KOMPETENSI DASAR Mencatat pesan sederhana baik dalam interaksi langsung maupun melalui alat Indikator: • Mencatat pesan melalui telpon • Mencatat registrasi, pesanan tiket, pesanan kamar hotel, pesanan barang secara langsung • Mengkonfirmasi pesanan Materi : Making an appointment Reservation Confirming or canceling arrangement Language focus: Present continues tense

I. MAKING AN APPOINTMENT Study the dialogue below! Secretary : Good morning. PT Gerhana Nusantara. Can I help you? Caller : Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Handoko, please? Secretary : I’m sorry madam, he is not in. He has gone out for a meeting. Would you leave a message, please? Caller : What time will he be back? Secretary : The meeting will be finished after twelve, and he will go to his friend’s house for lunch after the meeting. Caller : Well, would you tell him to call me back after lunch. Secretary : May I have your name and your telephone number, please? Caller : I’m Susi Susanti from CV. Intan Permata. My telephone number is 657234. Secretary : OK, your name is Susi Susanti, from CV Intan Permata. The phone number is 657234. Caller : Yes, that’s right. Thank you for your help. Secretary : You‘re welcome. To understand the dialogue, please answer the questions below 1. Who does the caller want to speak to? 2. Who answers the telephone call? 3. Who is the caller? 4. What time will the meeting finish? 5. What did the caller ask the secretary to do? Note: As a secretary, you should be able to take a message for your manager when he was out. Here is an example of telephone message:
WHILE YOU WERE OUT DATE : Feb. 20th , 2008 TO : Mr. Handoko FROM : Susi Susanti OF : CV. Intan Permata PHONE NO : 657234 MESSAGE : Ms. Susi Susanti wants you to call her after lunch. Her phone number is 085239594774 RECEIVED BY : Rini

Task 1 Read the dialogue and then write the telephone message. The following message is taken on July 20th, at 4.15 p.m. Receptionist : Front office. Can I help you? Customer : I’d like to speak to Mr. Sutarja in room 254, but there is no answer. Receptionist : Would you like to leave a message? Customer : Could you tell him to call Mr. Hidayat as soon as he gets back? My number is 331368. Receptionist : 331368. And your name is…? Customer : Sembiring. S-E-M-B-I-R-I-N-G. Receptionist : Thank you Mr. Sembiring. The message is for Mr. Sutarja and you want him to call you after coming back to 331368 Customer : That’s right. Thank you very much. Receptionist : Don’t mention it. Telephone message form WHILE YOU WERE OUT : : : : :


RECEIVED BY : Task 2 Read the dialogue, and then fill in the form of telephone message Man : Good morning, I’d like to see the purchasing manager, is she not busy this morning? Woman : Let me see. Do you have an appointment with her? Man : Oh, I’m sorry I don’t. I’d like to introduce my new product in this office can you help me, please? Woman : What is your new product, sir? Man : Stationary Woman : Will you write your name, please Man : All right, my name is Riyanto and my phone number is 672345 Woman : Mss. Lisa, the purchasing manager is having a meeting at the moment. Will you come after one pm?

Man Woman Man

: : :

What about at 13.30? That’s ok; I’ll tell her that you will meet her at 1. 30 pm thank you WHILE YOU WERE OUT : : : : :


RECEIVED BY : II. RESERVATION A. ROOM RESERVATION Study the dialogue below Receptionist : Good morning, can I help you? Customer : I’d like to book 2 rooms for my guests. Receptionist : When will you use them sir? Customer : Next week, on the 10th and 11th of Sept. Receptionist : All right what name is it for sir? Customer : Mr Ronald and Ratna, his secretary. How much is the rate per night? Receptionist : Rp. 250.000. for single bed and Rp. 300.000,- for twin bed. Which one would you like? Customer : Single bed please! Receptionist : All right, and you should make a confirmation as soon as possible Customer : Sure, I will Receptionist : May I have your name and telephone number? Customer : I’m Irwan from CV Duta Pertama and the phone number is 645832 Receptionist : Yes, thank you sir.
Name Arrival by Departure by Requested by Reservation made Contact Person Address Date Signature RECEIVED BY : : : : : : : : : : Phone Letter Fax Other 2 single rooms , 10th to 11th of Sept. 2008 Mr. Irwan CV Duta Permata, Phone, 645832 September 3, 2008 __________________ Ermawati RESERVATION FORM Mr. Ronald and Ratna ___________________________________ ___________________________________

