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La Jolla High School 750 Nautilus Street La Jolla 92037

Volume XC Issue 4-January 22, 2016


El Nio Storm Slams La Jolla, SD OPINIONS:

Gun Control,
Early January brings rain, hail, and wind; flooding and damage across county Pros and Cons
By Lucy Barton ula Vista, El Cajon, National City, along with heavy rain. The torna- largest rainfall totals were be-
Staff Writer La Mesa, Poway, Imperial Beach, do warning took effect at about tween 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., with
Having been in a serious Ramona, Coronado, Alpine, and 2:55 p.m. on January 6th and parts of the county receiving be- STu-FO:
drought, California had been North Park. was to last until 3:45 p.m., ac- tween one and three inches. Powerball
expecting this El Nio. Howev- La Jolla was specifically affected Dreaming
er, after the latest El Nio storm by flooding, which caused a sink-
hit San Diego in the first week of hole at the south end of La Jolla
January, it is clear that San Diego Shores by the Beach and Tennis
was not ready for a storm of this Club. At the end of the street,
magnitude. there used to be a ramp for kayak-
According to FOX News, this ers and other sporting activities,
El Nio is expected to be one but during the El Nio storms it
of the top three strongest since became a mass of water and bro-
1950, and is supposed to peak ken concrete. PHOTO:
during the months of January, This was caused by erosion of Small Worlds
February, and March. Bill Patzert, the sand beneath as surging wa-
climatologist for NASAs Jet Pro- ter coming in from the flooding
pulsion Laboratory in La Caa- of the town met surging water
da Flintridge, says Californians Hi-Tide Video coming from sea. San Diego City
should expect mudslides, heavy Watch El Nio hit La Jolla and Pacific Beach. Stormwater and Transportation
El Nio
rainfall, one storm after another Visit: (Shown above: Prospect Street) Spokesperson Bill Harris predicts Smackdown
like a conveyor belt. that various areas in San Diego
Heavy thunder, lightning, and Perhaps the most surprising cording to the National Weather will face a similar fate as El Nio
rainfall swept through San Diego thing that came out of this partic- Service, but was canceled shortly continues. A&E:
County Wednesday, January 6th, ular storm was the tornado warn- after 3:25 p.m. At present, this El Nio is cur-
prompting various weather warn- ing that was sent out to the western During this time, all San Di- rently tied with the amount of
30 Albums
ings all over the county. Flash and central sections of the county ego schools were told to shelter rainfall that occurred in the 1997- Before Youre 30
flood warnings took place in Ch- as wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph hit in place, according to NBC. The 1998 El Nio season.

2016 Updates: Free Periods, Honor Roll, Zink La Jolla Firehouse YMCA Re-Opens
By Ryan Robson, News Editor Building remodeled, restored to better serve village
As we begin 2016, changes are abound here at LJHS and in the Honor Roll
SDUSD. A 4.0/4.25 Honor Roll has been proposed; math teacher Mrs. Proposed at LJHS By Brooke Kaufman space for state-of-the-art cardio
Zink will return after a 1-year absence, and free periods have been Staff Writer and strength-training equipment;
scrapped by the District. ASB students advocate 4.0,
4.25 GPA minimums Back in June of 2015, the La Jol- and an elevator near the front en-
The Hi-Tide will keep readers informed as these stories develop. la YMCA Firehouse began a five- trance that was relocated to the
An honor roll system for La month remodel that hoped to rear of the building, in what was
No Free Periods Mrs. Zink to Jolla High School has been pro- transform its dysfunctional floor
plan into a spacious and modern
formerly a tall shaft used to house
fire hoses.
for Class of 17 Return to LJHS posed by student representa-
tives. present-day agora of sorts. In August of last year, when
District ends assigned time Teacher to be back on Pending administrative ap- With the renovations having the building was midway through
home periods for seniors campus after one year proval, the GPAs will be 4.0 for been completed in November, the construction, and consisted of
Honor Roll recognition and 4.25 building now stands as a remind- merely a skeleton of its original
In an effort to increase funding, After being relieved of her teach- for Principals Honor Roll rec- er of the rich history the structure structure, the YMCA held an
the San Diego Unified School Dis- ing position in 2014, Mrs. Zink ognition. Freshmen would be has garnered since its construc- open house and donor apprecia-
trict will be requiring all students is expected to return to the LJHS recognized for any GPA above tion in 1937. tion party to give Village goers a
to take a full schedule (six peri- campus at the beginning of the sec- 3.5. The budget for the project was look into the edifices bare bones.
ods) next year. ond semester. LJHS does not currently have first estimated to be around $1.7 The gathering gave La Jollans a
Seniors, who can currently take Sources tell the Hi-Tide that Mrs. an honor roll program, however, million. Main problems that the special glimpse into the future
up to two assigned time home Zink was exonerated of accusations Muirlands Middle School does. construc- reverence
tion crew the struc-
periods, will no longer be able to involving an incident in 2014, and
has reached an agreement whereby
Nationwide high school honor
roll programs typically include aimed to When its done itll be a ture would
escape to home (read: Rigober-
tos) each day. she will be returning to the school. students with GPAs above 3.5. fix were the
modern up-to-date facili- gain as a
crown jew-
The SDUSD receives more Mrs. Zink has been absent from LJHS student representatives,
government funding when stu- LJHS - with the exception of brief however, said that they want oversized ty that will serve the peo- el of the
e l e v a t o r, communi-
dents are involved in curriculum
content throughout the entire in-
visits - for over a year.
Many teachers welcome back
to make the recognition more
meaningful by narrowing the re- defective ple of the village better ty.
structional day. Mrs. Zink after concern was ex- quirements to 4.0/4.25. floor plan, It can
Independent study programs pressed regarding her continued Many parents are concerned and misuse of valuable space. be noted that Bennet promised
are expected to remain intact. absence despite the fact that she about how the proposed GPAs As said by YMCA regional the building wouldnt lose its his-
Also unaffected are senior-only had reportedly been cleared. will function with LJHS diverse vice-president Sue Ball, When toric charm. The good news is
classes that do not meet every day. Some parents, on the other hand, student body, especially consid- its done (and rechristened Shep- theres a lot of original material
Free periods - specifically in had collected petitions against the ering that the Principals Honor herd YMCA Firehouse) itll be a here thats intact, a lot of things
the morning or the last period - math teacher at an event in Octo- Roll would exclude students who modern, up-to-date facility that werent destroyed over the years.
have long been a staple of the 12th ber 2014, as reported by the Hi- do not take AP courses. will serve the people of the Village Furthermore, some historical as-
grade experience at LJHS. Tide at the time. Concerns were also voiced better. pects of the building, including
Electives such as auto shop, art, Although it is unclear what po- that lower-scoring students Details of the YMCAs new ap- two fire poles, were entombed on
journalism, and photography are sition Mrs. Zink will have at LJHS, college applications would be pearance were previously shared site to accommodate the new de-
expected to be in increased de- or what will happen to the substi- hindered without the honor roll by project architect and historic sign.
mand among seniors with suffi- tute(s) teaching her classes, sources qualification. However, the im- preservationist F.H. Trip Ben- In the end, the revamping of
cient credits who need to fill their say her return has been finalized. pact of honor roll recognition on nett, and included: a large, roll- the newly crowned Shepherd
schedules. Further details have not been re- college applications is said to be up garage door like the one that YMCA Firehouse proved to be
No additional details have been leased. minimal. originally fronted Fire Station 13, just what the Village needed in
provided by the district, but coun- This marks the longest non-med- The proposal will be need to which once housed fire engines; terms of creating the perfect place
selors at LJHS have already begun ical, maternal, or military absence be approved by Student Council a mezzanine that was added to for La Jollans to gather, workout,
preparations for this new reality. of a staff member since 2013. and by administration. the main hall, creating additional and enjoy themselves.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 2 OPINIONS January 22, 2016
The La Jolla High School
Open-Carry Law in the state of Texas
Hi-Tide Why this law should be allowed Why this law should not be allowed
Editors-in-Chief By Samuel Kinsey CDC, have concluded that
Sara Espinosa By Ariana Dennis ing to research done by Mother
Staff Writer there is no direct correlation
Nessie Navarro Staff Writer Jones, forty-two of those were
between increased gun-con-
perpetrated using legal weap-
News Editors The overreaction against trol and a reduction in violent
ons. Furthermore, studies have
The second amendment was
Viviana Bonomie Texas new open carry law has crime, nor any direct correla-
shown suicide tends to be a
written during a time when
Ryan Robson been swift and blown out of tion between open-carry states
many were unsure of our spur of the moment act, mean-
Opinions Editor proportion by dubious statis- and an increase in violent
countrys future. In the con- ing easier access to guns means
Andrea Albanez tics and Jefferson-era imagery. crime. The story is much the
text of the situation during easier access to ultimately
Features Editor A nightmarish picture has same with suicides.
the birth of our nation, the death.
Yenitzia Lopez been concocted of Texas as If there is no evidence at
second amendment was com- Many argue that by arm-
becoming a playground for home, then advocates quickly
Student Focus Editor posed stating, A well-regu- ing everyone the chances of
modern Buffalo Bills, with peer abroad.
Sophia Dorfsman lated militia, being necessary homicide will decrease as ev-
shootouts, family BBQ joints In Australia (an example
Sports Editor to the security of a free state, eryone will be able to defend
packed with guns, and inno- frequently cited by President
Creekstar Allan the right of the people to keep themselves. This argument
cent citizens terrified of death Obama), where guns were
A&E Editor and bear arms, shall not be in- was proven wrong by a Mother
dare they question anyone who confiscated en-masse by the
Sophia Ketring fringed. The Supreme Court Jones report which found that
cuts them in the DMV line. government in 1996, scholars
International News Editor ruled in 1939 that: The Second only 1.6 percent of all mass
The truth is far less dramatic, have determined that the de-
Kieran Bauman Amendment must be interpret- shootings since 1980 were suc-
and it requires some perspec- cline in the overall homicide
ed and applied with the view of cessful interventions by armed
Photo-Journalism Editor tive to see that Texas law isnt rate and suicide rate were com-
its purpose of rendering effec- civilians. So arming everyone
Tristan Macelli as outrageous as it has been pletely unaffected by the legis-
tive Militia. really wouldnt help. Further-
Omnibus Editor made out to be. lation.
Starting January 1, 2016, Tex- more, controlling gun access,
Jillian Kopp Texas will be the forty-fourth The declines are simply an
as will enact a new Open-Car- frankly, will save lives.
Supreme Leader state to enact open-carry laws. extension of the overall world-
ry gun law. This means, those In 1996, a mass shooter
Joseph Carroll It previously only allowed con- wide decline since the 1990s
who have a previous license killed thirty-six people in a
Advisor cealed carry. In fact, we have observed a
can openly carry arms in Tex- massacre in Australia. The
Robert J. Boyd Many states gun restrictions fifty-percent decrease in vio-
as, even if they are from anoth- Prime Minister, John How-
Staff Writers are even looser; Vermont, Ar- lent crimes since 1990 here at
er state. They are not required ard, then took action, some-
Asha Alagiri izona, Alaska, and others all home!
to show I.D. to police enforce- thing our Congress has yet to
Lucy Barton allow Constitutional Carry, Finally, it must be recognized
ment and can carry the load- do, and destroyed approxi-
Nora Becker or open carry without any gov- that the open-carry law in Tex-
ed weapon without additional mately 650,000 automatic and
Anthony Coan ernment permit at all. as has not been imposed by
training. Supporters argue it semi-automatic weapons and a
Jenna Cunningham Nobody seems at all worried the NRA or any other nefari-
will allow for Texans to protect whole raft of checks and con-
Ariana Dennis about getting shot on the way ous group (as the anti-gun lob-
themselves and allow for easier trols were brought in. In just
Khalil Eley to Antelope Canyon, so why all by implies); the law was passed
access to arms. the first decade, Australia saw
Nikolai Gaenzle the fuss around Texas? by the vote of Texas citizens!
This law, however, will only a fifty-nine percent drop in
James Irwin As is the case with any Thus, the federal govern-
create an atmosphere of intim- gun homicides. Australia went
Austin Iverson gun-control debate, dubious ment should not be restricting
idation and fear. A February from eleven mass shootings a
Brooke Kaufman statistics and interpretations - anyones right to democracy
survey found that most police decade to zero.
Alexa Kideys often from radical think tanks based on misinterpreted data
officials opposed the act, stat- What need is there, really, to
Samuel Kinsey - are commonly brandished and abstract fear-mongering openly have guns around your
ing it will endanger officers
Shayna Kobrinetz and misconstrued to prove a The only thing the data belt everywhere you go? We
and make it more difficult for
Jillian Kopp point. clearly shows is a net zero ef- dont live in the Wild West
them to distinguish between
Zoe Mendel Most moderate and repu- fect, except to the ultimate bot- anymore. At least fifty-four
criminals and innocent by-
Georgie Morris table sources, including the tom line: our freedoms. percent of Americans support
Jade Moujaes Layout of United States for handgun carry permit laws as of 2015 The law only takes us a step very strict gun-control. So,
Jillian Murray backwards from the process when you think about it, most
Jessica Penner for more gun control in order people support that extra pro-
Rebecca Ryan to ensure the safety of our citi- tection, and really its the pol-
Julia Walton zens. According to the Guard- iticians who dont. Instead of
ian, the United States has the supporting outrageous laws,
highest gun ownership in the such as the one in Texas, we
entire world. Between 1982 should be pushing our Con-
and 2012, we had sixty-two gress to protect its citizens
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons mass shootings, and accord- with more gun-control.
The Hi-Tide, an open forum, is

