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Volume XC Issue 2-November 20, 2015

LJHS family files suit against District; claims son was told to “suck it up” & return to JV game
By Lucy Barton student to go back in, telling him to Although Wachs is alleged- re-affirmed this statement. cussion cannot play for at least
Staff Writer “suck it up” and that he didn’t “have ly the one who put the student “In all the chatter that was go- one week.
time for this crap.” back in the game, the coach told ing on the sidelines, it was never Dr. Chuck Podhorsky told
It’s now been over a year since At some point later in the game, VOSD in January that head var- communicated to me once that VOSD in January, “we are con-
a La Jolla High School student al- the athelete received various other sity coach, Jason Carter, is letting [the student] was injured, I prom- ducting a thorough review of the
legedly suffered multiple concus- blows to the head and by the third him take the fall for a situation ise you.” processes for evaluating athletes
sions during a Junior Varsity foot- quarter of the game, according to where both were equally at fault. Wachs was issued a two-game who may be injured during the
ball game against Point Loma; the CBS8, “his eyes were dilated, and Wachs asserted while he was suspension at the time; he has not course of a game to make sure
family is now suing the San Diego he was talking out of one side of his an assistant coach for the JV coached for LJHS since. appropriate steps were followed
Unified School District, alleging mouth.” team where the student played, The parents of the student have and that assessments of possible
that assistant coach Steven Wachs The lawsuit, which was reviewed now shifted their attention to injuries are completed in a timely
sent the athelete back into the by ABC World News, stated that the “This is the worst their son’s future. His father says fashion.”
game. student was suffering from “a head- that the ex-JV-player’s aspirations When asked to comment in
In October of last year, the JV ache and nausea, and was notice- [concussion] I’ve to attend college may have been January, the district said that me-
player received a severe blow to
the head during the game and told
ably rattled, confused and unable
to follow direction” when he first
ever seen.” completely shattered by the inju-
dia inquiries were the first they’d
heard of the injury.
the coach, according to his father, approached the coaching staff with Carter remains the head coach Although the SDUSD is unable The family’s lawyer, William
“there’s something not right with his concerns. The JV player was fi- who should oversee the entire to comment on current litigation, Berman, says that the district, as
me” and asked to be taken out of nally taken to the hospital where he football program. the district says it has now revised well as the CIF - which completed
the game. In an interview with was diagnosed with a very severe “There was never a decision. its concussion policies and that all a private investigation of the inju-
Voice of San Diego, his father even concussion. I never made a decision to put coaches must pass California In- ry - haven’t done enough.
said that the student was vomiting The team’s medical examiner was him back in the game because terscholastic Federation, or CIF, “There needs to be better ed-
on the sidelines. struck by the degree of the injury, he was never taken out,” insisted training. ucation among coaching staff,
According to the family’s law- reportedly telling the father, “this Wachs to VOSD, saying that the Under the new rules, according amongst athletic trainers that deal
suit, assistant coach Steven Wachs is the worst [concussion] I’ve ever JV player was never explicitly to ABC World News, any player with contact sports like football,”
ignored these signs and told the seen.” told him he was hurt. Carter also even suspected of having a con- he told 10News.

After Boehner’s departure, Ryan aims to rebuild trust Plant built by Israeli company is pending state approval to
By Jillian Murray
begin pumping water at expense of $108 million per year
Staff Writer By Khalil Eley
Paul Ryan was appointed the Staff Writer
Speaker of the House on Octo- The new desalination plant in
ber 22, 2015, being the youngest Carlsbad, built by IDE Technol-
candidate to be elected since the ogies, is poised to begin supply-
1860s. Ryan needed 218 votes in ing water to the drought-stricken
order to take on this position and San Diego County later this year.
received 236 votes. His career in The plant, which will be the
the House began at the age of 28 largest in the Western Hemi-
years old when he won his house sphere, has already been opened,
seat. Ryan was reelected eight but the operators are awaiting
times, successfully defeating his permission from the state to
Paul Ryan speaks at the Consver-
opponents from 2000 and 2010. begin supplying the water. The
ative Political Action Conference
In the 13 years of being in the (CPAC) in March 2014. plant has been built in Carls-
seat, he first promoted 70 bills, Photo courtesy of bad near the Agua Hedionda, or
two of which became introduced Wikimedia Commons
“stinking water,” lagoon north of
into the law. Years after, 176 bills San Diego.
were also passed. He is a Repub- The costs for the entire project
lican who opposes same-sex mar- ken. We are not solving problems.
were around one billion dollars, Courtersy of Carlsbad High School
riage, abortion, and strict gun We are adding to them.”
including expenses for the plant,
control measures. In 2015, he Ryan is open and willing to work of the construction. The plant is per acre foot than traditional re-
pipelines, and upgrades to exist-
was given the chance and option with the Democratic political party also required to use a 5:1 ratio for cycled water and $1000-$1100
ing facilities. Currently, the plant
to run for president, however, he and compromise with one another. brine when sending wastewater per acre foot more than reservoir
is processing clean water but is
passed on that opportunity. He He replaced the former democratic back into the ocean. water, but it is still $100 to $200
not sending any to the into the
would have been running for the speaker, John Boehner, 65, due to Another concern surfaced by less than importing water from
general supply and is instead
upcoming elections in 2016. He the fact many people in the house environmentalists is the fact that outside San Diego County, which
pumping it back into the lagoon.
voted against the 2010 healthcare were ready for change. Also, it was the 1,000,000 gallons daily need- currently costs $942 per acre foot
When opened, however, this
reform act, commonly known as time for Boehner to step down ed for the plant’s cooling water and makes up about 90% of the
plant will provide up to 7 per-
(Obama Care) and tried to repeal and retire for his seat. This was not will be sucked in from the Encina potable water used in San Diego.
cent of San Diego’s water supply,
it in 2012. Ryan’s initial priority, but he lat- power station, perhaps dragging The plant is projected to cost
pushing out approximately 50
His agenda while holding the er came to consensus that he can in marine life and certainly using San Diego around $108 million
million gallons of water daily.
gavel is to improve the tax code, perform the tasks expected of the large amounts of power en route. dollars each year. However, this
One of the concerns about
reduce federal spending, and speaker. Overall, Paul Ryan’s plan The plant was constructed is just the beginning of a series
the plant is the environmental
modify the contracts for Medi- is to fix the house and to estab- by IDE Technologies, an Israe- of desalination plants planned
impact. As part of the deal, six-
care and Social Security. In addi- lish a concrete strategy to help our li-based company, that has al- in California, with the company
ty-six acres of a wetland habitat
tion, he would like to rebuild the spending budgets and debt while ready built similar desalination looking to follow up this plant
must be built in San Diego Bay
bipartisan unity lost in the house. also reconstructing already imple- plants in Israel. Water from the with another one in Huntington
as compensation for any envi-
Ryan stated, “The House is bro- mented contracts. plant will cost $100-$200 more Beach.
ronmental changes as a result
November 20, 2015 OPINIONS 3 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

