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Course Title Management of Information Systems and Services

Module Title Information System Project Management

Module Code INSY-M4101 Course Code: INSY4102
Study Hours Lec. 48 Lab. 0 Tut. 0 HS. 87
Instructors Name:
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Course Academic Year:
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Mode of Delivery: Parallel
Course The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the central
Description concepts and issues of project management and the practical benefits of project
planning and management together with resource management. Practical sessions
in project planning and the use of a computer based management tool. Additional
topics include customer focus, lifecycle customization, work packages, progress
monitoring, risk evaluation, quality management, people skills, negotiation skills,
software development maturity, project planning and management, estimation
models and techniques, project scheduling.
Learning Up on successful completion of the course students will be able to:
Outcomes Understand and value the essence of Project management within the context
of organizational information systems
Describe the project management phases and the various processes of
project management
Develop project proposal/ project plan
Understand the concepts, experiences and practices of managing IT related
Course Content
Topic Duration Reading list
Chapter 1: Introduction to IS Project Management
Textbook 1: Chapter 1
1.1 Projects and Project Management 1
1.2 Project Life Cycle Models and Paradigms
Chapter 2: IS Project Scope Management & Planning
2.1 Project Planning Textbook 1: Chapter
2.2 Project Scope Management 2,3,4,5,6,10
2.3 Project Time Management
2.4 Project Cost Management
2.5 Project Risk Management
Chapter 3: Project Organization
3.1 Project Roles and Team Organization Textbook 1: Chapter 8,9
3.2 Staffing the Project 9-12
3.3 Training
3.4 Project Communication
Chapter 4: Productivity and Quality
4.1 Measurement 13-14 Textbook 1: Chapter 7
4.2 Quality Assurance
Chapter 5: Remnants
5.1 Project Procurement Management 15-16 Textbook 1: Chapter 11
5.2 Post-Project audits

Teaching The course will delivered in the form of lectures, demonstration, student
Strategy presentations, group discussions, and individual and group project works.
Assessment The evaluation shall be based on both formative and summative assessment which
Criteria include:
Assessment Forms % of credit allotted
Lecture (100%)
Testes 20
Weekly assignments(project charter, scope 15
& WBS, project schedule & budget, HR &
communication plan, Risk & Quality plan)
Mini project
Final examination
Role of Delivers lectures, prepares reading assignments and topics for group discussion,
Instructor(s) prepares projects by discussion with student, gives consultation and advises
students on project works and assignments, prepares and evaluates quiz,
assignment, midterm and final examination.
Role of Students Attend lectures, lab session and presentation, work in team on group work,
participate in group discussion, discusses with the instructor on topics of interest
for project work, delivers and presents project work, attend quiz, midterm and final
Required Ms-Project (2000 or later version)
software and/or Ms-Office Visio (2003 or later version)
Reference Text book:
1. Schwalbe, Kathy (2000). Information
Technology Project Management, Course Technology, Cambridg.
1. Jack R. Meredith, Scott M. Shafer, Sutton, Margaret Sutton, Jr., Samuel J.
Mantel, Project Management in Practice, 2002
2. Information Technology Project Management Kathy Schwalbe,
International Student Edition, THOMSON Course Technology, 2003
3. Basics of Software Project Management, NIIT, Prentice-Hall India, 2004
4. Software Project Management in Practice, Pankaj Jalote, Pearson Education,
5. Software Project Management, A Concise Study, S.A. Kelkar, Revised Edition,
Prentice-Hall India, 2003