Obama Finally Taking a Stand on Gun-Control

the official student newspaper
of La Jolla High School. Unless
otherwise noted, opinions being
voiced in the Hi-Tide belong to By Alexa Kideys porters of the National Rifle single mass shooting in 1996, doing all he can in his power to
the individual author. The Hi- Staff Writer Association. For years, Obama and hasn't had one since. Not minimize accessibility to guns,
Tide welcomes letters and opin-
As of January 12th, U.S. has been trying to offset the only would deaths in the Unit- if we the people do not change
ions from students and staff
President Barack Obama has easy accessibility most Amer- ed States decrease if we simply the views on guns complete-
members. If you have a letter to
finally taken a stand against icans have to guns and the tightened restrictions on guns, ly, mass killings will continue
the editor, please drop it off in
guns in America by proposing fact that he has taken actions but our crime rate would addi- to be a problem for now and
Room 514, or give it to any Hi-
the most expansive gun-con- into his own hands without tionally plummet as well. many more years to come.
Tide editor. You may also email
trol policies in generations and giving into immense pressure Also in the Q&A, Obama Although Obamas timing
submissions to LJHiTide@ya-
initiating 23 separate execu- from pro-gunners is not only spoke of why the previous for this may be a bit late since Submissions should
tive actions aimed at curbing brave but completely the right attempts in expanding back- he will be exiting the presiden-
be typed and cannot be anon-
the nation's gun violence. Al- thing to do for our country. ground checks for guns have tial office shortly in January
ymous. The Hi-Tide reserves
though Barack Obama claims "We're the only developed not panned out, explaining, of 2017, its always better late
the right to refuse any material.
to respect gun rights, he said country on Earth where this "Most members of Congress than never to take action about
Advertisements are measured
that he is a bit disappointed happens," Obama said in a are terrified of the National Ri- gun control. I, along with
per column inch. To advertise
by how easily one can get their Q&A session on the social me- fle Association. The only thing many others, can concur that
with the Hi-Tide or to purchase
hands on a gun, going on to dia site Tumblr in 2014. And it that is going to change is pub- Obamas steps toward reduc-
a subscription, please email us
state the fact that even a bill happens now once a week, and lic opinion. If public opinion ing gun violence are appreci-
or call (858) 454-3081, exten-
to merely expand background it's a one-day story. There's no does not demand change in ated and needed to ensure that
sion 4514. Issues are distribut-
checks has failed time and time place else like this. This was Congress, it will not change." certain incidents dont happen
ed every four weeks. No part of
again to pass in the Senate due proven when Australia en- This statement is very accu- nearly as much as they do to-
the Hi-Tide may be reproduced
to intense pressure from sup- acted gun control laws after a rate even though Obama is day.
without written permission.
January 22, 2016 OPINIONS 3 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

No Justice for the Defenseless Is a board with two wheels worth all
A young, African-American boy killed for playing with a toy gun the hype? Is Deportation
By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer
taged the case, never advocating
for my son, and acting instead
By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
get difficult for both the rider the Answer
and its bystanders. It also cre-
Due to the corrupt system,
I have a dead child. I felt as if
like the police officers' defense
attorney In a time in which a
This past holiday season ates a problem for people who to Europes
we have seen an explosive dont have good balance, or in
breath has been taken out of
my body once again, were the
non-indictment for two police
officers who have killed an un-
popularity in an interesting
and fun new toy: the hov-
conditions where balance can
be easily thrown off, i.e. wind,
words spoken by Samaria Rice, armed black child is business as By Samuel Kinsey
erboard. It is not, however, crowds, rugged terrain. Speak-
mother of Tamir Rice. Twelve usual, we mourn for Tamir, and Staff Writer
a board suspended by air, ing of the weather, hover-
year-old African American for all of the black people who but rather more similar to a boards are useless in the rain, 2015 brought a massive wave
Tamir Rice was playing with a have been killed by the police Segway without handlebars. and could corrode easily, caus- of immigrants from the Mid-
fake gun at Cudell Recreation without justice. My friend told me she usually ing damage. So what do you do dle East to Europe. Some were
Center in Cleveland, Ohio, In our view, this process called swag-ways. when caught in the rain? Due fleeing conflict, others just
when Officer Timothy Loeh- demonstrates that race is still an Since their release, the to safety concerns, they have wanted a better life for their
mann was quick to jump to extremely troubling and serious boards have become one of even become illegal in malls family. Whatever the reason,
conclusions assuming the gun problem in our country and the the most popular purchases. and schools in New York. the massive wave of immigra-
was real and shot him dead on criminal-justice system." Along with the cool tricks and What most people ignore tion has brought many chal-
November 22, 2014. As if this would make Tamirs easy transportation, howev- about hoverboards, however, lenges to the nations that these
This was a child playing with death better, the officers claimed er, comes injury. There have is their easy transportation and immigrants are fleeing to.
a toy, yet people still have the that they believed he was an been countless videos of peo- convenience for people who The massive surge of people
audacity to justify his death, adult. Ohio is an open carry ple falling and more broken have knee problems and/or is- has also brought an increase in
arguing the officer may have state, so what law was Tamir wrists than ever. Riders have sues covering longer distances crime, especially against wom-
thought he was in serious breaking had his toy gun been used their hoverboards to on foot, like arthritis or joint en. Recently, police in Sweden
danger. Many apparently be- a real gun? Why isnt the NRA their limits, and people have pain. If used in the right place have been accused of covering
lieve it reasonable to compare defending Tamirs right to play condemned hoverboards as and at the right time, hover- up rapes by immigrant males
a trained police officer to a with a toy gun in an open-car- both stupid and dangerous. boards could become a useful at festivals. Police in Cologne
twelve year-old child. The re- ry state? Somehow, fully-grown To an extent, I agree with tool for those who need as- have also been accused of do-
peating pattern of cop violence white men with real guns (in them. Why cant you just use sistance walking. Its obvious, ing the same with a series of
on black victims is getting way Oregon) are labeled as patriots a scooter, skateboard or bike? however, that hoverboards rapes on New Years Eve.
out of hand. while a black child with a toy is Or, how about your own two have specific limitations on Due in part to this recent
Liberty and Justice for All seen as being dangerous. feet for that matter? When in who they could help, exclud- wave of crimes, some Euro-
was a concept we didnt quite While there is lack of justice crowded settings, maneuver- ing those with poor balance, pean leaders have begun con-
follow through with in this for Tamir Rice, 150 white mili- ing around on the boards can inability to stand, and obesity. sidering deportation of recent
situation. Instead, neither the tiamen recently took over a Fed- immigrants as a possible solu-
officer who killed Tamir nor eral Building in Oregon, threat- tion.
the officer who was with him ening violence if removed, and Add to this problem are two
will face any criminal charges. not one shot has been fired at important concerns: the first
Prosecutor Tim McGinty ar- them. And yet a black child is is that there is now a gender
gues that although Tamir Rice shot dead without hesitation imbalance in many European
was either handing the toy while playing with a toy gun. regions. 58% of recent refugees
over to the officers or showing Racism still runs deeply in our are men, 17% women, with
them it wasnt a real gun, the police force and justice must the remaining 25% children.
officers perceived it differently be served. Riots are rightfully There is now an estimated 123
and acted quickly. breaking out as we all wish we boys per 100 girls in Sweden.
A statement released from could live in a country where The second concern is that
Tamirs family states, "Prosecu- Tamir Rice could have turned some of the immigrants come
tor McGinty deliberately sabo- thirteen. Photo Courtesy of Christopher Deguzman Photo Courtesy of Annalise Castro from cultures where mistreat-
ment of women is common-
place. There has been a notice-
able increase in crime, mostly
violent and property crime, but
also in women being raped,
with the influx of the recent
immigrants. To make matters
worse, young immigrant males
are also being pressured into
gangs. In fact, gender imbal-
ance may have been a factor in
the increase in rapes.
Many of these recent immi-
grants are in Europe illegal-
ly, which begs the question:
should illegal immigrants be
deported? With the increase
in crime as well as other issues
posed by their presence, de-
portation might not be a bad
The problem with deporta-
tion, however, is the fact that
illegal immigrants may not be
willing to leave. There is also
the logistical problem of mov-
ing them to other countries.
Illegal immigrants, however,
must be deported until Euro-
peans nations have the proper
facilities to deal with the mas-
sive waves of people. With this,
these countries will be safer
and better able to deal with any
issues arising from both locals
and legal immigrants.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 4 CARTOONS January 22, 2016
Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion
Courtesy of Natalie Miller

Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Courtesy of Anonymous

Before Martin Shkreli Bought After Martin Shkreli Bought

the Rights to the Drug the Rights to the Drug
Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Did North Korea get a Iran Reconstructs

Hydrogen Bomb? Nuclear Reactors
By Alexa Kideys Etemad Newspaper that not
By Jimmy Irwin a hydrogen bomb (H-bomb) is nuclear capabilities. Staff Writer only has Iran met its commit-
Staff Writer that hydrogen bombs are about There are already extreme- After much controversy, Iran ments under the July nuclear
1,000 times more powerful ly strict economic sanctions has finally removed the core agreement earlier than expect-
North Korea reported that than atomic bombs. This is be- against the highly unstable of its Arak heavy-water nu- ed, but that implementation
it set off a hydrogen bomb on cause H-bombs are detonated state, which fluctuate in sever- clear reactor and filled it with of JCPOA will finish with in
Wednesday, January 6th. This by nuclear fusion (binding two ity with every negotiation that cement. In Irans long nuclear the next seven days. The key
is a claim that, if true, could atoms together) and A-bombs goes on between North Korea negotiations with several other areas of the nuclear deal are
be deeply unsettling. Many are made by fission (tearing and other countries. Ameri- nations last year, the country Uranium enrichment in which
experts around the world, an atom apart.) Whether or ca sends a certain amount of has agreed to reconstruct the Iran can enrich Uranium at
though, arent quite ready to not North Korea has a hydro- food aid to North Korea, but heavy-water reactor so it would safe levels, limiting Iranian
believe them. As the detona- gen bomb, they may have the has cut it off every time they be unable of yielding material Plutonium production, and
tion was said to have taken means to deploy one. try to take new steps to im- for a nuclear weapon. This de- having international monitors
place underground, the Unit- In the past several years, they prove their nuclear program. cision helps Iran grow closer to be able to hold inspections of
ed States, South Korea, Even China, their long- relief from economic sanctions Irans nuclear facilities when-
and Japan monitored term ally, had to partic- negotiated in exchange for ever deemed necessary.
their seismic instruments ipate in signing into ef- changes to its nuclear industry. President of Iran, Hassan
around the area where the fect tough new sanctions The United States, the Unit- Rouhani said in a speech
bomb supposedly went off. against them in 2013. ed Kingdom, China, France, broadcasted on state television,
They all agree that the data If North Korea were to Russia, Iran, and Germany ne- We are hopeful that the sanc-
doesnt match the claim of attack the United States, gotiated and created the Joint tions against Iran will be lift-
confirmed H-bomb deto- it, as well as South Korea, Comprehensive Plan of Action ed in the next few days. This
nations. Where confirmed would likely immediate- where all other six nations have news, is very relieving to many
detonations measured 6.8 ly respond. It is not yet agreed to participate in the re- all over the world. Within the
on the seismic scale, this known whether or not the design and construction of a very few weeks to come, the
one came in at 4.7, closer reclusive northern nation modernized reactor at Arak. International Atomic Energy
to the 4.8 detected when actually has the technolo- Although Iran denied that Agency must decide whether
North Korea tested an gy for a hydrogen bomb in they intended to develop any or not Iran has complied fully
atomic bomb several years their possession, neither nuclear weapons, and instead with its obligations.
ago. So, if North Korea didnt have been conducting rocket is anyone sure exactly what were using the Arak nuclear
detonate an H-bomb, what did launches, successfully putting implications such a certain- reactor to produce isotopes
they detonate? Experts in the a satellite into orbit in 2012. ty could have. But we can be for cancer and other medical
United States and South Korea It remains to be seen whether sure that our governments treatments, they still managed
think that North Korea set off this type of technology could will continue to monitor any to agree to the request of all six
an atomic bomb, which they carry a bomb to the U.S. Some possibility of it, and be ready nations in order to maintain
are confirmed to possess. people are wondering what to act in the event of any new peace. The spokesperson for
The difference between an other countries are doing developments. Irans atomic energy agency, Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
atomic bomb (A-bomb), and about North Koreas increasing Behrouz Kamalvandi, tells Iran

Germany Battered by Spanish Princess on Trial

New Years Assaults in Landmark Case
By Khalil Eley attacks. Cologne Police inves- By Jimmy Irwin themselves from the couple, year and a half on the throne,
Staff Writer tigating the attacks stated that Staff Writer with King Felipe VI stripping Felipes approval rating is at
On New Years Eve more they are focusing on people of his sister of any royal title. This 81%, according to
than 516 attacks were report- North African origin. Immi- Currently, there is a trial go- move is to maintain royal dig- The trial of his sister comes at
ed in Cologne, Germany, of grants were also attacked in ing on in Spain that is the first nity and public support. Felipe a challenging time in Spanish
which 40% were sexual as- Germany in what many view of its kind. Princess Cristina is took the crown in 2014 after politics.
saults. These attacks sparked as a response to these attacks being charged with tax fraud. his father, Juan Carlos abdicat- The region of Catalonia in
outrage across Germany at and many have been critical It is a landmark case because ed. Felipe is already far more Spain, a place with a long his-
of German Chancellor Ange- it is the first trial of a tory of pro-secessionist
la Merkels immigration poli- royal in modern Spanish feeling, is currently having
cy. Amongst the recent events history. She is accused of a surge in favor towards
Merkel has still not changed participating in the al- independence from Spain.
her stance on welcoming any leged illegal activities of The conservative Spanish
refugees who obey German her husband, Inaki Ur- prime minister is at odds
laws and integrate into Ger- dangarin, also accused of with newly elected liberal
man society. tax fraud, in addition to public officials in Catalo-
These attacks were not the embezzling public funds, nia. The Spanish king has
only ones in Europe, as attacks money laundering, influ- recognized this possibil-
in Sweden were also reported. ence peddling, and more. ity, and just last year flew
Police from Kalmar described The princess could serve to the region to urge na-
two of the men they arrested as eight years, and her hus- tional unity and cohesion.
refugees. band, up to 19.5. Urdan- Though Felipe doesnt
both the police response and In Salzburg,Austria two men garin was the president wield much concrete po-
recent influx of immigrants, were arrested for sexual assault of a supposed non-profit litical power, it is known
with right-wing groups staging on both New Years Eve and organization called Noos, that the monarchy still
riots throwing beer bottles and Day. In Zurich, Switzerland 6 which promised to set holds considerable sway
stones at riot police,who re- women reported that they were up sports games in the and intangible influence.
sponded with tear gas and wa- robbed from one side,(while) Balerean islands by way of It is apparent that the
ter cannons. The recent influx being groped from the other an agreement with the lo- challenges that lie ahead
of immigrants is being blamed side. While in Helsinki,Fin- cal governments there. How- popular than his father, who of Felipe and the royal family
for these offenses. land police there stated that ever, they apparently grossly lost favor with many after it to maintain public support and
The Cologne Police Chief, they were investigating crim- overcharged them, receiving was revealed that he broke his try to maintain national har-
Wolfgang Albers was fired af- inal offenses related on New $6.5 million in public money. hip in an expensive tax-pay- mony will be many.
ter widespread criticism of his Years Eve centered around a The rest of the royal fami- er funded elephant-hunting
departments handling of the gathering of asylum-seekers. ly has reacted by distancing trip in Africa. After just over a
All Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 6 OMNIBUS January 22, 2016