How the unequal fight between
Palestinians and Israelis is
tearing lives apart
By Ariana Dennis ons.
Staff Writer America funds all “needs”
for Israel. That means we pay
Most of us are familiar with the tax dollars that bomb or-
the Israeli-Palestinian Con- phanages and kill families.
flict. Here in America, how- Recently, tensions have been
ever, we have a very limited rising again.
knowledge of what actually On October 28th, Israel
goes on. razed a Palestinian village in
As a quick summary, Israel Negev for the 90th time. Ac-
was announced as a state in cording to local media, accom-
1948 after World War II. Three panied by armed forces, Israeli
hundred thousand Arabs were bulldozers rammed through
expelled as Jewish people families homes in order to gain
moved in before it was even more land. It has been report-
declared a state. Britain des- ed that many Israelis neglect
ignated Palestine as a Jewish to check inside the homes first
state and the UN developed and have bulldozed while fam-
a two state proposal in which ilies were still present inside.
43% of the land was given to Since October 1st, seven-
the Arabs despite that at the ty-two Palestinians have been
time they were two-thirds of killed, including bystanders
the population and owned and unarmed protesters, many
over 92% of the land. of whom were just teenagers.
The incoming Jewish immi- On November 1st Israeli sol-
grants brought in tension as diers shot a man in Hebron
they pushed Palestinians out and the soldiers then forced
of their land and violence the paramedics to leave at gun-
struck as Arabs began to be point as the man bled profuse-
killed. This conflict continued ly.
for years to come with feeble During the end of October,
international support for the Israelis soldiers killed three
occupied Palestinians. Palestinians in one day, one
Today it is obvious, the Jew- of them being an eight-month
ish people now occupy most old baby who suffocated from
of the land. This conflict, how- tear-gas inhalation. Israel is
ever, is not an equal fight as refusing to release Palestinian
many mistakenly perceive it to bodies unless the funerals are
be. The Arab population in Is- kept “modest”. Furthermore,
rael today are denied state ser- as the occupation becomes
vices such as water, electricity, more and more forceful, an
trash-pick up, and educational increasing number of reli-
facilities. The Arabs must drive gious Jews have been attend-
on bumpy, dirt paths, as the Is- ing al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s
raelis drive along newly pathed holiest site outside of Saudi
roads. Israel has also set up Arabia. Even the holiest places
checkpoints all along Israeli are not left for the Palestinians
occupied Palestine in which as the occupation completely
Is Abstinence Taught, Abstinence Practiced? cars must stop and go through
Israeli security. This means that
takes over.
Little space is left for the peo-
By Zoe Mendel condom use. States whose laws this curriculum doesn’t re- a twenty minute drive to work ple of Palestine. They must live
Staff Writer stressed the teaching of absti- duce intercourse rates, it’s for someone may end up being in a land of apartheid where
Sex ed is a unit where stu- nence until marriage were sig- safer to recognize that stu- a two hour drive. Many other justice is nowhere to be found.
dents learn about sexual in- nificantly less successful in pre- dents will participate in these unjust restrictions are put on Most of the world turns a blind
tercourse and the male and venting teen pregnancies.” activities. Sex ed programs the Palestinians and they are eye to them as money floods
female body. Some states, such While the Texas curricu- that seem to ‘assume’ that stu- denied very basic needs to the into Israel from its many allies.
as Texas, have been preaching lum’s sentiment is correct, I dents will be having sex tend point where garbage piles on There should be no discussion
abstinence in their curriculum think the approach other absti- to be centered on recognition the streets where children play. of debate in this conflict. The
in hopes that it will lower teen nence-preaching schools have is of certain STD’s, how to treat The country has become an fight is uneven and unjust.
pregnancy rates by increasing not helpful. Understanding sex them, and how to have safe apartheid state of injustice and We only hear of the terrorists
awareness for the dangers of is an important part of growing sex through the use of con- violence. Hamas, but never think of the
intercourse. Recent studies, up. Part of the desire to partic- traception and proper use Two summers ago, Israel real terrorists, the Zionists.
however, have concluded that ipate in it spawns from living of condoms, which not only sent massive airstrikes against There is a difference between
it does not result in abstinent in a society like ours, where sex informs students about absti- the Gaza strip, bombing hos- Zionism and Judaism in the
behavior. is not only glorified, but pub- nence, but also how to have pitals, orphanages, homes, and same way there is a difference
The University of Georgia licized. I think its necessary to protected sex. schools. between terrorism and Islam.
have analyzed teen pregnancy inform students about inter- If students are having sex All lives matter; however, the Albert Einstein, a Jew him-
rates in 48 states, and com- course, instead of ignoring it all after being taught the ‘absti- power is clearly in the hands of self, once said, “It would be my
pared it to each states’ sex ed- together. nence-curriculum,’ it is likely the Israelis as hundreds of Pal- greatest sadness to see Zionists
ucation curriculum. They dis- About 47% of high school that type of curriculum isn’t estinians were killed compared do to Palestinian Arabs much
covered that the data indicates students have admitted to en- preventing sex. A normal cur- to the few dozen Israelis who of what Nazis did to Jews.”
“states with the lowest teen gaging in intercourse, accord- riculum will make sure that died. Many see it reasonable to We don’t ever want a second
pregnancy rates were those ing to the Resource Center for students understand what compare the two sides and call Holocaust. Therefore, people
that prescribed comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Preven- they’re getting into. If any- it an ongoing tension. We re- must realize that you don’t
sex and/or HIV education, tion. Half of the student pop- thing, it seems that the more ally cannot, however, compare need to be Muslim to support
covering abstinence along- ulation has had sex, regardless students know about sex, the homemade rockets to multi- Palestine. You just need to be
side proper contraception and of abstinence curriculum. Since safer it will be for them. million dollar funded weap- human.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 2 OPINIONS November 20, 2015
The LaJolla
School A Standing Symbol of Our Nation’s Dark Past: Luxury Movie Theaters:
Hi-Tide Why the Confederate Flag Should
Not Wave Any Longer Worth Every Penny, or Not Worth Any?
Sara Espinosa By Ariana Dennis ted treason and attempted to By James Irwin experience in their establish-
Sara Espinosa Staff Writer secede from our country. The Staff Writer ments.
Nessie Navarro
Nessie Navarro Slavery is without a doubt flag just stands as a remind- Research from cinemablend.
News Editors High-end cinemas have been
News Editors the most shameful and darkest er that the South was once a com states that many people
Viviana Bonomie on the rise in San Diego for the
Viviana Bonomie part of our nation’s history. The heavy participant of treason are no longer satisfied with
Ryan Robson past few years. Companies like
simply viewing the movie any-
Ryan Robson unimaginably cruel treatment and strong defender of slavery.
Opinions Editor that we have put other human Even today, the KKK has
Arclight and Cinepolis are the
more. Many now want a differ-
Opinions Editor
Andrea Albanez big names, but AMC is start-
beings through still haunts us marched through the streets
Features Editor
Andrea Albanez ing to join this luxury trend, as
today. The issue is obviously waving this flag. In all hones-
Features Editor
Yenitzia Lopez more sensitive to some than to ty, it is an excuse to keep part
are independents like the Lot,
Student Focus
Business Editor
Manager located here in La Jolla.
others as we still have rampant of our history that should have
Sophia Dorfsman
Yenitzia Lopez Some people feel that the-
racism today, showing some of never existed. It is an excuse
Student Focus Editor ater tickets have gotten more
Sports Editor us have not completely learned for those who claim not to
expensive, especially with the
Sophia Dorfsman
Creekstar Allan from our mistakes. be racist to have their twisted
advent of new chains such as
A&E Editor
Sports Editor One of the most iconic sym- morals live on.
these. It’s not all in their heads.
Sophia Ketring
Creekstar Allan bols that many associate with Today, you can find the flag
Tickets have become more ex- Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
International News and
A&E Editor slavery is the Confederate flag. anywhere from license plates
Cartoon Editor
Sophia Ketring Many argue that slavery was to mugs and t-shirts. The rea- ent experience. This is where
Due largely to the advent of
International News
Kieran Bauman only a small part of the Civil son it gained so much popu- the leather recliners, cocktails,
better quality movie viewing
Editor Editor War and therefore the flag has larity is because in the 1940s gourmet appetizers and meals,
equipment at home than was
Macelli little association with slavery and 1950s, it was used as a and in-theater service come in.
Kieran available in the past, like reti-
Omnibus Editor It is things like these that the
Photo-Journalism Editor Photo Courtesy of Robert Boyd na laptop and phone displays,
Jillian Macelli
Kopp theaters are now offering to
Tristan Blu-Ray players, and 4k tele-
make such an experience, and
Jack of AllEditor
Omnibus Trades visions, people can get lifelike
it is working.
Joseph Carroll
Jillian Kopp picture quality in their homes,
Many companies have
Advisor where in the past it was not
turned better profits after
Robert J.J. Boyd
Boyd possible.
making such upgrades to their
Staff Writers This is not to mention the
Asha Alagiri
Asha Alagiri multitude of online streaming
Some people think that
Lucy Barton
Lucy Barton services out there today like
movie theaters shouldn’t be
Nora Becker
Nora Becker Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go,
and more to do with what they strong opponent against the making these changes, and
Anthony Coan
Anthony Coan and all of the pirating and tor-
argue is rebellion and patrio- civil rights movements. With- that they should just stay the
Jenna Cunningham
Jenna Cunningham renting sites online.
tism. Many Americans, how- out this revival, it would not same as they have always been.
Ariana Dennis
Ariana Dennis In the past, most people
ever, still find it offensive and have as much popularity today. I see both sides of the story,
Khalil Eley
Khalil Eley simply couldn’t acquire high
a symbol of dark times in our When African Americans but personally still prefer old-
Nikolai Gaenzle
Nikolai Gaenzle quality entertainment viewing
nation’s history. This should stood up to defend their equal- er, cheaper movie theaters. I
James Irwin
James Irwin equipment, so they went to the
be enough to have it banned ity, the flag was there to stand still go to the movies simply
Austin Iverson
Austin Iverson movies, which could offer bet-
without any argument. against their rights. So, when to watch the films, and am just
Brooke Kaufman
Brooke Kaufman ter picture and sound than was
It was a flag that stood in someone tries to argue it has as happy without most of the
Alexa Kideys
Alexa Kideys available basically anywhere
representation of a Confedera- nothing to do with the civ- amenities that are now avail-
Samuel Kinsey
Samuel Kinsey else.
cy that supported the ideas of il rights movement, they are able.
Shayna Kobrinetz
Shayna Kobrinetz The impact of all of this
slavery. No matter how much wrong: it has everything to I recognize, however, the ne-
Jillian Kopp
Jillian Kopp readily available technology
one may argue, it waved for a do with the civil rights move- cessity of movie theaters to up-
Zoe Mendel
Zoe Scott hit the theater industry in their
nation that shackled, whipped, ment. The excuse that it stands date and rethink what they’re
Georgie Morris
Georgie Morris pockets.
raped and beat other human up for a Southern culture still offering the public. I also think
Jade Moujaes
Jade Moujaes Their profits have been slow-
beings. does not explain all the count- that, if some people are happy
Jillian Murray
Jillian Murray ly decreasing, and that’s the
Supporters claim it is sym- less times it’s been used to op- to pay the extra money for the
Jessica Penner
Jessica Penner main reason why many com-
bolic of Southern heritage and pose the African American enhanced experience, then the
Rebecca Ryan Ryan panies have begun to ramp
pride. A large component of community. Overall, there is theater companies are more
Julia Walton
Julia Walton up the quality of the viewing
Southern heritage, however, no way one can defend this than justified in their deci-
was slavery. You cannot sepa- flag as being purely a symbol sions.
rate this heritage from hate, as of Southern culture. There is Though not everyone may
it is all about hate. no way to filter out the hate be willing to pay for such a
Even if it solely represent- and racism embedded in it. luxurious movie experience, it
The ed the confederacy’s political Hoisting this flag around is evident that enough Amer-
The Hi-Tide,
Hi-Tide, an an open
open forum,
forum, is is
the official student newspaper standpoints, these standpoints is the kind of thing that fu- icans are willing to shell out
the official student newspaper
of are treasonous and a rejection els hate and leads young men their money to make these
of La
La Jolla
Jolla High
High School.
School. Unless
otherwise of nationalism. It was a time to walk into a church, gun in type of theaters a profitable
otherwise noted, opinions being
noted, opinions being Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
voiced when the South had commit- hand, and kill nine people. venture for companies.
voiced in the Hi-Tide belong to
in the Hi-Tide belong to
the individual
individual author.
Tide welcomes
welcomes letters
author. The
letters and
The Hi-
and opin-
The SAT and ACT:
ions from students and
from students and staff
The standardized tests that test everything but a student’s intellect
members. If you have a letter to
If you have a letter to By Alexa Kidneys Benilde-St. Margaret’s Cath- for the resources to get a good keep their sanity.
the editor,
editor, please
please drop
drop itit off
off in
in Staff Writer olic School says, “The goal of score. It’s obvious who has the Some colleges such as Col-
Room 514, 514, oror give
give itit to
to any
any Hi-
Hi- standardized testing is not to advantage of getting into a bet- orado College, University of
Tide editor. You may
Tide editor. You may also emailalso email This is high school; it’s a time find out how well you think ter college: not by their intel- Arizona, San Francisco State
submissions to to LJHiTide@ya-
LJHiTide@ya- where every grade you receive through problems, or if you ligence, but, surprisingly, by University, and several more Submissions should
Submissions should on the next test or quiz deter- can express your opinions, or their wallets. are not requiring ACT or SAT
be typed and cannot
be typed and cannot be anony- be anony- mines your future. When it create a presentation, the goal Additionally, both the SAT scores, which is most definite-
mous. The The Hi-Tide
Hi-Tide reserves
reserves thethe comes to the SAT or ACT, stu- is to find out what you were and ACT are expected to be ly a good idea because they
right to refuse any material. Ad-
to refuse any material. Ad- dents will strive to get the high- able to memorize.” This is un- taken late junior year or be- recognize the struggles high
vertisements are are measured
measured per per est possible score knowing that fair, however, because many ginning of senior year, a time schoolers face on a daily ba-
column inch. To advertise
column inch. To advertise with with colleges use them to rate who high school students have the not only full of high stress lev- sis and are kind enough not
the Hi-Tide
Hi-Tide or or to
to to
to purchase
purchase aa is accepted and not accepted money to pay for the prepara- els but also time consuming to add to it. I say, along with
subscription, please email us
please email us or
or into their schools. But do SAT tion for the SAT or ACT, such AP classes, extra curriculars, many others, tests like the SAT
call (858) 454-3081,
call (858) 454-3081, extension extension and ACT scores really evaluate as summer classes, textbooks, and studying for these tests. and ACT should either be dis-
4514. Issues
Issues areare distributed
distributed ev- ev- a person’s intelligence? Studies or private one-on-one tutors, It is unrealistic to expect high continued or replaced with
ery four weeks. No part
four weeks. No part of of the
the everywhere tend to think oth- while the rest are left to just school students to manage all tests that don’t simply measure
Hi-Tide may may be be reproduced
reproduced erwise. “wing it” on an account of not of this in the last two years of how much time you studied or
without writtenwritten permission.
permission. Andy Hudlow, a senior at having enough money to pay their fleeting youth and still how fat your wallet is.
November 20, 2016 SPORTS 4 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Chargers Fans Cheer League of Legends
for the Raiders World Championship
By Shayna Kobrinetz that the Chargers fans who have but every match leading to the but are continuously criticized
been so great to the team over By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer Staff Writer championship was streamed by traditional sports fans for
the years, are now bearing the on, and the finals sold hosting “nerd stuff ” on tele-
With the fight for a new brunt of the decisions made by Saturday, October 31, SK- out the Mercedes-Benz Arena vision. ESPN2 hosts all kinds
stadium underway, the three politicians over the last fourteen Telecom T1 got the upper in Berlin. of events like the National
top contenders, the San Diego years.” However, fans didn’t buy hand over the KOO Tigers The prize pool was an impres- Spelling Bee, and professional
Chargers, The Oakland Raid- into his sympathy, labeling him 3 to 1 in the 2015 League of sive 2 million dollars, with eating, and the World Series
ers, and the St. Louis Rams, all a “liar”. Legends World Champion- the winners, SKTelecom T1 of Poker, therefore eSports
petitioned for why their team In St. Louis, a similar scene ship. League of Legends is winning 1 million, and sec- aren’t too out of the ordinary.
was the worst possible can- presented itself. Angered fans, a video game, in which two ond place winners the KOO eSports require the same train-
didate for a new stadium in distraught NFL executives and teams of five try to fight for Tigers pulling in $250,000. ing, strategy, and playmaking
Los Angeles. Frustrated fans the situation will not change possession of three lanes of Even though League of Leg- as any other “legitimate” sport,
rushed to the public forums until one team moves, the fans enemy turrets, minions, and ends is free to play for anyone, serving as a team-building
and responded angrily to the of the “winning teams” can cel- player controlled champions, Riot Games, creators of LoL, activity and requiring mental
NFL executives, making it ebrate for another year or two and push the enemies back pulled in over 1 billion dollars preparation.
clear that they weren’t plan- in an old stadium. Ram’s fans into their base. The goal of last year in microtransactions La Jolla High graduate Fan
ning on letting their team leave came decked out in jerseys, the game is to destroy struc- alone. In the group stage be- Yang went to UC Berkeley,
anytime soon. shirts and Ram’s gear galore, tures in the lanes until you get fore eliminations, teams from and got a degree in econom-
Chargers fans had no res- hoping that something would to the final structure, the ene- North America, Europe, Ko- ics. Additionally, while at Cal
ervations about voicing their make the NFL, and Ram’s own- my nexus. The destruction of rea, China, Taiwan, and Hong he led the school’s Heroes of
opinions, and relentlessly crit- ers decide that the fans deserved the nexus means the end of Kong, but both teams in the the Storm team to victory in
icized the NFL for threaten- to keep their own team. And the game. finals were Korean. the aforementioned ‘Heroes
ing to take away their beloved soon enough, Oakland Raiders “Who cares about a video eSports have received much of the Dorm’ tournament, and
team. Renderings have already fans will line up in front of their game?” you might ask your- resistance towards becoming now he’s playing for profes-
been drawn up for a new local theatre or Opera House, self. Back in 2013, the sea- considered legitimate sports. sional HotS team Cloud 9 as a
Charger’s stadium in Los An- ready to deal out their best ar- son 3 championship sold out The debate came into the spot- full time job. With its rapidly
gles, but the fans refuse to back guments on why they need their Staples Center in a matter of light when ESPN hosted the growing popularity, eSports
down. The move would affect team. minutes and was watched by Heroes of the Storm tourna- will expand from to
many fans on a personal level, While fans and teams may 32 million viewers on twitch. ment, ‘Heroes of the Dorm’ on television broadcasting, and
evident in the heartfelt pleads not be eager to move to a new tv. Numbers haven’t released ESPN2. ESPN has since hosted the debate will continue over
to NFL executives on what the stadium, the NFL is ambitious, for this year’s challenger series more and more eSports events, its legitimacy as a sport.
team meant to them. One fan discussing the possibility of two
stated “The moral thing to do teams sharing the new Los An-
is to leave the team here… fifty geles stadium. While this may
five years is a long time.” be convenient for the NFL, if
Many fans attacked Mark the Raiders and Chargers were
Fabiani, (the lawyer on the to share a stadium, things may
case of moving the Chargers not be as simple for the fans, as
to Los Angeles). Fans were re- both teams are notorious rivals,
lentless, some yelling, “Bull!” known best for violence in the Photos Courtesy of Austin Iverson
and, “Tell the truth for once!” parking lot. The NFL may be
following Fabiani’s statements. prepared to take this next step, League of Legends Match 2013 SK Telecom T1 at 2013 World Championships
He said, “It’s incredibly unfair but the fans certainly are not.
Olympic Scandal
Russia’s Newly Discovered Athlete Enhancement CAM’RON MATTHEWS
By Zoe Mendel tracks. The Russian Sports Min-
Highschool Football Endangering the Lives
Staff Writer ister Vitaly Mutko knew what
of Students across the USA
Recent reports from the was going on, and directly in-
World Anti-Doping Agency, structed that lab samples be By Jimmy Irwin heatstroke. However, statistics However, not every school
(WAPA), confirms that Rus- manipulated. Staff Writer from the 2014 season show and state has these programs,
sia’s athletes had used enhan- There are mixed emotions that the cause of player deaths leaving some people under-
ceing drugs before their per- about punishment, however, On October 16, in Alto, directly from in-game injuries educated about the dangers
formance in the Sochi 2014 many want to see Russia banned Texas, high school football is significant. Five players died of brain injury. The Nation-
Olympics. Such a scandal for life. Less radical are those player Cam’ron Matthews last year because of direct inju- al Federation of State High
could result in the loss of a who stand behind revoking a died shortly after collapsing ries like spinal and head trau- School Associations, has rec-
bronze and gold women’s track bronze and gold medal for two on the field during his game. ma. ommended that high schools
medal. of Russia’s track competitors. Matthews had a brain aneu- Our Vikings are not im- have fewer full-contact prac-
After the report was filed Mutko stood up for his coun- rysm in the hospital, but the mune. Players on La Jolla tices per week.
by Dick Pound, former presi- try, full of young competitors, immediate cause of death is High’s football teams get con- There are other strategies
dent of WAPA, 1,400 samples and pleaded that none of the not yet known. cussions every season. Just last to make high school football
were intentionally destroyed new athletes are banned. “Clean The loss of Cam’ron was year one of our Vikes had to safer. Several companies are
in a Moscow laboratory. This sportsmen should not suffer,” he very hard for the communi- stop playing all together be- designing helmets with built-
level of state-sponsored cheat- said in an interview with a Rus- ty of Alto. He was very well cause he suffered one that was in sensors, to detect when a
ing was shocking, sparking sian news network. liked and known for being a too severe to keep performing. player has taken too hard of a
many calls for a ban on Russia Although Russia admits to its hard worker and great ath- The amount of players dying hit. There are already helmets
from the 2016 games in Rio de cheating scandal, the destruc- lete. Those who knew him, as a result of the game has led on the market. Some schools
Janiero, Brazil. tion of the 1,400 samples from commented on how strong to many changes in the precau- are also putting more empha-
Moscow’s labs had formerly the lab in Moscow rouse sus- his faith was and how great tions football programs take in sis on hiring full-time physical
been declared one of the best picions. The dishonesty stains of a role model he was. Sadly, regard to injuries, especially trainers who can strengthen
anti-doping labs, however, the integrity of Russia’s previ- Cam’ron’s death isn’t in iso- those involving the head and the students’ bodies to be able
due to bribery and corruption, ous athletes, who competed and lated incident in the world of nervous system, like concus- to better resist spinal injuries.
their consciences were swayed won without doping. high school football. sions. Legislation has been Many people agree that high
to allow the doping of several The Olympics itself is marred Cam’ron is the sixth high passed in every state, to take school football is getting saf-
athletes. Some reports even say by cheating, whether from Rus- school football player in the more care of players with sus- er, and the new methods for
the corruption began in the sia’s scandal or previous scan- country to die since early pected concussions and brain detecting life-threatening in-
2012 London games. Accord- dals. Such pettiness and greed September of this year, the injuries. juries hold lots of promise. If
ing to the Washington Post, destroys the purpose of the start of the football season for There’s been a surge in ed- they are right, hopefully tragic
Moscow had set up a ‘shadow’ games: to unite globally through most schools. Five of them ucational programs for both stories like those of Cam’ron
lab, double checking samples competition and increase one’s have passed away so far be- players and coaches, teaching will be fewer and further be-
and covering up the doping pride for their country. cause of indirect causes, like how to detect concussions. tween.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 5 SPORTS November 20, 2016