Study the sentences below used in making reservation

1. I’d like to reserve a room for two nights. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan: I want to book a room for 23rd and 24th of July. 2. A single room or a double room, sir? 3. I’d like a single room, pleas. 4. What name is it for? Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan: Who is it for? What name is it in? 5. Do you want to change the reservations? Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan: Do you want to make another reservation? 6. How much is the price per night, please? Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan: What is the price? What’s the rate? What’s the nightly rate per person? 7. I’m afraid that rate is too high for us. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan: I’m afraid that’s not the rate we expected. Task 3 Read the dialogue below and then fill in the reservation form Reseptionist Leny Receptionist Leny Receptionist Leny Receptionist Leny Receptionist Leny Receptionist : : : : : : : : : : : Good morning, the advance reservation. International Hotel, can I help you? I’d like to reserve a single room for the 1st and the 2nd of August. What name is it for? Mr. Sungkono, my director. Which room do you need madam, Standard or Superior one? How much is the price? $75 for standard and $100 for superior room. a Superior room, please May I have your name and your telephone number? I’m Leny and my number is 672445, from Independence Company. OK, you reserve a superior room for the first and the second of August, for the name of Mr. Sungkono. Yes, that’s right. Good bye Thank’s madam, bye

Leny : Receptionist :

RESERVATION FORM The guest’ name Arrival by Departure by Reserved by phone Reservation made Contact Person Address Phone number Date Signature RECEIVED BY B. RESERVING AN AIRLINE TICKET Sentences used in reserving a flight ticket 1. I’d like to make a reservation for my boss on a flight to Tokyo. 2. ….but no more seats are available. Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan: … but there isn’t any seat left. 3. How much is the ticket, please? 4. What time is the first flight, please? 5. The first flight is at 7.30 am 6. You must be at the airport one hour before the departure. 7. Is there a direct flight? 8. Is that a direct flight? 9. Sorry, but all seats have been confirmed 10. How about tomorrow flight? 11. There are two seats left on the second flight. Task 4 Study the dialogue below and then fill in the reservation form Receptionist : Garuda Indonesia Airlines, good morning. Can I help you? Deny : I want to reserve a ticket to Surabaya. Can I have the ticket for the first flight? Receptionist : I’m sorry, sir. All the seats have been confirmed. Do you want to take the second flight? There are two seats left. Deny : What time does it depart? Receptionist : At 10.30. It will arrive in Surabaya at 11.15 Deny : OK, I’ll take the second flight. How much is the ticket, please? Receptionist : Rp. 530.000. What name is it for, sir? Deny : It’s Deny. Deny Wijaya. Receptionist : May I have your address and your telephone number? letter fax other

Deny : Receptionist : Deny :

Sure. My address is Jl. Nusa Indah II/ 12 and my phone number is 634313 Thank you sir, the ticket will be ready in 15 minutes. You must be at the airport one hour before the departure. All right, and thank you madam. Bye.

NAME : : : : : : : : _______________________________________ ________________________________________ ______________ ______________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ______________________________________ _________________________________ : _________________________

Flight number Date Reserved by Name Address Phone number


C. RESERVING TABLES AT A RESTAURANT Sentences used in reserving table in a restaurant 1 I’d like to book 15 tables for 75 people. Maksud yang sama dapat juga diungkapkan demikian: Could I have 15 tables for 75 people? How would you like the atmosphere? Untuk maksud yang sama dapat juga dikatakan : What kind of atmosphere do you want? I require a 20% advance payment on confirmation of the booking. Could you serve the meal at 12.30? How about the menu? How about the appetizer?


3 4 5 6

7 8 9

What kind of fruit do you like? Could I have your name, company name, and telephone number? Would you arrange the tables so as to create an informal and relaxing atmosphere?