Dear Donna
This Months Theme: Friends
What if all my friends secretly be spent with people you like
hate me? to be around with, so dont feel
-Curious but Alarmed forced to go with someone if
you dont want to. The fact that
Before you go crazy think- you dont have a date to a dance
ing that everyone in your does not mean that you wont
friend group hates you, ask still have a fun time. Even if all
yourself if maybe you are be- your friends have dates, dont
ing paranoid about the whole let that discourage you from
situation. the fact that some of going. Remember youre only
your friends went to get food in high school once.
without you does not mean
that they hate you! The second Love, Donna
thing to consider is if maybe
you have been unintentional- I kissed my best friend and
ly isolating yourself. It is very now they wont talk to me.
easy to want to blame other What do I do?
people in these particular sit- -Romantic but Worried
uations, but it is important to
be introspective as well. Its difficult when lines be-
If you think there is some- tween friends and lovers start
thing you may have done to to blur. It can be uncomfort-
offend your friends, it is al- able when only one person
ways best to talk to them. Ad- has feelings and not the oth-
mitting that you may be doing er. In situations like these,
something wrong is vital to it is best to five the person
self -growth. Third of all, if you some space. Giving each oth-
discover that you are unneces- er distance can be beneficial
sarily being put on the outs and to both of you, because hav-
are consistently left out then it ing feelings for someone who
is time to leave. You must re- you are friends with can be
alize that you are responsible equally as hurtful as being the
for your own happiness and one receiving the unwanted
if the people you surround emotions. I thinks it is hard
yourself with are not adding to to remain friends with some-
your joy, then I would encour- one when there are unresolved
age you to branch out to other issues. Be honest with each
friend groups. other and give yourself time
to work things out before you
Love, Donna put yourself in another poten-
tially uncomfortable situation.
What do I do if all of my

friends are taking dates to the Love, Donna
ASB dance, but I cant find
Want to ask Donna a question?
You can email her at
I am so _________ for the ASB dance this year! I cant wait to get -Odd One Out
ADJECTIVE Take initiative! It i always fun OR you can drop off your
to go to a dance with someone question at a folder attached
ready and ________ with my friends! We have already decided as friend, so dont be afraid to to the door of room 514.
VERB ask one of your buds to tag Remember your questions
along. School dances should will remain anonymous.
to go to ____________ for dinner. I have decided to wear match

ing ___________ with my friends. My friend, _________ is go- HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!
PLURAL ITEMS NAME February 8th, 2016, Year of the Monkey
ing to ________ for us. I cannot wait to make many amazing

memories of __________ and ____________. My ___________


is _______, _________, and _________. I just know this ASB is


going to the best yet! I cant wait to see ____________ jam out to

Have suggestions for next months Mad Lib? Email your

suggestion to ljhitide@ and you may see your
idea as next months theme!

Small Worlds
1 2 3




11 12

Photos 3, 4, 7, & 10 courtesy of Oliver Dillard

Photos 1, 8, 9, & 12 courtesy of Kyle Jetter
Photos 2, 5, 6 & 11 courtesy of Max Davey
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 8 January 22, 2016 STUDENT FOCUS January 22, 2016 9 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Ilana Shulkin (11) Nicholas Deckhut (12)

Hanne Manriquez (12) Open up my own Amanda Teer (9) Natasha Ninkovic (11) Buy gold and bury it.
I would run into a Leah Eslamian (9)
business for a vet Buy a horse. I would buy myself a
meadow and sing show I would buy out all of my Emily Skillman (11)
clinic. private plane to go
favorite stores and then I would
tunes. wherever I wanted and I would give some
Sarah Espinoza (11) buy myself multiple mansions
Go to Rome. Buy
on the beach. And I would build
would buy myself burritos money to my friends and
more time for sleep. for breakfast, lunch and family and then I would
just one huge floating mansion
dinner for the rest of my
so I can float from mansion to
life. Lily Mesri (9) move to a different
mansion. And I would have a Give a lot to country. See ya.
Elle Necoechea (11) lifetime supply of all of my charity, and keep a
favorite food. Juliet Gentry (9) lot of it.
Make sure every child Give most of it to
Lili Davis (11) around the world charity, and save the rest
A pair of patent leather clogs, receives education for college.
money for college, give it to Emma De Jourday (11)
and healthcare.
my brothers, parents, and to I would travel to
charities that help the homeless Australia and buy a
youth. Then Id save the rest of Sara Sullivan (10) German Pea (9) Raphael Freund (9)
Christophe Gish (11) mansion on the beach.
the money to use when Im an I would put some of it I would buy a fat
Buy everyone in my
Donate it. Keep it
family a house, and then
adult to pay someone really hot into college fund sav- Maserati. invest so I don't lose any Katherine Perrine (9) for now, but figure
ings, some into life money. Buy more stuff. Store the money in the rest out
to marry me. later.
savings, buy a car, and the bank to get
donate some of it to sev- interest, so I get more
eral charities as well.
Drake Pieper (11)

Ian Brown (11)

Loren Behumi-Davis (9)
Buy a new phone, and
take a year long
What would you do if I would buy myself a car
and a house and move
out. I would also get a
Abby Cho (11)
Buy 900 million
you won the powerball?
I would buy all the
toilet paper in the vacation. And I would buy Bueno private island and boat. helium filled balloons
world and then throw
it out.
a house in the place I am I buy me a sail I would also buy Dylan from the dollar store.
vacationing so I can stay boat and sail the Interviews by Stu-Fo Writers, Zoe Mendel, Obrien, Zac Efron, and
there. world. Asha Alagiri, Nora Becker, Jade Moujaes, Dave Franco. Sydney Brown (11)
Sam Kinsey, and Khalil Eley
I would buy a time
Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons
machine and go back
to the 90s and date
Celeste Magauda (11)
Katy Koenig (9)
little Leo Dicaprio. Gabi Anastasi (11)
Id save half of it for a Go to Costco.
sick retirement, then Emily Gold (10)
I would buy a bunny, a Galilea Reyes (9)
bird, and a gecko. Then
Torrey Coan (9) Move back to Mexico
buy a tiger. And maybe Travel the world for I would go shopping
Buy my mom art and then go meet all the Angie Bautista (9)
treat my friends to a as long as the money
supplies and retire Kardashians.
with my family, buy
cool trip in Europe. lasted, and help some Save it for later
people along the way. her. Invest. Buy Bennett Bugelli (11) a bigger house there, Calvin Zhang (9) on.
lots of cats.
I would buy out all the and put money into Donate a billion
dollars to LJHS. Buy
tickets to a concert and the church. Save the some race cars and a
rest. private jet and a nice
Kiley Mclure (10) show up and be the house, to spend the
I would put some into rest of my life there.
Lou Rasse (11) college and life savings,
College tuition, sizable and then charity so I Dan Grushkevich (9)
donations to the arts Rylee Olson (11) wouldnt have to pay as Ferdy Boheme (11) Buy the Padres.
programs, while keeping Probably donate a portion much tax and buy I would use the money for
enough so I could pursue myself a car and house. education, use some of it for
acting without fear of
of it to some sort of charity Emerson Suter (9)
and then use what I have photography, give some to my
economic failure. Invest. Put most of parents, brother, or other
left to buy myself some it in the bank, but family members, and then Ciara Franke (11)
cool stuff, like a tomato red Nikki Schroeder (11) keep a thousand give some to charity, and save I would go to Greece
convertible mustang, my Invest in the stock dollars out to buy the rest for other stuff. and Bora Bora and
dream car. Rachel Guha-Roy (11)
Id buy naan and curry
market. cool stuff. buy lots of food. I
for everyone! would also donate to
the poor.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 10 FEATURES January 22, 2016

Girl Scout Cookies, Rated Its Been 10 Years Since...

By Vivi Bonomie & Sophia Dorfsman
News Editor & Student Focus Editor
Its that time of the year again when the Girl Scouts invade the halls of our schools, have
taken over the parking lots of our local grocery stores, and invite themselves to the front steps By Austin Iverson
of our neighborhood doors. But just like a bad habit, we invite them back into the doors of our Staff Writer
homes with open arms. In addition to the traditional yet loved Girl Scout cookies, five new cook-
ies were added last year, including Trios, Thanks-A-Lot, Savannah Smiles, Lemonades, and Cran-
berry Citrus Crisps.
Do-Si-Dos: The one sandwich style Girl Scout cookie, Do-Si-Dos,
is basically two graham crackers with a soft, smooth, peanut butter in
the middle. The cookie part is sweet, while the creamy center is salty.
Do-si-Dos are extremely similar to Nutter Butter cookies. In fact, if
youre going to have a peanut butter sandwich cookie, youre better
off buying Nutter Butter cookies. Theyre probably cheaper.

Tagalongs: Another peanut butter flavored Girl Scout cookie, are also SPORTS:
known as the Peanut Butter Patties. One of the two, surprisingly, vegan Chicago White Sox beat Houston Astros 4-0 in World Series.
Girl Scout cookies can only be described as a plain cracker with a Reese The New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21
Pieces melted on top of it. The one good quality is that there is a nice bal- in Super Bowl XXXIX.
ance between the little bit of peanut butter and the amount of chocolate. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Detroit Pistons 4-3 in the
A nice gooey mess is bound to happen if they are not stored in the right NBA Finals.
temperate environment. There was no Stanley Cup due to an NHL lockout.
Thin Mints: The quite popular mint flavored delights. Despite the
fact of looking like a couch cushion, Thin Mints leave a not-so fresh
minty taste in your mouth in the long term. Its essentially like eating
a piece of chocolate and then putting a mint in your mouth to make
your breath smell better. In terms of texture, the cookie is way too Time Magazine Person of the
crumbly. Although the crispy crunch of the first bite is rewarding, Year (changed from Man of
it doesnt melt it your mouth like it should. They couldve minted the Year): Good Samaritans
something much better. as represented by Bono and
Bill Gates.
Samoas: The cookie containing the highest amount of sugar out of all
the sold girl scout cookies, at 12 grams, are undoubtedly the ultimate
guilty pleasure. They may look and smell like shattered dreams, but to
everyones expectations, it really never seems to fail. Despite the fact that
they are advertised for being high in fiber, eating two cookies will only
give you 1 gram of fiber.
Trefoils: Also known as Shortbreads, Trefoils are one of the older Brad Pitt left Jennifer
cookies and are straight up boring. The smell of them is quite sim- Aniston for Angelina Jolie.
ilar to that of a FunFetti cookie. Despite the plain-Jane indulgence, Prince Harry attended a
it provides a taste of childhood and moms cuddles. The buttery and costume party dressed as a
dense treat would be a perfect pair with hot chocolate. But really, Nazi.
Trefoils smell like diabetes and taste like it too.
Rah-Rah-Raisins: These are one of the 7 new Girl Scout cookies.
The box description is, Hearty oatmeal cookies with plump raisins
and Greek yogurt-flavored chunks. The unfamiliar term of Greek yo-
gurt-flavored chunks was quite troubling, but was thankfully, barely no-
ticeable. After careful examination, it has been determined that these
cookies are not as chewy as raisin oatmeal cookies should be. However,
the flavors blend quite nicely. Its an acceptable cookie, even for those
who hate raisins.