A New Challenge for Tip off the
Challenged Athletes
By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
the nation. So this year I asked
my dad if he thought he could
what people, especially those
facing physical challenges, are
NBA Season
This year’s NBA forcasts, teams to watch, and power-
do the bike. My sister, who capable of. I think it helps the
house players
On Sunday, October 18th, lives in Boston said she would team gain a perspective on life.
hundreds of athletes jumped train me to run 10 miles… and They realize that things aren't By Jimmy Irwin When conversations shift
into the cold waters of La Jol- I decided I could be ready in a as hard for them as they think Staff Writer to the debate over this year’s
la Cove and began their day- month.” Aaron was up for the they are, and that the boys MVP, Lebron James of the
long journey of swimming one challenge, and completed the shouldn't whine or complain.” The NBA season just started, Cleveland Cavaliers is nat-
mile, biking forty four miles mile-long cove swim in thir- One of the La Jolla Water with its first game on October urally in the mix. In a poll
and running ten miles all ty-five minutes, something he Polo team’s captain’s, senior 27th, and with a new season performed by ESPN’s forecast
over San Diego. As spectators was eager to attempt, saying “I Aidan Scott has been partic- comes new predictions about team, James was pegged as the
cheered on the athletes prior was really excited to start the ipating in the event since he everything from this season’s number one contender for the
to the start, volunteers helped race and get into the water… was a sophomore, carrying MVP, to the best teams of each award. Coming in second was
the athletes down the stairs My family, especially my sister athletes up and down the stairs conference. Even with so little the New Orleans Pelican’s, An-
and into the water, preparing was in my head at the end. It at the cove. The event has had time passed so far, people are thony Davis, and in third was
them for an unthinkable trip. was not an easy swim for me a lasting impact on him as already starring to form their the Houston Rockets’, James
The event is the Challenged but thinking about all the sup- well, as he said, “I hope our opinions on who will come out Harden.
Athletes Foundation’s annual port from her and willingness genuine enthusiasm reminds on top this NBA season. In the debate for this year’s
triathlon, often referred to as to come cross country meant these athletes that what they're Many Californians have best rookie, Karl-Anthony
the Best Day in Tri, an attitude so much, I needed to finish for attempting is truly incredible their eyes on the Western Con- Towns of the Timberwolves
evident the minute one arrives her.” The tremendous amount given their circumstances. ference, and some have their was voted by the same ESPN
at the event. La Jolla Cove of hard work and dedication is This experience is a great team money on the Golden State team as the best bet so far,
is overwhelmed by laughter, evident throughout the whole building event for our entire Warriors as the number one with his wide range of skills,
smiles and cheering, brought day, as the athletes compete, team, and it also serves to put seed, with prophetic shooter and huge size of 6’11” sure to
on by participants and specta- cheer and enjoy the challenge our own lives and problems in Stephen Curry expected to be be his biggest assets. After him
tors, which are both there for set before them. perspective. Five in the morn- an extremely powerful asset, are Jahlil Okafor of the 76ers in
the same reason, and leaving Mr. Atwell, a history teacher ing practice doesn't seem like he was last year, along with second and Emmanuel Mudi-
with something greater than and water polo coach here at too difficult, after watching a teammates Klay Thompson, ay of the Nuggets in third.
they ever expected to gain in- La Jolla High, has participated quadriplegic swim the cove.” Draymond Green, and Andre In regards to the Eastern
spiration. in the triathlon as an athlete The event impacts everyone Iguodala. Conference, there is lots of talk
Several athletes participated and a volunteer, he encourages in the community, as well as Kobe Bryant, on the Los An- about the Cleveland Cavaliers
in relay teams, with a different his students and athletes to do La Jolla High. From teachers geles Lakers, is another player being the top dogs, with stars
participant in each leg of the so as well. Each year, his water to students, everyone can take that has offered powerhouse like Lebron, Kyrie Irving, and
race. One of those athletes was polo team helps carry athletes part. points for his team in the past. Kevin Love filling their roster,
Aaron Loy, a Challenged Ath- up and down the stairs to the The Challenged Athletes However, the 37 year-old has which means that there will be
lete at UCSB who came home cove prior to and after complet- Foundation’s triathlon is an had the last three of his seasons fierce competition to beat such
to San Diego to participate in ing the swim. He believes that event not to be missed, where cut short by injuries, leading a stacked team.
the triathlon for the first time. everyone gains from this event, spectators and athletes alike lots of people to wonder if this As the season progresses,
“I left (last year’s event) feeling saying, “Personally I have seen leave with a sense of pride and season may be his last. When forecasts will change, players
so passionate about the posi- the effects of the event because inspiration and a newfound interviewed, Bryant said he’ll will rise and fall through the
tive change CAF was making they have changed my own respect for everyone around wait until this season is over to ranks, and entertaining bas-
for challenged athletes across and my families perception of them. make his decision. ketball is sure to ensue.

