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Science Term 2, Week 7 2017

Workshop Learning Intention Activities

The Living Achievement

Science: Part One
World Objective: Ask
questions, find
evidence, explore 1. Describe living characteristics of plants MRS GREN and record on an A3 paper.
simple models, and 2. Follow up and recap from homework task what is a hypothesis, variable, and control.
carry out appropriate
investigations to 3. The students will form groups of five based on what they think will happen
develop simple 4. As a group discuss what seed will have the best conditions to germinate and form a
explanations. group hypothesis.
5. Each group will have their own experiment as follows: Seed One provide with water
Objective: Explain how and warmth (by a computer), seed two provide with sunlight and water, Seed three
living things are suited provide with soil and water, Seed Four provide with dark and water, Seed Five cotton
to their particular habitat
wool and water, Seed Six quiet and water. (teacher resource cupboard in office or in
and how they respond
to environmental the whiteboard cupboard for the darkness).
changes, both natural 6. Ask each group to write up their method for what they did.
and human-induced.
7. Provide each group with their tracking sheet for their plants

WALT: make 8. Each group need to nominate one person to monitor and water their seeds each day
predictions and carry for the next seven days.
out a simple
Part Two
1. After seven days the students will analyze their results in their groups. They will write
up their results, conclusion, and if their prediction was correct as a group.
2. Class discussion: what each group found, was there similarities, differences. Why do
they think that one germinated better than another? What are the potential flaws with
this experiment?

Template: scenario, hypothesis, variables, control, results, conclusion, predicition.

Have a space to draw every denario not just theres, and space for the potential flaws (evaluation)

Worksheet One


Draw your observations of the growing plants. Be sure to record your group number and the number of days the
plant has been growing.




Scenario One: You will need:

Plastic Cup Seeds Water warmth

Scenario Two: You will need:

plastic cup seed water sunlight

Scenario Three: You will need:

Plastic cup seed water soil

Scenario Four: You will need:

Plastic cup seed Water darkness

Scenario Five: You will need:

Plastic cup seed water cotton wool

Scenario Six: you will need

Plastic cup seed water quiet