Toffee-Tastic: Girl Scouts new gluten free cookie, came to the

test last winter, due to Millions of Americans have problems eat-
ing food with glutenand now there is a Girl Scout Cookie just for
them. Unfortunately the execution didnt go as well as planned and NEWS:
the cookie is the not the best smelling. And it doesnt even get better Hurricane Katrina hits New
once its in your mouth. However the golden toffee bits get stuck in Orleans.
your teeth, leaving an unpleasant after taste.
Photos Courtesy of Girl Scouts

Recipe of the Month: Chia Pudding

powerful blender, add the
By Sophia Dorfsman of fruit such as nuts, jams, com-
nuts, dates or syrup, cinna-
Student Focus Editor potes, or anything else that is to
mon, and salt. Blend ingre-
your liking as a topping.
dients at high speed until the
This recipe makes one serv- Personally, I like chia pudding
nuts are pulverized. Strain
ing, breakfast for one. topped off with strawberries.
the mixture through a very
3 tablespoons of chia seeds
fine sieve or better yet a nut
3 teaspoons of maple syrup Sprouted Almond Milk
milk bag. Pour the mixture
2/3 cup of almond milk (see Makes 1 quart
into a glass bottle and store
recipe for almond milk below) 1 cup of raw almonds (150
in the fridge. The almond
In a small bowl or some sort grams), place in a bowl and cov-
milk will keep for 4 days. If
of container that can be cov- er with filtered water A&E:
you like vanilla flavored al-
ered, mix together the chia 4 cups of filtered water Crash wins Academy Award for best film.
mond milk, add a 1/4 tea-
seeds, maple syrup, and al- 2 dried dates, or 1 teaspoon ma- Most popular book was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
spoon vanilla extract.
mond milk. Then gently stir ple syrup Top 3 CDs of the year were 50 Cents Massacre, Mariah Car-
the mixture with a spoon. a pinch of cinnamon eys The Emancipation of Mimi, and Green Days American
Once fully mixed, cover and a pinch of unrefined salt Idiot.
transfer to the refrigerator Soak the almonds for at least Top 3 movies were Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Ward-
From there let the mixture cool 8-12 hours or rather overnight.
robe, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
off and set overnight. Enjoy the Drain the nuts through a sieve
Most popular TV Show was American Idol.
next morning! Along with the and then quickly rinse .
pudding you can add any type Measure 4 cups of water in a Photo Courtesy of
Sophia Dorfsman Photos Courtesy of WikiCommons
January 22, 2016 FEATURES 11 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

By Brooke Kaufman
What It Means to Go Vegan
the two. dairy, you are subjecting your
Trendy Times...
Staff Writer Vegetarians are people who body to a dangerous lack of
dont eat meat, and sometimes nutrients.
Unisex clothing lines
What exactly does it mean to other animal products, especial- However, there are plenty By Jade Moujaes new line.
go vegan? According to Vegan ly for moral, religious, or health of vegan foods, that serve as Staff Writer In this picture, Jaden is not
Starter Kit, an online forum for reasons; while vegans say no to perfectly fine supplements for made to look like a woman
all things veganism, becoming everything and anything related the more common protein As gender becomes less of in any other way besides the
vegan is beginning a way of to the harming of animals. and calcium staples which a defining factor for fash- dress itself proving that a man
living that seeks to exclude, as If a person were to try and everyone else is accustomed ion trends, more and more does not need to be in transi-
far as possible and practica- attempt either of the vegan or to. Take a hamburger for ex- companies have been adding tion in order to wear typical
ble, all forms of exploitation vegetarian lifestyles, they may ample, more specifically the unisex clothing lines to their womens clothing, an idea that
of, and cruelty to, animals for want to test out vegetarianism meat. stores. This breakthrough in breaks all gender roles and so-
food, clothing and any other first because of its less constrict- Eating meat is one of the gender stereotyping exempli- cial patterns.
purpose. ing diet guidelines. easiest ways to give our bod- fies the progressive mindset Mr. Ghesquire was quoted
Basically, if youre vegan, you In terms of looking into what ies the protein we need. But if of this generation. Here are a saying, wearing a skirt comes
dont harm animals in any sort exactly a vegan might eat, the youre a vegan, meat is not an few unisex brands that have as naturally to [Jayden Smith]
of way. Not for food, not for list can get quite long. In fact, option. So in order to get that caught the eye of the media as it would to a women who,
clothes, not for anything. It people who become vegan say necessary protein, vegans will during the past year. long ago, granted herself per-
seems like that would be a no they end up expanding the pal- go for the lesser-known pro- The new brand, Not Equal, is mission to wear a mans trench
brainer, not to hurt animals. ette of foods they eat, rather tein heroes, such as beans, a gender neutral fashion brand or tuxedo.
However, while the not wear- than restricting it. grains, nuts, seeds and in fact, that has been getting a lot of Overall, these up-and-com-
ing of actual animal skin or For example, there are thou- nearly all vegetables. buzz because of the famous ing brands along with ads sim-
parts is pretty common around sands upon thousands of books This concept of switching designer Fabio Costa. Fabio ilar to Louis Vuittons, have
La Jolla, the indulging in foods and websites that instruct be- out the more staple foods of was featured in the show Proj- made breakthroughs not only
that include dairy or meat is ginner vegans on how to go a food group, for the lesser ect Runway season 10 2014- in the fashion industry but
quite ordinary. about ditching their previous known ones, can be applied 2015 and Project Runway also in the way that people
Because of treats such as ice no-no diets. From recipes on to any other lack of nutrient All-Stars season 4. As stated perceive gender.
cream, quesadillas, burgers, how to keep calcium and pro- argument thrown at vegans. on Not Equals website, their Along with taking up small
and even milk in cereal, most tein levels high, to where to All in all, becoming vegan ambition is to push bound- model projects, Jaden Smith
people dont realize just how find the good vegan cheese and is not easy. Giving up foods aries while offering rational has started a project of his
many non-vegan foods appear chocolate, there is no shortage that we normally eat without fashion. own. He is currently in the
in our day-to-day diets. of information on how to keep thinking is almost an impos- One brand that seems to be process of launching his own
A common mistake amongst your palette interesting while sible task for some. slightly ahead of its time is unisex clothing brand named
people when referring to the being a vegan. However, if you are serious called Muttonhead. This com- MSFT. In an interview with
vegan lifestyle, is comparing There is sometimes opposition about protecting the animals, pany is centered in Toronto, CR Fashion Book, the designer
or confusing it with that of a to veganism because people be- and maybe even bettering Canada and was started in explains that his clothes rep-
vegetarians. In reality, there lieve that by cutting out certain your own health, going vegan 2009. This line is special be- resent a creative work force
is a simple difference between food groups, such as meat and is an excellent choice. cause besides being gender dedicated to supporting and
neutral, it is also age neutral. waking up the population of
THE MAN BEHIND THE HATEFUL EIGHT Recently they made a chil- planet earth, through attain-
By Austin Iverson sters, small time criminals, and Eight on Christmas was a drens line of their best selling ing knowledge and personal
Staff Writer hitmen in Los Angeles. Today roadshow experience in lim- adult clothes. growth.
it is an iconic classic nominat- ited theaters due to lack of TILLYandWILLIAM de- He also adds in that his graph-
Quentin Tarantino is an ed for 7 Academy Awards and 70mm projectors. I had the signed by Jessica Lapidos and ics are inspired by a chemistry
American film writer and di- winning 1. It was selected by the pleasure of seeing The Hate- Tom Barranca has both for- class. His new collection of
rector famous for his movies Library of Congress for pres- ful Eight in 70mm. mal and casual gender neutral hats, hoodies, and tee-shirts
full of hyperbolic violence and ervation in the National Film You get a program, the over- wear. Most of the clothes are are very simple, since he is in-
exceptionally written, lengthy Registry in 2013, and is known ture plays before the movie, nude and black to add to the corporating mostly black and
dialogue scenes. His films in- as well for its dark humor, vio- and the 3 hour and 7 minute minimalistic aesthetic. The white colors.
clude Pulp Fiction, Reser- lence, nonlinear storyline, and movie is broken into halves by websites states that TILLY- Along with simple colors,
voir Dogs, and most recently pop culture references in typical an intermission, something andWILLIAM is more than Jaden also incorporates geo-
The Hateful Eight, Tarantino Tarantino fashion. not seen in modern movies. just a brand, it is a belief in a metric shapes and designs,
is considered one of todays He went on to release Jackie The colors and movement new era of design. along with words that rep-
best filmmakers. Brown in 1997, Kill Bill Vol 1 looked amazing with the Even the well known brand resent the MSFTS ethos. I
Born in Tennessee and raised in 2003 and Kill Bill Vol 2 in grain and flickering of the American Apparel has started want my T-shirts to look like a
in California, his early passion 2004, Death Proof in 2007, film, and the format of 70mm coming out with more unisex mixture of Basquiats and Ein-
for movies landed him a job Inglorious Basterds in 2009, lends itself wonderfully to the basics, proving that even the steins personal notebooks, he
at a movie store. It was there and Django Unchained in wide shots of the Telluride, most well-known brands con- says.
that he wrote scripts for True 2012. Colorado landscape. tinue to evolve. As traditional As time progresses, it be-
Romance and Natural Born Last month, Tarantinos eighth Quentin Tarantinos pas- social roles continue to be ex- comes more clear that gender
Killers. film, The Hateful Eight, re- sion for the silver screen panded and broken, fashion should not be used as a lim-
In 1992, he released Res- leased on Christmas Day. His comes through with every also continues to be revolu- iting factor. Questioning the
ervoir Dogs, a crime drama passion for the medium in- subsequent project he cre- tionized. reasoning behind traditional
about a botched diamond heist spired him to shoot this movie ates. His writing and direct- Jaden Smith has become a mindsets has not only proved
revealed to be a police set up, on 65mm film and show it in ing chops, gripping dialogue, new model for Louis Vuittons to be a ground for innova-
but told in a very creative way. theaters on 70mm. and intense, gruesome action womenswear. He appeared on tion, but has also allowed for
The film opens with the eight Today, movies in theaters are scenes cement him as one of the designer of Louis Vuitton, a deeper understanding of the
mobsters eating breakfast at digital files projected onto the the greatest filmmakers of Nicolas Ghesquires, Insta- human condition in relation
a diner and then skips to the screen, but with The Hateful our time, if not all time. gram wearing a dress from his to society.
rendezvous point, an empty Eight, Tarantino wanted to pay His movies are fun to watch
warehouse where they wait for homage to the cinema road- because they come from his
the others. shows of the early to mid twen- love for the medium, which
As each of the eight men ar- tieth century, when a night at he uses to pay tribute to the
rive, they put their stories to- the movies was a big event for filmmakers that inspired
gether and more details of the people to get dressed up in their him. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp
plot are revealed, without ever fanciest sequin dresses and tux- Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglori-
directly showing the heist. His edos and hit the town. ous Basterds, and Django
unconventional and disjointed Movies released on Ultra Pa- Unchained are all on Net-
narrative storytelling gained navision 70mm film include flix, and The Hateful Eight
Tarantino a cult following. classics such as Ben-Hur, is viewable on 70mm film at
In 1994 he released Pulp Fic- Gone With the Wind, and ArcLight La Jolla and AMC
tion, another crime film about Lawrence of Arabia. The ini- Mission Valley 20, and digi-
the intersecting lives of mob- tial release of The Hateful tally anywhere else.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 12 SPORTS January 22, 2016
Photo Courtesy of