A Royal Win at the Worlds
Photos Courtesy of
La Jolla High PTA eNews
At Left:
Tyler Brown and Max Mendez
By Jenna Cunningham American League- would host
help athletes up the stairs to
Staff Writer the first 2 games and would
the transition area.
Hey Batter, Batter. Crack! have the home field advantage.
The 111th Annual World Se- In game 1, the Royals came
Varsity Water Polo ries started on October 27, in out strong with a 5-4 win, and
Volunteering at the Kansas City as the Kansas City again in game 2 with a 7-1 win.
CAF La Jolla Triathlon Royals faced off against the In game 3, the tables turned
New York Mets. as the Mets won 9-3, but were
With the concept of the series taught a lesson once again with
going back to 1903, the idea is a 5-3 win for the Royals, whose
At Right: that at the end of every baseball pitcher Chris Young, a former
Maverick Becker helps athletes season, the American League Padre, threw 5 perfect no-hit,
find their starting group. and the Na- innings. Thus
tional League making the
champions possibility of

Chargers Disappoint would face off
in a “best of 7
games” series,
a Mets come
back and the
possibility of
By Jessica Penner previous weekend, while the ek Charr threw 3 touchdown that would de- a Mets World
Staff Writer Chargers were still recovering passes and the Raiders scored termine the Series win
Sunday, October 24, 2015, from a heartbreaking 20-27 10 points off of two Philip Riv- yearly cham- highly unlikely
was a beautiful, sunny day loss to the Green Bay Packers. ers interceptions. pion of the as the overall
with an average temperature Not only did the Raiders em- In the fourth quarter, the all American score, was now
of 72 degrees Fahrenheit at barrass the Chargers, but there Chargers made a slight come- sport. at 3-1 Royals.
Photo Courtesy of
Qualcomm stadium. It was a were so many Raiders fans back, by scoring 23 points and The series Going into
classic matchup between the in the stands that it looked, preventing the Raiders from is scheduled game 5, Roy-
San Diego’s Chargers and the and felt like a Raider’s home scoring at all, making the end to start in Kansas City for the als fans were already seeing
Oakland Raiders. The Char- game. The Oakland Raiders result of the game a Raiders first 2 games, then move to banners that read “2015 World
gers, up until that point had destroyed the Chargers for win of 37-29. The Raider's first New York for the next 3, and if Series Winners: Kansas City
been having a relatively rough the first three quarters not al- punt was midway through the necessary move back to Kansas Royals!” and the Royals did
season with only 2 wins and 4 lowing them into the end zone third quarter. All in all, this City for the 6th and 7th games, not disappoint.
loses including losses to both- once. While the Raiders got 10 loss is simply adding to the due to the series’ rules and et- Game 5 ended with a 7-2
the Packers and the Steelers. points in the first quarter, 20 in overall disappointment that iquette demanding that the win for Kansas City, marking
The Oakland Raiders were the second, and 7 in the third. the Chargers have caused for league who won the earlier All this their first World Series ti-
coming off of a bye from the Raiders’ quarter back, Der- their fans. Star game— this year, being the tle since 1985.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 6 CARTOONS November 20, 2015

Courtesty of Ariana Dennis

Courtesty of Renee Yedidsion

When Low Water Pressure looks like a Public Display of Affection

Courtesty of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesty of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesty of Anonymous

Courtesty of Rebecca Ryan

From a Different Perspective
1 2

3 4 5

6 7

8 9

10 11 12

Photos 2,5,9, & 10 courtesy of Oliver Dillard
Photos 3,4,7, & 8 courtesy of Kyle Jetter
Photos 6 & 11 courtesy of Shayna Kobrinets
Photo 1 courtesy of Brooke Kaufman
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 8 November 20, 2015 STUDENT FOCUS November 20, 2015 9 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide


– Cultural Potluck Menu – November 20th, 2015

I. Argentinian Beef Empanadas with olives, peppers, eggs, and
brought by Sofia Soltero

II. Iranian Shirazi salad, persian cucumbers, tomato, lemon, olive oil,
and parsley
brought by Bella Majub

VI. I.
III. Japanese Miso Soup with rice, seaweed, pickles, pickled ginger,
and daikon
brought by Marina Movellan

IV. Jewish Matzo Ball Soup, chicken broth with matzo balls
brought by Emily Gold

V. Swedish Pickled Herring, with a very unusual taste, but it is part
of the etiquette to have it on the table
brought by Vanessa Itzkowich

VI. Austrailian Vegemite on Toast
brought by Charlie Davey

VII. Russian Kiev, chicken stuffed with cheese, wrapped in
prosciutto with bread crumbs, and spices V.
brought by Nikolai Gaenzle

VIII. German Bratwurst
brought by Nikki Schroeder III.

IX. Norwegian Fårikål, staple mutton and cabbage stew with
cabbage, whole black pepper, cooked as a casserole
brought by Jakob Kerns

X. Middle Eastern Roasted Lamb
brought by Rachel El-Jof
XI. Mexican Chile Rellano, with green bell pepper, cheese, meat or
beans VII.
brought by Julissa Hernandez

XII. Danish Æbleskiver, spherical pancakes seasoned with
cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves
brought by Frederikke Soerensen

XIII. French Fougasse, sweet, flat pizza with sugar is sprinkled on
brought by Pierre Hosy
XIV. Chinese Mooncake in honor of the mid-autumn festival, with
a sweet, lotus seed paste filling, served in small slices with tea.
brought by Audrey Chan

XV. French Yule Log Cake, a sponge cake, baked very thin and then
rolled into a cylinder, then slathered with chocolate buttercream
brought by Enrique Rayon

XVI. Black Forest Cake, German chocolate cake with layers of
cherries, vanilla frosting, whipped cream, and
chocolate shavings
brought by Zoe Mendel
By Jimmy Irwin, Austin Iverson, Joseph
Carroll, Lucy Barton, and Tony Coan
Staff Writers & Jack of All Trades

Illustrations Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan
10 November 20, 2015

Why You Should Be Scared of Climate Change IN SPACE, NO ONE CAN
New Information on a Deadly Threat HEAR YOU COUGH
oxide gas became increasingly sphere is greatly affected. By Julia Walton found that they are capable
convincing. However, at the It won’t be easy to teach peo- Staff Writer of causing skin irritation and
time, some scientists pointed ple to cut back on such a staple Potentially Dangerous Bacte- inflammation. And because
out that human activities, in of modern-day life, but if ac- ria in the International Space of the lack of gravity in space,
the form of atmospheric aero- tions are not taken soon, (and Station. DNA sequencing is dust and other particles (or in
sols (e.g., “pollution”), could if we don’t seriously cut down currently being done to detect this case bacteria) do not settle
have cooling effects as well. on the burning of fossil fuels) a potentially dangerous bacte- on the ground as they do on
It seems as though many the- today’s planet will eventually rium that is coming along for a Earth.
ories on why climate change be unrecognizable. ride on the International Space Instead, they float around in
was occurring were happening Station. The purpose of the re- the air and add on a greater
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
By Brooke Kaufman
all at once. However, thanks
to improving computer mod-
“The standard search being conducted is to
determine if the bacteria has
threat to the health of the as-
tronauts who already are sus-
Staff Writer els and observational work, a definition of any harmful effects that could ceptible tohaving a weaker im-
potentially be a danger for as- mune system by living in the
Cool it. That’s the title of Na-
consensus was finally reached
in the 1990s, greenhouse gases
climate change tronauts. Air filter samples space station environment.
tional Geographic’s November were deeply involved in most is the change in from an HEPA (high-efficien- Contamination is already a
issue, an entire edition devot- climate changes, and human cy particulate arrestance) that grave issue for these astronauts
ed to what its publishers call emissions were bringing seri-
global or region- is used in the ISS, and vacuum which makes getting the bot-
the climate issue. But what ous global warming. al climate pat- bags, were found to have high tom of this issue is so critical.
exactly is “the climate issue”? The standard definition of levels of Corynebacterium A study done in 2009 in space
To understand that question, climate change is the change terns..” and Propionibacterium. Both concluded that Salmonella
it’s necessary to first know the in global or regional climate of these are classified under bacteria was seven times more
many theories behind what’s patterns, due to the increased In terms of more small scale Actinobacteria and could be dangerous than on Earth.
causing climate change. levels of atmospheric carbon ways to help save the envi- “problematic” according to re- Within tthe conditions of
Beginning just over a hun- dioxide produced by the use ronment, there are many op- searchers. space, the Salmonella was
dred years ago, in the late nine- of fossil fuels. It seems compli- tions. People can “green their The presence of Actinobac- tricked into feeling it was in
teenth century, scientists made cated, but it’s really not. There commutes” by carpooling, teria found is from a study a safe environment and was
their first argument for the nat- are many ways to prevent the be energy efficient by us- conducted by experts from more inclined to multiply than
ural greenhouse effect. They harmful effects of climate ing eco-friendly bulbs, wash two NASA space centers, three in regular conditions on the
stated that human emissions change, and its mainly because clothing in cold water, choose universities, and a biotech Earth.
of greenhouse gases could humans are at the root of the to use renewable power, buy firm, published in the journal Despite the regular cleaning
change the climate, and were problem. For example, when organic and locally grown Microbiome that also found check protocols for the station,
subsequently not challenged power plants generate elec- foods, stop using air travel as possible viruses and mold. Al- this behavior in bacteria could
in their ideas until many years tricity through the burning of much (due to its large carbon though they have yet to deter- bypass regular cleaning and
later in the 1960s, when the fossil fuels, in particular car- footprint), trim their waste mine if the microorganism is create an issue for the vulner-
warming effect of carbon di- bon-heavy coal, Earth’s atmo- products, and much more. harmful yet, researchers have able astronauts.

