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Dog Boy

1. Physical Bonuses: All Dog Boys, regardless of breed, get the following bonus rolls and attribute modifications. +2 on
initiative roll, +1 to strike, parry, and dodge, +2 to save vs disease, +2 to save vs possession, +1D4 to P.E. attribute, 1D4 to
P.S. attribute, +2D6 to speed attribute. Also see Optional Character Tables and notes on different breeds for possible
additional bonuses and considerations.
The physical endurance of the Dog Boys is twice that of the average human when it comes to resisting fatigue
and lifting weight. Mutant canines with a P.S. under 17 can carry 20 times their P.S. in pounds; those with a P.S. of 17 or
higher can carry 40 times their P.S. in pounds. In all cases, characters can lift twice as much as they can carry. The typical
Dog Boy can work or play at an intense but even pace for two hours before he starts to feel the serious effects of fatigue
(humans tire in an hour). Extremely exhausting tasks such as running full tilt without pause or fierce hand to
hand combat can be done for a full 40 minutes before the mutant canine becomes exhausted. Exhaustion
penalties are
the same as humans (-2 on Spd., -2 on initiative, -2 to damage and -1 to strike, parry and dodge; double the
penalties for each additional 15 minutes without appropriate rest). However, Dog Boys and most mutant
animals recover in about 15 minutes of rest or light work (half the time a human needs).

2. Superior sense of smell. The olfactory ability of mutant dogs is as superior to humans as their four legged
cousins roughly one million times better than a normal human. The Dog Boy can follow a scent trail that is
four days old (provided it hasn't been washed away) and recognize an odor from smelling only a few
molecules! This is possible because the canine olfactory center is constructed differently than humans and is
40 times larger and more sensitive. For example, a human has roughly five million sensory cells in the
olfactory membrane, while a Dachshund has 125 million, most Terriers around 150 million and a German
Shepherd 220 million! Thus, the average Dog Boy can smell odors (that aren't sealed in airtight containers)
up to 12 inches (0.3 m) underground and up to two feet (0.6 m) under snow. Those bred from "hounds,"
especially bloodhounds, are particularly expert in recognizing and following scents.
A trained tracker can identify and follow the "scent image" of specific individuals from their sweat (every
individual human's sweat and most D-bees' is unique to him, like a fingerprint). Their olfactory senses are so
great and they have become so expert in tracking by scent that the canine mutant (and ordinary hounds) can
deduct from the evaporation of the sweat and various other ingredients of the smell, which scents are
freshest, what direction they are leading and even let the Dog Boy guess which way the person may have gone
when the trail breaks or runs cold. The wet nose actually helps in smelling by dissolving molecules floating in
the air, bringing them into contact with the olfactory membrane and cleaning old smells away.
Common and strong scents: Recognize and accurately identify general/common/known smells, including
gases, food, animals, and the path used by a group of humans, mutant animals, D-bees or monsters, as well as
other strong and/or distinctive odors.
Base Skill: 70% +3% per level of experience.
Range: 100 feet (30.5 m) per level of experience.
Identify specific odors: Including the scent of specific individuals (specific characters), poisons or drugs
mixed into food or drink, unique and usual scents. The Dog Boy must be familiar with the target subject
and/or have a piece of clothing, hair, blood, etc., that the tracker can use as a reference.
Base Skill: 54% +2% per level of experience.
Range: 25 feet (7.6 m) per level of experience.
Track by smell alone! This means the mutant canine relies entirely on his sense of smell (if blinded, he
cannot follow physical tracks/footprints or any other visible trail). This also means that a Psi-Hound can sniff
his way through total darkness if there is a scent that can be followed, and the character suffers only half the
normal penalties to strike, parry, and dodge when blinded or in total darkness. When combined with the Dog
Boy's superior sense of hearing and ability to sense magic and psychic energy and the supernatural, this formidable
hunter can usually put together an incredibly accurate picture of who or what it is tracking and just how near or far it
may be.
Base Skill: 40% +4% per level of experience.
A few notes about tracking by scent: In most cases, the Dog Boy character should roll once for every 1000
feet (305 m) to see if he or she stays on the trial (half that distance if the scent is unusually light or if the trail
is covered in light rain or snow). A failed roll means the trail has been temporarily lost. Two successful rolls out of
three tries means the trail has been rediscovered. Two failures means the trail is lost.
Note: The Psi-Hound can smell a scent that is as much as four days old (96 hours), as long as the trail has not been
washed away. Can NOT track through water, nor smell Astral Beings, Ghosts or energy beings, although he can
probably "sense" their presence and general locale if nearby. Also, despite what many people may think, a dog
can NOT see any better in the dark than humans. However, their exceptional sense of smell and keen hearing helps
compensate for their lack of nightsight.

