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Lore's Free2Play Guide

Lords Mobile is a tough game to enjoy for F2P players since P2P players can reach
theoretically unlimited might AND you are trapped in a kingdom with these monsters.
You could try migrating to other kingdoms, but with my guild having migrated twice already
I could tell you all kingdoms are the same; and if you do find that perfect kingdom then
theres a 99.99% chance that half a dozen monster guilds are currently eyeing to take over
it soon.

Ive seen so many players quit out of frustration because they cant develop their turf and
army enough to the point that they can actually enjoy the game. Allow me to propose a
build that does allow you to have fun without spending.

I. The Build

II. Stat Boosts Analysis

III. Heroes

IV. Equipment

V. The Boat

VI. Events

VII. War Tactics

VIII. Miscellaneous

IX. Personal Achievements

I. The Build

The end objective of the build is to develop a turf that is self-sufficient and an army that
suffers minimal to no permanent loss during combat:

produce 400k+ wood/stone and 350k+ ore per hour, even without resource talents set
have 2+ billion food, 1+ billion wood/stone/ore, and 500+ million gold safely stored in
your backpack
600k+ T3 troops with infirmaries capacity to (preferably) cover ALL of them
almost always be on war/research talents
almost always be on war gear

My current stats to date:

The idea behind the build is to have (relatively) no fear from the monster players (100+
mil might) since you will not suffer permanent troop loss and you can easily heal wounded
troops because you have tons of resources; while it still takes 40% of the original resources
to heal troops (still a lot, thats why resources is also important in this build), it just takes
approximately 3.5% of the original production time to heal your troops. The worst a
monster player could do is capture your leader and wound all your troops; and you can get
them all back online in a couple of days. Its a worry-free build as well; you could be offline
for a week and only suffer temporary might loss.

7 hours 3 minutes and 44 seconds to produce, but only 13 minutes 41 seconds to heal.

On the fun side, you are always ready to fight and kill your enemies.

Beginning stage (Castle 1-16; brown castle)

For the most part, this is a relatively safe stage to develop. Higher might players rarely
bother with brown castles since there are typically very little res and troops in them, so its
not efficient to farm them.

shelter your leader with 1 troop ALL THE TIME

Lets start off with the most important thing that every newbie needs to learn: shelter
your leader with 1 troop all the time by doing 12 hour sheltering and resetting it
every time you log on. This is because you lose your talents bonuses if your leader is

You should gather resources using the rest of your troops, but if you are getting
attacked on tiles a lot then you are better off just sheltering them with your leader as well.

prioritise building/research/training talents

You should prioritise building/research/training talents, in that order. Spend only the
minimum points to reach building I&II/research I&II and max these. After this spend the
minimum points to reach and max training I&II.

rush to build castle 17/research tier 3 troops

You should always have on queue: a build, a research, troop production. The first two
you can efficiently start at the onset, but troop production is restricted to the troop tier that
you have researched. Since it is relatively quick enough (1 month) to reach tier 3 troops
(and forever for tier 4) it makes sense to rush to castle 17 as a priority, research one of the
tier 3 troop types, and start stockpiling T3 troops.

prioritise military/economy/monster hunt research

You should prioritise military/economy/monster hunt researches, in that order. There

are two other research categories involving walls and traps, and new ones on military
optimisation; dont even bother with these unless it is a choice between one of these quick
researches or a very long military/economy/monster hunt one.

In military choose one troop type and focus on researching the path till you hit T3 for it.
The three pertinent troop types are like rocks-papers-scissors, so I would either recommend
cavalry (fastest movement on the map) or snipers (range attack, second fastest
movement). Do not build siege, it is useful only against walls, which are kind of useless in
this game.

In economy focus on res production, construction and the vault.

Unlock the different turf sections as a priority over engaging in wars

Its fine if you want to participate in some guild wars, this is a war game after all. But
you should really prioritise unlocking the different turf sections so you can create and
upgrade more buildings. Make sure to scout the defending enemies and try and make at
least double the army count and might to minimise losses. Dont bother doing mixed troops,
or making T2 troops, pure T1 of one troop type with military research and heroes
supporting that type should be sufficient.

