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1 A very good morning to Mr Thalasa Bin Umik, Make sure our

The Headmaster of SK Petra Jaya, Mr.Awang Headmaster
Napri Bin Awang Salleh,The Senior Assistant of and all the
Curriculum, Senior
Mdm Dayang Fatimah Binti Awang Gobil, The Assistants
Senior Assistant of Students Affairs, have taken
Mr.Ruslan Bin Keram, The Senior Assistant of their seats.
Co-Curriculum, Pn.Hjh. Norasidah Binti
Mohammad,The Senior Assistant of Special
Education, teachers and all my dear fellow

2 First of all, to begin our assembly today, I

would like to invite all the teachers and friends
to stand up and singing our National Anthem,
Negaraku and the State Anthem, Ibu Pertiwiku.
Thank you.

3 Next, we continue our assembly today with the

recitation of prayer. For that, I would like to
invite ____________________to lead the
recitation of prayer.
Thank you to__________________________
for the prayer.
Next, our assembly will be continued with
recitation of Rukunegara Oath. For that, I
would like to invite
______________________ to lead the
recitation of Rukunegara Oath.

Thank you to ______________________ for

4 the oath.

5 Now, I would like to invite the Head of teachers

on duty this week to deliver his speech. Please
welcome _______________________ .

6 Thank you to _________________________

for his speech. Hopefully, all of us here could
learn something from his beneficial speech.

7 Next, I would like to invite *our Headmaster / *change the

Senior Assistant of Curriculum to deliver his / name of the
her speech and at the same time officiate the teacher if
opening ceremony of English Week. Please there is
welcome. another
teacher who
would like to
deliver the

8 Thank you to our Headmaster / Senior

Assistant of Curriculum for his / her speech.
9 Now, in conjunction with English Week, let us
listen to our friends presentations. For the
first presentation, I would like to invite one of
our school representatives in public speaking.
Please welcome
Izzati Aini bt. Khuzairi from 5 Mawar Putih.

9 Next, please welcome

to recite her poem.

10 Thank you to our school representatives in

Public Speaking and Poem Recitation for their
performance. Next, our assembly will proceed
with the singing of Kedah Education
Departments song. Once again, I would like to
invite ____________________
to lead the singing.

11 With that, we end our assembly. Thank you.