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Company Asco Global Sdn bhd

Client Perodua Conducted by:
Process/Location Piling Works Works (Name, designation )
Approved by: En Azman Date : (fromto)
(Name, designation) (Manager)
Review by:
Date: 22 August 2013 Review Date:

1.Hazard Identification 2. Risk Analysis 3. Risk Control

No. Work Hazard Which Can Cause Existing Risk Likelihood Severity Risk Recommended Control Action by
Activity /effect Control (if any) Measures (Due
1 Working Check safety Major injury/fatal Nil 4 1 4(Low) If working for
condition and condition for height / elevated place height
WorkPermit wholework place. workpermit must be
Equipment and
tools inspection must be
2 Transportation Overturning of Trailer Persons Nil 4 1 4 To make sure the
of Machine due to uneven (Low) access road is clear / and
Transportation surface during level : slow speed.
of Machine transportation Signal man to be
Contact with other Persons Nil 4 1 4 provided when trailer
vehicles (Low) entering site from main road.
Check stability of Persons Nil 3 1 3(Low) Warning signs to be installed
piles(ties) on the main road.
Driver responsible
to continually check the
stability of the load he is
3 Erection Crane overturning Persons Nil 4 1 4 Make sure the
during lifting level (Low) lifting ggear is adequate
and base andthorough inspection by a
Pile material falling Persons Nil 4 1 4 competent person iscarried
from machine (Low) out before mobilization.
Safe protection and
support to be given.
Crane certified and
inspected by client.
Suitable PPE
approved and inspected by
client(Helmet, Shoe, Glove
4 Lifting of Pile Dragging of Pile too Persons Nil Place piles near the
far installation point.
Improper handling of Persons Nil Suitable wire sling
pile, which could to be provided - wire sling
result in damage certified & inspected by
Swinging of pile Persons Nil Client
. All person to stand
5 Dr Possibiility of Pile Persons Monitoring by
iving of Pile Breaking supervisor in charge to make
Equipment not Persons sure no defects on the pile
stable. before and during driving.
Workers not Persons Ground to be level
protected with and able to stand the weight
helmet and hearing of machine.
protection Supervisor to check
Damaged Lifting wire Persons the PPE before work
on hammer commences and all persons
Flush from welding Persons to be trained in the correct
use and correct type of PPE
Electric shock from Persons
especially for hearing
welding and other
protection (possibility that
electrical equipment.
ear plug and ear defenders
will need to be worn)..
Supervisor and
crane operator to check
condition on a regular basis.
Erect welding
screen to protect other
persons in the vicinity from
welding flash.
Inspection of all
electrical equipment to be
carried out before the work
starts and during work
6 Cutting of piles Defective Tools Persons Ensure
Heat Radiation Persons the cutting torch, hoses & gas
cylinders are free from defect
Burns Persons
Wear the required
Oxy-acetylene Persons PPE (Long Sleeve Coverall,
Cylinders apron, safety Goggle etc)
Wear long sleeved
coverall & apron.
Use leather hand
Keep First Aid Kit at
Keep Oxy-acetylene
Cylinders safely at least 5
meters away from the work
Never use domestic
LPG cylinder for cooking.
Close the isolation
valve at cylinders when not in
7 Falling piles Eye injury from debris Persons Wear safety glasses
using hammer becoming airborne or face shield-
projectile- Watch the area you
Hand/finger Persons are hitting. Keep opposite
contusion due to hand at a safe distance from
improperly striking or area to be struck. Use vise or
missing area to be other holding device as
struck- necessary. Do not raise the
Personal injury due to Persons hammer excessively and
defective and/or strike using massive blows.
damaged hammer Strike a hammer blow
Personal injury from Persons squarely with the striking
misuse of hammer- face parallel to the surface
Personal injury from Persons being struck. Avoid glancing
using incorrect blows and over and under
hammer for intended strikes.-
task Visually inspect
hammer before each use. Do
not use a hammer with a
loose or damaged handle or
Hold the hammer
with your wrist straight and
hand tightly wrapped around
the handle. Look behind and
above before swinging a
hammer. Do not strike with
side of the hammer.
Select and use a
hammer according to its
intended use