3 barracks / 7 infirmaries / 7 manors

More barracks doesnt mean faster troop production; it just means you can queue up a
larger batch of troops to produce at a time. As such, you only need one barracks eventually,
but at the onset the extra 2 barracks will help you stay on top of your continuous troop
production easier.

You can start off with an equal amount of infirmaries and manors, with the mindset that
you will eventually demolish all but one manor in favour of infirmaries. As early as this
stage you should make sure your infirmaries cover ALL your troops. Ive heard it all
before especially from P2P players, Im a pro gamer, I never miss my shelter/fake
rally/shield, even when Im vacationing in the Caribbean; then their battery goes dead,
they break/lose their phone, get drunk, go to a place without signal, or even while playing
the game gets ninja attacked by a 1+ billion might player who relocates beside them while
their army is out and sends 7 full T4 armies in succession to zero them. Im telling you now,
nothing would make you quit more than permanently losing thousands of troops that took
you weeks/months to build.

1 farm / 6 quarries / 6 lumber mills / 5 mines

Troops dont die when food is zero, so you only ever need one farm; if you need to
build/research/produce troops just open food packs from you backpack.

Looking at the building and research resource requirements, you will see that they
require wood and stone the most, ore the least. Dont overthink the resource building mix
too much, you will eventually get more resources than you will ever need (except for gold)
by abusing the boat trades (explained in detail in the boat section).

start constructing building/research/war/gathering equipment

As early as this stage you should start constructing building/research equipment. You
can also build war/gathering equipment if you wish, but just make sure it doesnt use the
same materials as the building/research gear. Which specific equipment to build is explained
in detail in the equipment section.

unlock and upgrade key heroes

Unlock and focus upgrades on heroes that support your troop type of choice, and that
would do well in colosseum. Check out the heroes section on which heroes to pick.

try your best to rank up in colosseum

The colosseum is unlocked at castle 10 and starts passively generating gems for you if
you get to 5,000 or below ranking.

always sink extra resources into the boat

The boat is unlocked at castle 13. Check out the boat section on how to use and abuse

Mid-game stage (Castle 17-24; purple castle)

This would arguably be the most stressful stage of the game because high might players
specifically target purple castles because they are big enough to produce a good amount of
gold, yet their vault still doesnt protect a single piece of it. Add to this the fact that youll
probably still be at this stage when your kingdom opens up for migration, and youll quickly
realise that youre actually playing a war game and not Farmville.

shelter your leader and troops and fake rally the rest ALL THE TIME
You will eventually outgrow your shelter capacity. If you reach this point, set 8 hour fake
rallies on unguilded/inactive castles to protect the rest of your troops.

increase res III talents

Once building/research/training talents are maxed out for levels I and II, you should put
minimum points until you reach/unlock the level III resources talents for wood/stone/ore.
Allocate points on these level III resource talents, prioritising wood and stone over ore.

go to war mode as needed

I did mention that this stage would be the most tumultuous stage, and you would
probably need to fight sometimes. Thankfully you can just use 90k guild coins to reset your
talents to pure war mode. The war tactics section covers this in more detail.

build up to castle 25, but dont rush it

At castle 17 you should let your resources buildings catch up. Some guides tell you to
get all res buildings maxed before going to the next castle level. I think this is overkill and
would prolong your no-gold-vault-protection stage; besides, some of those guides were
written before the boat mechanic was introduced. What worked for me was to keep res
buildings within 5 levels of your castle level (i.e. level 15 res buildings at castle 20).

continue to prioritise military/economy/monster hunt research

Continue to prioritise military/economy/monster hunt researches.

In military focus on getting your T3 troop type of choice to level 8 on all 3 categories
(attack, defence, health). Start getting your army attack/defence/health researched as well.

In economy focus on getting the res production for wood/stone/ore to level 8; same with
construction and vault.

Monster hunt you can evenly research to around level 7-8, until you two-hit level 1

Unlock the last turf section to open up the Treasure Trove

Aside from colosseum, the Treasure Trove is the other way to generate passive gem
income. Always do max deposit at 30 days on it, and fast-track the upgrades on it till at
least level 8 (it maxes at 9).

1 barracks / 9 infirmaries / 7 manors

You can demolish the extra barracks for infirmaries once your single barracks could
queue troops production at 8+ hours per batch, allowing you that much time to sleep before
needing to queue up another batch.