10 Please give me confirmation as soon as possible. Task 5 Read the dialogue and then fill in the reservation for. Receptionist Mrs. Deny Receptionist Mrs. Deny Receptionist : : : : : Hallo. Favorite Restaurant, Can I help you? Yes, madam. I’d like to reserve 5 tables for 50 people. When will you need it, Madam? It’s for tomorrow at 12.00. What are the terms? Rp. 20.000, - per person. We require 20% advance payment on confirmation of the booking. All right. Could you serve the meal on time, please? Sure. How about the menu? Do you want to try our specialties? Roast boneless chicken with soy sauce and grilled lobster with black pepper sauce. Both will be fine. We also want sirloin steak and baked fish for main dishes. That’s okay. I’ll try to give you the best. Thanks madam. Bye.

Mrs. Deny : Receptionist : Mrs. Deny : Receptionist : Mrs. Deny :

Date Name Address Phone Reservation made

: : : : :

Used on (Date and time)


__________________________ _______________________ _________________________ ___________________________ ______________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ ________________________________ ______________________________



Task 6 1. Work in a group of 4 students; try to get a schedule of flight (any kinds of flight) 2 Write a short dialogue based on the schedule 3 Demonstrate the dialogue in front of the class in pairs, one becomes a customer and the other is as a receptionist, and then fill in the form of reservation.

Task 7 Read the dialogue below and then answer the questions. WRONG NUMBER Operator Paul Operator Paul Operator : : : : : Good morning. Indonesian Electronics, what can I do for you, sir? Good morning. May I speak to Mrs. Janice Adams? Sorry, who did you say you wanted to speak to? Adams. Janice Adams. There’s Mrs. Janice Smith here. But nobody named Janice Adams works here. But, she asked me to ring this number. Let me check. Is that 5011958? No, this isn’t the number you want. It’s 5811958 I’m sorry. I must have dialed the wrong number. never mind. Bye- bye

Paul : Operator : Paul : Operator : Questions 1. Who is the caller? 2. Who does he want to speak to? 3. Does he meet the person he wants to? 4. What number does he have and what number has he dialed? 5. What’s the answer of the call? III. CONFIRMING OR CANCELLING ARRANGEMENT Study the example below 1 Making confirmation Receptionist : Hendra : Receptionist : Hendra Receptionist Hendra Receptionist Hendara : : : : :

Rinjani travel agency, good morning can I help you? Yes, my name’s Hendra. I have booked a ticket of Garuda Air Lines to Surabaya at 7.00 am tomorrow, but because of my business, can I change it to the day after tomorrow at the same time? I’m sorry sir, all the seat have been confirmed for the first flight, want about the last flight? What time does it depart? At six pm, but you must be at the air port one hour before the departure its ok, I’ll take the last flight. Yes, sir you change your flight on Friday, August 10, at 7.00 am to Saturday for the last flight, it’s at 6.00 pm Yes, thank you madam.

Questions 1. Where did Hendra want to go? 2 When did he plan to go? 3 Why did he delay his flight to the following day? 4 Write the note of the receptionist about the confirmation 5 What time should Mr. Hendra be at the airport?


Canceling a trip Receptionist : Good morning, Garuda reservation desk, can I help you? Caller : I hope so; I have booked a ticket to Samarinda for the name of Mr. Santoso. Receptionist : Let me check it first, sir. Yes that’s right. You will fly on Monday the 2nd of March. Caller : But I’m so sorry for I have to cancel it because of the family problem. Receptionist : That’s all right, but only 75 % refundable, sir Caller : It’s all right. Thank you madam Receptionist : you’re welcome and good bye

Questions 1 Where did Mr. Santoso want to go? 2 Why did he cancel his trip? 3 Write the note probably written by the receptionist about the cancellation Task 8 Listening Listen and complete the dialogue below while listening to your teacher Receptionist : __________ (1) hotel, good afternoon may I help you? Caller : Yes_________ (2) from PT Catur Indah. I have booked ________ (3) for the name of Mr., Indra used on _________(4) September Receptionist : Wait a minute miss, _______ (5) check it first. Yes, that’s right... Caller : May I change the date to the ___________(6) on the same ______(7)? Receptionist : It’s Ok miss, for how long will you stay in the hotel? Caller : For _________(8) Receptionist : I’ll change your reservation for a single room on __________(9) of October Caller : Yes, madam thank you very much Receptionist : _____________(10) IV. LANGUAGE FOCUS PRESENT CONTINUS TENSE Present cont. tense adalah kalimat yang dipakai untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang sedang berlangsung pada saat kita berbicara. Contoh: Mr. Andrew is attending a meeting. (Tuan Andrew sedang menghadiri pertemuan) The secretary is typing a letter now. (Sekretaris itu sedang mengetik surat sekarang) Perhatikan bentuk kalimat present continues tense S + BE (am/is/are) + (VERB + ing) + OBJ

