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From: Douglas Grandt answerthecall@me.

Subject:S.1460 Fails to Remediate Refinery Risk
Date:October 9, 2017 at 1:42 PM
To:Brian Hughes (Sen ENR Ctee), Angela Becker-Dippmann (Senate ENR Ctee)
Cc: Michaeleen Crowell (Sen. Sanders), Katie Thomas
, Darren W. Woods, William (Bill) M. Colton,
Jeffrey J. Woodbury, Susan K. Avery, PhD, Suzanne M. McCarron, Max Schulz

Refinery risks from hurricanes are increasing.

Whatever ExxonMobil defines as refinery risk,
risks" will increase in frequency and intensity.
Clausius-Clapeyron equation tells us the truth.

S.1460 is silent and fails to address the truth.


MIT Kerry Emmanuel explains using physics.

Settle in with a very large bucket of popcorn.
Dont try to understand, just go with the flow.
Kerry explains brilliantly and understandably.
His hour-long lecture is at

ExxonMobil and MIT have worked together,

and there is no excuse not to collaborate on
this level of "risk assessment" of economics
in the supply of petroleum fuels to Americans
under a variety of plausible scenarios in the
future, given the results that MIT has found.