I would also suggest starting to demolish manors for infirmaries, but only if your current
infirmaries are all at max level and they still cant cover all your T3 troops (you should have
all your lower tier troops killed by this time so they dont occupy precious infirmaries space).

Late-game stage (Castle 25; gold castle)

Congratulations, you have reached max castle level!

upgrade to vault 25

Time to protect some of that active gold, upgrade to vault 25.

upgrade to workshop 25

Upgrade to mines 25 then workshop 25 to unlock the 3rd accessory slot.

continue to prioritise military/economy/monster hunt research

Continue to prioritise military/economy/monster hunt researches.

In military focus on getting your T3 troop type of choice to level 10-9-9 on the 3
categories (attack, defence, health). Once done, get another T3 troop type for flexibility and
get that to 10-9-9 as well. For the two troop types I would recommend to get range as one
and cavalry for the other. You would eventually need to research the other troop types in
order to get the army researches past level 7.

In economy focus on getting the res production for wood/stone/ore to level 9; same with
construction and vault. Eventually get the gathering researches to 9 as well.

Monster hunt you can evenly research to around level 8-9, until you two-hit all level 1

eventually shift to war/research/training talents as your default talents

You will eventually reach a point wherein: a) you have maxed all the important buildings
and all you are constructing are res building upgrades and the occasional gem building
upgrade, b) you have max troop count supportable by your infirmaries, and c) your res
stockpile is so large you have res to cover getting zeroed (i.e. all 600k troops wounded)
10+ times (at 600k troops you need approximately 35 mil of each pertinent res each time
you get zeroed). At this point you really dont need to put points in construction and res
talents, and probably only some points in training, but only for healing purposes (note that
anything that boosts training speed boosts healing speed as well).

5 days 19 hours 38 minutes and 32 seconds to heal, but only 3 days 13 hours 12 minutes
and 20 seconds to heal with training II talent maxed.
You could reset talent points to a pseudo war/research/training configuration. First set
research I&II at max, then max training II/army health III/army defence III in that order of
priority. Any extra points, max army health II/army defence II/army offence I. You should
put on war gear as default. Not only will this deter most aggression, you will be ready to
rumble anytime without worrying about setting war talents or if you have the right gear on.

1 barrack / 15 infirmaries / 1 manor

Each max infirmary level 25 provides 40k troop coverage and +5% army health. At 15
max infirmaries, thats 600k troop coverage and +75% army health. Heck, you could
probably demolish the last manor to have 640k troop coverage and +80% army health.
Training speed is a non-issue because this build is all about not losing any troops
permanently, but healing speed might be an issue for some. I have left 1 manor myself and
find the healing speed acceptable (with training II talent maxed), so that is what I would

There are other suggested builds that have a more balanced composition of infirmaries
and manors. The contention of such builds is that they attack a lot more and lose a lot more
troops, thus training speed via the extra manors helps a lot. Note that for such builds
designed for more aggressive players their infirmaries more often than not still cover all
their troops because their troop count is kept low by big offensives. My only issue with such
builds is that it cannot do big defences that can make monster players think twice about
attacking you (max army size is 250k, 375k with the +50% boost which is rarely used;
600k+ defenders would do significant damage to a non-rally attack). Below are examples of
such solo big defences (enemy names masked as I do not name-shame):
Feel free to experiment, this is a guide, not a law/rule book.

II. Stat Boosts Analysis

It is vital to understand at the onset which stat boost has the greatest effect since
knowing this would help you choose which heroes to upgrade, which gear to build, which
war talents to set, which one-off timed boosts to use, and at the later stages which level 25
buildings to construct.

I did a lot of tests, and ended up showing that +24% attack > +24% health >
+24% defense; furthermore, I was able to show that:

while +22.5% attack loses to +24% health, +23.25% attack wins over
+24% health
while +2.1% attack loses to +24% defense, a mere +2.7% attack wins over
+24% defense
while +2% health loses to +24% defense, a mere +2.75% health wins over
+24% defense
You can check the extensive testing I did via this link: stat boosts analysis

III. Heroes

As F2P you have to be extra careful which heroes you upgrade and how you upgrade
them. This is because unless you spend gems/money buying bravehearts, it would take a
LONG time to upgrade your heroes. As such, you really need to focus on heroes that help
you out in multiple aspects of the game. Heroes are helpful in 3 primary ways: battle
skills, generating passive gem income in colosseum, and administration skills.