Be selalu berubah sesuai dengan subyek. Misalnya: I am ... She is... He is... It is ... Mother is ... Father is ... You are ... They are ... We are ... Untuk membuat kalimat negatif, tambahkan not setelah to be Contoh: - The secretary is not operating computer but she is handling telephone - The staffs are not having a meeting but they are working in their room Untuk membuat kalimat tanya, pindahkan be kedepan subyek. Perhatikan contoh berikut 1 A : Is the manager having a meeting? B : No, he isn’t. He is talking to one of the guests 2 A : What are you doing now? B : I’m typing a monthly report Keterangan waktu biasanya : Now At the moment Task 9 Write the verbs in brackets into present cont. tense or simple present tense. 1. The man ___________(talk) on the telephone now. 2. The teachers _____________(have) a meeting at the moment. 3. The boys ______________(play) football in the yard every Sunday. 4. The guests _____________(have) dinner at the moment. 5. The secretary ____________(type) a letter every day. 6. Ridwan and Dono ____________(study) in a group now. 7. My uncle _______________(work) in the office now. 8. The receptionist ________________(call) someone on the telephone. 9. The librarian always ____________(serve) the students politely . 10. The girls ________________(watch) TV in the living room. Task 10 Turn the sentences into questions. Look at the example below. e.g. The students are cleaning the room at the moment Who are cleaning the room at the moment? What are the students doing at the moment? 1. The workers are having a meeting now. Who……………………………….. 2. My uncle is typing a letter now. What …………………………………..

3. My father is reading a newspaper now What ……………………………….. 4. The boys are playing football in the yard now. Where …………………………………….. 5. My mother is cooking in the kitchen now. Where ……………………………………

ASSESSMENT Listening I. Listen to the dialogue and complete the missing words Woman Man Woman Man : : : : Good morning, _________(1)? Yes, I’d like to see the manager. _________ (2)today? Oh! Yes sir. ________ (3) an appointment with him? Yes, I’ve got an appointment at ten o’clock. And now it’s ________(4), isn’t it? Yes, it is. The manager has still got somebody in with him. Would you mind __________ (5) a moment? Please sit down, sir! Thank you. _________________ (6) and address, please? Yes, My name’s Arif, I live in Narmada And what company are ____________(7)? CV Mutiara All right, will you wait for a moment. __________(8) something to drink, sir, while you are waiting? No, thanks, _________ (9) appreciate something to read, if there is any. Yes, sir, there are some newspapers and magazines ____________ (10)

Woman : Man Woman Man Woman Man Woman : : : : : :

Man : Woman :

II. Answer the questions based on the dialogue above 1. Has the man made an appointment to see the manager? 2 What time did he promise the see him? 3 What company is he from? 4 What did he like to do while waiting for the manager? 5 Why should he wait for the manager? III Write sentences in a dialogue based on the situation given. 1. Your friend comes to your house and you want to offer him some thing to drink 2 You want to ask your mother to turn on the TV 3 You ask permission to your teacher to buy a pen while learning in the class 4 You want to know your friend’s telephone number 5 You want to offer a help to clean the white board

IV Write the telephone message below on the form 1 Please tell Mr. Eddy, your Boss, that Mr. Sembiring can not meet him at 10 tomorrow morning, and ask him to call back after lunch to reschedule the meeting. 2 3 I’d like to book a single room for the 5th and the 6th of May for the name of Mr. Lukman I want to reserve a ticket to Surabaya by Garuda on the first flight tomorrow on the 10th of June

SUMMARY In this unit you have learned: 1 How to handle a telephone call, take and leave a message a message. Try to make some practices to make you accustoms to speak English on the telephone 2 About making reservation and making a note by filling a reservation form. In this reservation you have learned about reserving a hotel room, flight ticket and booking table in a restaurant How to make a confirmation of the reservation Language focuses about the use of modals in: Request Asking permission Offering

3 4

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