed in Northside Vibes are not necessarily representative of table and rearrange them back from the very start. The frustration of
the views held by the editorial staff. No part of this publication may be repro- my parents divorcing influenced a change that would allow my inde-
duced or transmitted in any form without prior written permission from the com- pendence to prosper and open all new opportunities I didnt think were
pany, Flavor News LLC. Permission is deemed valid if approval is in writing. possible. I worked longed hours at two jobs while enrolled as a fulltime
Next publication: Friday, November 3, 2017 student for nearly two years until I was financially stable to move out
on my own. As a tiger lily blooming in the spring, all freckled and pink,
MANY THANKS TO THE FLAVOR NEWS TEAM: I found a new definition to a fresh startto re(bloom) in the state Capi-
Editor-in-Chief, Deone Flavor McWilliams; Mentor, Col. (Ret.) tol of Virginia. Since inhabiting Richmond three months ago, Ive dis-
Frank Underwood, Sr.; Communications Specialist, Edward Muckle. covered new pieces to my puzzle and had some casualties fall under the
Volunteer Reporters & Journalists: NyRiian Jiggetts, Jr. Editor 4- rug. Through certain people, things, events, and outlooks will provide
Youth; Allison Davis, Exceptional Ed.; Alex Jones, Family Caregiving; new pieces that are suitable for your own puzzle. Open your eyes, listen
Deborah Little-Bowser, Ask Nurse Deborah; Col. Alfred Durham, and exist within your surroundings for hidden treasures that are never
Chief Durhams Corner; Anne L., Neighbors Growing Together; Dr. too late to find. Welcome to a new perspective! My motivation for this
Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs, Sleep Apnea; Mellisa Underwood (various column is to encourage people to collect more pieces to their puzzle of
topics); Sally Lacy Sundar, Travel; Donald Edwards, Inspirations; life, and spread kindness in everyday life. Smile at the next stranger
Madeleine Chapman, The Curly Piece. Special Thanks to Our Edi- you see, ask a coworker how their morning is coming along, tell the ba-
torial & Advisory Boards, The Good News Spy Crew, Valued Sup- rista to have a wonderful day, drop some spare change into the hands
porters especially our Advertisers! of a homeless person, hold the elevator door for the intern running late
NEVER GIVE UP KEEP LOOKING UP (GOD IS REAL)! andtune in for the next segment of THE CURLY PIECE!
NorthsideVibes Inspirations & Saxsmos Den! 3

