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Hydrogeological Zones Inter-Disciplines Depth (mbgs) Focus

Mining Eng. - Mining Enviro Surface water

Mining Eng. - SW Management Hydrology
Mining Eng. - SW & UG Hydraulic Connection Hydraulics
Civil Eng. - Hydraulics >= 0 Surface Watershed / catchment analysis
Surface Water Civil Eng. - Hydrology Mining
Hydrometeorology - Water Balance Coal Mining
Hydrometeorology - Hydrologic Cycle
Environmental Eng. - SW Quality Problem
Hydrogeology - SW & GW Interaction
Ground Surface
Mining Eng. - ARD Multi-component flow
Vadoze or Mining Eng. - Heap Leach -10 to -30 (?) Multi-phase flow
Mining Eng. - Wet Ore Stockpile Surface Mining Thermodynamic approach
Unsaturated Zone Hydrometeorology - Infiltration Disposal / Stockpile Soil-water potential
(Above GWT) Hydrogeology - GW Recharge Related Problem
Hydrogeology - SW & GW Intercation
Capillary Zone
Mining Eng. - Mine Dewatering Saturated flow of GW
Mining Eng. - Drainage Hydrogeology
Mining Eng. - Rock Stability GW basin analysis
Shallow Mining Eng. - GW Quality Problem -10 to -1500 (?) UG Flow of fluid in porous media
Civil Eng. - GW Dewatering Mining Flow of fluid in fractured media
Saturated Zone Civil Eng. - Soil Stability Ore Mining Limited to broader geological role
(Below GWT) Civil Eng. - Tunneling UG Coal Mining Risk / reliability analysis
Environmental Eng - GW Quality Problem Engineering economic
Hydrogeology - Eng. Hydrogeology Engineering system
Hydrogeology - Hydrogeochemistry Engineering optimization
Uncertain (???) Decision analysis