Your choice of battle skills heroes purely rely on the troop type you are focusing on,
and the good ones are those that provide at least 2 battle skills that are helpful to your
army. Good cavalry heroes are Rose Knight, Child of Light, Death Knight and Night
Raven. Being a backline troop type, good range heroes are Tracker and Snow Queen;
but if used as the only troop type (i.e. no front line troops to absorb hits) then Black Crow
is good as well. Good infantry heroes are Oath Keeper and Demon Slayer. There are
some other heroes that provide just one battle skill for a specific troop type, but if thats the
case then you are probably better off getting Rose Knight and Bombing Goblin who both
have attack bonuses affecting all troop types (albeit at a lower bonus percentage).

Colosseum (unlocked at castle 10) provides you a way to generate passive gem
income, so upgrading heroes that are good in it is important. Prima Donna is your
primary healer if you go with a more defensive set-up, with Demon Slayer being the
counter as he jumps to the backline for assassination attempts. Good tanks with stun/freeze
capabilities are Rose Knight, Death Knight, and Child of Light. Tracker is the deadliest
single-focus physical DPS (who also has stun ability) while Incinerator is the highest AoE
magic DPS. Trickster has a pretty good AoE physical DPS, with the added confusion effect.

You should really treat administration skills as nice to have bonuses, except for one:
research bonus you get from Trickster. This is because research is the longest aspect to
develop; you literally have years worth of it to complete. It also happens to have the
biggest impact on your combat capability (in tandem with your troops tier/numbers). In a
similar vein, some might also say to upgrade the construction bonus heroes (Scarlet Bolt
and Sage of Storms), but you only have so many buildings to upgrade, and you will most
likely be finished upgrading to max level the most important ones even before you get these
construction heroes to max gold level, so I would advise against these two. Do note that
from the heroes already discussed above Rose Knight has wood production boost, Death
Knight has stone production boost, and Tracker has ore production boost.

From the above, you would understand why I would suggest going for cavalry as your
primary troop type initially (i.e. fastest movement, 4 good cavalry F2P heroes most of which
are good in colosseum with some res production to boot). You should increase the grade of
Trickster, Death Knight, Child of Light, Prima Donna, and Tracker to blue grade first.
This will allow you to get a decent rank in colosseum, progress the hero chapters, and have
good cavalry boosts for your army. After this get Trickster to gold, followed by Rose
Knight once she is unlocked.
This section wouldnt be complete without discussing hero chapters, which is how you
unlock F2P heroes in the first place. Interestingly enough, I would advise you not to focus
your efforts here. Completing each stage in Normal unlocks a hero for you, but you can also
unlock heroes by farming 10 medals in the Elite stages. Except for Rose Knight, you can
actually quickly unlock at the early stages of the game the 5 heroes I suggested to take in
the previous paragraph; get the 10 required medals in the Elite stages to unlock a
hero, as trying to get them in the higher stages of Normal is actually harder to do.
Dont get frustrated and waste precious attempts trying to beat hero chapters. If you hit a
wall, skip doing hero stages for a while and come back when you have better heroes (i.e.
higher rank/grade/account level).

IV. Equipment

Equipment used to be a pain point for F2P, but now you can get item chests from
completing hell events; even just hitting stage 2 gives you item chests that you would
normally only get via purchases. Top tier P2P equipment are still way better than the F2P
ones, but you can now work on some pretty decent gear. Sure, it would take forever to get
them to gold as F2P, but most are better than any pure F2P gear even at blue grade.

Off the bat, it is important to know that research and construction equipment only ever
need to be worn when you initially fire off the research/construction; once it is ongoing, you
could replace your research and construction equipment with something else. And dont
worry too much about equipment level requirement, you could easily hit the required levels
for the F2P equipment, so it would be better to build the best equipment available and not
build transitional ones.