Jerichos Journey STAYING LOW

A Meeting with An Addict Dont Get Caught Up
Many people tend to shy away from coming in contact with an addict, in Your Gifts -
much less than having a conversation with one. But, dont you know that
an addict is a living and breathing person, like you and me? Even in their Use Them to HELP
addiction, they possess hopes and dreams of becoming someone other
than a person who gets high, who sells their body, or who have abandoned OTHERS Find Theirs.
their families because of the psychological need to feed their addictions.
In our journey through the crime and drug infested streets of Richmond, Push others to the
DON EDWARDS Front of the Line!
we encounter a multiplicity of persons who are battling the addiction of
heroin. But, instead of running the opposite direction, we run to them or
call them to us. As we take care of their physical needs by providing daily Company Chaplain, National Counseling Group
necessities for living and resources, we also minister to the spiritual needs, I have found that many people often seek the spotlight. The world has
by offering prayer, conversation, and hugsyeshugs! When we meet taught most of us that in order to be somethingwe need to be the cen-
an addict, we are meeting someones child, parent or sibling. We are ter of attention. Often times we seek accolades, recognitions, or peo-
meeting an individual who has simply gotten caught up in the sparkling ple just to tell us we are doing a great job! At one time in my life (ok
lights of the worlds fantasy and illusionsthat they can end all their depending on the weeklol!), I sought after the need to walk the red
problems with just one prick of the needle or smoke of the pipe. That one carpet of success: To have the paparazzi take pictures of all that I have
hit is all it takes to send someones life down a spiraling road to de- accomplished; to give the speeches that often start out First I would
struction. But, THANKS BE TO GOD, we have been called to be a like to thank God, as I receive the top award. At one time, I wanted
beacon light in a world filled with darkness and streets engulfed with to be the one that the crowd chanted and screamed my name: Don! Don!
drugs. While I stand there hugging these individuals, I can feel the weight Don!!!!!!!!!! However, as I have gotten older, I realize that ITS BETTER
of the world leave their shoulders as their bodies shake from the influx of TO STAY LOW. What is staying low you ask? Staying low is not getting
tears flowing from their eyes. I can feel their hearts beating with the un- caught up in your gifts, but using them to help others find theirs. Stay-
explained fear of having someone simply hug them and not care what they ing low is not rushing to be seen, but pushing others to the front of the
do or where theyve been. I can feel their PAIN as they share their stories. line. Staying low is not looking for credit, but proudly clapping as
I can feel that they know, our being here is not for show, but out of genuine others win the award. Staying low doesnt mean that you are insecure,
love and concern. IM THANKFUL FOR EVERY MEETING THAT I but it means that youre confident enough not to gloat over your suc-
HAVE WITH AN ADDICT BECAUSE THERES STILL HOPE! cess. So... How about you? Can you stay low???
For more information about City of Jericho or to make a donation of
clothing, toiletries, snacks, or monetary, please contact Donna Tucker,
Questions and
Pastor, at, call (804) 453-0422 (office) or Answers for
on Social Media. We are a 501(C)3 organization.
Aspiring Jazz Artists
and Those Interested
in Learning All About
Come on Over to Saxsmos Den
Professor Gates: Did you have supportive parents? Yes, I had ex-
ceptionally gifted and wonderful parents who supported me. They loved
the arts! In fact, they loved sports and arts (a marriage). How old were
you when you were introduced to Jazz? I was introduced inside my
mothers womb (my father played the saxophone during her pregnancy
everyday); however, I began playing the saxophone at age 6. As far
as I can remember, Jazz was either played by records, my dads prac-
INTRODUCING QUEEN CAMERON tices, or live bands (gigs). Is it ever too late to start playing an instru-
By Keisha Curry, Mother (featured in photo with Cameron) ment? Absolutely not! What if Im interested in attending school to
Cameron is a beautiful 12 year old young lady with ambitions to study Jazz but I cannot afford tuition? Now days we have the inter-
be a fashion model and actress. With this platform, her goal is to net. Sometimes you have to go to an actual gig and fellowship with the
bring awareness to ALOPECIA and to display confidence and beauty musicians. Thats a start. The reason is because most of the musicians
in BEING BALD! Alopecia is a common autoimmune disorder that are instructors who can provide guidance. Do all universities offer
often results in unpredictable hair loss. It affects 2% of Americans. Jazz? All universities do not offer Jazz. Do you foresee this genre
The condition can affect anyoneregardless of age and gender. of music continuing throughout local schools/universities? Abso-
Cameron was diagnosed with Alopecia at the age of one (1). For 11 lutely! How much time does it require to study Jazz? Its a lifetime
years she has always been known for her matching hats, style, and pret- commitment! Do you offer private lessons? Yes. How did learning
ty smile! Shes also interested in starting a hat and headband fashion Jazz affect your childhood (i.e., spending time with family, hanging
line thats wearable for everyone to spread awareness! We are now in out with friends, etc.)? Being so involved with Jazz (loving it), it took
the process of starting up her foundation to spread the word to the a lot of time away from being with my peers. However, I gained more
world that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL and hair doesnt make the person. Ca- of a lifetime learning from the experienced Jazz artists. Did you ever
meron hopes to reach all kids, but more so the kids that suffer with the feel like giving up (quitting)? No. Whats the best advice you can
same disorder to be an inspiration. SHE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO offer to our young people aspiring to be Jazz artists? Never, never,
REACH THE HEARTS OF THOSE THAT JUDGE AND EVER give up! JAZZ music objectifies or represents America. Its
BULLY OTHERS WITH DISORDERS AND DIFFERENCES. an art form that can give us a painless way of understanding ourselves.
Kids are not aware of Alopecia! Surprisingly so, adults are unaware The power of JAZZ is when two or more people can come together and
as well. Please be sure to research this condition. create art on the spot! When you see a JAZZ musician, youre look-
NOW ITS TIME WE ALL KNOW AND LEARN TO ACCEPT ALL INDIVIDUALS THE ing at a pioneer, explorer, experiment, scientist Brilliancy! JAZZ
WAY THEY WERE CREATED BECAUSE WE ARE ALL CREATED IN GODS IMAGE. grew up in a thousand places, but it was born in New Orleans in the ear-
So be prepared to read much more about Cameron because she has ly 1800s. If you have any questions, send an email to jamesgates@
now joined the Flavor News Team. Your prayers, love and support, call (804) 426-6305 (cell). Website:
are appreciated! GO TEAM CAMERON & Welcome Aboard!!! Download my newest single recording Together We Can Make
It- 1800buymycd,, iTunes. Stay tunednext month!
NorthsideVibes Neighbors Growing Together 4
Ask Nurse Deborah

Deborah Little-Bowser R.N., B.A., M.P.S.