OSLO VOWS A World Left in
TO BAN CARS Mourning By Ariana Dennis Lebanon as on Friday, No- Photo Courtesty of Wikicommons
By Samuel Kinsey government; to cut down on Staff Writer vember 13th, ISIS struck Paris, trying to make it understood
Staff Writer greenhouse gas emissions and ISIS has struck once again, France. Several attacks were the drastic difference between
Under new government, return them to pre-1990 levels. leaving the world devastated carried out that night. Bomb- Islam and terrorism. Even so,
Oslo, the capi- The other and in mourning. On Thurs- ings continued one after the fear has built up tremendous-
tal city of Nor- day November 12, ISIS suicide other in and around locations
way, wants to
“ could prompt parts of the
plan include bombers attacked southern including the Stade de France,
ly, leading France to close their
boarders as a security measure.
ban cars by the US as well as building more Beirut leaving 43 dead and at Bataclan concert hall, and Other nations are also discuss-
the year 2019. bicycle lanes, least 239 others wounded ac- several restaurants. 129 were ing closing off their boarders
With the new other large pro- s u b s i d i z i n g cording to the Lebanese au- killed and many other injured. too.
elections over ducers of pol- the purchase thorities. “There’s a lot of shat- Reporters shared that people This would lead to refugees
and the labor of electric tered glass on the street, a lot both dead and alive were cov- being blocked from protection
party in pow- lutants to lower bikes and re- of blood, and it’s really just a ered in blood and walked the as there would be no safe ha-
scene of chaos and carnage,” streets in terror and hysteria.
er, this is one
of the new
greenhouse gas ducing traffic by 20%
journalist Tamara Qiblawi The pope shared his feelings of
ven for them to flee to. Fur-
thermore, France has sent air-
changes the emissions.” over the entire told CNN not long after the remorse stating “I am shaken, I strikes into Syria and Iraq as a
government is city by 1990 blasts. The surviving suicide don’t understand these things, form of what some call “sym-
making. Because of the labor as well as lowering it by 30% bomber claimed to be an ISIS done by human beings… There bolic defiance and revenge.”
party allying with the green by 2030. The plan is for most recruit. Another bomber was cannot be justification, reli- Others are worried civilians
party, this change was prompt- of the cars by then to be zero stopped after trying to enter gious or human. It’s inhuman.” may be hurt in the process.
ed to help combat greenhouse emission vehicles. a Mosque to strike. Citizens A week previous to these Conservatives in the US
emissions. The change will af- The hope is that with the ban are being urged to stay clear attacks, a Russian plane was are urging to close our own
fect all private vehicles in the of vehicles in Oslo, encourag- from the area and especially bombed in Egypt on its way borders in order to block any
center of the city. es other cities to do the same hospitals so ambulances can to St. Petersburg killing all 224 refugee victims from enter-
Although the city center to cut down on emissions on a go back and forth more easily. on board. Officials say they ing. Republican candidate Jeb
houses only about a thousand large scale. If other cities follow The Prime Minister Tam- are confident the attacks were Bush shared his idea of only
people, during the morning suit, it could prompt the US as mam Salam declared Friday a ISIS affiliated. Increasing terror allowing Syrian Christians in,
and evening there is a large well as other large producers of day of mourning for the vic- from ISIS has been instilled in in order to “save Christiani-
volume of traffic that passes pollutants to lower greenhouse tims of the bombings. ISIS’ the hearts of many leading to ty” giving an example of how
through. The area is a center of gas emissions. main target seems to be Mus- radical actions. Islamaphobia some people are neglecting to
commerce and houses any jobs lims as they are the biggest is on the rise after the attack. realize the biggest victims are
and is home to 11 shopping population of people killed Following the attacks in Paris, the Muslims themselves.
centers. Local businessmen are by the terrorist organization. social media, especially twitter, Nations are currently collab-
concerned by the new plan as Every day in the Middle East, was filled with hatred towards orating and actively discussing
it may hinder commerce. The people are mercilessly behead- Muslims, including a trend- how to combat this ever-grow-
main reasons for this plan, ed, and slaughtered. ing hashtag of #KillAllMus- ing terror that has struck our
as stated by the Norwegian Photo Courtesty of Wikicommons The attacks didn’t stop in lims. Others are desperately world.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 11 OMNIBUS November 20, 2015

Dear Donna
This Month’s Topic: Dating Advice

“How do you ask someone It is always necessary to re-
you like on a date?” member that when someone
-Concerned Lovebird tells you they like you, they are
really putting themselves out
there and showing vulnerabil-
First thing to remember is
ity, so be kind. If you are truly
to not over think it! Don’t let
not interested in them, then let
the word “date” scare you; just
them down easy, but make sure
because you go on a few dates
that you are not leading them
with someone does not mean
on by saying things like “maybe
you are in a relationship. This
next time.” I know sometimes it
is simply a time to get to know
is hard to sort out your feelings
someone better. You do not
about someone, so ask yourself
need to rent a gondola and
this before deciding what to say:
have a band escort you to your
do I really like this person or do
five-star restaurant. Make it
I just like the idea of someone
simple and fun. Start off my
liking me? It is very import-
saying things like, “Hey, we
ant to take a stance on how you
should hang out sometime” or
feel; otherwise you will end up
if you realize you both like the
giving wishy-washy informa-
same things you could say “I
tion to the other person that will
love coffee too! We should go
only lead to more confusion.
check out the new coffee place
that opened up in La Jolla.” Love, Donna
If the response you get back
is something to the extent of
“mmmm maybe” or “I am real- “I paid for a girl’s dinner on
ly busy for the next few weeks” the first date. Does this mean
with no attempt made to plan that I have to pay for every-
something for a later date, thing now?”
then they are not interested. -Slightly on a Budget
Love, Donna
Of course not! A relationship
is a two way street and neither
“How do you tell a guy or person should feel obligated to
girl you aren’t interested in do anything. You should pay
them?” because you want to, not be-
cause you feel that you have to.
-Genuinely Nice
Love, Donna

VIKING OF THE MONTH I am so __________ [adjective] for my family to
Cnut the Great come over this Thanksgiving!
By Nikolai Gaenzle ___________[exclamation] I almost forgot the
Staff Writer
A rather unheard of viking, Cnut the Great lived from 985- 1035
AD. During this time span, Cnut, pronounced as, “sea-nut,” ruled I have to run to the _________[noun] to get the
as the King of England and Denmark. He was the son of the Dan-
ish Prince, Sweyn Forkbeard, heir to King Harald Bluetooth. _________[noun].
At a young age, Cnut was given command of the Polish Navy and
commanded to invade England. Within months Cnut, with help When I got back, my family is there _________
from the Polish military, disposed of the English ruler, Edmund
Ironside, and declared himself King of England. [verb] for me.
In 1018, following the death of Herald II, the Danish King and
Cnut’s brother, he returned to Denmark to secure his throne. Fol- ____________[name] greeted me with a
lowing his commencement, large scale attacks from various Scan-
dinavian countries began to befall upon the Danish empire. Many ____________[noun], and ________[name]
of the Scandinavian leaders, knowing that Cnut was frequently
traveling between Denmark and England, took the opportunity to greeted me with a _________[noun]. My family
seize some weakened Danish territories.
As a result, Cnut traveled to Rome to meet with Pope Conrad II is so __________[adjective]!
to call for a ceasfire towards his Catholic Empire. In 1027, the Pope
proclaimed that any attacks upon the Danish Empire to be con- We eat the __________[noun] and drink the
sidered treason and punishable by treason, securing Cnut’s future.
Although unofficial, later in life, Cnut proclaimed himself to be ___________[noun].
the King of Norway and Sweden. Cnut passed in 1035 and was su-
ceeded by Harthcnut, his cousin. Cnut’s remains were buried in This is the ___________[adjective] Thanksgiving
Winchester, Saxony and remained there until the English Civil War
when they were removed and destroyed by the British. ever!
Cnut’s legacy is one of conquest and diplomatic stability that
proved mutually benefitial for England and Denmark. Created using
November 20, 2015 FEATURES 13 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Fun in a Cram Session
Trendy Times
Truckin’ Good Food
By Asha Alagiri
How to Improve Studying Skills Staff Writer

By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
use snacking as a self-motiva-
tor by eating a different snack
Food trucks have become Featuring... Barefoot Boy
increasingly popular in the
Whether it’s AP Spanish or when you reach certain points streets of San Diego. They By Zoe Mendel sponds that he still goes bare-
Honors Pre- Calculus, there’s in the material. are portable restaraunts con- Staff Writer foot, puddles, mud and all.
no way to avoid studying. Students also enjoy studying stantly on the move that can To address concerns about
With up to six hours of home- in groups or pairs, many using virtually change location Among this year’s new fash- health and sanitation, the
work each night, the students friends as study buddies and whenever they want yet still ion trends, a few students Barefoot Boy was asked if any
of La Jolla High School have encouragement. Sophomore be able to serve fresh food have inserted their own twist of the administration had spo-
searched åendlessly to make Brooke Kaufman studies with wherever they are. Conve- on popular footwear. A local ken to him about his peculiar
studying more bearable. her twin sister, Paige, and some- nience is one key component La Jolla Freshman has been habit. According to him, the
Whether you like to listen to times other friends as well. She of these food trucks making spotted multiple times around only attention from faculty
music, eat a snack, or study said, “I like to study with anoth- them very popular amongst campus without any footwear he received was from the P.E.
with friends, making studying er human to add some flavor!” San Diegans. Food trucks sell whatsoever. His appearance Department. The student was
more enjoyable will always in- However, the best study buddy anything from small snacks to has been noted by several stu- asked to wear athletic shoes for
crease your success rate. is often your computer, as stu- elaborate and unique meals, dents around campus, whose the class, a request to which he
Dull subjects are required in dents rely more and more on trying to set themselves apart typical reactions are of confu- obliged. In the student hand-
high school, so studying is of- online study tools, such as Qui- from the competition. Being sion and curiosity. A few have book, there is no mention of
ten a bothersome task. Fresh- zlet. able to walk up to a local food mentioned the sanitary haz- footwear except to condemn
man Kai Leach said, “I watch Freshman Cavan Walsh said, truck for some food on the go ards that may occur for our the use of slippers; therefore,
movies or TV shows [while I “I look on Quizlet to make sure is an innovative, convenient “Barefoot Boy,” but none of there is no reason for any
study] so I end up studying for I have the same definitions as way for many people. this has stopped him. In an in- dress code to take place, unless
like four hours.” Sophomore other people.” Teachers also use Just like restaurants, many terview with the shoeless stu- of course it becomes a health
Anna Skillman agreed, saying Quizlet to help students study, people also have favorite dent, he explains the reasoning hazard or safety violation. So
“…it’s like background (noise) and learn the material more food trucks that they can behind his lack of footwear. far, our Barefoot Boy can con-
and I get to pretend I’m study- easily. Mrs. Maycock, an En- find at their local street cor-
ing.” Goal-setting can quick- glish teacher here at LJHS, said, ner. Trucks like Kona Ice, Red
en the pace that you study at, “I’ve used [Quizlet] for study- Hot Stove Oven, and others
giving you more time to re- ing vocabulary. I think it works have raised a lot of attention
lax afterwards. Setting break for some people based on their as well as popularity to their
times can be important, and study habits.” Mrs. Collins add- business. It has become in-
can even help with your time ed, “It’s great for teachers who creasingly popular to hire
goals, encouraging yourself want kids to memorize.” Quizlet food trucks to serve food
to get as much done in each is the ultimate study tool for the at parties, instead of having
chunk of study time. tech savvy. It allows students to food catered, this way you
Snack breaks are essential create self-quizzes, play games, can go and get a customized
to helping your brain focus on and even make flashcards. hot fresh meal straight from
the material, and not on your Whatever your techniqueis , the truck. These trucks are in
stomach. Sophomore Nathan studying can easily turn into a high demand and some busi-
Miller shared, “I usually eat ice fun task, so just remember, take nesses have a loyal following.
cream and study on the Qui- a deep breath, have a snack, and The trucks move base from
zlet race game.” You can also you’ll do great! season to season to ensure