(1 rare item required)

(6 rare items required; in hell events)

(3 rare items required)

(create 3)

(3 rare items required)

(create 3)


(1 rare item required)

(1 rare item required)


(1 semi-rare item required; in hell events)


(1 rare item required; in hell events)


(6 rare items required; in hell events)


(1 semi-rare item required)

(2 rare items required; in hell events)

(3 rare items required; in hell events)

(1 rare item required; in hell events)

(1 semi-rare item required)

(create 3)

(1 rare item required; in hell events)

(1 rare item required; in hell events)

(3 rare items required; in hell events)


(7 rare items required; in hell events)

Often forgotten as well are the gems that you can embed 3 of into each equipment.
Since it is a lot harder to come by gems, it is recommended to embed them once you get
them to blue grade; you can use a chisel later on to extract them and replace with higher
grade as needed. And since health gems are even harder to come by than attack and
defence ones, and from what weve learned from stat boosts, for the 3 gems in each war
equipment it is best to embed an attack gem for each troop type, even for the troop type
you dont build (this would help out during rallies and reinforcements, where all 3 troop
types are often present).

V. Boat

The boat is IGGs best gift to F2P players. Unlocked at castle 13, it protects your res
even better than the vault, allowing you to convert active res into backpack res
which other players cannot raid. The deals are ranked from 1 to 3 stars, but I found
even the 1 star deals provide a positive conversion of res. As such, you should abuse the
boat by taking all res deals whenever possible, even opening up backpack res to cover
deficits as it would eventually snowball into a machine that constantly gives you more res
using less res, and safely storing it to boot.

Note that the boat also provides conversion of res to speedups, but you probably should
skip these at the early stages until you have a good enough stockpile of backpack res. But
once you have a comfortable stash, you should take all these deals as well since these
would help speed up your progress.

The only exception to the above that is specific to this build (which only has 1 manor) is
that any deals involving you trading gold for some other res/speedup should be evaluated
with scrutiny. If it only involves active gold res and youre not firing off a research soon,
then it should be fine to take. Otherwise hold on to your gold.
VI. Events

A bit off topic from this F2P build, it is still important to mention the different events that
happen in the game and the basics on how to engage in them.

Solo and Hell events

The solo and hell events are continuously ongoing events that give rewards based on the
completion of a particular construction/research/troop production batch, or for hitting/killing
monsters. You should try your best to time the completion of these such that they hit the
applicable solo and hell event at that time. To do this, you should stockpile your speedups
and boost out completions accordingly. Ideally, for big builds and researches, you should
time their completion such that you get stage 3 rewards from both the ongoing solo and hell
events, especially since now you can get what used to be P2P items via stage 2 & 3
hell events.

Kingdom vs kingdom

KvK is a 24-hour event that occurs every 3 weeks, and current mechanics for the
kingdom vs kingdom event give points for doing the following:

Hold wonder/fort
Kill troops from opposing kingdom
Gather resources at the opposing kingdom
Hit/kill monsters at the opposing kingdom

I have listed them down from hardest to easiest to do, but try your best to get enough
points to hit stage 3 solo rewards.

Do note that KvK is probably the worst time to learn how to fight.

Guild fest

Guild fest is a week-long event that occurs every 3 weeks which allows each member in
the guild to do 7 tasks (8 if you spend 1k gems for an extra one) that involve many
different quests (i.e. gathering res, sending help to guild mates, increasing might,
colosseum and hero chapter activity, etc.).

Only do the highest points tasks that you know you can complete because you lose your
attempt if you fail or cancel an ongoing task. You also have 7 days to complete 7-8 tasks,
so pacing and patience is key. Below are a couple of recommended tasks to do:

build X equipments: very quick and easy to do, requires negligible res if you just
build level 1 basic equipment; feel free to destroy them afterwards to get back some
materials used
hit monsters X times: actively stockpile energy packs for these, and only do x1
hits on level 1 monsters to get a good energy per hit ratio

spend X gems/guild coins: very quick to do, try and hoard gems/guild coins and
during guild fest splurge on things that you would have spent gems/guild coins on
anyway (see Miscellaneous section for this)
do X admin/guild quests: quick enough to do if you actively stockpile admin/guild
quest scrolls, and spend some guild coins to buy some as needed (preferably while doing
a spend X guild coins task)