Dealing with the Loss of a Pet
Eighteen years ago a cat delivered a litter of six (6) kittens in the median
of our street and brought them into our backyard. How she knew we
were the right choiceI will never know. We took the litter of cats in
and let the mother care for them. Once they were weaned, we were for-
tunate to find homes for the mother and kittens, except one. We let our
son choose the one he wanted and he named her Indigo. For years she
delighted us with her antics, gifts of her kills from the yard, and purrs
as she sat in our laps.
During the pastPressure Diamonds
year she developed kidney disease Are Formed
and slowed down as
age slowly took its toll on her joints and body. We noticed that she was
not the spunky cat she had been and became concerned as health prob-
lems made trips to the vet more frequent. Her diet was changed and me-
dications were prescribed. Cries of pain were more frequent and we
knew her time with us was limited.
Early one morning we knew the time had come to speak with the veteri-
narian to discuss end of life options. The decision to euthanatize her
was made. We could no longer witness her pain and declining health.
She brought us so much JOYhow could we continue to watch her suf-
fer? We realized how she had become such an important part of our fa-
mily. We were overcome with sorrow and truly understood how our
fellow pet owners mourned the loss of their pets. The veterinarian and
staff members showed us such compassion; and we are truly grateful to
each of them.
Non-pet owners may not realize the bonds that develop between pets
and their owners. The loss of a pet is the same as losing a human family
member. The purpose of this article is to ask you to show the same
sympathy you would to someone who lost a human family member.
The pain is real and your love and support will help them during their
time of mourning and healing.
To Nurse Deborah and Family Members: We would like to express
our sincere condolences and thank you for sharing this article with our
readers. Yes! The loss of a loved one, whether its a human being or an
animal, is very painful. Just know that during these difficult times you
must continue to hold on to your FAITH (even when its the size of a mus-
tard seed) and know that God will see you all through this difficult
time. Sincerely, Deone, the Flavor News Crew and your community.

Loretta Logray
will be sharing
testimony with
our readers next
month, so be
sure to stay
tuned to the
What God has for youit is for you! We just have
to TRUST HIM! 3 years ago I left my job of 28 years
to pursue my dreamENTERTAINMENT! No regrets!
NorthsideVibes Happy Anniversary ARCpark! 5

ARCpark is Two and RANKED #1

By Tracy Tierney
(Continued from Front Page)
Noah Johnson, age four, (left photo on front page)
looks forward to speech therapy at the Greater Rich-
mond ARC every weekpartly because he enjoys
playing word games with his therapist Stephanie
Howley, and partly because he loves playing in the
ARCpark next door. His mom Deidra takes him
there before his appointments so he burns off ener-
gy on the swings and at the water table, his fa-
vorites. Back in August, The ARCpark celebrated
its second birthday; and the 2.4 acre all-inclusive
play area for people with and without disabilities has
quickly proven its popularity: It was recently
ranked #1 by Richmond Magazine. At ARC, day
support and after-school program participants visit
three to four times a week for fun and fitness activi-
ties including basketball, and use of the fitness
course and playground equipment. Gardening is also
popular, with produce like squash, green beans and
corn used in cooking classes and other wellness acti-
vities. This years bumper crop even includes a wa-
termelon! While the ARCpark draws visitors from as
far away as Florida, local organizations consider the
ARCpark an ideal fieldtrip. Elk Hill, for instance, a
local nonprofit serving at-risk children, visited the
ARCpark in July with a group of 13 children from
kindergarten to eighth grade who particularly en-
joyed the basketball court. Its a nice park, said
Elk Hills Pam Pitchford, adding that it is the second
year the group has made the trek because at the ARC-
park theres a lot to do. The park is free and open
every day dawn to dusk! Bring your family out to An informal survey among families whose children receive services at ARCs Infant
enjoy The ARCpark conveniently located at 3600 and Child Development Services program also provided additional reasons to love
Saunders Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23227. For ARCpark. My (3-year-old) daughter enjoys the water table and the misting stations.
more information, call (804) 358-1874. I appreciate a complete community park with an opportunity for all ages to play!
NorthsideVibes Great Services 6