College Checklist
maximum profit. Philly Soft
Pretzel Company says, “We
typically stay in the Mission
By Jade Moujaes be surprised at the amount of Bay area during the summer
Staff Writer bizarre majors that are avail- on peak afternoons. And we
able that you may have never like to get a spot close to the
Without a doubt, college is a thought of pursuing. After you parking lot so people can grab
stress that will plague your ex- have found some majors that a quick bite before they head
istence throughout your high interest you, it is time to look up off, but during the school year
school career. However, if you colleges that offer them. we typically go to almost a
remember to remain calm and It is always smart to look up different school everyday for
take each challenge one step at the basic facts of a school such different times because the
a time, then you will be sure as acceptance rate, religious af- kids love the pretzels and ital-
to feel more relieved when it filiation, and campus size before ian ice,” says Casey, one of the
comes to be your first semes- you decide to look deeper into owners of Philly Soft Pretzel Phto Courtesy to Zoe Mendel
ter of your senior year. When the programs offered. Write Company.
down all the schools that you Food trucks are becoming Contrary to popular sup- tinue his trendy habit in peace.
you first start high school, it
like and why you like them. popular among teenagers due position, the reasoning be- Aside from this student, a
would be good to take note of
Writing down what you liked in to their accesibility. Sydney hind his peculiar footwear is small number of other stu-
the classes that you enjoy and
a school is so helpful when you Brown says, “I have been to impeccably simple. To him, dents have since been seen
start to look into possible ca-
need to cut some colleges from a couple food trucks, though shoes just aren’t very neces- without shoes on during the
reer options that are available
your list and have to remember only one has been in La Jol- sary. The student dislikes the school day. When he was
in areas that you are passion-
why they are on your list in the la. One food truck is near my feeling of having closed toed asked his opinion about start-
ate in. Also, write down every
first place. It is good to make a work during the summer and shoes or sneakers, which make ing a trend, the barefoot boy
award you receive, activity
list of wide ranging schools so I used to go almost everyday your feet overall hot, sweaty, responded, “It’s kind of cool to
you are in, and volunteer ser-
you have more to pick from. to grab a really good snack. and generally uncomfortable. start a trend, I’ve never started
vice you performed, this will
Take challenging class, but They are so convenient and On the rare occasion that he one before but it’s cool I guess.”
make your life significantly
don’t kill yourself trying to take cool, I almost like them better does wear shoes, he prefers He plans to continue his habit
less stressful when you are
every AP at once. Remember than regular food stands.” flip-flops, which are the clos- for the rest of the year.
filling out your college apps.
that you are young and this is a Food trucks are a new est option to barefoot there is. Although the habit is inter-
Some majors require that you
time in your life to make mem- trendy way to order food that He was jokingly asked what esting and understandable,
submit an extra portfolio. It
ories and build relationships. is expanding, although some the bottoms of his feet looked it is doubted that many oth-
would be wise to collect sup-
You will get in somewhere! very popular food trucks do like, to which he simply re- er students will take part in
plementary materials if you
And even if it is not your first still circulate through La Jol- sponded, “Black.” No surprises this new trend due to health
are planning to study art, the-
choice, it could be the school la every now and then. Ice there. Our Barefoot Boy’s fa- hazards, comforts, and even
atre, or architecture.
that you were meant to go to cream trucks will forever re- vorite type of ground to walk pure style of shoes that keeps
Once you start to get a feel
and didn’t even know it. Take main the top choice among on is grass, and nobody blames them on most students’ feet.
for what you are interested in,
a deep breath, keep truckin the food stands on wheels, him. Another popular ques- However, our Barefoot Boy is
look up majors that are related
through, and enjoy your youth. but food trucks are not so far tion from observers is what he applauded for his interesting
to what you like. You would
behind. does when it’s raining. He re- choice of footwear.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 12 FEATURES November 20, 2015

One Year in the Making
Three-Day Breast Cancer Walk
By Shayna Kobrinetz programs nationally. The Su- laughing at us.” Debened- By Joseph Carroll from Malibu. Also sponsored
Staff Writer san G Komen 3 Day helps fund etto’s team of fifteen raised Jack of All Trades is LJHS alumni Cole Castella-
these programs through the over forty thousand dollars no, who is in Hawaii for both
At five AM on Friday, No- two thousand, three hundred for last year’s race, and some Last November marked the school and surfing. Another
vember 20, men and women dollar minimum fundraising members of the team will be creation of the new surf com- surfer sponsored by MAKO is
from San Diego and beyond amount required of the walk- walking again this year. Nan- pany MAKO, created by La Andy Pierce from San Diego,
will gather at the Del Mar Fair- ers. Many walkers, however, go cy Phillips, a member of De- Jolla High School alumnus who can be seen at La Jolla
grounds to begin the twelfth beyond this minimum, with the benedetto’s team said, “Last Casey Richmond his friends reefs nearly every day. MAKO
annual San Diego Susan G. 2014 San Diego Event raising years walk truly had to be Dylan Higginson, Anne Cap- has not officially started to
Komen 3 Day Walk. The tra- over six million, eight hundred one the most rewarding and ener, and Sean Kimball, who sponsor any photographers or
ditional three-day, sixty mile thousand dollars. Other events memorable experiences of all attend Brigham Young Uni- videographers, but they still
journey throughout San Di- across the country exceeded this my life. My heart said I had versity. Now, a year later, the like to hook up talented kids
ego starts before the sun rises company has expanded with with MAKO gear.
and often finishes well after the release of new products, Since last year, sales and pro-
sunset. This walk raises mon- the sponsorship of surfers, and duction have increased each
ey for breast cancer research, placing their products into season. With the exception of
advocacy, and world-wide more stores. a few items, all of their prod-
awareness and education. This MAKO came out with their ucts are made and embroi-
month, thousands of walkers, first clothing line on Novem- dered in the U.S. The clothes
volunteers, survivors and crew ber 2, 2014. Since then, more are made and printed in Los
members will hit the streets of items have been designed and Angeles while embroidering
San Diego to celebrate friends created, including new t-shirt takes place in Utah. Higgin-
and family, as well as hope for designs, long sleeve t-shirts, son uses one of his rooms to
a cure. Over 2,000 participants board shorts, hoodies, fleece warehouse inventory as well
will come together in åorder Photo Courtesy of Shayna Kobrinezt joggers, wallets, new hat de- as ship out items. Richmond
to ensure a healthier future for signs, and beanies. Their most says, “We are always looking
young men and women every- goal as well. to walk again for Paula, the popular product sold is their for ways to grow… Our plan
where. Walkers and supporters still survivors, and those who are crew neck sweatshirt. MAKO for this upcoming year is to get
Thirty-three years ago, Nan- come out year after year to sup- fighting the battle now.” started selling their products into more retail locations, and
cy G. Brinker created the Su- port the past, present and future Phillips and three of her in both the La Jolla and Solana expand the product line.”
san G. Komen Organization of breast cancer. Jeanne Wild- teammates from last year, beach Mitch’s Surf Shop and Photo Courtesy of MAKO
in memory of her sister, Su- er participated in honor of her including Debenedetto, and has now expanded to getting
san, who had recently passed mom, who was fighting breast thousands of both men and their products into Cove )in
away from breast cancer. The cancer. Siobhan Debenedetto women are preparing for an- San Clemente), Called to Surf
organization raises money walked last year in memory of other weekend of laughter, (in Provo, Utah), and Amara
through donations and three her sister, Paula, who lost her smiles and joy as they train (in Orem, Utah).
day walks across the country fight to cancer two years ago. In to walk another 60 miles, MAKO has also created a
to further advance research, an interview with CBS 8 during support millions of more surf team to sponsor talented
fund support, advice and assis- last year’s walk, she said, “She’s men and women, and cele- surfers. The newest addition
tance programs, and provide been with us the whole way. brate life in the nation’s larg- to the surf team is Conrad Carr
grants and community health She’s been poking us, she’s been est 3 Day Walk.
spoon or two of water (one at ¼ cup & 1 tablespoon evapo- Transfer dough circles to a
Recipe of the Month: a time), mixing in as above, rated cane sugar, divided baking sheet lined with parch-
1 tablespoons flour ment paper. Fill one half of the
Apple Hand Pies and try again. Divide up the
dough into 6 equal balls of 1 tablespoons brown sugar circle with a few spoonfuls of
dough. Each should weigh ¼ teaspoon salt the apple filling. Fold the side
By Sophia Dorfsman butter-flour mixture to the about 50 grams. Refrigerate 1 teaspoon cinnamon without the filling over the
Student Focus Editor large bowl. Sprinkle three ta- for the 6 dough balls for 30 ¼ teaspoon nutmeg filling and, with a moistened
blespoons of the cold water minutes, but I strongly rec- ¼ teaspoon cloves finger, run your finger along
For the Pie Crust: over the mixture and fluff it in. ommend letting it chill all 1 egg ~ for egg wash the outer edges of the square,
1 stick (4 ounces) cold unsalted Continue to fluff it in, and stir night. This allows time for a small side of water this will help seal the dough
butter, cut into ½-inch pieces 10 or 12 times. It will not be a the dough to hydrate fully together when you fold it over.
3 to 4 tablespoons cold water cohesive dough at this point and for the butter to firm up Pre-heating your oven to With a fork, crease all the edg-
1¼ cups (6¼ ounces) un- but a bowl of shaggy crumbs again. 375˚F. Peel and core your ap- es of the pie. Brush the tops of
bleached all-purpose flour and clumps of dough. Before Roll each ball of dough ples and dice into very, very each pie with egg wash (1 beat-
1½ teaspoons sugar bringing the dough together, out. If the dough has been small cubes. Place diced apple en egg), and cut 3 small slits on
¼ teaspoon salt you need to test it for the correct refrigerated for more than in a bowl and toss with lem- the top in each one for ventil-
moisture content. Take a hand- 30 minutes, it may be very on juice and zest. In a separate iaton and decoration.Sprinkle
Place the butter pieces in a ful of the mixture and squeeze firm and hard and will crack bowl, combine all of your dry the tops with the remaining ta-
bowl and freeze for at least 20 firmly. Open your hand. If the if you try to roll it. Let it sit ingredients. Once thoroughly blespoon of sugar and bake for
minutes. Mix the dough by clump falls apart and looks dry, on the counter for 10 to 15 mixed, add this sugar mixture about 25-30 minutes, or until
placing the flour, sugar, and remove any large, moist clumps minutes until it is malleable to the diced apple, mix well and golden brown and bubbly.
salt in the food processor. Pro- from the bowl then add more but still cold. Dust your work set aside. Serve. I suggest eating them
cess for 10 seconds to blend the water, one teaspoon at a time, surface generously with flour warm!
ingredients. Add the frozen sprinkling it over the top of the and set the disk on the flour. For Assembling: Recipe courtesy of The Broken
butter pieces and pulse 6 to 10 mixture and immediately stir- Dust the top with flour. Roll, Bread
times (in 1-second bursts), un- ring or mixing it in. Test again turning the dough. If at any
til the butter and flour mixture before adding any more water. point the dough becomes
looks like crushed crackers. Repeat, if needed. The dough warm and sticky, gently fold
*Alternatively, you make is done when it holds together it into quarters, unfold it
also cut the butter by hand (even if a few small pieces fall onto a baking sheet and re-
with a pastry cutter, or fork. off). If the butter feels soft and frigerate for 15 minutes, or
The only difference would be squishy, refrigerate before con- until the butter is firm again.
to cut your butter in two parts. tinuing. If the butter is still cold Make circles of about 1/8th
Cut in the first half, making and firm, continue to the next thickness.
sure to achieve the texture of step.
crushed crackers. Then add in Turn the dough onto a work For the Filling:
the rest of your butter and cut surface and knead gently 3 to 6 2 cups apples
until the size of peas. Continue times. If it won’t come together 1 teaspoon lemon juice
with recipe as normal. and looks very dry, return it to ¼ teaspoon lemon zest
Immediately transfer the the bowl and add another tea Photo Courtesy of Sophia Dorfsman
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 14 NEWS November 20, 2015