3. Keen Sense of Hearing. Dogs and Dog Boys alike, have exceptional hearing compared to humans and even
cats and many other animals. The mutant canines can hear into a higher range of sound and can register sounds of
35,000 vibrations per second compared to 20,000 in humans and 25,000 in cats. Additionally, their large ears work like
sound receivers that can prick up and swivel to focus in on the sound of the noise (thanks to 17 ear muscles). They can
also shut off their inner ear to filter the general din of noise to zero in on the sound they want to concentrate on.

4. Good Sight. The field of vision in short-nosed canines (like boxers and terriers) is 200 degrees, in long-
nosed breeds (like the German Shepherd and hounds) 270 degrees; compared to the human's 100 degrees.
Dog Boys see color in a similar range as humans, but the colors are a bit dulled. Farsightedness and other eye
problems common to humans are a rarity in Dog Boys.

5. Sense of Taste and Biting. Dog Boys have only a fair to good sense of taste. This is probably a blessing of
evolution for true dogs because they are both carnivores who eat what they catch (usually on the run) and
scavengers who eat old and decaying food of all kinds.
The bite of a Dog Boy will vary with the breed (see specific bonuses in the section about various breeds). A typical nipping
or warning bite from most breeds (including German Shepherd and most setters and pointers) typically inflicts 1D6 S.D.C.
damage, while a full strength bite does 2D6 damage more in some of the larger or more powerful
breeds, including wolf, coyote, Wolfhound, Rottweiler and Pit Bulls.
Note: Dog Boys are discouraged from using biting attacks because the CS is nervous about encouraging such savage and
primal action, and because such attacks open the mutant warriors to serious injury to the mouth, throat and head.

Dog Boy's Height

01-10 Four feet (1.2m)
11-30 Five feet (1.5m)
31-50 Five feet, six inches (1.7 m)
51-65 Five feet, 10 inches (1.78 m)
66-80 Six feet (1.8m)
81-90 Six feet, four inches (1.9m)
91-00 Six feet, eight inches (2 m)

Type/Breed of Dog
Below are some of the most common and interesting breeds of dog used by the Coalition States for the
creation of Dog Boys.
01-05 Irish Water Spaniel. Good tracker, excellent swimmer (base skill 90%); has a coat of fur that's almost
totally waterproof.
06-10 Wolfhound. Tracks by sight, not scent; -40% to track by smell, but add 30 to S.D.C., 1D4 to P.E. and P.S.
attributes, +3D6 to spd attribute, and +2 on initiative. Bite does +2D6 damage.
11-15 Irish or English Setters. Good tracker, add 2D6 S.D.C. and +1 to P.E. attribute, and fair swimmer
16-20 Coonhound. Originally bred to hunt raccoons; a superior sniffer, +2% to track by smell.
21-25 Golden Retriever. Good tracker, hardy, add +3D6 S.D.C., add +1 to P.S. and P.E. attributes; natural
swimmer: base skill 80%.
26-30 Cocker Spaniel. Excellent tracker: +4% to track by smell, hardy, add +2D6 S.D.C., and an excellent
swimmer: base skill 80%.
31-35 Airedale Terrier. Very good tracker, +2% to track by smell, excellent hunter, alert and aggressive; +1
on initiative, add 10 to S.D.C., fair swimmer: base skill 40%.
36-40 Beagle or Foxhound. Excellent trackers: +6% to all tracking by smell skills, but reduce average size by
10% (never taller than 4 ft/1.2 m), and its bite does 1D4 on a nip and 2D4 on a full strength bite.
41-50 German Shepherd (aka: Alsatian). Good tracker, alert, highly intelligent and loyal. Add 1D6 to I.Q.,
P.E., and Spd attributes, plus add 15 to S.D.C. and +1 on initiative. Good swimmer (60%). Note: Loves to
help/work with humans and has a friendly disposition. Extremely loyal.
51-55 Bloodhound. The super-scent tracker; +12% to all scent abilities, +1D6 to S.D.C., fair swimmer (45%).
56-60 Boxer. A very good tracker: +4% to all track by smell skills; stocky but powerful, with a strong neck and
powerful leg and back muscles, capable of jumping great distances. Mutant Boxers can leap 15 feet (4.6 m)
high or long after a short running start. Add +1 to I.Q. attribute, +1D4 to P.E. and P.S. attributes, and +20 to
S.D.C. The creature's
bite is also more powerful than most, inflicting 2D4 on a nip and 3D6 S.D.C. damage on a full strength bite.
61-65 Bull Terrier/Pit Bull. Reduce size by 10% (never taller than 5 ft/1.5 m), but add +2D6 to P.E.
attribute, add 2D4 to P.S. attribute and add 40 to S.D.C.! Bite inflicts 2D6 S.D.C. damage from a nip and 4D6 from a
full strength bite. -30 to track by smell; only a fair tracker.
66-70 American Water Spaniel or Setter. Very good tracker: +2 to track by smell; very good swimmer
(70%); and add +1D6 S.D.C. to the Spaniel and 2D6 to the Setter; good natured and loyal, but tend to show an
independent spirit.
71-75 Elkhound or Malamute. Good tracker, also big and powerful; add 20 to S.D.C., +1D4 to P.S. and P.E.
attributes, +2 on initiative, 3D6 to Spd attribute and +1D6 to bite. Elkhounds are typically 1D6+1 inches above six feet
(1.8+ m)
76-80 Lakeland Terrier. Reduce size by 10% (rarely taller than 4 ft/1.2 m), but tough and aggressive, +2
initiative, +1 to strike, add 2D6 to S.D.C., fair swimmer (40%).
81-85 Greyhound. Tracks by sight, not scent (equal to the human sight tracking skill of 74%); -40% to track
by smell penalty. Add !D4xlO to spd attribute, +1D4 to initiative and +1D4 to P.E. attribute.
86-90 Bull Dog and Bullmastiff. Poor trackers, -30% to track by smell penalty, but tough and powerfully built.
Add 20 S.D.C., +1D6 to P.S. and P.E. attributes. Reduce spd attribute by 1D4 points. Add 1D6 damage to the bite
of the Bullmastiff.
91-95 Rottweiler or Doberman. A fair tracker by smell (-5%), but powerfully built and ideal for outdoors
work and as a guard dog. Add +1 to I.Q. attribute, +1D6 to P.S. and P.E. attributes, +2D6 to spd attribute and
+20 to S.D.C. Works well with humans and is very clever and loyal.
96-00 Wolf. A good tracker and powerfully built; add 30 S.D.C., add +1D6 to P.S. attribute, 2D4 to P.E. attribute,
3D6 to spd attribute, and +2 on initiative. Bite does 2D6 damage from a nip and 4D6 from a full strength bite.