USC Season End in a Nutshell KINGDOM TO

By Shayna Kobrinetz die for a coach. Sua suggest- hes not going to be a part of but ultimately the team fell to
Staff Writer ed that if Helton had been this bowl game with us. We Wisconsin.
the coach the entire season, look forward to getting him Despite all the hard work in
As the season came to a the team wouldve been more back in January, and having a practice, the Trojans still man-
close, the USC football team motivated, wouldve played great spring. It was obviously aged to find time for fun during Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
took the field at Southwest- harder, and might have even still a very private matter, as their stay in San Diego, as the By Julia Walton
ern College- their practice been in a different position in Helton declined to expand, team literally danced their way Staff Writer
location for the 2015 Holiday the Holiday Bowl, saying, If and all players refrained from through practice, attended a Buried deep in the doping
Bowl, one final practice before Helton was at the head for the speaking about the issue. concert in North Park, toured crisis of the athletic world, the
the seniors and those choosing whole season, things would be The Trojans had twen- a Navy Ship, and explored the UK wants to reset world re-
to enter the NFL draft played different, wed have the chance ty-four seniors playing in the zoo. Coach Helton seemed cords for the Olympic games
their last game as Trojans. to make the Rose Bowl, or the game, including Quarterback most excited about the zoo, in order to give athletes a clean
It was evident that the play- playoff. Sua seemed confident Cody Kessler, who was recent- We get to go to the zoo now, slate and provide opportunity
ers were eager to play for their heading into his last game as a ly selected to play in the 2016 which is great, I cant wait to for those who have not used
new Head Coach, Clay Hel- Trojan. Senior Bowl. He stated, The be a part of that with the kids. drugs to take the titles they de-
ton, as they worked hard and The team appeared strong, cool thing is, we have all these Were going straight to the li- serve.
played enthusiastically, despite despite the recent events sur- younger guys who all want to ons, and its going to be a fun The sports governing body
knowing that it would be the rounding left tackle Chad win for the seniors, but at the afternoon for us. has made proposals to extend
last time the same group would Wheeler, who was sent to the same time, its just another As the Trojans headed to- bans on drug cheats and to cre-
be together for practice. Junior hospital for a psychiatric eval- game, win for yourself, win wards their buses, prepared ate a public list of athletes who
Sua Cravens, who recently an- uation following an incident for the guy next to you I for their last game, the morale have been drug tested. British
nounced his decision to forgo with the police in mid-Decem- want to win for everybody. was high, the game plan was Athletics (UKA) chairman,
his senior year and enter the ber. Coach Helton addressed Kesslers had four coaches in set, and they had only had two Ed Warner, noted according
NFL draft, stated, Hes a guy the issue, saying As you see, his five years at USC. He had things on their mind: winning, to BBC News that radical re-
that we love, we have a team Chad is not out here, just high hopes of finishing his ca- and finding out what was for form is presently needed.
thatll play for a coach, thatll based on a lack of preparation reer as a Trojan on a high note, lunch. Russia has been barred from
international competition and
possibly even the incoming
Olympic Games for supposed
state-sponsored doping.
Records have been found of
money dispensed in order to
clear unwanted drug tests and
reports of laboratory samples
gone missing.
Many other suspicious deal-
ings have been uncovered and
are not making the future of
Russias athletes look very

USC Football Team Hard at Work good.

Warner also states that the

During One of Their Practices

trust in athletics is at its low-
est point in decades and that
athletes and fans not involved
in such dealings have been let
Recommendations for the
situation include having the
World Anti-Doping Agency
maintain a public global regis-
ter of all drug tests and missed
tests should be investigated.
Other recommendations in-
clude changing the banning
system so that three strikes

New Day, New NFL HGH Scandal

Photos Courtesy of Shayna Kobrinetz over a long period of time- 18
months - would ensue a ban.
Many believe that clean ath-
letes should be compensated
By Nora Becker ti-aging clinic, claimed that is also noted for its ability to with prize money once drug
Staff Writer the clinic supplied Manning speed healing after an injury, cheats are banned, as well as
and other prominent athletes and burn fat. extending ban time for 8 years
Barry Bonds, Alex Rodri- with performance-enhancing Some have pointed out that so it covers two Olympic cy-
guez, Lance Armstrong, and drugs. Ashley Manning may have cles and criminalizes the sup-
now Peyton Manning? Reportedly, the hormones used HGH for fertility rea- ply of performance-enhancing
The Qatar-based broadcast- were shipped with Ashley sons (the couple had twins in drugs.
ing company, Al Jazeera, re- Mannings name on them the 2011), or that Manning used it The reason for releasing
ported in late December that football stars wife, so his name to recover from surgery. such information on what we
NFL quarterback Peyton Man- would never be connected. Nonetheless, endocrinol- should do to react to the situ-
ning, of the Denver Broncos, Sly has since recanted ev- ogist Dr. Alan Rogol told Al ation is so that debate can be
had previously used human erything, saying it was all a Jazeera that neither plausible spurred and opinions given as
growth hormone (HGH). lie. However, Manning is still reason is a currently approved to whether or not these sug-
In 2011, Manning under- insistently denying the claims, argument that would lead to gestions are rational ideas or
went two neck surgeries, and calling them complete gar- the prescription of HGH. on top of them what else could
allegedly used HGH during bage. In October 2014, the NFL be done.
his recovery, or are the surger- Human growth hormone is began testing for the presence We will be awaiting the up
ies just a convenient excuse? naturally produced by the hu- of HGH in players bodies. and coming Olympics this
Charles Sly, a former em- man body, but extra injected There have since been no pos- summer to witness how the
ployee of an Indianapolis an- doses increase muscle mass. It itive results. Photo Courtesy of Flicker epidemic is dealt with.
January 22, 2016 SPORTS 13 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Shaving for Speed or Suave? EL NIO

