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Award Winning Author Leif Gregersen is Announcing North America Wide

Distribution of His Two Non-Fiction Books About His Experiences with Mental

Leif Gregersen, now having completed his term as spotlight writer for the Edmonton Public Library
is announcing a new focus of distributing his two non-fiction books, "Through the Withering Storm"
and "Inching Back to Sane" to all US and Canadian markets.

Los Angeles, CA, October 09, 2017 --( Leif Gregersen is the award winning author of eleven
books, two of which are memoirs of his life as a teen and an adult living with mental illness. These books,
"Inching Back to Sane" and "Through the Withering Storm" have received critical acclaim despite limited
release. Through his website and his one on one efforts to educate and inform the public through his work
with the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta and as the former managing editor of SZ and Anchor
magazines, Leif will now be marketing his books on a grander scale across North America. Ebook
versions will still be available on and paperbacks through
Evaluation copies to the press are available.

This is what Stephanie Sorrell, author and mental health expert has said about Leif's book "Through the
Withering Storm":

"Finally he finds a drug, Depekote, that not only works for him but returns him to normality and learns
how absolutely vital it is to get the right medication. Leif's mission is to bring awareness to bipolar
disorder by educating people about it. His life experience has served him well:education is absolutely
paramount for the right treatment of bipolar disorder or any mental illness. And by his work, Leif has lit a
torch to carry forward into the world." -Stephanie Sorrell(MA in psychosynthesis psychology)

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