darknest: easy enough to do, make sure to just hit level 1 nests and do 5 minute
rallies with just one teammate to finish it quick; for essences, make sure you delete
essences to make room to acquire more than 3; for rally captain, it simply means you
need to lead the rally
use speedups: quick enough to do if you actively stockpile speedups and if you
have a big research to burst down

gather resources: takes a bit of time, but it is the default go-to quest; I myself
love doing the 140+ points gather gold one; higher level tiles have a faster gathering
speed, so try and gather on level 3+ tiles; dont forget to put your gathering gear on!
supply X resources: you can hot-potato with another guild mate a smaller amount
than quoted; note that the res sent would be taxed each time it is sent

Tasks that are doable, but with slight difficulty are:

give X helps: relatively quick enough to do via cycling through build-cancels of a

low level resource building by another member or alt, but might take a while to
complete otherwise
open X mystery boxes: quickly doable only by the super active

cargo ship trades: the boat resets its 4 trades every 6 hours, so just be mindful of
this; the 146 points task requiring 32 trades would take 2 days at best to finish, so be
careful when taking these type of time-sink tasks

increase might via quests: you can opt not to immediately claim quest completion
rewards (ie. completing big builds and researches) and just claim them when you get
this task

Tasks to avoid are:

activate a turf boost: very quick and easy to do, but points are very low
do X solo/hell events: completing one solo/hell event takes a good amount of
speedups, so rushing into doing multiples of it is just not optimal
increase might via building/research/troops: just like the do X solo/hell events,
too onerous to feasibly complete
X coliseum rank-ups/tries: unless you have been neglecting your coliseum rank
both of these tasks would be difficult to achieve and/or an inefficient use of gems
increase might via hero armies: my thoughts on this is if its too difficult to
understand you are best avoiding it
use holy stars: guildfest isnt the optimal time to use holy stars; you are better off
using holy stars during labrynth events that drops rare monster items

At a minimum you should be doing 85+ points tasks on average, but you should really
target doing tasks that would get you 100+ points on average. As an example, the 140+
points gather 3.75 mil gold task could be done in less than 9 hours (ie. level 3 270k tiles x5
armies at less than 3 hours to clear a tile, and you need 3 batches of these to hit 3.75 mil
total); do 1 of these per day for just your 7 free tasks would net you 980+ points without
spending a single gem/guild coin/res/speedup. Granted this is an extreme example, but in
this light 700+ points is quite reasonable; with a max 100 members guild and just using the
7 free tasks each, tier 19 rewards attained at 70,000 guild fest points total is a great goal to
strive for.

Below is a sample 730 points guild fest using just the 7 free tasks:
spend 12k gems (95 points)
spend 500k guild coins x2; use to buy admin and guild quests scrolls as needed (101
points each)
complete 120 admin quests (106 points)
complete 120 guild quests (106 points)
darknest 4 essences (104 points)
darknest 4 rally captain (117 points)

From the above sample, you can see that hoarding gems, guild coins, and
admin/guild quest scrolls is key to completing guild fest quickly, with high points,
and with minimal effort.

Friendly tip: temporarily assign additional R4s to help clear/reset the available tasks.
Ideally these would be members who a) have a track record of getting high points in GF as
they know which ones are good to take and which are crap, and b) cover different time

VII. War Tactics

Before we talk about war tactics, lets first go through the checklist you need to run
through each and every time you plan on fighting:

Always use your leader! If you dont use your leader then your talent and equipment
bonuses would not take effect.
Put on your war equipment.
Reset talents to war. If you are a high enough level, do minimum points allocation until
you reach army health III & army defence III which you both max out. After that, max
army health II/army defence II/<troop type> offense III in that order if you are using
more than one troop type, or max <troop type> offense III/ army health II/army
defence II in that order if using just one troop type. Excess points go into army offense
I/<troop type> offense II in that order, or training II/training I (primarily to help on
healing time) if you plan on being in full war mode for a prolonged period of time.
Use an army size increase, attack or defence boost as needed, in that order of

As F2P you have to be doubly smart in using your troops efficiently. It should be noted
that while your infirmaries cover 100% of casualties to your army on defence engagements
like you getting hit on tiles or your turf, or when garrisoning/reinforcing a guild mate, it only
covers 60% of casualties when attacking or doing any engagements (attack or defence)
involving the wonder or forts. From this, it is quite obvious that you should do big defence
engagements and cautious offensive engagements.