Bend it
Athletes Across the Nation Participate in the Act of Shaving Their Extremities in an At-
tempt to Improve Performance or, in Some Cases, Simply for a Mental Boost. Seasoned Surfer, Garrett Mc-
Namara, Injured on 50-foot Wave
much about becoming more top professional triathletes,
By Julia Walton By Asha Alagiri
aerodynamic, but more on pro- cyclists, and runners, com-
Staff Writer Staff Writer
viding an essential mental boost ments on shaving as having
There are multiple opinions for top performance. Smooth the potential for adding a Although the rain may seem By Shayna Kobrinetz
and preferences when it comes and sleek from a fresh shave, strong mental boost, yet is off-and-on, the effects of the El Staff Writer
to whether or not an athlete Lovic has more of an ability to not a necessary practice for Nio are still taking place. Off UCSD Sophomore Jordyn
should shave body hair. Some feel the water he is pushing out top performance. Despite the coast of California some McNutt earned an All- Amer-
find it quite effective while of the way; after each stroke he Rocks own shaving habits, he of the biggest waves recorded ica Honorable Mention for her
others feel that it has no real feels more and more invincible, states, the only population have been produced and have season as a midfielder for the
benefit. Yet is there any defi- cutting through the water like that may have a somewhat been taking place during the Tritons womens soccer team.
nite answer to this question a knife. valid argument would be very Mavericks surf competition, The Division II Conference
that many athletes seem to be Aside from a mental boost, hairy long-distance, non-wet- where some of the best surfers Commissioners Association
curious about? Based upon many people describe their suit wearing swimmers with ride some of the biggest waves. honored McNutt, four other
the lack of scientific evidence hairless body as being rid of an excellent swim technique. Garrett McNamara, one of the midfielders, and fourteen play-
and studies that have been exterior rug that once allowed That limits the numbers, a biggest surf legends, wiped out ers overall. McNutt was one of
conducted to show whether or heat to be trapped inside, but lot according to Blue Ridge on a wave that reached 15 me- only five players from the West
not it works, it really depends could now be released. This Outdoors. ters (49 feet) at the Mavericks Coast region to be selected.
on the perspective and experi- provides an extra comfort as On top of this, for those competition. McNutt holds the 2014 and
ence of the individual. body temperature rises during that believe shaving prevents McNamara, at 45 years old, 2015 record for assists in the
Top triathlete and cyclist exercise. Another comfort, that infection, it is actually just as had the record for the biggest California Collegiate Athletic
Vern Lovic believes that shav- many cyclists prefer, is to have likely to get an infection with wave ever surfed on, a 30 me- Association (CCAA) this year
ing, although not scientifically hairless legs and arms resulting or without hair. And no, ath- ter wave off the coast of Portu- reaching a career high of 10 as-
proven, is very effective. His in greater ease and sanitation letes should not be afraid of gal. He recently wiped out on sists.
reasons for his own practice of when attending to cuts and oth- getting a hair follicle infec- a nearly 50 foot El Nio-fueled McNutt began playing soc-
shaving, as well as other ath- er injuries. For those who have tion from recovery massages. wave at Half Moon Bay. cer at age six, and made the
letes he is acquainted with, is not tried this method, many In Dr Rocks opinion he ad- While surfing on his own af- Varsity team at University City
for improving performance, athletes encourage it, especially dresses athletes saying, skip ter the competition was post- High School her freshman
the ease of treating injuries, because if you don't like your the unfounded important poned by the storm, he was year. At UC, McNutt made
and just for the look. Lovic, experience, your hair will al- reasons to shave and tell the thrown off his board smacked the All Western League Team
who has been shaving his ways grow back. truth you do it because ev- into the water multiple times First Team twice, and the Sec-
body for over twenty years, For those that don't promote eryone else does it and it ac- before being completely ond Team once as a junior, was
describes the ritual as adding shaving, their opinion is based centuates those hard earned sucked in by the monster wave. named the Centurion Athlete
a substantial performance more on the necessity of such a calf muscles. About halfway down the of the Year as a senior, made
advantage according to Blue practice. Dr. Garret Rock, who Ultimately, there is no right wave McNamara bounced the U-T San Diego All-Aca-
Ridge Outdoors. It is not as advises over 80 of the worlds or wrong, hair grows back. right off the surface multiple demic Team her junior and se-
times. As a safety precaution, nior years, played Varsity field
McNamara had partially in- hockey and ran Varsity track
flated his vest which is what and field.
caused him to bounce off of Her accomplishments on
the water instead of just falling and off the field allowed her
straight through. to commit to UCSD the fall of
After the wave landed on her senior year.
McNamara, he swam into the McNutts skills have allowed
breaking zone where Banner, a her to excel at UCSD, as she
jet skier, swam to get him back started in all 22 games the Tri-
to the shore and onto an am- tons played in the 2015 season.
bulance. McNutt made four goals this
McNamara found himself season and ten assists, placing
with a dislocated and broken her third on the point chart of
shoulder from the impact. As the team.
soon as he reached the hospi- The Tritons soccer team
tal, he was taken into surgery played in another CCAA
for his arm and shoulder. Tournament this season, ul-
After the accident, Mc- timately earning the CCAA
Namara said, Surfing is my banner with a 3-2 win over Cal
life. It's my passion. It's what State Stanislaus, marking their
I love to do. And, I will never ninth CCAA banner thus far.
Shown Above: Half Moon Bay After El Nio Surge stop surfing, already wanting After the games, McNutt
Shown Below: Half Moon Bay Before El Nio Surge to get into the waves again. spoke with the UCSD Athletic
Later on Facebook, Mc- Department and said, Weve
Namara posted a photo from been working so hard all sea-
the hospital captioned, Doc- son to win this game, [so] it just
tors expect a 110% recovery. feels so good to have all this
However there is an expected hard work pay off. McNutts
2-to-3 week recovery period. efforts certainly paid off this
El Nio is expected to remain season, as she earned the All-
somewhat weak throughout America Honorable Mention
the rest of winter, although the and was named D2 CCA All-
oceanic patterns have been un- West Region First Team. Both
usually strong and some areas honors were her first national
have been flooded. There has and regional recognition.
yet to be any major damage. McNutt plans on playing
Shown Below: McNamara throughout college, is cur-
Surfing in Hawaii rently studying to receive her
teaching credential, and plans
to pursue a career as an ele-
mentary school teacher after
UCSD. As for now, McNutts
success on the field is her main
Photos Courtesy of Wikipedia Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons focus.
Hi-Tide 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 14 NEWS January 22, 2016
DRUG LORD, EL CHAPO Woman Raped in NYC Park
Actor meets with notorious Mexican fugitive 18-year-old attacked and raped by teenagers in Brooklyn
By Lucy Barton Penn described in his article By Rebecca Ryan not have a cellphone. Numer- other suspect turned himself
Staff Writer how cleaned up the drug lord Staff Writer ous shopkeepers asked him to in, while police forces searched
Last Friday, January 8th, actually looked, calling him On Thursday January 12th, leave their stores after refusing, for the fifth suspect, finding
Mexican forces managed to remarkably well-groomed. a woman was raped in a claiming they did understand him on the January 11.
finally capture wanted fugitive El Chapo was questioned neighborhood park in Brook- what he was speaking about, The 17-year-old suspect will
Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, about various other subjects, lyn, New York. The eighteen and that he was stumbling; ob- be charged as an adult, because
58, after he escaped from a one of which including US year-old was beat and raped viously drunk and incoherent. New York is one of two states
high security prison last July. presidential candidate Donald by a group of five teenagers, The woman, whose name that requires people 16 and
News shocked the world the Trump, to whom El Chapo re- while her father attempted to has yet to be released, suffered older to have their cases han-
next day when an article was ferred to as mi amigo. call the police. cuts to her arms, face and legs, dled in adult criminal court.
published in The Rolling Stone El Chapo was finally recap- After stopping in a corner and was subsequently taken to But prosecutors have some
about a secret interview actor tured January 8th in a police store for drinks, the group a hospital after struggling with discretion in deciding whether
Sean Penn, 55, had done with shootout that killed six of his consisting of a 14 year-old, police forces. One source says the cases of the younger sus-
El Chapo while he was on the people. The Mexican navy in- two 15 year-olds and two 17 she was combative, and bit an pects go to Family Court or
run. vaded a home in Los Mochis, year-old boys entered Osborn officer trying to put her into Criminal Court.
El Chapo escaped from pris- where he was protected by a Playground where they spot- the ambulance. Under New York law, some-
on for the second time in his range of residents. ted the pair, who were sup- While it will take seven to ten one who is 14 or 15 will be tried
life last July by fitting through According to CNN, El Chapo posedly drinking beers in the days to analyze tests for rape, as an adult if he is charged with
a hole in the shower that led escaped from the police via a park together. her wounds were consistent any of a list of the most serious
to an underground tunnel. secret passage in the home that The father later claimed that with a sexual attack. Accord- crimes, including first-degree
Reportedly, this was a well- descended into a tunnel that one of them put a gun in my ing to officials, she had been rape. The mayor of New York
face, telling me to run, and all separated from her father for said Every New Yorker in ev-
of them had their way with most of her life, raised by an ery neighborhood deserves to
her, however, the daughter adoptive family out West, feel safe and protected, and we
later claimed that she did not and had recently been in con- will not stop until the perpe-
notice any of the men wield- tact with her father. Neighbors trators of this disturbing attack
ing a gun, and no gun has yet claim that he was a well-known are held accountable for their
to be recovered. drunk, and irresponsible with actions. He continues, this
After fleeing the scene, the his other younger children. administration has zero tol-
father ran into a few nearby Their mothers turned in the erance for sexual attacks, and
shops, screaming about what three youngest suspects when we will work to ensure a crime
was happening and asking news and footage of the scan- of this nature never happens
to use a phone, since he did dal appeared in local news. An- again.

Oregon Standoff Against Govt.

Armed ranchers storm federal building to make demands
planned scheme. There was a Footage of the raid - dubbed
motorcycle waiting for him on Operation Black Swan - on El By Jimmy Irwin 2014, when he refused to pay onto federal land.
Chapos Mexico hideout. He last They are being charged un-
the rails in the tunnel that led Staff Writer upwards of $1 million dollars
escaped in July.
to a small plane that took him Photos courtesy of Mexican government On the night of Satur- in fees because he wouldnt der a special terrorism bill that
to safety. day, January 1st, a group of acknowledge that land he was happens to overlap with their
Mexican officials have been armed men stormed a feder- letting his cows graze was in- situation, which has fanned
trying to find him ever since, ally owned building, part of deed federally owned. His son the flames of anti-government
and were apparently un- a wildlife reserve, in southern
aware of the secret interview Oregon. The men have been
Penn conducted in the mid- holed up in the building, de-
dle of October last year, three manding that the government
months after El Chapos es- give them what they want. The
cape. story is complicated, with sev-
In Penns article, he talks led to the citys storm drains. eral important people, con-
about the measures El Chapo It took 90 minutes for Mex- flicting goals, a large timeline,
took to keep his location pri- ican Marines to then find the and confusing motives.
vate, flying Penn in on a plane secret passage and apprehend Lets start with the motives
with a device that jammed ra- El Chapo. of the group, which basical-
dar and prohibited them from According to Mexican of- ly wants two things. The first
having their cell phones. Ac- ficials, one of the factors that is for the federal government
cording to CNN, Penn does lead to El Chapos capture were to relinquish the land that the
not disclose the exact location his calls to movie producers wildlife reserve lies on. The
of their meeting, but he does concerning a potential biopic. second is to give easier sen-
say that it took place in the He had been seeking help in tences to two ranchers that the
Mexican forest. Mexican actress Kate del Cas- government is currently pros-
In the interview, El Cha- tillo, who planned the inter- ecuting. Ammon was an active par- Ammon Bundy, pictured here in
po seems to talk freely and view with Penn, to plan a mov- Calling their ownership of ticipant in the confrontation. 2014, began planning the take-
proudly about his drug-deal- ie about his life. According to the land, unconstitutional, Ammon does not have any over of MNWR in October 2015.
they want the federal govern- personal money owed to the Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
ing business, claiming that he CNN, US law enforcement of-
supplies more heroin, meth- ficials stated that the tracking ment to give the reserve back government, but its clear that
amphetamine, cocaine and of cell phones and electronic to ranchers of the area. To hes passionate in his belief of militants like the Bundys. The
marijuana than anybody else exchanges among people close understand their motives for the feds wrongdoing. Hammonds and their attor-
in the world. He bragged to to Guzman was critical in his their backing of the two cer- So where do the other two neys have made clear that they
Penn, I have a fleet of sub- recapture. tain ranchers being prosecut- ranchers come in? Dwight and dont want to be associated
marines, airplanes, trucks and Last summer, the US gov- ed, we must first understand Steve Hammond, also father with the Bundys.
boats. Perhaps there had been ernment requested El Chapos who is leading the group in- and son, are ranchers in Arizo- In conclusion, Ammon Bun-
a bit of surprise about how he extradition to the prisons of side the building. na. They have a charge of arson dy and his group want the re-
had been living for the past the US. The request is being His name is Ammon Bun- from 2001, for burning land linquishing of the federal land
three months as a fugitive, as considered by federal officials dy, the son of a Nevada cattle to try to cover up illegal deer in their area, as well as the re-
he apparently sipped tequila and could take up to a year, but rancher, Cliven Bundy. Cliven poaching they participated in, lease of the Hammonds. Time
in a casual patterned silk shirt El Chapos attorney is fighting Bundy recently made news and one from a controlled burn will tell how this confrontation
and pressed black jeans. the extradition. for a standoff with the feds in that spread from their property will play out.
January 22, 2016 A&E 15 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

Rest in Peace 25 Movies to Watch

Photos Courtesy of IMDB, Amazon, Rotten Tomatoes

Major Tom Before Youre 25 By Nessie Navarro, Editor-In-Chief
Some of these movies are funny, some are downers, but all, in some way or another, are must-sees.