Michigan Officer Kills Teen OCTOBER: SDUSD’S
17-year-old shot after flashing high beams at Sherrif ’s Dept. Sgt. District aims to appease advocacy groups
By Zoe Mendel the ground. He tried to video- as well, and doctors found By Lucy Barton will consequently reduce bully-
Staff Writer tape the exchange on his cell seven different bullet wounds Staff Writer ing. This will then begin to make
phone, but it was kicked out of in the teen’s head, neck, and Last week, San Diego Unified schools a safer environment for
Deven Guilford, a 17-year- his hands. torso region, as well as small School District (SDUSD) moved these students, an objective that
old from Michigan was shot Frost then threatened the teen amounts of Tetrahydrocan- along the process of making has been the goal of executive di-
and killed by Sherrif ’s Depart- schools more LGBTQ (Lesbi- rector of the Youth Advocacy Of-
ment Sergeant Jonathan Frost Sheriff’s Department Sergeant an, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, fice, Vernon Moore and San Di-
Jonathan Frost was hospitalized Queer)-friendly by unanimously ego LGBTQ Pride spokesperson,
after flashing his bright head- after the incident. approving October to be LGBTQ Fernando López Jr. According to
lights at the officer’s car. The Photo Courtesy of Eaton County
Prosecutor’s Office History Month for schools all over KPBS, the organization states “the
family filed a lawsuit against the county. The recognition of this district plans to make schools saf-
Sergeant Jonathan Frost for community has received positive er for LGBTQ students” through
stopping all three of the driv- nabinol, or THC (one of the responses from students who have education of the associated is-
ers who flashed their lights at main chemicals in marijua- been pushing for equality all over sues. “We have a duty to keep our
him, including Guilford. na) in his bloodstream. In his the district. schools safe and inclusive,” says
The high school basketball car, a cigarette rolled with one Gay Straight Alliance clubs gave Moore.
player had been driving to his gram of marijuana was con- the most positive reaction, having Board member Kevin Beiser
girlfriend’s house after a game with a Taser while attempting tained in a plastic bottle. students speak out in favor of ed- agrees, saying that more must be
with his church team when the to detain him. After refusing to ucating the district on the history done to make schools more safe
The family’s lawsuit claims
of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgen- for LGBTQ students. According
officer stopped him. Accord- lie flat on the ground, Guilford that Michigan Traffic Law der, and queer people. Accord- to Fox5, earlier this year, the board
ing to videos recorded of the was Tased. Instead of being does not penalize flashing ing to Fox5, Alexandria Galvan members took a step in making
incident by Guilford and the subdued by the shock, the teen brights to alert other drivers from University City High School schools safer for these students
officer’s body cam, Guilford jumped up in anger. According that their high beams are on. agrees, saying, “I felt that our is- by “implement[ing] mandatory
complained to the officer that to the spotty footage, the next The suit alleges that Frost was sues weren’t being addressed. training for all staff for working
his high beams had blinded ten to fifteen seconds consist unconstitutionally detained It’s gonna help kids understand with LGBTQ students.” This re-
him; so he flashed his own to of heavy breathing, shots, and before he was shot, breaching LGBTQ students more and the sponse, according to activists,
tell the officer to turn them off. a scream. his fifth amendment rights. students won’t feel so isolated.” is long overdue. López says that
When Frost denies having his Photos of Frost after the in- The Sherrif ’s Department LGBTQ History Month and advocates have been pushing for
high beams on at all, Guilford cident show him with a bloody Bullying Prevention Month will changes like these for years. “San
supports Frost’s actions as
work together in the month of Diego Unified has been dragging
became agitated. nose and face. He claimed that neccessary self-defense. October to educate students on its feet in a lot of respects,” he
The video from Frost’s cam- the teen had attacked him by For some, this event is the history of LGBTQ people with states, but this could be the step
era shows that Guilford re- throwing punches. The officer proof that police brutality is the hope that this understanding that it needs to get the ball rolling.
fused to show proof of license, later reported that he felt he not bounded by race, because
registration, or insurance for was losing consciousness as he Guilford was white. A Face-
his vehicle, claiming that he fired at the teen. book page supporting the teen CONCEALED GUN CARRY
had done nothing wrong. Af- In an interview with CNN, is gaining traction.
ter repeatedly refusing the
officer’s demands and finally
Frost claims, “I feared that if I
were to lose consciousness, he
Others side with the Ser-
geant that the teen was unco- COLLEGE CAMPUSES
admitting to not having his would take my gun and shoot operative and aggresive. Reformers lock “horns” over new campus weapons law
license, the officer forced Guil- me with it.” Guilford’s body A video of the encounter
ford out of the car and onto was recovered and examined can be found on YouTube. By Jillian Kopp agreed to allow university presi-
Omnibus Editor dents to create gun free zones and
specific safety conditions for their
S. CAROLINA DEPUTY FLIPS Beginning on August 1st, 2016,
it will become legal for licensed
campus and staff.
Texas Students for Concealed
STUDENT ACROSS CLASSROOM individuals to carry a concealed
weapon on a Texas college or uni-
Carry chapters founder Chase
Jennings criticized those trying
versity campus. to create on-campus “gun-free
Student-filmed YouTube video goes viral; Internet firestorm ensues The date also marks the anni- zones,” saying they merely cre-
versary of a mass shooting on the ate an “illusion of safety” and go
By Lucy Barton is in Richland County, South states that the officer slammed University of Texas at Austin cam- against the “spirit of the law.”
Staff Writer Carolina and is made up of Mr. Martin to the ground pus in 1966 that left fourteen dead He called opponents “alarmists”
Early Monday morning, on about 2,000 students, 52 per- and handcuffed him, kicking and thirty-two wounded. who are “trying to get people riled
October 26, the police were cent black and 30 percent him in the process, and then Supporters say the new con- up,” according to the Los Angeles
called to Spring Valley High white. Fields being a white drenched him in pepper spray. cealed carry law will help keep Times.
School in South Carolina on officer and the harassed being Another deputy confiscated campuses safer from shooters, Many anti-gun advocates have
the grounds that there was a a black student raises more the phone Mrs. Martin was and cite statistics showing that also raised concerns over the in-
concealed handgun licensees are creased risk of weapons available
disruptive student that refused questions and anger about the using to record the event.
“convicted of violent crimes at for student suicide.
to leave class. Deputy Ben treatment of black Americans In 2013, there was anoth- about one-fifth the rate of the gen- However, in an op-ed piece for
Fields from the South Carolina by the police force. er charge of violation of civil eral population,” and that “more the Los Angeles Times, Jonathan
Police Department was caught According to The NY Times, rights against Fields, this time than 150 U.S. college campuses Zimmerman compares gun con-
on camera flipping the student Fields is listed in the school made by former-Spring Valley currently allow licensed concealed trol to Prohibition. “...this contro-
in question out of her chair district’s website as one of the student Ashton Reese, accord- carry and have done so for an av- versy isn’t really about guns, any
and dragging her across the two officers that were assigned ing to The NY Times. erage of five years, without a single more than Prohibition was about
room before telling her to put to the high school. He also Fields is described in the law- resulting assault, suicide, homi- drink. It’s about different ways
her hands behind her back and “coaches the school football suit as “unfairly and recklessly cide or accidental death,” accord- of seeing the world and — most
handcuffing her. team’s defensive line and is the target[ing] African-American ing to of all — about who will gain the
The new law has quickly drawn symbolic upper hand.”
The video shows the other team’s strength and condition- students with allegations of
ire from some Texas students, Twelve states currently allow
students present in the room ing coach.” gang membership and crim- teachers, administrators, and in- concealed carry on campus by
looking on speechlessly. Ac- NY Daily News also states inal gang activity.” In both of terest groups. law, while twenty-one other states
cording to NY Daily News, the that the students referred to these cases, though, he was Daniel S. Hamermesh, eco- generally allow the schools them-
officer told another student, him as “The Incredible Hulk” not found guilty of any crimes. nomics professor at U-T Austin, selves to set their own weapons
“I’ll put you in jail next.” for his strong build. Despite The school board is now aid- resigned in October by sending policies, according to Armed-
The girl was apparently not this seemingly-unproblemat- ing the sheriff ’s department a letter to U-T President Grego-
injured, but was arrested along ic picture, Fields has been ac- in its investigation of Fields. ry Fenves. He feared that the law As proponents await specifics
with another male student for cused of several lawsuits with According to The NY Times, would put teachers at risk of being on implementation from univer-
disturbing the peace, and was similar cases in the past. black school board member shot by “disgruntled student[s]” sity presidents, groups (such as
and that teachers might feel pres- Gun-Free UT) at campuses with
released later to the custody of In 2007, Fields was charged Amelia B. McKie stated that
sured to give students higher a larger anti-gun sentiment have
her parents, according to The with a violation of civil rights “the removal of Officer Fields grades if they were more succep- vowed to fight the law to the death
NY Times. by Carlos Martin and his wife, would be a top priority for the tible to gun violence. and are preparing for a legal and
Spring Valley High School Tashiana Martin. The lawsuit board.” After long debates, senators philosophical fight.
November 20, 2015 A&E 16 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

00 7
The Story of Bond, James Bond
Photos courtesy of Eon Productions

By Kieran Bauman novels written by Ian Fleming, a global financial meltdown a more realistic dramatic tale cry of disappointment from
Staff Writer making the first of franchises via EMP satellite (Goldfinger, with themes of homeland se- fans was received, as Bond has
Whenever a new movie from movies different than they are and Goldeneye respectively). curity, domestic terrorism, always been portrayed with
the James Bond franchise is an- today. Besides the actors (the While these films aren’t con- and a line of duty in a profes- black hair and brown eyes.
nounced, the hype builds, and character of Bond currently sidered bad by any means, sion. People also saw Craig as less
the recent release of Spectre is has had six different actors fill their plots don’t exactly deliver These changes can also be of a James Bond and more of
no exception. It’s a franchise the role), the series’ tones and any message besides standard seen in the actors- each differ- Jason Bourne, claiming that
so iconic, people can hardly action thrills. Newer films, the series had been impacted
help but to love the series for however, have plots that have too much by modern action.
its action, characters, and plot. been hailed as more realistic, However, they were proven
The character of Bond has in- or that carry more social mes- wrong, as Craig’s portrayal has
grained himself in pop culture sages than those of the past. been critically acclaimed more
on a level as deep as Star Wars Casino Royale was praised for than any other actor to fill in
and Lord of the Rings. In fact, showing a more raw emotion- the role.
there probably aren’t too many al side to James Bond, as the Even if you aren’t a fan of
moviegoers that haven’t seen themes have also undergone film portrays him in his first ent actor brought something cinema, there’s sure to be
at least one Bond flick in their massive changes. The standard days as a 00- agent. Quantum new to the table. Sean Con- something in this tradition for
lives. This is due to the age of Bond equation was “bad guys of Solace, although panned nery is said to be the most ac- you. The series has preserved
the series; it began in 1962 with wants to do something evil, for poor cinematography, was curate portrayal of Bond, yet through generations, so re-
Dr. No, and currently stands James Bond stops him with help commended for its focus of with Roger Moore of Pierce gardless of if there is a new
today at 24 films with Spectre. from a female companion, fan- a plot based around an oil/ Brosnan showing the charac- film right around the corner
Over those 53 years, much has cy gadgets, and a fast car.” Plots water crisis, which still today ter in a lighter, more family or not, it may be worth your
changed in the franchise, from ranged as normal to seeking is a very real danger. And fi- friendly light. Daniel Craig while to visit an old Bond film,
the themes and the plots to the missile launch codes (For Your nally, Skyfall was praised on is by far the biggest deviation or dabble in a more modern
actors and the direction. Eyes Only) to as ludicrous as a the breaking of the standard from the standard Bond ac- take on the iconic franchise.
When Bond first began he villain robbing Fort Knox, or Bond equation, as it diverted tor; before the premiere of James Bond will always remain
originated from a series of stopping a villain from causing from the superfluous plot to his first film, a massive out- a classic.

The Hunger Games
By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer
Mockingjay Part 2
to be filled with action and the
gut-wrenching suspension that
forces the viewer to the edge of
Are YouTubers the New Celebrities?
By Georgie Morris are many different styles of they make around $10,000 per
Many people have fallen in their seat. Jennifer Lawrence Staff Writer videos that are uploaded. 100,000 views on a video, and
love with the Hunger Games will live on as the role of Katniss This year so far has been Videos can range from beau- that is just on the video alone.
book series that takes the read- as she continues to promote a one where YouTubers have ty to comedy to gaming vid- Due to YouTube becoming
er into a futuristic world where healthy body image and inspire become the new celebrities. eos, there is a YouTuber out so big, many conventions have
teenagers are randomly chosen young girls and boys that watch Ordinary people sitting in there for everyone to watch been dedicated to YouTubers.
to fight each other until there her perform. Heart- front of a camera in their and love. These conventions include
is only one remaining throb Josh Hutcherson bedrooms are becoming su- With the amount of people VidCon and Playlist Live. At
from a specific dis- again makes people perstars. Many these conventions You-
trict. Due to the pop- swoon as he plays the of these You- Tubers have meet and
ularity of the books, highly likeable charac- Tubers have greets and panels, which
they have been made ter of Peeta. For a boy gained millions gives their dedicated fans
into movies; the latest who made his first de- of subscribers a chance to meet them in
movie being Mock- but in a film premiered to their chan- person. Those types of
ingjay Part Two. This by Animal Planet, Josh nels, and have conventions make You-
movie starts where Hutcherson has made hundreds of Tube all the more popu-
Mockingjay Part One his way up the ranks thousands of lar because fans get to see
ended. The protago- and into people’s heart. views on each video. watching there is a huge mar- their favorite video bloggers in
nist, Katniss Everdeen, is look- Mockingjay Part Two is the But what makes YouTubers ket to make money. YouTubers person, as opposed to watch-
ing to avenge the people from last movie of the Hunger Games so popular? To start off they can make money off of the ads ing a lifeless screen.
the tyrannous rule of Presi- saga, much to the disappoint- are ordinary people who can that play before their videos YouTube has changed the
dent Snow as she enrolls her ment of self proclaimed su- relate to the viewer on many and off of companies that will game for how people view ce-
best friends Gale and Peeta to per-fans. The movie opens on different levels. With You- sponsor specific videos. It is lebrities, overall they have be-
help her in her fight. November 20th of this year and Tube being so easy to upload hard to say how much You- come much more relatable and
The new movie, much like is a must see for any movie lov- content on and with so many Tubers make but the website it is easier for the audience to
the ones of the past, is sure er. users, (over one billion) there Penna Powers predicts that see stars as real people.

Entertainment Calendar
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The Dirty Knobs & Marc Chance the Rapper Family of the Year
Ford Soma The Loft La Jolla
The Coach House

Release of Adele’s album
Pope Francis
The “The Hunger Games:
“Wake Up!”
Mockingjay” is released

December 4 December 11 December 13 December 15 December 16
Slightly Stoopid 1975 The Observatory Muse
Observatory North Park North Park
Valley View Casino Center
Wrex the Halls
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“Art Angels”

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November 20, 2015 A&E 15 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

By Jade Moujaes
Staff Writer
The New Gaining Trend Hamilton is taking Broadway
by storm and hopefully will
have a chance to tour in San By Austin Iverson big party across the city of Mi- and Pop-Punk, Metalcore,
When most people think of Diego in the upcoming years. Staff Writer ami with headlining DJs such EDM, and everything in be-
musicals they envision jazz If you do not have the resourc- as Deadmau5, David Guetta, tween.
hands and over exaggerated es to jump on a plane to New Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Zedd, On the more rock side of
faces that sing cheesy songs York and would still like to and many more. With such things, GWAR B-Q in Rich-
with long ending notes. Ham- experience the music, the en- overcrowding though, it has mond Virginia is a rock festi-
ilton is none of these things. tire soundtrack is available on had issues in the past with hos- val with artists in the genres
Hamilton is a musical based Spotify. Recently, one of the biggest pitalizations and even death of black metal, sludge metal,
on the biography of Alexan- Hamilton is not the first suc- trends gaining increasing pop- due to trampling. Thrash Metal, Punk, and Rap.
der Hamilton with lyrics and cess Lin Manuel Miranda has ularity is music festivals. Since The obvious music festival It also doubles as a big bar-
music by Lin Manuel Miran- had; he also wrote the music 1999, Coachella has gone from choice for us in Southern Cal- becue with food trucks sur-
da. However, instead of Alex- for the popular show In the a weekend of 25,000 people to ifornia is Coachella. Located rounding a lake, hosted by
ander’s life told through what Heights that infuses Spanish three days of 85,000 people a the heavy metal band GWAR,
one would think of as tradi- vibes and rap music into a day. who headlines and puts on a
tional musical songs, it’s told show about a poor Hispanic The Ultra music EDM fes- crazy show every year. Knot-
through rap music. In fact, neighborhood. The rave re- tival had its record number of fest is a rock festival hosted by
the soundtrack was fourth on views Lin Manuel Miranda attendees of 165,000 people, Slipknot that also doubles as a
the rap charts behind Drake, has received prove that the in 2012. People gravitate to twisted carnival with flaming
Future, Fetty Wap, and Mac art of theatre is constantly these large-scale events and carnival games, a ring of fire,
Miller for the week of Octo- evolving and that there are crowds taking place over mul- and the nightly thunder dome
ber 24th according to the New no limitations to what visual tiple days instead of a normal in a desert in Indio, Califor- where two people fight until
York Post. performance can be. Hamilton concert because they get more nia, Coachella hosts all kinds the other taps out.
This new musical is not only transcends all stereotypes of for their money, and are able of music from EDM, to indie
educational, but extremely en- musical theatre and welcomes to see their favorite artists all rock, to hard rock. It is also
tertaining; it engages even the a larger audience into appreci- in one place. known for arranging once in
most history-hating person ating the art that can take place One of the biggest and most a lifetime performances like
with the use of modern music. on a stage. diverse music festivals in the OutKast’s first reunion appear-
US is South by Southwest in ance, the Replacements’ fourth
Austin, Texas. SXSW com- show since 1991, and the un-
Photos Courtesy of WikiCommons
bines the big names and new, forgettable Tupac hologram
up and coming talents in the performance. Other big music festivals in-
various bars and clubs across Another popular music fes- clude Bonnaroo, Electric Daisy
Austin. tival in Southern California Carnival, Sasquatch!, Lollapa-
The most well known EDM is the Vans Warped Tour. It’s looza, and TomorrowWorld.
festival in North America and a festival on the move that Whatever kind of music you
one of the biggest music festi- wreaks havoc on 40 cities in 8 are into, be it EDM, indie rock,
vals in the world is Ultra Mu- weeks every summer. It hosts punk, or metal, there’s a festi-
sic Festival in Miami. Ultra is a bands from the genres of punk val out there for you.

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons The Art of Music
Moana Waialiki
San Diego Museum of Art’s new Exhibit
By Brooke Kaufman Because the display spans me- casso and Henri Matisse, to lo-
Staff Writer dia, time, and culture, its col- cal artists like John Baldessari,
Disney’s new princess lective body of art is not only a San Diego native whose ab-
By Nora Becker Snow White, Cinderella, Au- In late September the San wide-ranging in diversity, but stract piece “Person with Gui-
Staff Writer rora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Diego Museum of Art opened in historical background and tar” is currently being shown.
Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, The Art of Music, its largest cultural significance. From the Further, historical aspects of
Rapunzel, and Merida making exhibit to date. The exhibition symbolic role of musicians in music are also being represent-
the majority of the princesses is located in the museum’s works such as Greek terracot- ed in pieces such as Beetho-
white or of European decent. building at 1450 El Prado in ta figures and Chinese metal- ven’s original Symphony No. 9
This has caused a cry for a Balboa Park. It presents a cul- work, to the depictions of mu- manuscript. The overall pleth-
Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons more diverse range. turally diverse exploration of ora of artwork is diverse in not
Disney has announced that Moana’s character will make the intersection between mu- just its subject matter, but in its
they will soon be releasing a for a more diverse selection of sic and art and also celebrates style and creativity as well.
new, more diverse princess. princesses, however, her story the centennial of Balboa Park. Admission to the exhibit
The expected arrival of this may have come about for a dif- Further, the exhibit pays trib- was first opened to the public
Princess’ movie is Novem- ferent reason other than diver- ute to the daily musical per- on September 26th, and will
ber 2016. The movie will star sity. formances being held in the run through February 7th of
Moana Waialiki the first ever The movie will be the first park during the yearlong 1915 next year. Tickets cost $12 for
Disney Princess of Polynesian completely computer-gener- Panama-California Exposi- adults, $9 for college students
descent. Although Disney has ated film created by directors tion. The display features over (with ID), $4.50 for children
not revealed much of the plot, John Musker and Ron Clem- 200 pieces including paint- 7-17 years, and free for chil-
Photo Courtesy of SDMART
the story takes place in the an- ents. ings, sculptures, photographs, dren 6 and under. Tickets can
cient South Pacific islands. While visiting Fiji, the duo textiles, examples of contem- sical performances at the court be purchased online or at the
Moana, voiced by 14-year- saw the impact the ocean had porary video, installation, in- and in the theater, this exhibit door.
old Hawaiian native Auli’i on the locals, and decided to teractive sound pieces, and covers all you need to know A visit to The Art of Music
Cravalho, is the only daughter make a living character out of musical instruments. It will be about the inspirational effect is an excellent way for audienc-
of a chief with a family history what they experienced. accompanied by several relat- music has had on visual art for es to open their minds to the
of navigating the seas. She sets They also realized that the ed event such as live musical hundreds of years. incredible effect music has on
out to find a storied island that sculpted faces of the South Pa- performances, workshops, The San Diego Museum of art. Roxana Velasquez, the ex-
her ancestors failed to find. cific Islanders lent itself well to and showcases. Art was able to combine works ecutive director for the SDMA,
Along the way, she is joined by the style of the computer gen- The Art of Music describes from its permanent collection says, “In this exhibition, what
her hero, a demigod (a minor eration. itself as an exhibition focused with those obtained through the audience will be enjoying
god) named Maui, voiced by Moana is sure to be an ex- around three central themes: the loans form major museums is how music has been fun-
Samoan Dwayne “The Rock” quisite role model to young the musician as motif, the so- and private collections. The damental part of civilization.”
Johnson. children with her strong atti- cial intersections of art and artists whose works are dis- Through the variety of art, The
As of October 2015, the of- tude and confidence. Be sure music, and the formal con- played range from well-known Art of Music is an event not
ficial Disney Princesses were to check her out next year. nections of art and music. artistic giants such as Pablo Pi- only enjoy, but marvel.