Mutation Abnormality
This optional table has been slightly adjusted and changed from the table that appeared in the Rifts RPG,
with additional abnormalities and details.
01-15 Unusually small. Three feet, four inches tall (one meter), about 45 Ibs (20 kg); add bonus of +5% to
prowl and climbing skills if applicable.
16-30 Unusually large. Seven feet, three inches tall (2.2 meters), 400 Ibs (180 kg); add a bonus of 2D6+10 to
physical S.D.C. and +2 to P.S. attribute.
31-35 Nearly a full human appearance, large pug nose, minimal to no body hair, excellent color vision, and
full human speech. Reduce scent skill abilities 25%.
36-40 Exceptional sense of direction and balance; +20% to land navigation skill, +10% to wilderness survival
and +5% to gymnastic skills.
41-45 Heightened (even for a canine) sense of smell with a unique focus on disease. +10% to track by scent
and recognize scent, plus can smell (and sense?) chemical changes in the body of humans and fellow canines
(not D-bees) to identify and locate cancer cells and malignant tumors, as well as the diseases of epilepsy,
diabetes and brain damage (birth defects and physical trauma). Also has the psionic ability to perform
psychic diagnosis. May be recruited to the Dog Boy "Sniffer" Special Forces.
46-50 Ambidextrous: Can use both the right and left hand with equal skill and dexterity; paired weapon skill
is automatic. Add one additional attack per melee, +10% to climbing skill, +5% to pick locks, pick pockets,
palming, and concealment skills.
51-60 Tough, thick or scaly skin, adds 30 to S.D.C.
61-65 Keen 20/20, color vision, alert and observant; +1 on initiative.
66-70 Rat catcher, +10% to tracking and prowling skills, +2 on initiative and +4 to damage when hunting rats
and rodent like creatures, including rodent-like D-bees.
71-75 Super-predator! Built like a rock: +3D6 to hit points, +16 to S.D.C., plus one additional attack per melee
round, +1D6 S.D.C. damage to punches, kicks and bites, and +6 to save vs horror factor, but mean tempered,
quick to brawl (loves combat), and is incredibly aggressive, strong willed, defiant and independent.
76-80 Long, thick fur with unusual hair color; stark white, light green, bright red, grayish blue, metallic silver,
etc. (pick one color); water resistant and provides exceptional insulation that keeps the mutant canine warm
up to 30 degrees below zero (without additional clothing or armor), but hot and uncomfortable when
exposed to temperatures
above 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
81-85 Supernatural endurance; can lift and carry 100 times their P.S. attribute number and rarely fatigues
(can be active for six hours without tiring) and is +3 to save vs poison, drugs and disease.