By Nessie Navarro 1 2 3
David Bowie, the iconic sym- magnetism was impossible to
bol of everything outlandish, ignore. This seeming juxtapo-
the profoundly talented mu- sition of cool and completely
sician who had the ability to far-out wouldnt seem to flow
marry every aspect of fashion or work together if you were
with music, died on Sunday, to just look at Bowie or just
January 10 after battling can- listen to his music. On stage, The Breakfast Club Dazed & Confused Fast Times at Ridgemont High
cer for 18 months. To say his though, everything was right.
existence influenced many is His eccentric get ups grooved 4 5 6
quite the understatement; his with every persona of his and
legacy and legendary imprint grooved, strangely enough,
with all of his
Over the years,
from Nirvana
to Beck to Seu Ferris Buellers Day Off Lost in Translation Rushmore
Jorge, a num-
ber of bands and 7 8
performers have
covered and in-
terpreted their
own versions of
Bowie classics.
on this world will live on for- Most have been pleasantly cre-
ever. ative and pleasantly different.
Growing up in my house- To be able to capture that cer- The Goonies To Kill a Mockingbird
hold, David Bowie was a con- tain grace and certain allure
stant. Among a lot of other of Bowies music has yet to be 10 11
music that we listened to, Id reached, and, considering his
say Bowie was played the most. immensely unique style, may
Whether he was Ziggy Star- very well never be reached.
dust or the Thin White Duke, David Bowie was truly one
my dad seemed to always have of the most influential people The Life Aquatic with
one of Bowies albums playing this world has seen; influential Steve Zissou
in the background. I always in not only his music but in his
The Outsiders American Beauty
enjoyed listening to his music performance style and fashion
and so did my brother and sis- choices. His ability to com- 12 13 14
ter. But, I remember the first pletely capture his audiences
time I actually saw him per- and keep them riveted and
form and saw what he actually wholeheartedly in love was
looked like in his movie Ziggy admirable, to say the least, and
Stardust and the Spiders from something most performers
Mars. To actually see him was cant maintain for forty-plus
such a shock; he was a weirdo years.
with crazy makeup, bright or- David Bowie lives on within The Princess Bride Sixteen Candles Monty Python and the Holy Grail
ange hair, the tallest platform us all, guaranteeing his legend-
shoes, and the tightest and ary influence will never fade 15 16 17
brightest clothing. But, a weir- away or be forgotten. Rest in
do that was the absolute epito- peace, and in paradise, David
me of cool and a weirdo whose Bowie.

Bieber is Back
By Shayna Kobrinetz stop there, Biebers newest re- The Big Lebowski Airplane! Stand by Me
Staff Writer lease also debuted in the num-
What was the purpose of ber one spot on the Billboard 18 19 20 21
Justin Biebers new album Pur- Hot 200 Chart, beat One Di-
pose? If it was to break records, rections Made in the AM in
hes certainly succeeded. On first week sales by 120,000
the December Fifth edition of copies, and debuted one spot
the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, higher than One Directions
Bieber had a record breaking newest album.
seventeen songs on the chart, Purpose certainly hasnt Wet Hot American Summer Lord of the Files Jumanji Good Will Hunting
which broke the Beatles previ- fallen short of the hype, and
ous record of fourteen songs. even earned the number three
22 23 24 25
The Beatles held the record best-selling album in 2015,
for Fifty-One years before be- falling behind Adeles 25 and
ing dethroned by the so-called Taylor Swifts 1989.
Prince of Pop. Drake tied with Bieber may have outgrown
the Beatles fourteen-song re- his purple sneakers and de-
cord on October seventeenth veloped a new sound, but he
and March seventh this past certainly hasnt outgrown his
Whats up Doc? Motorcycle Diaries Cinema Paradiso Into the Wild
year. Purposes records didnt record-breaking ways.
January 22, 2016 A&E 16 90 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Hi-Tide

The Revenant New Year, New Television

A Visceral Tale of Survival
By Brooke Kaufman ator of the popular television Degrassi lovers, because de-
By Jimmy Irwin one who had to endure less- Staff Writer series Boardwalk Empire) and buting this January is Netflixs
Staff Writer than-ideal preparation and The start of a new year can Rolling Stones frontman Mick new reboot of the classic, Ca-
One of the most talked about conditions. The production of mean many things, and for Jagger and Oscar-winning di- nadian drama series: DeGras-
movies in the box office right the movie was characterized those who enjoy a good tele- rector Martin Scorsese as ex- si: The Next Class. Described
now is The Revenant. Direct- by crew members quitting, ab- vision show, 2016 wont fail to ecutive producers, is sure to by the shows creators as in-
ed by highly regarded direc- solute non-cooperation of the deliver. Though we are only a pack quite a punch this winter. troducing a whole new gener-
tor Alejandro G. Irritu, and weather, going grossly over few weeks into the new year, On the popular stream- ation to the real-life issues of
starring Leonardo DiCaprio, budget, and more. Director there are already many highly ing device Hulu comes a new high school students, aka Gen-
this film, based on a true story, Alejandro G. Irritu takes full anticipated programs on the eight-episode drama series en- eration Z, as they journey into
is about a man, nearly mauled responsibility for many of the horizon. titled 11.22.63. The show stars adulthood, the shows release
to death by a bear, on the hunt crazy happenings on set. Vinyl is an HBO produced James Franco as a high school on January 15th couldnt come
for the man who murdered his Irritu is known for being drama about the music in- teacher who goes back in time soon enough.
son. It takes place in the very committed to having the ab- dustry of the 1970s. HBO de- to prevent the assassination Overall, there are countless
early 1800s in a hellishly cold solute utmost level of realism scribes the 10-episode series of President John F. Kenne- new shows for us to watch this
section of America. The pro- in his movies. He believes that as a ride through the sex- dy. The plot is an adaptation upcoming year. From histor-
tagonist, named Hugh Glass, is people can tell the difference, and drug-addled music busi- of Stephen Kings 2011 novel, ical dramas to the reboots of
portrayed by DiCaprio. citing an example of an ava- ness at the dawn of punk, dis- and the show is expected to teen classics, it is very doubtful
DiCaprio is known for his lanche happening in the movie. co, and hip-hop. The show, premiere February 15th on 2016 will not be yet another
many roles in blockbuster He believes that the difference whose all-star creative team Presidents Day. year with television to remem-
movies, including Titanic, Ro- between a real shot being filmed includes Terence Winter (cre- Good news has come for ber.
meo and Juliet, The Aviator, versus CGI is like the difference
The Departed, Inception, and
The Wolf of Wall Street. For
between organic and GM food.
In an interview Irritu had
Significant Others
his role in The Revenant, he with The Guardian he stated A New Exhibit At San Diego Central Library
went through hell. He grew that, We have lost the taste for By Rebecca Ryan ry Kline, and Anna OCain some couples worked together
out his beard, which, accord- the real. Many of his movies Staff writer and Richard Keely. The com- on their piece, others worked
ing to rumor, became infest- are about the human experi- The recently opened Cen- mon theme throughout the individually to express person-
ed with fleas, studied several ence, for example his 2004 film, tral Library in downtown San pieces is the idea of marriage, al aesthetics and perceptions.
Native American languages, Amores Perros, which shed Diego opened a new gallery Different depictions of mar-
immersed himself in freezing light on the brutal underground exhibition on December 19, riage are portrayed in the art.
water every day, and ate raw dogfighting scene of Mexico 2015 and will be running un- The exhibit is possible
buffalo liver. It is often brought City. til February 28, 2016. through a partnership be-
up that, despite being the role The Union Tribune declared The exhibit, titled Signif- tween the San Diego Public
in a number of critically ac- that The Revenant is a movie icant Others is a collabora- Library and the City of San Di-
claimed movies, he has never that isnt watched, but rather tion by eight San Diego artists ego Commission for Arts and
won an Oscar. Maybe The Rev- survived. If the past works of who make up 4 couples: Jean Photo Courtesy of Sara Espinosa Culture, and admission is free.
enant will be enough to change DiCaprio and Irritu are any Lowe and Kim MacConnel, however each individual art- It is located on the 9th floor
the Academys minds. indication, then this will surely Jessica McCambly and John ists interpretation of their of the Central Library on 330
DiCaprio wasnt the only be one worth seeing. Oliver Lewis, Debby and Lar- relationship is diverse. While Park Blvd, downtown.

Calendar of Events for January 24 - February

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Sias new Album This Is Dustin Lynch R5 & Parade of Lights

Acting is released House of Blues Balboa Theatre

31 1 2 3 4 5 6
Elton Johns new al-
bum Wonderful Crazy
San Diego Youth San Diego Jewish Night is released ASB Ball at
Symphony Groundhogs Day Minimum Day The New Childrens
Film Festival
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California Center for
the Arts Escondido

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