Flavor News Support Line: Thanks Karen Link and Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs
Karen Link: Deone, congratulations on your continued success. We love your Vibe! Dr. Pamela Hamilton-
Stubbs: Deone, you did a fabulous job with the Anniversary issue! I love all the happy pictures! This edition was special
to me in that I am celebrating your success. Im sure this edition was extra special to you and so many other readers. I
personally am just happy to see your work taking off. God is soooooo GOOD! God bless you both! Sincerely, Deone

Back Braces, Knee Braces

& More!
Spinal Instability Spinal Stenosis
Chronic Back Pain and
More Qualifying Diagnosis Are you in need of someone you can trust
with your financial matters? Are you seek-
Small-4XL (25-68 waist) ing a respectful, reliable and trustworthy
professional to assist you with your taxes,
We are here to meet your patients estate planning, and/or retirement insu-
Durable Medical Equipment needs. rance? Well, look no further because Fla-
Allow us to be your vor News highly recommends the President
of Harris Tax and Business Services LLC,
choice provider! Mr. Marvin Harris.
! 1303 East Brookland Park Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23222
(646) 245-0058 (mobile)
241 E. German School Road (804) 329-1816 (office)
Richmond, VA 23224 1-800-859-1463 (fax)
Tel: 804-897-4335 1st Time Clients
Fax: 804-482-2944 Receive $25 off Tax Preparation
We Accept Most Insurance! Use Code (Northside Vibes)
NorthsideVibes Seniors Living Life like Its Golden! 7

BEST MOMENT PHOTO: One Memorable Moment Captured

on September 28, 2017! The Honorable Terry McAuliffe
Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia Surprises One
The Honorable Levar M. Stoney, Mayor
of Richmond Virginias Lovely Ladies - Edwina Winnie
City of Richmond Congratulates 14 Year Westbrook with a Kiss as LISC Honoree Ms. Sunday Jones
Old NyRiian Jiggetts, Founder of Flavor Chuckles Along with The Crowd!
News and Grandmother, Deone On Thursday, September 28, 2017, Northside Vibes (by Flavor News) attended
McWilliams, CEO, Flavor News & LISC Virginias annual Celebrating Community Leaders event honoring
Project: Homes, Altria, Mrs. Mary White Thompson, and Ms. Sunday Jones,
Editor-in-Chief, Northside Vibes one of Richmonds Northside Community Leaders. The event was held at the
On Friday, September 29, 2017, Mayor Levar Stoney extended his Richmond Raceway Torque Club, 600 E. Laburnum Avenue. Many people
hand of appreciation to Flavor News for three (3) years of featuring were in attendance to express their sincere appreciation for the outstanding ef-
the GOOD NEWS throughout Richmonds Northside and other forts exhibited throughout our communities, including Maurice Jones, LISCs
surrounding communities. NyRiian Jiggetts, Founder, enjoyed the President and CEO, and The Honorable Levar M. Stoney, Mayor, City of Rich-
experience of meeting Richmonds youngest Mayor in History! mond. Stay tuned to Northside Vibes (the GOOD NEWSpaper) November
Thanks Mayor Stoney for caring about our future leaders! 3rd publication to learn more about this well-deserved celebration gala!
NorthsideVibes Travel by Sally Lacy Sundar 8

The View from the Mexico-US Border: My Experience in Tijuana, Mexico

Last month I had the chance to travel with colleagues from the YMCA of Greater Seattle to the YMCA Homes for Migrant Youth in Tijuana, Mexi-
co, where teenagers recently deported from the U.S. or caught while trying to cross the border into the U.S. can access a safe place to sleep, eat,
and receive help reconnecting with their families. The YMCA of Mexico operates four shelters along the countrys borders with California, Arizona,
and Texas, to support the many children who make this journey alone and end up stranded in Mexican border cities after being sent back. Our team
traveled to Tijuana to learn about the experiences faced by the thousands of men, women and children who are deported from the United States or
make many desperate attempts to cross the border and pursue what they think will be a better life in our country. To be clear, many people in
Mexico and Latin America have no desire to leave their home countries. Those braving the journey into the U.S. as undocumented immigrants are
often fleeing gang and drug violence, internal conflict, and extreme poverty. They face many barriers trying to cross, including barbed wire fences,
concrete walls, armed border patrol agents, unbearably high temperatures, and other unsafe, unsanitary conditions. Many pay thousands of dollars
to people promising to get them across and lose the money even if they dont make it. Yet, at the border fence between Tijuana and San Diego, we
saw much more love, courage, and hope displayed on the Mexican side. Paintings and poems calling for lovenot hate and all for one and
one for all or Earth is not meant to have walls. Crosses marked by the names of the many loved ones who died while trying to cross. And a
reminder that Somos America or we are Americaall of us in North, Central, and South America, not just those living in the United
States. As our country moves further backwards in the fight for equality, these are reminders to understand and respect the hardships faced
by people outside ourselves, and work to protect each other as fellow human beings.

Contagious Smiles from RVAs Lovely LadiesThank you!

NorthsideVibes byFlavorNews Civic Associations 9

Battery Park Civic Association

Maria Carra Rose, Acting President
2702 Edgewood Avenue Richmond, VA 23222

Bellevue Civic Association (804) 261-0513

P.O. Box 15623 Richmond, VA 23227

Where Can We Pick Up a Copy of Brookland Park Area Business Association

Willie Hilliard (804) 852-7463
Northside Vibes? 40+ Locations! P.O. Box 25271 Richmond, VA 23260
7-11 Williamsburg Road & Oakley Lane (near airport)
BP Caf & Gas Station 2116 Willis Road
BP Gas Station Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd. Ginter Park Terrace Association
Black History Museum 122 W. Leigh Street Benjamin Ross (804) 240-3559
Brooks Diner 1600 Brook Road 3007 Noble Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
CAHN Capital Area Health Network: Northside Medical Center
2809 North Avenue
Highland Park Plaza Civic Association
CAHN Dental: Vernon J. Harris Medical Center (804) 321-1435
719 N. 25th Street 3500 Delaware Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
City Wraps (inside Clarion Hotel) 3207 N. Boulevard
Corner Express Mart 2930 North Avenue
Designs by Ron 1600 Brook Road, Suite B North Barton Heights Association
Dollar General 2910 North Avenue 2906 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
East End Clinic/Dr. Lei Charltons Office 1122 N. 25th Street
Faith Printing 7814 Midlothian Turnpike
Family Dollar 2917 North Avenue North Central Civic Association
Greater Richmond Convention Center Richmond Deidre Bryant (804) 228-3735
Convention and Visitors Bureau 405 N. 3rd Street 3216 Garland Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Homewood Suites by Hilton 5996 Audubon Dr. (near RIC Airport)
Kroger 901 N. Lombardy Street
L. Douglas Wilder Library: Virginia Union University
1500 N. Lombardy Street
Providence Park Civic Association
Little House Green Grocery 1227 Bellevue Avenue Everett Gray (804) 329-1963
McLeans Restaurant 3605 W. Broad Street
Nicola Flora 1219 Bellevue Avenue Rosedale Civic Association
Nomad Deli & Catering Co. 207 W. Brookland Park Blvd. Liz Turner (804) 340-1030
Northside Family YMCA 4207 Old Brook Road 1901 West Laburnum Avenue Richmond, VA 23227
Northside Hardware 2925 North Avenue
Norvelles Shoe Repair 2928 North Avenue
Old Dominion Electrical Supply 2509 N. Lombardy Street Sherwood Park Civic Association
Once Upon a Vine 4009 MacArthur Avenue
Pine Camp Arts & Community Center 4901 Old Brook Road
RIC Redev. & Housing Authority 901 Chamberlayne Pkwy.
Washington Park Civic Association
Richmond International Airport Brenda Nichols (804) 321-2718
Shoe Shine Man (Mr. Leeper or Mr. Moody) Upper Level 3912 Moss Side Avenue Richmond, VA 23222
Richmond Public Library 2901 North Avenue
River City Diner North 803 E. Parham Road
Ruffin Insurance Agency 3813 Nine Mile Road
Shell Gas Station 7039 Hull Street Road Ginter Park Garden Club
Stir Crazy Caf RVA 4015 MacArthur Avenue Ginter Park Womens Club
Stony Point Pharmacy 9000 Stony Point Pkwy. 3016 Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA 23227
Union Bistro & Jazz 2400 Northumberland Avenue
Walgreens Chamberlayne Avenue & Brookland Park Blvd.
Walker & Son, Inc. 4038 MacArthur Avenue
Copies may be picked up from our News Room located in Shockoe Bot- Cannon Creek
tom: Flavor News, 21 Professional Center, 2025 E. Main Street, Suite Charles Price
100, Richmond, Virginia 23223. Please call (804) 297-6316 prior to ar-
riving (must schedule appointment).
SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VALUED SUPPORTERS Friends of Battery Park: Ginnie Morrow
ADVERTISERS & DISTRIBUTORS 2801 Griffin Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222

Highland Park Neighborhood Watch

Richmond Guardian Angels
Jo White (804) 937-6836
3206 Maryland Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222
Friends of the Northside Dog Park
(End of Forest Lawn Drive -behind Henderson Middle School)
NorthsideVibes More Supporters & Sleep Apnea 10

Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs Being a Parent Can Be Hard.

Sleep and Total Wellness We Can Help!
Institute, LLC
We sell CPAP and BiPAP machines,
masks and supplies!
Treatment for Memory Loss, Sleep Apnea, Sleepiness,
Insomnia, Narcolepsy, Restless Legs,
Natural Weight Loss Program (804) 353-4264
208 E. Brookland Park Boulevard Richmond, Virginia 23222
(804) 273-9900

How Sleep Apnea Affects Your Brain (Continued) A sleep specialist or a dentist can help patients obtain an
oral appliance.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) is caused by complete or
I would like to express my appreciation to Chante Whitaker, a student
partial closure of the upper airway during sleep. Researchers docu-
mented that OSAS causes a decrease in brain gray matter. Loss of brain at Virginia Commonwealth University who completed an internship at
gray matter is associated with cognitive impairment and memory loss. Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs Sleep & Total Wellness Institute, LLC. Ms. Whita-
According to Dr. Seung Bong Hong, Brain damage induced by OSAS kers research on complications of OSAS was essential to this article.
could be responsible for poor memory, emotional problems, decreased
cognitive functioning The use of continuous positive airway pressure brain-damage; Macey et al. (2008) Brain structural changes in obstruc-
CPAP therapy could stop further progression of brain damage in pa- tive sleep apnea Sleep. Jul 1;31,7. P 967-977.
tients with severe OSA. Damage occurs in multiple areas of the brain All rights reserved By Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs
and may be secondary to ischemia, hypoxia or inflammation. Using Po-
sitive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy just five (5) nights per week for at
least four (4) hours a night is thought to increase gray matter and reverse
cognitive impairment. There are four (4) types of PAP machines: 1.
Continuous positive airway pressure machines (CPAP) deliver one con-
tinuous pressure throughout the night. 2. Bi-level positive airway pres-
sure machines (BiPAP) deliver two pressures: a higher pressure during
inspiration to completely open the airway and a slightly lower pressure
during exhalation to make exhaling easier and prevent the airway from
completely collapsing. 3. Auto Positive Airway Pressure machines (A-
PAP) sense resistance along the airway and increase or decrease the deli- Onyx
vered pressure as needed. 4. The mini PAP machine is a small portable
unit. Mini PAP machines weigh less than a pound and fit in the palm of
your hand. Some patients find mini PAP machines easier to carry when
traveling. Mini positive airway pressure machines function as CPAP or
October 2017 Precious Pup!
APAP machines. Patients with mild to moderate OSAS who cannot tol- Last month The GOOD NEWS Spy Crew met this adorable pup at the
erate PAP therapy, or do not want to use PAP therapy, may benefit from intersection of Laburnum Avenue and Creighton Road as she patiently
an oral appliance. Like PAP machines, there are several types of oral waited for her owner to return to the car. As our photographer greeted
appliances. The most commonly used type of oral appliance creates ex- Onyx, she perked up and proudly struck a pose. She also made sure we
tra space behind the tongue by pulling the mandible forward. werent trying to hitch a ridelol! What a nice shot and a precious pup!
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Flavor News and other patrons of Tyler Automotive

received OUTSTANDING services during the year of 2017.
Many thanks to Robert Tyler, Angela Gordon, Darion Carter and Carl
Henley. If youre seeking a professional company that genuinely
cares about your automotive needs AND exhibits great customer
service, visit 3005 North Avenue or CALL (804) 329-0406!
Thank you for journeying with THE COMMUNITIES GOOD NEWSpaper! Readership over 50,000!

The GOOD NEWSpaper @ The Virginia State Capitol

Thanks Fred and all employees for your great work!
Universal Life Services, LLC
Better Care for a Better You

For more information, call (804) 901-1308 Visit: Email: