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St Ursulas Junior Badminton Club AGM

8 October 2017 1200 in St Ursulas Hall

Present:- Mark Marsh, Neil Hutchon, Helen Skinner, Nicole Mullen

Last seasons report and current season activities

A significant note from the season was the increase in numbers attending the club which has given
consideration as to how the additional members can be sensibly accomodated.

In the local leagues the club took 2nd place in each of the age groups (U12/14/16/18).

The highlight of the season was the success of both the U12 and U16 teams becoming National
Champions in the Junior National Badminton League finals in Milton Keynes.

Another significant development has been the accommodation of players from Badminton School to
several sessions on Tuesday evenings. The School has issues with allowing boarding pupils off-site
without adult supervision and much paperwork but we managed to include some of their girls in the
NBL teams including the winning U16 team. The club can benefit from the additional female
players who can help redress the gender balance and a potential way forward is to look towards the
use of the new Sports hall which is under construction at Badminton School. Discussions with
Badminton School are ongoing.

Acceptance of the club Constitution

The new club constitution document was discussed, it is based on the Badminton England template
and was accepted to be adopted for the club.

Acceptance of the club Codes of Conduct

The new club Policies and Codes of Conduct document was discussed, it is based on the Badminton
England template and was accepted to be adopted for the club.

Treasurers account for 2016/17

The account was discussed. The overall expenditure for the club was ~8,000 with ~60% attributed
to hall hire and close to 20% attributed to shuttle purchases.

It was queried as to whether coaches and helpers would take some recompense for expenses. It was
stated that most were within a short travel from the club but it was intended that coaching costs and
DBS clearance costs through Badminton England which are no longer supported by them may be
taken from club funds.

The club expansion and development

Discussion on the clubs general expansion was discussed and it was felt that additional coaching
time should be given in particular to the very young and beginner players who have recently
contributed to the increased numbers in the club. It was agreed that the best way would be to start
the Sunday session earlier and limit attendance to the younger and beginner players who would
finish when the normal session started and give better coaching access to the other players
following. The costs for the additional time and consequential reduced number of players will need
to be considered and borne by the club. Agreement for this will need to be made with the Shine Hall
Management company to arrange for the additional court time.

Coaching members are being increased with Nicki, Helen and Naveen all going for the Level 1
coaching course in November. We would also hope that at least 1 of these would look towards
progressing to Level 2

The clubs general development was discussed and the possibility of aiming for Premier club status
was considered. The incorporation of the new Constitution and Codes of Conduct will go some way
to aiding this. The advantages would include official recognition of the club as well run and a good
place to play and the opportunity to apply for development grants. It was agreed that this should be
progressed and help may be sought from Badminton England.

Election of Officers
The following officers were elected unopposed:

Chair person Mark Marsh

Secretary Mark Marsh

Treasurer Neil Hutchon

Other committee members may be co-opted as necessary

Any other business

No other business was submitted

Date of next meeting proposed Sunday 29 August 2018

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