A couple of rules of thumb I personally use when attacking:

always scout
do not attack someone with antiscout (a 100+ mil might player can garrison a mere 1
mil might guild mate that is on antiscout)
try and keep your loses per attack to a days worth of troops that you produce (i.e. if
you produce 5k T3 troops per day then you should only lose 5k max troops, total of
wounded + permanent deaths, from a single attack)
if you are just learning how to fight, start off with attacking enemies half your might
having half your army size count; scale up accordingly
due to battle fury, learn how NOT to rely on shields; learn how to shelter/fake rally your
leader and army immediately after returning from an attack; you can even shelter your
extra troops while your main army is attacking

On defence, the tactics are a lot simpler:

always shelter (12 hours) your leader and troops, and fake rally (8 hours) the rest;
for the excess, if you are being hit a lot while offline, you can just leave them as
wounded in the infirmaries; with this tactic as default you will eventually wean yourself
from your shield dependency

Free shields can just accumulate in your inventory, largely unused.

if an enemy force is attacking you, simply unshelter and cancel the fake rally to
massacre them; feel free not to do this if being attacked by an overwhelming force (i.e.
large T4 enemy army or enemy guild rally and your troop count is still low)
play mind games with the enemy, remain unshielded almost all the time and let
them scout you, then kill them with the tactic above if they attack; always leave them
second-guessing if you are online or not; it helps a lot that you are always on war gear
and talents, ready for battle

These are just basic tactics; more advanced tactics would require its own guide.

VIII. Miscellaneous

To hive or not to hive; that is the question.

The self sufficiency focus of this build allows you the luxury of not staying in a hive.
Even early on, with a good guild (i.e. high gift level with high monster kills), you wont need
(too much) help in terms of res from your guild mates.

I would advise not doing a hive because of the following:

high might players always scan the map looking for hives to farm
since you are concentrated in one area you are limiting the res tiles that you can
likewise, you are limiting the monsters you can kill
each one needs a relocator (270k guild coins or 1,500 gems) to go to the hive, and
events like KvK would most likely mean you need to do this continuously
did I already mention that high might players always scan the map looking for hives
to farm? repeat this 100+ times for emphasis as IMHO this cancels any resource sharing
or defending benefit you get from hives

This is all within the context of F2P which is what this guide is about. Sure, if everyone
in the hive has got their game on all the time (i.e. always sheltered/fake rallied, little to no
res over vault level) then hives could work; good luck with this though.

T4 is it even possible for F2P?!

Of course it is possible to get T4 troops as F2P, it would just take a VERY LONG TIME to
meet the requirements. So what are the requirements?

all 3 gem buildings (battle hall, prison, altar) at max level 25

academy at max level 25
all Economy and Military tree researches at max level 10, except for Gem Harvesting in
the Economy tree

Im not at T4 myself (you can check out my T4 journey in the personal achievements
section), but this build guide caters to a pretty good approach in building towards the T4
requirements by suggesting a focus on Military and Economy researches, as well as getting
passive gem income going via the colosseum and the Treasure Trove.

Why should I attack anyway?

Because you are playing a war game. Game benefit wise, you get tons of XP from
killing troops which would speed up your levelling a lot.

What should I spend guild coins on?

In order of importance: migration scroll (always have enough guild coins available to
buy one, if needed), relocators, talent resets, 7 day wood/stone/ore production boosts,
admin/guild quest scrolls.

What should I spend gems on?

In order of importance: VIP until 8 (auto complete quests), max Treasure Trove deposit,
upgrades to gem buildings (treasure trove, battle hall, prison, altar), 3+ days speedups,

If Im willing to spend a bit (but not a lot) what should I spend on?

I myself only spent $25 to date, but my purchase was on equipment packs:

$5 griffin pack for the research and construction boosts

$5 super bonus pack x2 for the research and construction boosts (griffin and noceros
$5 snow beast pack x2 to get decent war gear that wasnt troop-specific

I wouldnt suggest buying the hero packs since my rationale is if you cant get a hero to
gold, then you wont be using that hero in the long run; the exception might be those that
give administration boosts (ie. research, construction, training, etc.). I heard some heroes
would cost around USD$1,800+ to get to gold, with some like The Big Guy (infantry battle
skills hero, good tank in colosseum) would only cost USD$250+ to get to gold.

Are walls and traps any good?

Not really. Your wall would go down fairly quickly from the 1st attack of an equal might
enemy; then it takes days to repair. And your traps are only useful if you still have a wall.

Having said that, against lower might enemies whose troop attack research is a lot less
than your wall defense research, your wall and traps alone could wipe out their entire
attacking force so convincingly that a good number of people have reported it as an
indestructible wall bug; see sample below when I was at 40+ mil might and my already
heavily depleted wall and traps stopped an attack from a 10 mil might enemy (Note: the
wall and traps are not indestructible as the enemy force was still able to somewhat damage
them, if only slightly). Enemy name masked as I do not name-shame:

Its a nice to have, but I still wouldnt put too much importance in wall and traps
Is there a limit to the number of troops my turf can hold?

You can hold an unlimited amount of troops. This is how P2P players become monsters.
I do find it amusing though how even these 100+ mil might players still shield. I would
hazard that the more troop might that you have that goes way beyond your infirmaries
capacity, the more important shields are as you stand to lose all that temporary/volatile
liquid might to enemy rallies.

Is there a limit to the number of res my turf can actively hold?

There is no limit to the amount of res a turf can actively hold. The cap for res buildings
simply mean that your res buildings stop producing res once it reaches that cap; so you can
still gather/receive res beyond this cap.

Whats the difference between garrison and reinforce?

When you garrison a guild mate your troops use your own stats and bonuses, so might
as well send your leader too. The garrison army also gets hit before the wall and defending
army, and you can only have one garrisoned army per turf. As such, this is a good way of
helping defend a guild mate who has a lot weaker army/research.

When you reinforce a guild mate your troops use your guild mates stats and bonuses.
The reinforcement effectively joins the defending army, and the reinforced turf could have
as many reinforcements, capped only by the embassy capacity. As such, this is a good way
of helping defend a guild mate who has a lot stronger army/research; it is good for setting
up traps too as a maxed embassy would allow for up to 1 million reinforcement troops.

Has this build always existed?

I started the game in K13, and at that time this build was only partially possible. Back
then infirmaries only covered your troops if you were attacked on your turf; troops killed
while gathering on tiles resulted in 100% permanent deaths! This is why tile hits were
considered taboo, and the sentiment continues on today.

But the biggest functionality difference at that time was there was no boat. As such, the
only means of stockpiling res into your backpack was via monster kills and res monster
events (ie. weevils, goblins, totems, etc); this is why a lot of older accounts have good
monster hunt researches.

Are hyper farms worth doing?

Hyper farms are turfs concentrated on making only one (or two if you go for gold as
well) res. The idea is to build only a certain type of res building (ie. all lumber mills) and
concentrating on getting all boosts to produce that res (ie. talents, gear, heroes), then just
share that with others in the guild who are focusing on another type of res. What should be
noted is that the concept started before the boat was introduced; you can check my
screenshots at the start, the boat would eventually give you hundreds of millions of

On an alt account, sure, go ahead and make hyper farms. But I would never advise this
on your main account for a number of reasons:
you would create a dependency with other hyper farms; can you guarantee 100%
that you and those players would always be in the guild?
it requires you to create some form of hive to share res as you would always be
generating excess res over your buildings capacity, and I dont recommend hives since
they attract aggression
sure you can produce a lot more res, but the boat can eventually provide you with
more res than you can ever need; if the boat can already provide you with more than
enough to meet your needs, then why create this unnecessary dependency and
synchronization infrastructure?

If you want to hyper farm do it using an alt and focus on gold.

Whats the best hero lineup for hunting monsters?

Below chart is courtesy of Lynnx.

IX. Personal Achievements

1 year (365 days) of playing!

Below are my stats after 365 days of playing straight:

Finished academy 25 at the 365 days mark
I also started and completed (burst down) academy 25 at the 365 days mark:
Highest rank in colosseum with F2P heroes

So far my highest rank in colosseum with F2P heroes is 14: